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in some petersburg she's available in hotels a story an. ambassador. to kowtow to troppo desoto patricio toto. and see how this visit.
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the multinational battle against russia's wildfires makes headway cutting the area ablaze by two thirds over recent days. russia says iran's first nuclear power plant had to share will launch on august twenty first and that the project does not conflict with recent united nations sanctions against tehran. to commanders are to be given their marching orders after a video of a massive brawl at a military base in the moscow region finds its way onto the internet. up next it's the alyona show from our washington studios looking at today's growing youth unemployment in the u.s. . welcome the alone to show that the real headlines and that of the mersey are coming
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live out of washington d.c. and today we'll take an in-depth look at another side of unemployment the youth a new report shows the global youth unemployment has reached its highest level on record and they're warning that this may turn into a lost generation or discuss the issue with the reasons anthony read as a then we'll ask if the u.s. is really fighting a holy war a story recently broke where american marines were baptized to camp pendleton preparing to fight the taliban which was then takes up by jihadi website so our afghanistan veteran jake deliberate oh what he thinks of the story and if u.s. troops do come under pressure to hold christian beliefs and is the latest medal of honor a video game is said to be released some people are up in arms the one of the options is to play as the taliban all chat with churchill about this game to see if it is just a game or if it's simply too offensive also we'll tell you about a group of faces discrimination when it comes to employment the transgender
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community will hear it firsthand from one person about the difficulties the transgender transgenders face in today's society and it's friday so we're doing a mash up of the week's events bill o'reilly takes on jennifer aniston and a new poll shows that americans find an affair more offensive than capital punishment so we're going to get comedian stephen smith two cents on that issue but now let's move on to today's top story. in the world is the world's youth going to be a lost generation all the international labor organization decided to take a look at unemployment figures from the last few years and they're predicting a very grim future for the world's youth the new report says that youth unemployment has reached its highest level on record and is only expected to increase through two thousand and ten. of some six hundred and twenty million economically active youth age fifteen to twenty four eighty one million were unemployed at the end of two thousand and nine that's the highest number ever but
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what they're really worried about is that this will create a lost generation of young people who have dropped out of the labor market having lost all hope of ever being able to work for a decent living but is that really mean that all hope for the future is lost well here to discuss it with me is anthony rand as a director of economic research for the reason foundation anthony thanks for being here you know we talk about unemployment a lot on this show and i think that one of the groups that often gets ignored not only you know i'm not talking on the show but in general as people don't talk about the youth enough and now we have this whole report into that scare you you know as another young person to know that the youth globally are being hit hardest by the recession it certainly isn't a good thing whatsoever to see you thought employment numbers up one thing to kind of like trying to parse out in the midst of all this is how does this work on a regional level is this is this global phenomenon looks different in different countries if you look at the united states if you have a college degree coming out of college although it's still not
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a great market out there it's only four point five percent but if you go to some of the emerging market countries and even east asia where i think that's been the biggest drop between two thousand and seven and two thousand and nine which is what this report looked at the biggest drop anywhere was east asia and the emerging market countries that's where it's really really bad and so if you need to look at what are the trends in those areas that's causing that that's to figure out what we're going to do about this because it certainly isn't going to be a good thing to have millions and millions of young people out of work for the next several years has a huge productivity problem moving forward well i want to get into some of the regional differences. yeah there's there's an issue here globally and then there is obviously the domestic issue here at home you say that you know those that have a college degree maybe their unemployment level is only at about four point five percent of their. not as bad as everyone else but it still talk about there and this is america yes is where you shouldn't you are normally you know so scared it's not nearly so hard to find a job i've spoken to numerous people that have graduated and just don't know where
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to go there's just no jobs no one's hiring them and there's only going to be more of these people and then even within america if you look if you you know look at different regions within the country if you look at different races i mean black young men you know their unemployment numbers are up in the forty's so this is just i feel these figures show us just how great the divisions are going to get i think i think it's we are seeing some some really really bad problems this is what happens any time you have a recession is you've got these these trends with things get bad the question is is this creating this multiple decade long problem and the only way in this creates a multiple decades long problem is if we continue to have a national here in the u.s. and global recession problem if we have a ten year recession if we have some kind of lost decade just like japan had in the ninety's then we certainly are going to have the potential to have a lost generation however japan had a lost decade where they didn't have g.d.p. move hardly at all for ten years and they had consistent really really bad
