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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports. more news today violence is once again fled the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operation the day. they faced this is not a provocation but warned. before. and we should use every word you sure to support retreat because they have no idea about the
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hardships the you face. with this says it all to tunis and. the army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. hundred forty five. well geez available in her. i'm going to do no. toto publish it is congress' photo east west never told. sky. in soldiers historical hotel culture in the city. because most. elegant up until the struggle for us to become her job.
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is home now here this is the scene as the record breaking heat holds sway over russia police in the sound of the country trying to trace the parents of the baby got up the mountains by the roadside she survived i'll speak to the song the noise despite the temperature question it's. a transgender employees in the u.s. is going through the setback to win back the show all the lead that was a fire the deciding to become a woman despite civil rights laws to protect against race to religion out of sex discrimination. on the jordan river has become a bone of contention in the middle east where the liquid of life diskettes the water this week between israel and syria has always tipping to the right as each
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country tries to long odds for its own needs. ok up next we follow on his tour of the millennium old city of. hello good to see you again and welcome to you said to be the power of the golden ring sissy's located two hundred and sixty kilometers to the northeast of moscow it was founded in the. islands as one of the oldest cities in russia.
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the volga river it's featured in countless poems stories and songs. and it's the main transport link that stretches all the way down to the caspian sea . the longest river in your pastas through many major russian cities such as q sounds to modest amounts. preceded by viking settlements in the april ninth centuries the city is said to have been founded in the year and as an outpost the principle is the overall story belak eight centuries later. second largest city and first time during the polish invasion of russia in six hundred twelve it was the unofficial capital of russia. today the city has a population of over six hundred thousand it's an important heritage site and off to moscow and st petersburg it's one of the main tourist destinations we come from the u.s. where something that the hundred years old is considered all and here we've been able to see magnificent frescoes that are up to
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a thousand years old so it's been just an incredible experience you can see why this city is so popular. apart from the site during history in b.c. it also has a fast and direct train route from the same. transurban express also stops in the city. city center monument prince the wise who at the first fortress on the volga river built one thousand years ago legend has it the force of a ferocious sacred back story is displayed here ever since the bear has been associated with the area and is now the city's emblem. this site is extremely important to russian cultural life it's where the first was built in the country in seventy fifty after a fire destroyed the original wooden building it was replaced by the shallow certain structure you see today. it's said to be the starting point of russian
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stage craft before anyone such chekov came along. and many areas in time for the one thousand and. two they do something with this amazing. good lick of paint all in good time i suppose. now if you think that this next monument is familiar you'd be correct take a look here. it's a. one thousand rouble note it has a value of around thirty dollars and it's one of the most popular and used banknotes long gone is the face of lenin from any russian bell so instead they feel very sad. but this one here. this monument was unveiled in one thousand nine hundred seven was built on the local civilians led by millions and went all the way from moscow to free the capital from polish with the waning invaders in sixteen twelve and of the monuments celebrate their success sits on red
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square in front of st basil's cathedral you can't. without taking a look inside the spiritual and cultural heart of the city. which translates as savior transfiguration founded in the. so to tourists. in the united states. but it's more visible in moscow and. here we feel like we're returning. and it is absolutely spectacular to see that we're in a place. doring back to. the onion so we're very fortunate that we've spent three days here it's something that i think a lot of americans don't know about. an opportunity part of the world. every
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. time today we can hear the sounds of. dozens of men. to renovate the street in time for the anniversary celebrations it's wonderful to hear the most. will be returned to the. the ministry bear proved very popular with visitors found in a forest as a cub a mother being killed barely alive and suffering from exhaustion and starvation she was rescued by the us of a museum and preserve the she lives to this day this is master here she's been living inside the kremlin for twenty years and hibernate for a staggering three to five months each year she's completely friendly a lot by everyone here in the city she's cared for by the egotism who say that she's smarter than a dog my face is absolutely adorable and. very
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. so what else is there to see and to do here the arsenal state museum architecture and art reserve is a large museum complex in the city including several buildings and hundreds of thousands of items in its collections to decay was a museum in one hundred twenty four when collections of several private museums in the region we lighted into one precious important items from various churches the most trees were brought here this main collections are now on display and the more strain the city. one of its highlights is a manuscript title slip of equal level of meaning the song of ideas while fact which is the major epic piece of ancient russian literature. you also must have missed the church of st john the baptist along with the monument it's depicted one of the thousand with bank notes bill katrina six hundred seventy
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one and six hundred eighty seven on the bank of the cultural river it's now one of the world heritage sites the area was one of the wealthiest parts of the town at that time this residence was the built the most amazing church in the us level it's pretty cool so decorated with glazed oils in the structures distinctive feature are is amazing fifteen onion domes assembled in three groups. and finally party. popular vote is a large entertainment complex on the peaceful environment of the volga river including many areas there are restaurants outdoor terraces my clubs and so. if loved by the city's well to do the best are organized is an impressive rise he dishes and drinks in him and he and some of the best r.c.c. teaches here every night.
