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after a short breather more smallgoods expected in moscow as wildfires on the heatwave continue their grip on central russia. nationwide memorials mark decades since the course submarine tragedy families of the one hundred nineteen victims say they still struggle with their pain. and a fresh face with a political twist german activist set up a close brush to expose a volatile scene as if you know it says. hello there broadcasting twenty four hours a day this is alex he. is bracing itself for another uncomfortable cloud of smaug wildfires continue to burn there the capital and the heat continues experts warn
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that a new wave of noxious smoke is likely to engulf the city it's been a brief response that's now to tell you no because he's in moscow's outskirts and the tell you will this new wave of smoke intense as it was a few days ago was the full cost. well a burst of new blaze is expected to comment late thursday or friday however here in moscow we have had a chance to breathe fresh air for the past two days says a rain fell on the capital it has been a bliss it has been a break for most whites knew blazes are expected to be less intense however doctors are saying that during the start of a farmer's peoples a new systems went down very low and that we should expect significant increase in cases of flu and cold and other infections during the autumn during this autumn through jesus saying that the death rate in the city has doubled from three hundred sixty three hundred eighty people as eighty seven hundred people many countries and
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suggesting there is citizens not to be during this time which you can hardly blame them for of course because the area around one hundred hectares is still caught up in places where we are right now is a park on the outskirts of mosco deeper into the park we're not allowed in because one hundred two hundred metres away from me there is still blazes inside the park so it does look like the blazes are slowly crawling into the city as well and the tally of how bad is the continuing situation with wildfires around moscow and indeed in other regions. almost two thirds are saying russian authorities rather are saying that the number of fires is decreasing throughout the country however this still about six hundred of them and they cover it and there ia over ninety thousand hectares more than fifty people have already died and volunteers are joining in to help fight the fires the area that has suffered the most from the
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blazes is the area around the city overdesign which is not far away from moscow from where my colleague any sonali now reports. for some the destruction is already being swept away. for others it's sweeping towards them this is how it all starts with a small flame that can quickly and golf the entire forest making this a very fierce battle for emergencies workers and volunteers it has been sergei's job to protect this forest for years but this summer has become his worst nightmare part about the most dangerous is one of the treetops are burning and the flames move incredibly fast pace thousands of volunteers have joined in to help fight the flames why don't fire breaks between damage to non honk trees and dampen the smoking earth of a book that has to be said the work we have been doing here helps the effort tremendously the battle has been going on for weeks with over fifty dead hundreds
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injured and thousands homeless while the struggle to contain the flames below continues hundreds of tons of water are dropped by the emergency services a day by helicopters and specially adapted aircraft. but sergei who will be here once the flames are finally put out is scared there might not be much left to protect. and some time to syria will be just complete heaps of trees. and you see now a r t central russia. opinion polls show that these fires have spread fear is among russians fears for their lives and health and many are simply in a in stable emotional state. chaotic keep us updated thank you for that. well despite the fact moscow is had a gulp of fresh air after
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a burst of rain the effects of the poisonous smog washed out completely later we talked to a meteorologist who explains why the consequences are so dire. doctors are saying spending one hour out on the street breathing the small is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes. all those poisonous emissions were of such a scale that their pollution was at times eight times higher than acceptable. even with the small gone we must governments and many others have lost our loans as the trees around us that used to purify the ear and burned down. but the worst part of it is that a lot of those hard carbon monoxide emissions and are stuck and we are in a sphere. when they mix with steam in the atmosphere they create carbonic acid which then turns into acid rain because of that temperature abnormalities can continue for several years. and you can see the full interview with meteorologist.