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unemployment problems and japanese standards there and yet japan isn't this last nation now we're looking twenty years after their big bubble so there's definitely problems and if you know if you're in an emerging market country and certainly in eastern europe for instance i think that's that's one of the worst places because we've got all this capital that's been pulled out of those countries there was a lot of money that was put there at the beginning of this decade now that money is being pulled out as people are rushing away the certainty because of all this uncertainty the market so that's bad but it may not create this epic last generation problem if you compare ourselves to japan ok i mean pan is still what the third largest economy in the world right now they seem to recover ok but still these developing economies these really are the future of the world and so they start falling behind it. like i said i mean i just feel like global divisions are only getting worse and worse and worse and while i think ironically the i mean and we've talked about this on the show before what i think a lot of what's causing all these unemployment problems is government trying to
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engineer these jobs in a way that's not sustainable anyway some new numbers just came out harvard economist robert barrow did an analysis of the stimulus so far in his analysis is that even though we're spending somewhere between six hundred and eight hundred billion dollars in the us stimulus that has sucked out of the economy nine hundred billion dollars in private investment because people are afraid of taxes going up so when you have nine hundred billion private dollars not put into the marketplace over a period of one to two years that's a lot of jobs that aren't being created so i think that if we want to get our hands around this problem the u.s. and global governments really need to start looking at the effectiveness of their stimulus spending plans i think europe is actually done a better job than the u.s. in this area they've started to look at the way that the government spends money and so this isn't the greatest idea we haven't been able to create a lot over the past decade and we're going to start putting in place some austerity measures hopefully the private sector can come in start creating jobs not just in
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the united states not just in western europe but some of that with certainty that money can start flowing back into the emerging market countries and we can see job creation there as well well there's definitely a lot of uncertainty right now and i mean the other day we were talking about boston university professor laurence kotlikoff who just said the u.s. is bankrupt and we don't know if that's that's how scary we are it is an obvious problem telling us right now but i want to let's make this you know a little more personal because we're talking about we can talk about numbers all they want but when they talk about this last generation these are also the social effects that i had the idea that people are simply giving up they've lost all hope and they don't even want to go out there and look for a job and that's what they're saying might last for decades is that these people are ready you know you start falling behind then how do you catch back up that well i mean behavior behavioral economists will point to that there are a lot of sort of negative. you would you could call social trends sort of emotional things scarring people not wanting to go back into the labor force or not want to or not feeling that they're going to ever be comfortable in a particular job this impacts their work and what not that's that's something
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that's very very difficult to deal with right here and now when you've got this big broad unemployment problem what we can do is we know about it we know that that's going to be a problem in the next two five ten years so knowing that it's going to be a problem now economists. political philosophers and every major discipline can begin to figure out ok so how we're going to address this problem how can we say look we've had this massive recession now where we're going to go beyond this but if uncertainty stays in the marketplace if one service is a marketplace how can you not be upset how can you how can you not continue to have to have a motorola address that sure these guys you know sit around and study it all they want and we don't know what i have the rights and that's a big problem i don't really have them out of anthony thanks so much for being here are it's time to take a break but still to come tonight alarming statistics are out about the number of u.s. military personnel a wall so lask why so many people are deserving duty if the military is supposed to
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be made up of volunteers and he was fighting a holy war in iraq and afghanistan a mass baptism like camp pendleton is making headlines with the taliban so discuss the topic ahead with afghan that deliberate. coming.
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the army has released its two thousand and ten report on risk reduction and suicide prevention now within this three hundred fifty page report there are plenty of reports and diagrams that cover everything from p.t.s.d. to suicide prevention tips but hittin on page ninety two is where it gets interesting between a section that talks about misdemeanor crime is among soldiers there's also a report on a while soldiers and it turns out those have increased by two hundred thirty four percent two hundred and thirty four percent that seems like a shocking statistic that should just be shoved into the middle of some three hundred fifty page document but in this section of the report it does say that good order and discipline are on the decline and the number of soldiers going a wall increased by five thousand a year for the past five years well i don't pose an idea here as to i don't know maybe why the number of a all soldiers are steadily increasing maybe it's because of the two unpopular wars
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going on and we have thousands of soldiers in both iraq and afghanistan maybe it's because of the stop loss factor where troops are sent back for a third fourth even fifth tour of duty or maybe it's the fact that we spend millions of dollars recruiting our volunteer army these are just a couple of the reasons that we came up with and i'm sure there are plenty more about perhaps the defense department to start looking more closely at these statistics if they change their techniques catered more towards keeping their soldiers healthy and safe and maybe they wouldn't have to worry about record suicide anyone numbers just a suggestion. now speaking of our military do you ever think of them fighting in afghanistan or iraq do you perceive that as a christian crusade that's definitely not supposed to be the case but a recent incident at camp pendleton where a mass baptism took place of marines for perry to fight the taliban made headlines and i'm not just talking about the l a times blog. i mean the just hottest websites