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now moving to our next location this is a private museum funded by one of those residents this hall is called a museum time featuring various musical instruments and clocks now the island is obsessed with bells it's their right and his private collection all over one thousand is displayed here inside the museum. where your islam is a beautiful serbian and museums are wonderful this is a very special museum of course because it reflects the interests of its founder so much isabelle's and and these photographs. through is a joy to visit this museum and to hear the bells and the photographs and as well as become a kind of person. like many museums around the world where you have glass cabinets we do not touch signs at this museum you can see much many few items on display
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such as this wonderful nineteenth century gramophone. the clocks are all set at different times to chimes to go off at once good idea and if you want to be crazy by the taking you can always listen to the strange sound of the music box. it's being played to me. finally after all the side saying i'm kind of hungry i recommended restaurants track the. two exterior is
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a traditional russian dishes of national service we have a lot of guests from around the world who look to you to try such highlights on the menu as bush with mushrooms and prunes. and also you. like to try it was one of the favorite dishes of. ukraine this is local food through. the soup they said here it is called the princes dish it has kinds of fish in it the more the fish the eagle. you know i've never tried to come before i'm not the biggest fan of just this is. i think.
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right. well. i'll see the same time. next week from another wonderful golden ring destinations hold them for me and the rest of the season here in the us i will tell from.
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he observed nature and discover it. means. communicate with the wild and learn. test yourself and become free and. see what nature can give you an aunty. signed up to fill in the military because i thought that it was my duty that it was something that i could do to help my country. my government that it is necessary for america to vietnam there was a lot of drug abuse there was a lot of murder of american officers by american soldiers there were a lot of good stories. to go out of right. before the war i
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always thought i wanted to win a lot of medals and to have a lot of decorations but afterwards i realize that they they don't mean anything they're not that important. i don't i don't i never kept the medal. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. wealthy british style the stock. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy when. much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines conjure reports.
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as the record breaking heat told. police in the state of the country trying to trace the parents of the baby girl abandoned on the roadside she survived all to be left in the sun hours despite the temperature pushing fifty degrees it's. a transgender employee in the u.s. is home to a big setback told to win back home. glenn was fired all the facilities to become a woman despite civil one still to protect against race religion and sex discrimination. on the jordan river has become a bone of contention in the middle east where the liquid of life is steps to water the speed between israel two would not in syria always to do so the rest of this country truly has to resolve last fall for us. ok more news at the top of the next hour but i just pulls up next to me to go away.
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well there will come to a sports of do it here nazi thanks for joining us again in this court. martial marches on sure apple is this possible to set up a semifinal clash with compare church of the chan killer in cincinnati. catch him if you can tyson gay runs this season's best one hundred meters in the absence of rivals and powell. and a world served on a legendary basketball player scores of people and to the n.b.a. hall of fame. let's start with football where in the russian premier league seventh place to play second from bottom on saturday. just started the second half and still go this tomsk also in action today our current legal it is
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indeed. it is said to the world player still in the moscow region and finally placed to take on struggling sabir. meanwhile spartak moscow head finalist signed the republic of ireland midfielder aids in my twenty four year old moves from celtic on a four and a half year contract costing the nine champ and almost fifteen million years dollars the biggest ever deal for a scottish ballplayer that make good his move to be a turn to boost for coach with his side languishes in the table with only five points until fifteen games so far this season spot next play against sits a rival so that they might see something i saying with football and the new english premier league season starts on saturday as well as chelsea begin the defense of their target in europe promoted west bromwich albion. laypeople saturday while the
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hosts meant just a. city with both sides resuming their route for a place in europe later ask for their well west ham play local rivals have a turn while. steve bruce creates his former side. take on unit promoted blackpool and wolves host of movement with stoke on monday night's match to entertain king of castle. the big attraction of the opening weekend says arsenal finished third last season travel to liverpool on sunday read still be guarded by her old son but since then day has been the home of her friends by ninety six and surveilled he is on the brink of extending his deal that is set to expire next yeah the frenchman also said that anything but winning the title will be a disappointment this time out. but you only benchmark you you cannot finish food and say to
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a media that is she's nuff to read you want to finish. behind but be really really . young side and the improvement is natural and very hungry for success and. we know is wherever people want more from us and we are ready to give more but. of course. success you could search is used to win the league. over to tell us now where my risher up with is through to the semifinals of the double to tournament in sin so not see the tenth seed russian easily knocked out there are a bit taller france in straight sets six one six for the match ended in favor of three grand slam winner thanks i will play competitor and the chunk of the nineteen year old unsuited russian made it all three sets to be belgian twelve cd and then a week seven five six six one this is. going well and the one which is
