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moscow gears up for another smog wave by the end of the week. cursed for a member russia mark said decades since the submarine tragedy that left more than one hundred crewmen dead. and fashion statements german left wingers go into battle over the outfit some choice for an e.o. nazi movement. two am here in moscow i met très a thanks for joining us here on r t our top story more than five hundred forest n.p. fires are still raging across russia the blazes of killed fifty three people and force thousands to seek medical help our teams are nice and now way has been in central russia watching the efforts to tackle the flames. for some the destruction is already being swept away. for others it's sweeping
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towards them this is how it all starts with a small flame that can quickly engulf the entire forest making this a very fierce battle for emergencies workers and volunteers it has been sergei's job to protect this forest for years but this summer has become his worst nightmare part of the most dangerous is one of the treetops are burning and the flames move incredibly first piece thousands of volunteers have joined in to help fight the flames why did fire breaks between damage to non-home trees and dampen the smoking . has to be said the work we have been doing here helps the effort tremendously the battle has been going on for weeks with over fifty dead hundreds injured and thousands homeless well the struggle to contain the flames below continues hundreds of tons of water are dropped by the emergency services a day by helicopters. specially adapted aircraft.
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but surrogate who will be here once the flames are finally put out is scared there might not be much left to protect. and some time to syria will be just complete heaps of cheese. and he's now a r t central russia. there's disaster has destroyed a quarter of russian grain crops the government is paying to spend more than a billion u.s. dollars to help producers it's also imposed a ban on wheat exports to avoid a surge in domestic grain prices exports are expected to resume in october but this is already caused a global price spike president dmitry medvedev told key ministers and governors that taming food costs remains a key responsibility for the government and regional authorities are. going to wish . it was a very hard decision given the commitments of the russian state and companies but the main goal now is to prevent the rise of prices for grain and mixed florida. we
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must clearly understand what's going to happen to food prices the cost of bread meat and milk everybody including those responsible for the sick they're concerned with that but ordinary people are also thinking about the consequences of this harsh summer and its impact on the price of essential food chute in the product. chris mayer and author analyst for mcgraw financial a financial services company says it's too early to say if a global food crisis is eminent but a sharp price rise is likely. granted very precarious time in and we'll know more about that in next few weeks because we're at a very important point where the farmers have to get their crop in and if this drought persists in russia for example it will start to affect next year's harvest the worst hit will be the big food importers and mostly there in the middle east in north africa egypt for example is a big importer of food and some of the poorer countries like africa like india and
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pakistan were already there seeing big surges in prices for food so they will certainly be the most impacted food companies have a couple of choices to make they either absorb the price increases themselves or they pass it along so it's been interesting to listen to some of the c.e.o.'s and companies talk about what they're going to do i think you will see higher prices for food bread items for even for things like beer price of barley and doubled in the last month and a half and it's really a trickle effect it's not only weak although that's the big headline grabber it's affecting everything from tomatoes to fruits to potatoes all kinds of things so we're going to see food prices rise in general cross the border i would expect the other element to the story the air pollution drought and fires that have destroyed russia's wheat fields are now threatening the capitol with a new wave of toxic smog forecasters say the smoke could be back as soon as friday after a few days of respite artie's an italian over kobe's in the outskirts of moscow where the smog is temporarily cleared. the blazes are slowly crawling into the
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russian capital in this park just on outskirts of moscow several fires have covered and area of two hundred square meters that have been stopped by now but the smell is still in the air for the past two days however muscovites had a chance to breathe fresh air well especially can be in the capital of course as the rain fell on the city however experts predict the smog to be bad as the wind changes they do say however that it will be much less intense doctors are saying that because of this smog people's immune systems have gone down moscow thirty's are saying that the death rate in the city has doubled during this period two hundred hector's around moscow are still covered in blazes the figure throughout the country is ninety thousand russian authorities are doing everything they can of course to decrease the number of fires. italian overcover reporting for us there meteorologist. tells our team that poisonous smog that blanketed moscow is likely
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to have severe long term effects. doctors are saying. on the street breathing this. is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes. those poisonous lead emissions were of such a scale the pollution was at times of the fifty eight times with even acceptable gossip but the worst part of it is that a lot of those. divisions are now stuck in the atmosphere. a mix with steam in the atmosphere they create carbonic acid which then turns into and said rain because of that temperature. can continue for several years. you can watch the full interview with the idea of a drink of in about fifteen minutes here on our team. memorial services have been held at a russian naval bases to mark a decade since the curse tragedy fleet commander. and victims' families through
