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wealthy british style holds. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines in two.
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more news today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today. cool. in some petersburg. going to tell your grand hotel emerald marco polo to leave the club school it's so close photo in the big old. corinthian the speed limits. in scheme will go twenty to look you. know so.
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this is a two week old baby gallons of covering a hospital also being discarded in the scorching sun in southern russia meanwhile the heat wave continues to cling on but firefighters appeasing back the flames the number of wildfires is down a by hall of fame for the past six days. water shortages in the middle east so cooling the temperatures it's a flare between countries in the already ballers home region levels are dropping in the river jordan which supplies millions in israel jordan and syria but each accuses the authors of taking more than they mean it's. keeping the magic on line the descendants of ancient shaman say they're all holding tradition in the modern world and seeing off the charlatans that he has been working bonkers of years on the banks of siberia's lake by call but say that popularity is causing fake shamans
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to stay kit. next here on our spotlight well go to the skull was whether the power of wishful thinking can get you what you want. understand. the world. really belongs to you.
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as one of the world's most. today. twenty years ago the.
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company. he was awarded. to read based on his books for the university to tell it is considered to be one of the world's most powerful copyright isn't marketing minds he's our guest in the studio today to shake his secrets and what made him change his life. to tell the things it was for being with us thanks for the invitation. fister why do you followers call you mr fire is that true it is true yes a friend of mine twenty some years ago so that whenever i was with somebody i always inspired them i was always encouraging them to do something with their lives to follow their dreams she said basically i was lighting a fire under their butt and she started to call me mr fire and it stuck ever so ok
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you claim that a person could actually achieve whatever he wants but does that mean that you use of the cheve everything you wanted i've either achieved that or are about to not dead yet so i have many of things that are in progress but i'm a guy who went from homeless poverty to having bestselling books to being in thirteen different movies to being on your show so i think i am manifesting a lot of great things but there are more to come how come you become homeless when you when you when you it was a bad investment it was in the one nine hundred seventy s. there were as oil and gas being found and pipelines being built in other countries and i had given the company all the money i had at the time to find me work in these other places and they took the money and ring them and i had no friends no family no car no employment and before you knew it i was on the streets for a short period he says so too good suggestions first of all never put all the eggs in one basket that's probably a good suggestion to try to keep as many friends as you can. vary wise it but.
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judging from what you just said i know you for both of us ok and now you said you're about to achieve what have you is it is it a factor of really achieving whatever you are capable of wanting or or wanting. i mean what it was like if you wanted to become a u.s. president who do you think you could do that i don't know anybody who wants to become a u.s. president so it's probably because example but if you want to do something that's within your reach and within your skills or something that you can learn or be educated for it should be it should be with the new your skills i would say so yes now doesn't mean that you can't develop new skills and have new education a new experience but i think most people are going to want something that's within their vision within their grasp but i say yes you can do that why not what about women who are within their reach you know the only available if you really want it are you looking for women or as i was harassing earlier i mean i'm just asking i
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mean they're good that they're all within our reach i mean a lot and it's a while it's a it's a usually within our skills so so so that does that mean according to your philosophy that there are all achievable well i believe that they are obtainable but that's going to be according to your beliefs if you really believe that any woman is available to you you'll move in that direction based on my experience i don't think that's going to happen but that's my belief system so whatever you believe that's what you're going to attract so what you are propagating is that is not really is not really a system is not really it's a can eat but it's wrong philosophy actually it's a law i'm talking about what's called the law of attraction and this is a law most people don't know about they think it's very woo woo or metaphysical but it's actually a fundamental principle in psychology basically you get whatever you focus on so if you're focusing on misery or on happiness you're going to attend to attract more of it if you focus on the happiness and well being at attracting the nice things that
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you want to your life will tend to go in the direction of attracting them so it's not a philosophy this is a reality that you can take to the bank well you said it's not metaphysical but you do. doctors have it in metaphysics right hold a doctorate metaphysical science and yes i love. metaphysics and i can talk about metaphysics but what i'm talking about is a very earth level real practical system that's based on the law of attraction that i work for anybody that actually learns it and applies it what you teach does it have something in common anything in common with religion and no what i'm teaching is little is also about believing in what absolutely is if you can believe whatever you want you can have whatever religion you want that's all up to you i'm not talking about religion at all i'm actually talking about spirituality and i'm talking about psychology and your beliefs can serve you or stop you depending on what they are you could have whatever religion that you would like to have but that's not what i'm teaching ok well according to what i read about chew well
