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or massacring muslims you know like we said there's always another side to every story well the fact is people have to go out and buy the game it's having shoved down anyone's throat if there are consumers if there are people that are out there willing to pay for it then that's how you see it something's wrong with this is science and i do have to say i find it very disturbing that e.t.a. is the company that's putting out this game you know they're a company that puts out american favorites like madden football and i don't think it's right and i don't think it's right in any capacity to have realistic scenarios where you're killing someone we saw that it has an effect in the wiki leaks video and we know that it's a problem so i just there would be no video games if that was the case there no gun no gun when it is it is absolutely nobody thought i would use them again but do you understand the issue here is if it's you know it's a gate so if you start censoring this because you don't like it then what's the next step where do you stop i'm not saying it should be censored you kill cops all the time in grand theft auto never think that's the greatest game on earth and that's not offensive but if you're your neighbor could be
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a policeman that goes out there on the streets to protect you everything i do think that when we are talking about american soldiers who are out there doing their duty to this country that there is a different level of respect they are putting their lives much like cops and i don't appreciate those games either but much like cops they're putting their lives you know on the one arms up and running around to be angry about grand theft auto jodi i agree with you you know this is a very touchy subject and it's insensitive but i just don't understand why people choose to get angry over this and yet when we talk about the real war and the real stories coming in from it nobody jumps up and yells thanks so much you're here and if you guys have an opinion on it we would love to hear of me what feedback of people who showed up come there's much more ahead on tonight's show the new madden and f.l. video game speaking of is out and the right has a lost their mind over a scene in the game that's going to be tonight's tool time moment and we'll look into tragedy discrimination happening more often across the u.s. and our chief correspondent lauren lyster has a report on the. and
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broadcasting live from moscow this is our t.v. and now look at our top headlines the multinational battle against russia's wildfires makes headway cutting the area ablaze by two thirds over recent days. atomic countdown russia says iran's first nuclear power plant to share will launch on august twenty first and that the project does not conflict with the recent united nations sanctions against iran. two commanders are to be given their marching orders after a video of a massive brawl at a military base in the moscow region finds its way onto the internet. those were our headlines next it's time for the second part of the show from our washington studios. time
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for our friday tool time and it's a little over the top even for all those obama haters this week a madden n.f.l. one eleven hit the store shelves and it seems that it is that enough innocent enough but i know some of those on the far right healthy extreme rights are just livid with a scene from this video game take a look. at your. players never. take them to places. did you see that barack obama is in a video game the left is clearly trying to drop indoctrinate the children of the u.s. with images of brock how terrible they're not even making that stuff up those are actually some of the words flying around on the web today over this madden game that included president barack obama greeting the new orleans saints at the white
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house now one of the driving forces behind this ridiculous story is of course andrew breitbart remember the guy that created the whole shirley sherrod story a few weeks ago that fox news fell for well he claimed on his blog that since the sixty's the radical left has been willing to use education and entertainment mediums to indoctrinate instead of educate he even said that obama is trying to saturate his image everywhere so young people will see him as the messiah come on andrew you're looking a little bit desperate here don't you think it's a video game changer preparing for that surely sharod lawsuit that she's planning to pull against you so i think you guys get the point there's a nuff said here andrew breitbart is clearly tonight still time with. now have you guys seen the new license plate for the fifty first state in america it's right here this is just a quick reference d.c. is not a fedor is a federal district it is not
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a state so all of us who live in the nation's capital pay federal taxes but we don't have an elected official representing us in congress by the way we pay per capita the highest federal taxes in the nation so a d.c. shadow representative has come up with the fifty first state plates as a step to finally gain statehood for the district currently district plates have the taxation without representation message on them which i really love personally they've been around for about a decade and leaders in d.c. say that it's time that we need a new play to push our cause and there's a reason that we need a new message a poll taken in two thousand and five showed that seventy eight percent of americans believe the d.c. residents had full representation in congress so when told that they didn't eighty two percent thought that we really do deserve a voice but here's something the d.c. lawmakers should have considered the fifty first state if the pretty well known bar here in the district is just a few blocks away from our office on l.
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street by the white house so i'm sure that the bar owner is just loving the free p.r. and for the record here is what my plate is going to look like when we finally do get statehood and members of congress to represent our views. all right here on the show we brought you many stories about people who are struggling to find jobs or currently living on unemployment but today we're going to introduce you to another group of people who can't find work they say it's because of discrimination as arcee correspondent laura lister reports the transgender community explains that landing a job isn't as easy as it would be for other people in society. the glitz and glamour of. a job fit for a queen i mean i was was happy beautiful claim. oh. i was here to have a good time it was. really. good all that glitters.