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rings into the barren scene of the scene of the disaster the nuclear submarine sank during a naval exercise killing all two hundred eighteen on board most of the crew members were younger than thirty are kings catarina. the coolest submarine russia's biggest post soviet naval tragedy to date on august twelfth two thousand the nuclear submarine sank in the barents sea. international rescue efforts failed to save anyone on board one hundred eighteen sailors died trapped in a watery grave waiting in vain for help. it's been ten years but it feels like yesterday when i think of the pain he felt it's kills me i would do anything give my life to take away his pain anything for my boy. lidia's twenty four year old son and he was
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a lieutenant on the sub she and her younger sons and grandsons visit under his grave all the time his memory is something they're not prepared to ever let go of. what you. see i'm a teacher not a military expert so i don't know whether the tragedy could be avoided but i do know they should have been see our boys be have to see very good. according to some experts if rescue operations had begun immediately instead of some days later lives could have been saved official investigation results show that the explosion that tore apart the torpedo section of the sub took place here afterwards oxygen levels in the remaining sectors where survivors huddled dropped dramatically by aug fourteenth navy official state of the chances of getting the sailors our allies were minimal week later when divers entered the sob one hundred one thousand people are dead there have been many different versions of what happened to the quick fix
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up some people believe it may have collided with an american submarine that was in the same waters others that it could have struck a mine left over from the world war two days but regardless of the theories floating about the human tragedy of cannot be denied were ever forgotten. reporting for marty's catarina on the way controversial clothes are making headlines in germany. more than sixty years since the war crimes trials there is a battle of brands out of nuremberg court involving one line popular with neo nazis . first though u.s. president barack obama is accused of continuing bush era torture policies and a new report by the american civil liberties union evaluates the white house's record in terms of transparency and accountability for at least the last eighteen months since obama took office michael macleod ball the counsel for the a.c.l.u. says the president has been inconsistent in delivering on his election campaign
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promises. president obama came into office with the promise of great hope and in fact in his early days he took some very important steps to try to turn back the tide of the aggregation of executive branch authority in the bush administration the executive order banning torture i think was was an important step in in the right direction but at the same time subsequently the administration took no steps to try to hold those in the bush administration accountable for the actions that that generated the torture in the first place and so what we see throughout this administration are a series of positive steps but then not quite achieving the result that was promised during the election a german clothing label popular with neo nazis has lost a landmark case at a nuremberg court thorsteinn are accused a left wing political group of defaming after a created a rival satirical brand that line has been accused of damaging the thorsteinn a reputation by spoofing its designs as r.t.c.
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girl but i've never port's a trial isn't just about crimes of fashion and industrial dispute between two manufacturers is an unlikely headline grappa but it's set up heated debate in germany. and it makes casual way inspired by mythology closely linked with the ideology of the draw i found the just eight years ago it's law and has already become very good for germany and nazis. but last year the youth wing of the left leaning social democratic party decided to strike out against nazi chic we wanted to do something about the sub. methods they used to attract the younger people with the with passion with contemporary music outdoor activities because it's not like the old fashioned neo nazi everybody knew this with a new uniform and a baseball bat or a new label star climber an obvious spot on their original prominently features
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a powerful marie stall obsessed with nordic mythology and its plan to rule the world of fashion or style or fail to see the funny side and sued for damages brand choosing to file the lawsuit at the court in nuremberg the judge has rejected the claim saying store climber is allowed to engage in sat. in a protest that they did not deserve to be parity as peddlers of neo nazi although they had to change their logo because it resembled a swastika they now say they do not carry any notes the symbols which are banned in germany on nor do they cater to a specific market i have people here who can i think about children i have people here who could be my parents and i have people who are in my age or younger. thorsteinn to say critics are oversensitive and have no respect for people's right to choose what they want to wear their clothes have already been