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cough in about twenty minutes here on our team. a prolonged dry spell is making russian wheat much harder to come by the season the harvest is expected to reach around sixty five million tons which is just enough to meet domestic demand the government is now wanting grain exports for next few months and it could be a time before they resume russia is the world's third largest wheat exporter and the announcement that supplies are being cut forced prices to rise but the un's food and agriculture organization says the russian government's moves are understandable. i sincerely hope that it is still not a case where we will have a grain shortage but there is certainly a very severe situation in terms of supply and the drought has been extremely severe and the production shortfalls are far more far more dissipated as early as three weeks ago therefore it is understandable that the restrictions of. on exports
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is a one way to compact domestic food inflation especially the price of bread wheat mostly is useful and i think this is what the government at the end decided to do i'm not sure that there were many of the options perhaps they could have also considered taxing exports or perhaps do a good deal in knowing gradual terms but you know in situations like this as the year is the you know governments tend to go for the most secure of the measures which is the total ban there had been a very extraordinary action to the ban in russia and the prices. rose very sharply if you are glad that they have calmed down a little bit the market is actually taking into consideration amount of inventors that are available in other countries in particular in north america so they even invent result and we believe globally this year's global supply and demand for wheat although a bit tighter than we had anticipated it still is very much manageable. and you can
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even take care of the disastrous emergencies currently under currently in pakistan so the inventors are not the i mean russia is drawing down on inventor is it will be some more here and but just in general terms we are in much better situation than for example in two thousand and seven and eighty should be chief you'll recall we had a global food crisis and i think that the russian solution given the situation not just with the grains but also be defiant and all the uncertainty surrounding it really left a government of doubt much other choice and it is understandable. moral services are being held on all of russia's naval bases to mark a decade since the course tragedy the nuclear submarines sank killing. the crew of the thirteen years old. looks back. the course submarine russia's biggest coast soviet naval tragedy to date on august twelfth two thousand
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the nuclear submarine sank in the barents sea. international rescue efforts failed to save anyone on board one hundred eighteen sailors died trapped in a watery grave waiting in vain for this. it's been ten years but it feels like yesterday when i think of the pain he felt. i would do anything give my life to take away he said anything for my boy you must. leave us twenty four year old son and he was a lieutenant on the sub she and her younger sons and grandsons visit under his grave all the time his memory is something they're not prepared to ever let go. and i'm a teacher not a military expert so i don't know whether the tragedy could be avoided but i do know they should have been seized i will be happy to see that. according to some
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experts if rescue operations had begun immediately instead of some days later lives could have been saved official investigation results show that the explosion that tore apart the door pito section of the sub took place here afterwards oxygen levels in the remaining sectors where survivors huddled dropped dramatically by aug fourteenth navy official stated that the chances of getting the sailors our allies were minimal week later when divers entered the sub one hundred eighteen people are dead there have been many different versions of what. happened to the sub some people believe it may have collided with an american submarine that was in the same waters others that it could have struck a mine left over from the world war two days but regardless of the theories floating about the human tragedy of course cannot be denied were ever forgotten kasserine as our r.t.e. moscow. coming up with a new trial that. this time it's one about the full between clothing companies with
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more than sixty years after the nuremberg trials the city has once again played host to a landmark case but this time it was a clothing manufacturer at the center of the controversy a fashion label associated with neo nazis used and left wing group of defamation claiming its brand had been spoofed in gold or groden have reports of the eagle battle that's about more than just clothes and industrial dispute between two cloves manufacturers is an unlikely headline grabber but it served heated debate in germany tarnished honor makes casual wear inspired by nordic mythology closely linked with the ideology of the third reich founded just eight years ago its line has already become very good for german air nazis. but last year the youth wing of
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the left leaning social democratic party decided to strike out against nazi chic we wanted to do something about the sub. methods they used to attract the younger people with it with passion with contemporary music or outdoor activities because it's not like the old fashioned see everybody news with a new uniform and a baseball bat or the new label star khiam or an obvious fun and original prominently features a powerful re stall obsessed with nordic mythology and its plan to rule the world of fashion or style or fail to see the funny side and sued for damages brand choosing to file the lawsuit at the court in nuremberg the judge has rejected the claim saying store climber is allowed to engage in satire but out of style of protest that they do not deserve to be parody as peddlers of new nazi although they
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had to change their logo because it resembled a swastika they now say their clothes do not carry any nutsy symbols which are banned in germany on nor do they cater to specific market i have a people here who can i think for about. i have people here who could be my parents and i have people who are in my age or younger. steiner say their critics are oversensitive and have no respect for people's right to choose what they want to wear their clothes have already been banned in many official buildings they want to be the good ones in terms of the and they want to see the scoop and what they spare so they're called to phone and say that they will not be happy until total steiner is no more it's very difficult to ban it in for a whole country for example but everybody or most germans know toss china is is
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a sign of. activists and we don't want this kind of. of activities these kind of people as of now the top style of storefronts in berlin have been defaced in numerous nighttime attacks and there are a few customers the threat of the company's expansion seems to be laid to rest for the moment despite what many here want it's business as usual at this store in central berlin but what the controversy over the court case and the company itself proves is that there is nothing the german establishment fears quite as much as its own history. artsy belin. now to some other international news this hour the u.n. he's appealing for more than four hundred million dollars in emergency aid for the flood victims of pakistan and desperation is growing as millions of people face shortages of food and water. the severe rain homes farmland and
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infrastructure have been destroyed and hope is struggling to get through sixteen hundred people died so that is the country's worst ever disaster. the u.s. says it plans to end combat operations in iraq by the end of the month also wants to remove all american troops by the end of next year more than sixty thousand soldiers are currently stationed in the country to advise iraqi forces and protect u.s. interests officials say over eighty thousand troops now since barack obama took office . a bus which overturned and plunged into a ravine in peru has killed at least twenty four people and injured several others four children are among the dead the rescue was delayed because it happened in a mobile black spot which meant calling for help was difficult crashes like this happen frequently in peru because of grades was substandard driving regulations.