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isn't called police are going to react when someone with no funding from you to feel sorry for most transgender people but this is a little more info now in the united states. as for art for a phrase. i mean if you're far from dandy beth glenn used to be simply glenn and some people just haven't ever factor in accounts of this sort of thing though friends who have known her for decades say nothing's different now as far as personality there there's no great change she is one of a quarter of transgenders in the u.s. who claim they've been fired because of their gender identity. she is one of ninety seven percent who report they've been discriminated against at work because of it the boss just summoned her to his office and said is it true that you have decided that you're going for sure that you're going to be transitioning and i want to tell
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them yes he said well that can't happen appropriately in this workplace and this workplace of all places was the institution that is supposed to protect freedoms and liberties i couldn't believe that especially a guy. meant organization would do that it was bandied about glenn's dream job to work beneath this gold element the georgia state capitol where she helped write the bills and resolutions that became laws but none of these laws protected her from being discriminated against as a transgender in ga as in thirty eight of fifty us states discriminating based on gender identity is not banned because vandy beth worked in the public sector with the help of a civil liberties group she is able to sue. it's un-american for people to do what was done i mean she's asking only for her job back. and through this she's won the
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admiration of friends just marches funny. it's a courageous thing which is they were. fighting the state power. the over the support of a queen i think if a person decides to change their thing to actually complete who they are i do think that they should be exempt and now she's fighting the state and not her gender any longer it's an inborn characteristic it's something you're born with and it's something you can't change but it doesn't pay the bills i still don't have full time employment account it doesn't change the law if it's exposed to the law that you would if you your have something like this happen the first place. and some of parents is aside. unemployment and discrimination are still a drag for most transgenders most transgender people who get fired from their jobs . they just have to. grit their teeth dorothy and justice.
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moore lyster our teeth. now that was just one example out of georgia but this is a growing problem in the u.s. it's affecting an expanding transgender community so how do you change attitudes how do you even begin. to adapt for the basic changes the transgenders present does well here to discuss that with me as harper gene tobin policy counsel for the national center for transgender equality and former attorney for the national senior citizens law center harper thanks so much for being here thank you know having you know i think this is something that isn't talked about enough definitely not in the media doesn't you know i'm just average day to day conversation how much discrimination really do you feel is out there towards the transgender. well you don't have to take it from me our organization and the national and lesbian task force conducted a survey of sixty five hundred transgender people in the u.s. in two thousand and eight and we found that the experience of harassment or discrimination on the job is near universal. that
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a quarter of transgender people had like vandy beth glenn lost a job because they were a transponder because they trained to transition on the job or they came out to their employer and that ninety seven percent of our survey of ninety seven percent of transgender people had experienced harassment or mistreatment on the job in some form because they're transgender so it's really it's really unbelievable a common because it's it's legal to discriminate against transgender people in thirty eight states well that's what shocked me so much is that in thirty eight out of fifty states there is no law that bans this type of discrimination in the workplace and these days you know there's a law for everything else so how is that how is that possible you know i mean are you making moves to to get those laws to change well it is truly glenn had worked for a private employer in the state of georgia she would have had no recourse for being
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fired and. the transgender community has made strides in twelve states in the district of columbia and and over one hundred thirty cities and. counties around the country passing laws to prevent this kind of discrimination but there still is no national law now there is a bill and i think if people feel like it's not a big enough problem there aren't enough transgenders in america yet that they need to pass a law for them i think it's because of lack of education there's a lot of misunderstanding and just lack of information about the transgender community people don't know who we are or understand what it means to be transgender to have a gender identity that's different from the gender you were born and to come out and and transition to living is that gender to be your real self. people just don't understand what that means what is it if you were to explain it to the audience because people don't talk about it
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a lot what does that mean well that means you know everyone is born with a gender identity and for for transgender people that gender identity doesn't match their gender that they were born in no way that they were raised so that you know transgender people have to go through a process much similar somewhat similar to to gay and lesbian people of coming to terms with their identity and coming out and for change and are people also transitioning to live as the gender that they really are now what's the hardest part would you say you know i mean for you is that is it the transitioning is it the the after effects i think what's hardest for transgender people is that people just don't understand there's a lot of misconceptions about transgender people people don't understand that people generally dignity can't be changed that it's not that it's not a lifestyle choice that it's not you know. it's not something that
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people just get up in the morning and decide to do one day and they don't understand that you know that there is no. what being transgender look like they're. looks like there's a lot of misconceptions people think that if someone is transitioning on the job like. told from players she needed to do that that means they're going to come to work and and pierce in some outlandish way that they're going to be disruptive. you know believe that they you know people have to have specific kinds of major surgical procedures before they can transition and really you can do medical treatment for transgender people is really individual eyes there are a lot of treatment options it's different for everybody much like treating other medical conditions and so people don't understand what it means when someone says you know look i'm a transgender person i'm going to be coming to work as