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banned in many official buildings it's a launch to be the good ones into society the. want to see the scoop and despair so the court opponents say that they will not be happy until total steiner is no more it's very difficult to ban it's in the for the whole country for example but everybody or most germans know that. is a sign of. activists and we don't want this kind. of activity these kind of people as of now the total start of storefronts in berlin have been defaced in numerous time attacks that are few customers the threat of the company's expansion seems to have been laid to rest for the moment despite what many have want it's business as usual at this store in central berlin but what the controversy over the court case and the company itself proves is that there is
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nothing the german establishment fears quite as much as its own history you. see in germany isn't the only country with a far right political base this week tokyo is hosting a conference for representatives from european nationalist groups organized by a right wing japanese party this comes as fears grow over the rise in popularity of far right groups following gains in european elections last year the leader of the conservative party in the european parliament timothy kirk says the election or the electoral system is to blame. but the voting system which is applied in european elections is not the same as the ones in all national elections and we have their full seeing people coming in on the basis of all the systems which are allowing these people even though they don't represent more than a minority opinion should not only be a cause of concern to politicians of moderate incentive qualities like ourselves but they should also be of great concern to the voters to the people themselves the
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citizens of our countries it tells them that if they do not take advantage of the opportunities to vote they will end up with more of these people speaking out causing problems and i think that that is in itself a very dangerous thing for democracy for the future remember to check out our web site for more on the main stories we're covering here on our team you can also find what else is online right now at our. perfect just under a million dollars vanish into thin air for the forum with no sign of a break in and no evidence left for police. russia's unprecedented tropical heat may have brought a poor harvest but it's also bearing fruit literally in the city if you thought of the west of the year olds people are growing biggs lemons and banana pts.
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a man believed to be one of the world's most wanted cyber criminals has been arrested at a french airport vladislav horan who holds ukrainian and israeli citizenship lives in moscow he allegedly created an online automated system or used for credit card fraud and identity theft now he's being held on awaiting extradition to the u.s. ed rollins a senior project manager from the online protection firm m eighty six security tells our team that the global nature of cyber crime makes it difficult to tackle on a national level. cyber crime is very very widespread globally she's one of the big problems recently we've seen in the time it gets u.k. thank you customs command and control service. in eastern europe how about those services we don't know whether they have been so you can have hosted service in one country do you operate it remotely from another u.s.
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before going to the u.k. this makes it even more difficult for the police to track the criminals themselves there's very it's very difficult to get international cooperation between different police. when. they want it so you can. turn now to some other stories we're covering here on r t that are making news around the world pakistani president asif ali zardari has visited a relief camp for flood victims the trip comes after criticism of his recent tour a broad during the worst humanitarian crisis his country's ever seen survivors are facing massive food and water shortages rescuers are struggling to get aid to the disasters affected more than fourteen million people and claim more than one thousand six hundred lives. meanwhile in china hopes are fading of finding any survivors after a massive landslide triggered by heavy rain more than a thousand people and don su probably sunday forensics teams are started
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identifying those killed six hundred people still missing some locals are blaming the government for a policy. they feel left the town vulnerable to landslides forecasters say more down part downpours are expected over the next few days. c.c.t.v. cameras have captured the moment a car bomb exploded in the colombian capital bogota injuring at least six people the incident happened outside when the country's top broadcasters called the radio the blast shattered windows and damaged the facade of the building one of the stations main presenters has in the past received threats from armed groups president juan manuel santos who took office over the weekend called the incident a terrorist act police say it has called the hallmarks of rebels. and in brazil three people have escaped with minor injuries after a private jet they were on crashed into an airport near rio de janeiro the lear jet touched down successfully but was unable to stop and ended up sliding off the runway government authorities and the owners of the plane are conducting an investigation. after weeks of record breaking heat torturing central russia many
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are wondering if this extreme weather is down to global warming r t caught up with a meteorologist about the consequences of the wildfires and what sort of russia what sort of winter russia has in store that's coming your way here on r t. russia's inflames is flooded heavy snow falls in south africa and south america
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today would talk about whether those weather abnormalities are linked and if they are any result of climate change for that i'm joined by an expert from an independent weather information service mr vijay. this is our to thank you very much for being here with us today now in your view are those natural disasters around the world. which of course but there are several factors there first of all of course it's down to nature there's also the human factor is people's influence on nature is really positive but there's also a more global factor that i want to mention. the earth as a part of the universe is affected by outer space. for example solar activity and its variations. the cycle that we are witnessing is unique. right now the sun is in one of the longest calm periods of its cycle for decades usually they last for one or two years this time it's already been four years but