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humane idea and the things that you teach well if you put it in that sheryl. reads like if you really want something and truly believe it's possible you will get it then you live you left out one little thing and you take action. so yes you have to conceive it you have to believe it but you have to take action to achieve it too many people make the mistake of thinking oh if i just visualize whatever it is that i want it will fall into my lap well that might happen but in my experience they usually have to do something you may have to make a phone call or write somebody or apply for a job or open a business or go looking for the woman that you want to date whatever it happens to be you usually have to do something something or something special for example let's let's let's talk about a million dollars i mean if i went out on a lot and hours and there really concentrated in the end and i really want it and i really think i do deserve it as
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a matter of fact well now the million would be nice yeah so if i concentrate does that mean i'll just open my garage door in the morning in here and there it is or i have to do something you don't have to do something is it like going to a casino i do something very well will that were. and it might but that's not what i'm advocating i am saying that you have to do something so you may have to do better marketing on your business you may have to do better service on your business you may have to do something with your own internal beliefs about business and money and deserving this but no it's highly unlikely that you open your garage door and see a wall of money in there if you do tell me where you live so i can move next door to you ok well but you're trying to be practically trying to not to be very metaphysical but. as far as i understand you do believe that that mindset that thoughts really do affect things outside the outside in the body
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outside the skull absolutely how is how does that would cause thoughts or an energy that could leave our body and go into the world my thoughts can influence you they can influence your viewers they go out into the world influence other people we are all connected on an energy level and how we influence that energy is by how we think the problem is most of us are thinking negatively we're thinking down thoughts unhappy thoughts complaining thoughts so the energy we send out is one of unhappiness and what we tend to have in our lives is more unhappiness we have to change our thoughts when we change our thoughts we start to change our lives and our reality for everybody in the society so i am a positive mental attitude you know there's like p.m.a. that's a great start planning is a wonderful that was something taught by w. clement stone in the polio health great teachers about the self-help movement it starts there but it doesn't end there what does the established science think about math some of them are very proud of me and are rooting for me and some of them are
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saying there is no evidence for thoughts having energy or for the law of attraction and i say go and have your own little argument over in your scientific labs why go out and create the life i want is that what you think about established science so you we i mean you you you. i mean you do have respect for is to have a sign oh i absolutely have respect for science and there's a lot of open mind and scientists who are experimenting in this area to prove that thoughts do influence matter and to prove that the law of attraction really does exist and to prove that how you change your thoughts change your life those scientists are out there proving this so they're going to have more evidence but while they're at back they're doing their research i'm out in the world writing my books teaching my message doing some of ours like the one i'm doing this weekend in moscow and teaching people that they can change their life now you don't have to wait for the scientists to catch up and tell us that this is possible i'm already proving it's possible well. you said they're in their lives are trees you're out in
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the field working in many i mean is it is it because they you didn't have any luck in science may well you are adaption of science i mean that if there's a year out in the street you're out in the field make your money and doing well but is that because i mean to start with you were good as a medical doctor said you had to do something else the i was never a medical doctor i never tried to be a medical doctor what i am first and sorry about all this and you know the scientists to do more about you're a businessman you know whatever but i for you have a lot of that's what i miss the last twenty five years as an author that's what i primarily am i write books i write books such as the attractor factor which is in russian and the attractor factor was what got me in the movie the secret and the secret is what got me on all kind of television shows including the show right now so i'm an author and what i'm doing is educating people and inspiring people lighting a fire under people as mr fire and that they can go and change their lives i'm not
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a scientist i don't really care about science but the scientists are out there doing their own thing and when they discover more they'll come and report it back to ok no and i bet at teaching and russia we say that a person that can do seventy he does it who. if he conduit he goes to teach. her about what we have the same say in the united states no obviously is not true about me i'm a guy who went from halmos that in poverty to being independently wealthy who travels around the world who has bestselling books who has a car collection get large collection and so more and so much because i am living these principles but more than that forget about me for a minute i hear from people every single day who are reading my books or watching the movie the secret are watching shows like this and they start to change their thoughts these people are writing and saying thank you they were out of work and got work they were in bad health and their health got better they were in a bad relationship but either got fixed or they got in a better relationship they didn't have a home they start to get a home this goes all in all it all on says joe vitale bestselling author spotlight
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will be back shortly right after the break so there we go. the united states of america is waging war within its own army. and human losses are quite significant. is it possible to win the war against sexual assault in the us armed forces. in the army. first. called. second explosive blast to a deeper than the. surge the remainder. is
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deposited in valleys. on offer to. be observed nature and discovery. communicate with the wild. and become free to. see what nature can give you.