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a man instead of a woman or vice versa and they don't understand that. it's really not going to be that big a deal it's a big deal for the person who's transitioning. but in general you know it's a little bit awkward for a little while and then everything goes back to normal you're the same person you haven't because it from person to tell me this quickly statistically is there is there more discrimination if someone is transitioning from being a male into a woman or vice versa. our studies suggest that the levels are are very high and very similar for all transgender people that transgender people of color express encounter higher levels of the most severe deformed forms of discrimination and use in violence that's the major difference that we see but the entire transgender community faces very high levels of discrimination throughout the country our heartfelt thanks so much for being here and for talking about this so if it's
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something that people need to open their eyes to the fact that there is so much discrimination towards this community and yes thanks so much. still to come tonight on a friday our friday fireside chat and we'll have the median seaton's smith drop by to discuss some of the more bizarre events of the week. everything from jocked or laura dropping the n word to a battle between a cable commentator and actress jennifer aniston back about. signed up to join the military because i thought that it was my duty and that it was something that i could do to help my country. my government i find that the it's necessary for americans to feel known there was a lot of drug abuse there was a lot of murder of american officers by her and soldiers there are
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a lot of good stories. to go out and buy. before the war i always thought i wanted to win a lot of medals and to have a lot of desperation. but afterwards i realize that they they don't mean anything here they're not that important. i don't i don't i never kept the medal. houses parking. cars appliances is sold here until they come to visit you. do you think the property bought on credit really belongs to you. deep in debt on our. first tree removal called the clear cut. second explosives are used to blast to maybe turn the gears. heard the remains are removed by machinery. finally easy from mortgage soil is
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deposited in vallecito. mountain top removal on our. more news today in harlem says once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are
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only day. please. her. to tonight's fireside for ideas with your hooves. this friday i find myself honestly shocked and appalled at what i'm hearing with across the u.s. you know that we've been covering the immigration debate tirelessly on this show trying to show both sides trying to understand why emotions are running so high but i have to say that people are going too far politicians are going too far in trying to play upon the public's emotions the worst example being merged g.o.p. candidate for florida state representative she thinks that we should just round up all legal immigrants and throw them into camps take a list. we. want. to go already are
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going to go up the little girl is going to marry bill and i think you know nobody's going to war or illegal immigrant you know going to the right there. now i'm not exactly sure what she's we're for in june the forty's in florida but perhaps she means you know that time when the u.s. has rounded up thousands of american citizens who were japanese and threw them into camps you know that left a black mark on this country that was a horrible and inhumane act and not one that should be repeated i just can't believe that it's going so far that people are advocating for the return of internment camps of people lost their minds immigration is a problem that needs to be addressed in this country but these are people we're talking about these are human beings not animals to be rounded up and thrown into
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a pit so it's sick that anybody anybody would think that that would be a viable solution. it's friday and it's time to look back at the week's funniest most ludicrous and just plain stupid it's stories we have everything from bill o'reilly talking for jennifer aniston to a study that says that women would rather forgo sex than add on an extra pound so our boys and a new gallup poll gives us a look into the complexities of the american mind comedian see smith is here to give us his two cents on all of the above thanks for coming back is literally taking all my soul right now not to heckle like you teleprompter right now i still think that let's just do our god like i'm sorry cuts are talking are moving on get
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into this thing i'm for that and i mean. the gallup poll is the thing that i was really shocked by i don't know if you found this is shocking if we bring up the graph here that we have some of the statistics one of the best ones didn't even make it on here but look ninety two percent of americans think that it's morally wrong to have an affair i know when it comes to the death penalty only twenty six percent like where it's ok to have an affair i mean it's wrong to have an affair but it's ok to kill somebody this is the saddest people of like i want to meet with these people because actually if you saw another one there's another one that was like like fifty percent of people or fifty one percent people were all for assisted suicide but they were against suicide by itself so. be the layers of our conversation if they're going i don't kill yourself and wait for me before you kill yourself because i got me some anger i got to get out so they hit six but love death where they don't with this you talk where they do it if you know that they love sex or mormons moved what's
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a hold of people this is america this is not just not just once dated this is the national gallup poll refused to do this gallup poll is a pure lies i'm sorry i can't i can't i can't discuss think who where is this isn't so far as i want to really take it up with the gallup organization would rather kill to have sex is that what morally our society is going to see how complex and loony you know only in america the statement rings true sometimes i listen i love america by the. all right i'm going to loves america too let's go next ok this next study says that women would rather for those sex then put on an extra pounds your thought of course on this first and of course you know of course when we do that you know why we move of course for sex because i have a lot of six women can have sex anytime they want to they have too much of a plethora of it right it's like it's like when indians had a bunch of gold star native americans had a gold ring as gold as you present to the people and they were like white making what i don't know and that's what that's what sex is to women it's just because