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also through to the semifinals. defeated. one more out of a six one six. second time to be. with us for opponent is came close to preparing to defend tear soap and crown later this month the belgian sort of eleventh seed. in straight sets seven six six. and as you know she doesn't know how to play tennis i mean she's she's a talented girl and she's had you know she's want to grandstand force and she knows what it's like to be win big matches but i think in the last year or year and a half or so she's now she's lost a few matches you know where she's had to match points and i think it's maybe her confidence a little bit and that's why you know i've always i mean i've always gotten along really well with her and i'm very happy that she does well and that is you know playing better again and that she's enjoying ourselves or you know obviously the more i want to go and win. world number one rafael nadal has booked
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a place in the semifinals of the toronto musters in canada that's after beating philipp kohlschreiber germany in three sets this painted they surrendered the opener three six i took the second set by the same score line and also beat his opponent successful in the side i didn't play and. in the last four. i was sure the more i want to be. very difficult more than one though this would be the semifinals of women so always are is a pleasure and is a big challenge and we're never afraid but i think especially here because it is aggressive for it so just go on court where my best done. by the play my game with highs will be the most possible to have the chance to win. in the meantime the brit is the big david nalbandian in straight sets six two six two the defending champion and fourth seed defeating the argentinian for the first time in his career.
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i currently world number three roger federer met tough resistance from thomas bed the swiss took the opening set but the second one it went to tie breaking the federal road his luck and claim a six three five seven seven six victory. i took place in the final federal plane over djokovic who had no difficulties against french german charge it was one of the first set six two and also took the second six three match. a third of its former world champion tyson gay had once again proved he's the man to catch this year that's after following up his win over the world record holder you're saying bolt last week with a season best result in the one hundred meters at the latest diamond league meeting in london bolt and fellow jamaican a sufferer powell were both out with injuries and gate took full advantage as the
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american described the definitions despite a stark to leave the field trailing in his wake he seemed to be limping afterwards set to run against the jamaican deal with the first time in brussels and the twenty seventh of august. when another result rushes junior long jump record holder directly. late just six point six five metres but it proved enough to give the nineteen year old second straight victory and make the one to watch in future. i was proud black of losses remained the only woman get lose this season the world champion clear two point one me to is to triumph in the high jump for a sixth time from six i. and the third case season begins in just under a month however its debut season for new club united h.c. dinar much more scope. after last year's surprise rise up and the dead giant forces
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with the nominee robert fatton out assesses the new clubs chances. dinamo skill one of the most famous oldest in the reaches clubs of soviet and russian hockey last became champions in two thousand and five and since then the club has looked like sleeping giants meanwhile most the region side and the dead only made their a deadbeat in the russian super league in two thousand and four but they were quick to own pain it was only to tanguay chilled gent and a glorious to stop the policeman from lifting the garden cup last year. and as soon as the season was over and then merged with the number deformed the united healthy club dinner almost killed and while many expected the newly built team to be difficult they were it's their coming season their head coach with their up have are the squiers are listening for them because our bosses haven't set any definite
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tasks for us yes it wouldn't be right to make any predictions or long term plans we're going to move step by step first we have to get through the playoffs and then we'll see what happens. meanwhile the club seems to have everything in hand to do well a legs narrow who let their dogs and the dead to the cage chill finals plus many players from that club who full do you achieve and feel what is in their feels almost like the same team we're just in different location saw we have most of the same guys from. m.v.t. last year and team coaches it just feels a little bit strange that we're in a different building but. it's very nice facilities and everybody's been very welcoming and. i you know everything's good so far before of course it's too early to see what we can achieve the season anyway the fact is that our roster is much stronger now and all that's left is to prove it on the ice. third gay chill season
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gets underway in september the eighth and it's a safe bet these guys will be one of the highlights. or to be. one of the best players of all time scott so pippen has been inducted into the n.b.a. hall of fame the legendary. next month was a six time n.b.a. champ and with the chicago bulls and is the only person to have won both america's top title and a limp. and the same yet twice pippins of the victim mates camilo was also included . i have so much to be thankful for i have been able to make my dream of playing basketball surrounded by people. and being cheered on by the best fame in the world it was a great run. well
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of this i say. thank you. ok today. from around the globe. houses parking. cars blinds is so new. until they come to visit you. do you think the property bought on credit really belongs to you. depend on r t.


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