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well as extreme weather breaks records around the world to see if max kaiser and stacy herbert say economists should learn to take it into account. russia has had to suspend exports of all we hear sarah capital that's a good phrase i like that in other words this is what the economy is trying to deal with now because nobody cost the true cost of air or water soil the things that were just taken for granted for hundreds of years suddenly they're running out there is a little known bank on wall street called forest made sure it's mother nature's bank. and calling in the loans billions trillions hundreds of trillions in loans and the earth can't pay those loans and the result is catastrophic failure in this case ecological.
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yes see the kinds of reporters here throughout the day. coming up soon that will have some expert insight into why russia's been baking in the summer but first stephanie rugby has the business season russia has been trying to whether these extreme conditions what can you tell us about the economic impact they're having stepped back hard the combination of normally high temperatures drought and forest fires have already triggered a rise in consumer prices in russia inflation in the country has risen point two percent in a week and that's the fastest pace in several months stay the federal statistics of this also revealed g.d.p. figures russia's economy grew five point two percent in the second quarter of two thousand and ten slightly worse than expected of russia's ministry of economic development to the estimated g.d.p. of five point four percent. and those high inflation figures are likely to leak into the banking spat with the refinancing rate and therefore the lending rate
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appreciating. ports. russia's inflation rate has been sliding lower from fifteen percent two years ago to well under six percent at the end of the first half of this here but those days are on a missy with the economic grip bounden drought f.x. food prices meaning the road ahead is. water more widely below six the sound thought they may or may it's true that russia. doesn't have enough time to allow its quite near the full benefit of this favorable mancow conditions because right now with excel written. it would there. well we'll see some upward pressure on really interest rates which in a way will have to the fall of the inflation the drop in inflation has give the central bank room to slash their refinancing read fourteen consecutive times to seven point seven five percent in the last year and a half to rescue this should have. banks just close their lending rate in loans to
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the real economy many banks certainly have done so but the boost to lending has been sluggish edgbaston industry says corporate rates are still higher than they should be on the visit this week president been video became aware of one being still charging eighteen percent and he wasn't impressed. that distrust between banks and industry still exists refinancing rate is low at an all time historical low and credit rates are high but i'm unpleasantly surprised by eighteen percent this information needs checking eighteen percent is an intolerable rate with the current refinancing rate that means the profit is huge more than one hundred percent. banks point out the rates on their loans reflect the risks they need to take as well as the costs the higher rates reflect more risk domestic borrowing costs will rise when the central bank leafs are great but it is still undeveloped
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financial system makes capital even more expensive for and uses acting as a brake on the economy you need to do your business r.t. . alice has had the acting markets are doing in asia stock markets a shockingly low on thursday after wall street's heavy losses overnight shares in japan are sliding nearly two percent as the yen has risen sharply against the dollar and hong kong shares are also declining. financials and thinking it is using ground. finish the trading day in the read of one of the worst performers of both the bourses. two and a half percent energy majors also traded in the. with gas from losing two point four percent of my sex a new call on robson after shutting one and a half percent into the close. neurosis nickel has called an extraordinary general meeting for the twenty first of october the move comes after twenty five percent shareholder drew sell disputed the outcome of the annual general meeting in june
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and pushed for arbitration involving it and rival shareholder interests in the london courts that's how they had to move reports. and any all general meeting of norilsk nickel at the end of june has provided a new source of conflict. it's owing to ross with a twenty five percent stake in normal game for seats on the board but do so which also has twenty five percent gain only three seats. claims the voting process was flawed just suggesting no risk management which controls about eighty percent of its shares through subsidiaries voted with interest russell says that the new rules board is controlled by an unhealthy alliance of interest and nor nickel and is demanding an extraordinary shareholders' meeting and new elections i think russo wasn't quite prepared for the previous a.g.m. no i believe the company did homework. this time of year and to get to where the
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interest because they are more prepared they will just get more of their rector's. work with their minority shareholders and i believe significant share of minorities could support. this time of recent weeks have seen result proposed buying out the interest stake only to be met with interest and no risk management proposed buying out for some analysts say a board change is now the only chance for a stall to restore its position in. interest has freed up six point thirty five percent of new rules she is from pledge d.v.d. bank a move that is seen as preparation for a buy back if that happens result could be left out of the game in the running of norilsk right in general in number of scenarios i mean but then surely they can sell a stake but i understand they're not willing to do it right now and now that option that or sell would be willing to do is to match the company's most almost kill but
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this is not in the interest of interop. itself. so right now i see it as a bit of a deadlock so. ari i think the most constructive way right now is for the shareholders just to sit down and talk to each other the warring shareholders of new rules have previously put aside their differences at the height of the global financial crisis with an agreement not to try and take control of no rules and with parity on the board now that the parity has been broken and with both sides saying they want observers say a new round of negotiations is the only way forward not only business started. and that's often the business scene for now but you can always find more stories on our website that's our. business.
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