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welcome back. just a reminder that i guess today is. considered to be one of the world's most powerful . and minds. joe well we've talked about your relations with with the author there are signs here ok now what's your relationship with the church have you find your ways are your mean do you live in harmony. i have no discord amental harmony nobody has complained to me i'm having a wonderful time teaching my methods and i did it has nothing to do with religion has nothing to do with the church it has to do with you being happy and you achieving at attracting the things that you want in your life as far as i know in
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russia and russia the russian orthodox church they don't like things like that they usually criticize people like you what about the states they want to own to you nobody has said a word to me they seem to be very tolerant and supportive who are your followers do they constitute a kind of sectors well i think my followers are simply readers they're not really followers in any strict definition of the her work and that they are just people like you know like your viewers who are picking up my books and reading them there because i did have an impression that you have sort of a fan club i was i probably have people that are fans out there but there are a member of a job i see how they fan club of any sort that i'm aware of nothing institutionalizing how that all be flattering but no well actually the russian public is not immune to the appeal of extrasensory individuals who offer a miraculous solutions to this and other problems you know that the media has more . can only thank you eighty's when the hardships to be faced by.
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the air interest in the paranormal became very popular underneath the state became increasingly broad sophie she was ruled done so that television screens one of them was a lunch to mark who had a regular early morning t.v. sport his fans would hold jars to what you're in front of the t.v. sets hoping it would be able to cue that illnesses and i do it became a true subroutine one thousand nine hundred nine after several of the sessions were shown on so that t.v. . and he shows one could see people falling into a trance and rule playing on the spell. a billet he's on the view was he stared down from the screen with a heavy gaze and told people that everything would be ok you think the sessions we do somehow distract people from the high she can only create allergies of the time she added you to want psychics has always been controversial it became strictly negative in the case of louis gerbil who among other things he claimed he could
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reason wrecked the dad many people paid like sons of money to see their loved ones come to life again. he wasn't psychics are isn't really in demand especially at a time when people are trying to cope with the stress of an economic downturn. well joe do you expect that your technique will will will will find lots of love is what i mean millions of followers in russia in this country not only predicted i've already seen it just in the short perilous millions i have not seen millions i have seen people come up to me a book signings they met me at the airport they're coming to my weekend trainings in two different places here in russia and they're coming by the hundreds they don't come by the millions to the airport thank goodness but i imagine that yes it's going to be well received because the russian people are very open minded they're very intelligent they're looking for more they want to have more results in
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their life and so i'm providing a way to do that you're working through translations for them and this and yes how does that work i speak and they follow up with a translation does a does it work i mean through and through an interpreter no absolutely absolutely i've been doing this all over the world when i go to a different country i'll speak of i don't speak the language and i will speak for a little bit pause the translator will translate i'll speak for a little bit pause and so forth so it does matter is it it's not sort of psychotherapy when you have to be in direct contact that. i'm going to be translated i mean whatever and that's the beauty of this there's no mystique to what we're talking about here this is why it can be communicated on a show or in a book or on d.v.d.'s or in a live in person it events what it is is information that i'm conveying by speaking and as it's translated to your language so you understand the speech you get the message you can then apply it live it and change your life it's that easy can you remember to turn people no no no it's by no means at all this is
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a built in system design for you to be happy healthy and wealthy there is no harm there and everything that you're trying to do is to help yourself and everybody around you so as you take care of yourself and the other people take care of themselves whole societies get better so this is a no harm approach to life but our society is created in such a way that that in very many cases someone success is only achievable by means of somebody else's failure so so what if i desired to take some of these place what if i desire somebodies death and you help me achieve that no not at all again this is a built in system for doing good yes the old way of thinking said that if i got a success somebody else didn't get a success but the way i'm teaching it today is we can all be successful we don't all want the same thing we don't all want to be the same kind of person we don't all want the same kind of job so when you do what is right for you and i do what is