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they're like yeah i could take it or leave it now for example now if you change sex to zero it's a man i actually want to have a family with me oh my god no you wouldn't lose weight for that you'd always choose that no oh my god i want to have a man and now i guess that's almost never women have an easier time now. to tell me this one right here is why i'd rather rather lose weight and get a good man you know what i have a son. that's a thing and decided to have sex and i guess packed on the pounds i don't know the study kind of confuses me a little that is really really women i don't judge what. makes me angry would be like i want to have sex when we tire of those of course when i forget sex for a bunch of things because you're too tired because your show is on because i got a long drive because i have a lot of worry because you just tell me that it's because men make them feel fat so they don't want to gain any weight this is they just won't have sex they feel to back track with you know why we have too much of it all right i'll go anyway i want to meet a raisin in the room if you like or i'm too i feel too bloated to have sex that's never a word every time i mean it's mouth and i'm less still like this side is about they
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make women feel that way oh that's how you felt inside of all that we give you all to what sex was how or whatever you also don't know sometimes it's all i'm saying women i'm right here that i had begun to think ok let's look at this ben quayle i don't know if you've seen the ad of this guy can we play it the wrong is the worst president in history. and my generation will inherit a weakened country drug cartels in mexico tax cartels in d.c. what's happened to america. bears oh no i was raised right somebody has to go to washington and knock the hell out of the place my name spent well and i approve this message. all right the other day i just went on and on and on and on about this band character and i feel kind of bad it was more of a personal attack i was talking about high looks like
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a scrawny little fifteen year old boy but come on honestly don't you think i could beat him out oh yeah you were his ass he's a loser yeah you have so much as a couple guy that was exploiting spray i hate him so much right now. i want to go to america when we go to. take care we're going to walk here to a distant land that nobody can see right now oh my god been i looked. i saw him in the eye but he's got a place like trying to get in his car you could work his ass and i would pay money to see them alone all right thank you i got what you call him i can i use the money they do i can see that right well guess what beat me you know you can talk survivors and. those things are enough to me ok but they can get ben quayle come in if you know whatever beat up washington i don't think so known as you go through me first ok bill o'reilly all right famous bill o'reilly always bitter now here went on and on and on about jennifer aniston because we know porridge and she's been downed by a bunch of guys so she wants to have you know a baby on her own these days and he was just talking about how wonderful science is
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these days that that's even an option and he thinks that she is just taking down the role of the man in the family and fatherhood. to who won this argument time because i see that i responded in a very classy way. i actually who won i have a couple if you have a whole bunch of issues going on i didn't understand it did francis she's like you know like i want to be you know find anybody independent woman to find girl power and he's like no you got to have family structure stuff like that my problem is you know who's lost the people that have dated jennifer aniston because this woman is incredibly hot so we can all agree she's super hot while we don't mean this woman right now she has to be what's known as the most she's probably the female douche bag right now i love that word right now i don't know keep me out your keep even this douche bag because she is she sucks what you did what you got to what do you got everybody did that crazy chick that's way on message is this the chick is having babies by herself crazy chick i'm not saying all have not seen all the ring
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how many men she's date and how many of them have dumped her you know think that maybe there's something a little wrong i exactly a look i'm going to say she's dated a lot of me and i mean if brad pitt is sort of like i have a hollywood writer like brad and then it's gone i would be a brand people vince vonna right i'll even lack penis but let me tell you all right brad pitt come on you know i think a little brat who buys and argue with me ok finally i want to get to the thing that everyone's talking about. oh dr laura's dr laura and her rants on this one on the n. word we have actually a little clip here play that play. you heard it so what you did and i'll say it again. is what you hear on h.b. why don't you let me finish a sentence ok don't take things out of context don't double and. you know if i'm in contact me and i know it. is sassy that one literally the funniest since i'm a white woman ever going see it in the middle of saying and where and where and where what you let me finish saying you were kind of citizen and we're pleased and
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we're. this is literally the change of the guard right now because there used to be a time where whites were just race and black who was scared and then we got you know like you know we got on the p.c. and now you know we got. to reverse racism now this is literally the very first instance of reverse racial sensitivity. is literally just scared like usual you should go why are you this guy racist i mean i should like to think i'm racist it's wonderful she's now paranoid she's angry she's literally what fox news is saying right now they're like angry of being fitted to black people don't understand the devil a sleeper you know i grew up in a time where every day i got somebody to say in work when i can't see we got to pay the world they hate america thank you see you at your comedy show later tonight i'm going to show you i know it's a pretty night show thanks for tuning in make sure you guys come back on monday in the meantime have a great weekend and don't forget to become a fan of the facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed anything you can always catch it all you tube dot com slash the ilona show coming up next is the news with the latest headline.


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