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use that story as proof that the u.s. is indeed fighting this holy war against them and that's not just bad press that's actually putting lives at risk but are these events more common than we think is there a culture of christian beliefs in the military that's becoming more prevalent and perhaps even putting more pressure on troops will join me to discuss it is afghanistan veteran jake to live barito jake thanks so much for being here you know i have to ask you this is just one story here but how commonplace are are these events maybe not even mass baptisms but just the prevalence of religion within the military. well you there's an old phrase it says there's no atheists in foxholes there are for many years christianity has been a huge part of the u.s. military in fact the uniform code of military justice is modeled after many christian beliefs for instance you can be kicked out of the army if you commit
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adultery you can be kicked out of the out of the army if you participate sodomy of course if you're gay you'll get kicked out of the military so there's a huge trend of christian beliefs within the military framework and the other thing is that in terms of the religious advisory council i mean liberty university which is famous for jerry falwell founding it has the largest number of chaplains in the entire u.s. military so i think there's a huge culture of christian beliefs in the military and i think that largely it's the pentagon is the one to blame for that because the pentagon hasn't stepped up to the plate plate and said it's this is not a christian i mean it's an army of the united states of america which is a nation of christians of muslims of atheists of jews and all sorts of different regions well that's something i want to ask is good with the christianity obviously very prevalent the military but is there pressure to subscribe to christian beliefs
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and there's an entire organization called the military religious freedom foundation and they have a number of clients who say that there is this dangerous feeling of coercion and that it's not enough to be a christian but you have to be the right kind of christian and hold the the right types of beliefs and never seen that kind of pressure. oh you know in the military there is some of that pressure but i mean i was been i've been a pastor of a bit of a jellicoe mega church i went to seminary and i've been a part of the christian tradition for a long time and and even in the christian tradition the civilian world there's an increased pressure for those that are in the military to. follow a christian doctrine i have never i never observed a senior commanding officer say there is a mandatory church day but in the past u.s. military in the one nine hundred forty s. and fifty's it was very calm so i never personally witnessed it but i know that it exists and in that sense you know have you witnessed or is there an obvious sense
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of prejudice towards people like you said that perhaps i'm muslim large us or our of a different religion. well absolutely and i think with the latest shooting that of the major hasan situation i mean that that certainly didn't help the muslims in the military but there are muslims in the military frank a lot of the translators the arab translators are muslims and the pashtun translators in there in afghanistan as well are muslims so there are muslims but there's not a huge. presence of interfaith dialogue or interfaith relations within within the military largely because i mean it's my experience that i'm the senior officers of the military would like people to not discuss religion or their personal things but what happens is there are organizations like the one you mentioned earlier that push certain individuals who are vulnerable to religious extremism to participate in the weather and whether it may be christian or muslim
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or whatever. now what i find interesting here is he was this specific example that were using this massive baptism at camp pendleton this is a very public example of a mass baptism and in this sense you know the l a times blog wrote a small piece about it and then what happened is a jihadist web site picked it up and they didn't even have to add any commentary they didn't have to write an article they just copied and pasted the l a times blog because it speaks for itself do you think that that's changed things like that that it that it helps fuel this idea that the u.s. is fighting a holy war war religious. well absolutely i mean i mean i think the judge out us will use propaganda in any way shape or form that suits their cause and if they see us service members that are participating the christian tradition bill use it to prop up america sentiment without months the people and i think that it's a huge national security concern when we see senior military commanders like in the
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article the lieutenant colonel for instance participating in this with junior enlisted ranks if i were the senior commander in charge of this of data base or that you know i would tell the tele commander lieutenant colonel i would say colonel you don't need to be on another public event that's that's doing this with junior enlisted marines and soldiers and if you are you're going to permit letter of reprimand and if i was also the senior commander i would do everything possible to to show that the u.s. military is is equally muslim in its jewish it's christian it's not a christian army but the pentagon hasn't picked up on that because there's been a huge lobby pressure in washington to make sure that christian values stayed stream inside of inside the u.s. military and we see this with the don't ask don't tell policy i mean you don't see liberals for atheists the one saying oh no keep it intact if the best thing for the military it's largely christian or right wing pundits that say oh no we need to
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keep christian values inside the military because they a lot many people still think that a christian crusader army is what god desires so to speak and that's not right that's not what the military is the military is the defense the u.s. borders forgives foreign and domestic enemies and definitely a touchy situation there because you know people abroad also are able to see what the policies are of the u.s. military they can look in and look at don't ask don't tell and and all of the following now take very quickly to start asking the last question because you yourself were in afghanistan does religion come into play when you're in a theater of war is that help you. i think so i met if i think the chaplain corps whether there are muslim or jewish or christian can provide an immense amount of pastoral care for people that have post-traumatic stress that have family issues in that i mean divorce rate in the enlisted ranks at seventy percent or more the