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right for me and your view or those what is right for him or her then everything works like a wonderful orchestra and the sympathy is there and the whole the whole planet starts to sing at a peaceful level so so we're back to to square one where we started so you're not actually teaching people to achieve what they weren't you teaching them to know what they wanted she should want while i'm helping them find out what is right for them to want and i'm teaching them a difference. system for them to attract that into their lives but it's still up to them they have to take action they have to go open the garage door and see all the cash there is is your image that is unique to the popularity of your method. with them no not at all i've been invited all over the country all over the world to different countries some of which everyone heard of before because people have been hearing about the law of attraction or my books the attractor factor or the movie the secret and they want this information they want hope they want the practical
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method they want to make a difference in their lives they want to make a difference in their countries so no it started over there in america but it is not stopping there it is sweeping the planet there's a chinese practice called. mistaken right is right. what so what's the place of this she cool stuff. is the part of your practice i don't talk about it as much it's basically using internal energy to make a difference in your health and you can master that internal energy and send it out to the world to help heal other people you once said that the internet really helped me taste prosperity that's right it is one of the it's obvious why internet well the internet was able to bring my word to the world so when i started writing i was living in houston texas at the time and i was writing short articles and books and what i could reach at that point was houston texas but when the internet came along and i took the same material the same articles and i put them on the
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internet now people in russia could read them people in africa could read them people in ireland could read them people all over canada and ited states could read them the internet delivered my message to the world and it opened up doors for me that weren't there before. but still you do those trips you said you said you travel the world you you let people use it as workshops so this so the internet is not enough no the it is not any better to come personally. well there's nothing like visiting russia firsthand. on the internet but it doesn't replace me being here walking through the kremlin or walking through red square nothing competes to that so the internet is a useful tool but it's not the only tool it's another mistake people make is that the think all if i'm only on the internet the world will come to my door and they'll buy from me it's not that simple yes that is one way to do marketing but travel see the world do the other ways of doing marketing and you'll do even better
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prosperity well do you ever thought of teaching not just to ordinary people but like countries like if you treat a country as a subject that a country wants a small country a young country was to me be prosperous wants to be positive have you ever thought of trying doing that no i haven't thought of that leaders or to the nations no i haven't thought of that before it's a great idea if somebody wants to propose that to me i will put it on the table in or taking the idea but do you think did the laws and the technique will be the same yes the law of attraction works for everybody that's why it's called a law it doesn't matter your nationality it doesn't matter where you live it doesn't matter your position you want to learn about it you want to learn how to apply it then apply it and it works no matter who you are what country then why do we have a situation when dozens of countries populated by a very happy people very positive people who dunstan saying and drink well no i
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mean day but he usually these are very poor countries so you think that this is a happy and they say happy to me. if they're doing fire and they seem to be happy and they seem to be healthy who am i to go in there and try to change that if they're dancing in the streets and they seem to be doing fine i say so be it so many of us who are wearing nice suits who have jobs who have money in the bank aren't happy aren't dancing aren't having a beer now and then i think happiness and love need to be first so huge in deep opposition to the united states. and because they think that there are a lot of americas going around the world and teach people to be happy democratic and so if it's if it's not if that is is it really you are you're a piece of cake i think we should note that i'm not going to fight that i'm not going there. so so so did you really believe that do you did you really and this is one of the points of your philosophy that every person every country or whatever the planet has its own it's so understanding of what it means to be happy and
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prosperous and i let it be so yes i think it's the problem to the directive as noninterference if they happen to be happy then let's not go and instill or install all our desires for them to be happy in a different way our understanding of happiness maybe one thing on their understanding maybe another who will mind to go over terror and say you're wrong you're not really happy you should be doing what i'm doing oh down with the standards thank you thank you very much and just a reminder that my guest today was a best selling author joe vitale and that's it for the hour from all of us here we will be back tomorrow with more first hand comments on the run for going on in and outside russia until then stay on r.t. and take care thank you jenny.


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