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during such periods the so-called meridian all form of circulation develops. normally airstreams go from west to east but during such a period as this they can go from south to north or vice versa we've seen average temperature increase around the world and everyone is talking about global warming what is your take on that it is partially global warming everyone is talking about but global warming alone cannot explain the anomaly that we're witnessing this year . it's more to do with the calm phase of the sun and other factors put together. i even read a theory that the eruption of the iceland volcano with an unpronounceable name is also a result of greenland glaciers melting. not only those living on the islands but also russia can suffer from this how badly will this affect national quality of
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doctors are saying spending one hour out on the street breathing the small is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes. all those poisonous emissions were of such a scale that air pollution was at times eight times higher than acceptable. even with a small gone we must give up its and many others have lost our loans as the trees around us that used to purify the air and now burns down. but the worst part of it is that a lot of those hard carbon monoxide emissions and are stuck in the atmosphere. when they mix with steam in the atmosphere they create carbonic acid which then turns into acid rain its a rain that burns trees in fields. some also say the emissions have reached the lower stratosphere which is higher than twelve kilometers above the ground and this is a very difficult situation that's because of very high diffusion they will quickly
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spread around the airbus fear of the northern hemisphere and stay there for up to several years because of that temperature abnormalities can continue for several years what kind of went to russia and russia expect at record breaking hot summer. world many say that after this record breaking heat will see record breaking cold but i don't think so. seas that washed russia because of these are normal temperatures have heated up as did the ground this warmth will slowly be passed into the atmosphere i don't think we should expect abnormally cold winter again but of course the phase of the sun can once again change everything like. many predict heavy rains and storms during place for us in washington years teacher in russia ready for that we should not expect another polar catastrophe but if worst
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comes to worst and they reach us well people here are saying in russia we're never ready for anything sometimes even snow in winter is a natural disaster for us it's a national feature i guess a president video blamed regional authorities for being irresponsible experts say that millions of rebels of safety precautions that could prevent fires were not taken he was responsible and he. will of course every specialist should be responsible for what they are interested with if for example the mayor of moscow comes back from holidays the next day after the small go over the capitol has dissolved which was the case this time i think it is unacceptable he should have been here half an hour after the smoke. he is responsible for life in this city and he didn't manage to prevent or stop the suffering then it is his fault maybe judicial or maybe administrative but of course it's not up to meteorologists like
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me to decide. i think high ranking with already should be responsible because what we're seeing a natural catastrophes and those who are supposed to warn people or help them were not doing anything. western ecologists suggest that it was a change of atlantic currents that caused the fires in washington with that and how could they affect the rest of the world and what shut. well we just talked about is streams and this is also a very interesting topic we're witnessing a very interesting situation for the past two months like i said before a stronger stream is going from south to north it will change but very slowly central russia should expect a very slow decrease of temperatures only by the end of august should we see normal temperatures for this time of year. as for the middle east and north africa for example the situation on will be much more difficult there are so-called climate
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fronts that divide one istream from another right know those fronts slowly drifting to the north middle east and north africa already have a very hot and dry climate difficult for life. and chances are those airstream fronts will only worsen those features of the climate. thank you very much for a time. wealthy british. market. can. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. the global financial headlines kaiser report.
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side to join the military because i thought that it was my duty but that it was something that i do to help my country i believe my government that it is necessary for america to vietnam there was a lot of drug abuse there was a lot of murder of american officers by american soldiers there were a lot of good stories. to go out. before the war i always thought i wanted to win a lot of medals and to have a lot of decorations but afterwards i realize that they they don't mean anything they're not that important. i don't i don't i never kept the medal.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. in these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada as. a child hope for a shelter old today. if. russia would be soon which brightened if you knew about sun moon from phones to freshen movies. from stunts on t.v. don't comb.


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