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clergy have a profound role in those sorts of situations but the big problem is is thinking that the clergy are there to proselytize the indigenous people of afghanistan or iraq if the clergy are passing out bibles to soldiers to give throughout the throughout the country that's a huge national security threat it's a it's a an ethical violation i think that the pentagon needs come against that big time thanks so much for giving us their prospective on the us. you know me i'm banks it's time for a break what's still to come on tonight's show the economic crisis is not only hitting investors in the u.s. it's also something problems in italy we'll have a report on how some banking clients are turning to fortune tellers to predict their economic future and shouldn't be playing about war allow you to be a member of the taliban trying to kill u.s. service members it's a topic that has our team producer jenny churchill all fired up so we're going to chat with her show in just a minute. how's
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inform their clients about the credit crunch have since lost all those clients and you'll never guess who they've turned to instead fortune tellers doing a bushel reports for art. madame christina sees the future from the stains in her coffee she promises to make you money on the stock market invest in coke she says is the real thing a safe haven the umbrella shows from current economic turbulence symbolized by these raindrops in russia gophers burbank this fish jumping through an open circle guarantee success we'll check how she does at the end of this report more than christina's advice has already changed lives only be true but she has given me confidence to get a better paid job my my own house and me to partner. fortune telling has become a staggering eight billion dollar industry in italy alone as people don't bankers
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who fail to call the credit crunch one crystal ball gazer says her clients include rich businessmen and big politicians the world's top tarot card expert and people also want answers in their private life. still in love. with some problem. the second card mance you approach the problem. we have a reason the is still machine rise in psychic fortunes is fueling a massive public counterattack profess a peninsula is dedicated his life to prove cleveland cheats no better than the bank is and now madame christine is jew selection of thousand dollars invested in her tubes would have earned you one hundred fifty dollars to pull the average over the stock markets where they trade just if she says the public's leaving linda's and
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coming to home for financial advice of this spectacular failure to see the economic crisis losing customers some say fortune tellers couldn't do any worse i may even shed light in these difficult times. your bushel of tea. there's a new game coming out this october that's already raising some eyebrows the newest version of medal of honor will be set in afghanistan and here's the part that has everyone all riled up it gives players the option to play as the taliban and the fight coalition soldiers and share a lot of games allow you to play both sides but is this too insensitive considering that the war in afghanistan is currently being fought or are people overreacting and focusing on the wrong issues altogether i'm going to chat with churchill on this one now jenny this is something that you know guy you really worked up today you definitely feel passionately about it so you know tell me why you think this
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game is so wrong what's so offensive about it i mean i just i think that there is not any scenario in which i could find this game even slightly acceptable where in a mass of four and i think that we need to be honest with ourselves this is a very real war that is being fought right now by real american soldiers and i mean i guess if people think it's ok. to suit up as the taliban and mow down american soldiers that's fine but i find it unpatriotic but that's the thing i mean you're right this is a very real war that people are fighting right now an american soldiers are out there getting killed and i'm so understand why people are up in arms every day when they hear that a soldier dies when they get suicide statistics you know when they hear about soldiers going a wall they hear about cover ups of soldier's death like pat tillman it's like the real stories don't get people all riled up an angry and yet they focus all of their attention on video games they feel like it's just a way to divert from the reality of the situation no and i think that that point
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right there is my main issue is when you take something that is so real and make it into a video game people aren't able to you know fully understand what's going on i mean when we had you know world war two going on here at home our way of being a part of the war effort and feeling the war was to have victory gardens or to ration sugar and now i guess if you want to feel like part of the war go be the enemy i don't get it but nobody cares about the war these days that's what i'm feeling like it's only takes a video game to get people to actually start talking about it i just don't understand there's so many other games out there that are violent these days we have there are games called muslim massacre you know you can't say that religious persecution isn't something that's happening every single day perhaps a game should be made out of it but you know we talked about a couple months ago on this show the new call of duty game where there was an entire part of it called kill russian where you could just go into
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a russian airport and slaughter everybody in there that was the entire mission but like that didn't piss you off no i'm not russian and if i had been russian surely i'm sure i laid it i had been a russian i am sure i would have been furious about it however i am american and i do personally feel connected to that and i called one of my friends who is a veteran and he said. this is just unconscionable that americans in this country while our brothers and sisters are over fighting a war whether or not you agree with that war they're over there fighting it and we've got people at home laughing and playing a game and the looking and this is the thing it's h.d. it's three d. ask graphics this is real you are looking an american soldier in the eye and shooting him and laughing about it while your neighbor is there fighting this war for real but was wrong it any worse that someone sitting in a hole laughing about russians going to.


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