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excluding myself used to predict that it would have been twenty years ago or fifteen years ago he didn't have it so they may they do have a chance to continue like this thanks very much you get a. wealthy british style sign it's time to. market. scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on our houses. appliances in so many years until they come to visit you. do you think the property bought on credit really belongs to you. on our t.v. . news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are today.
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hello this is our team from moscow let me take you through our top stories if you will for two week old baby girls recovering in hospital after being discarded in a scorching sun in southern russia meanwhile the heat wave continues to cling on but firefighters are beating back the flames the number of wildfires is now down by half over the past six days. water shortages in the middle east are causing tempers to flare between the countries in the already volatile region levels are dropping in the river jordan which supplies millions in israel jordan and syria but each accuses the others of taking more than they need. trying to win back her rights the u.s. civil servant goes to court after losing her job over changing gender. more programs ahead here tonight are for a glass of credit cards overdrafts and bank loans to satisfy the bloated consumer
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boom we'll report next tonight on unguarded spending can sometimes lead to consequences. easy inconvenient it is to live on credit. many people. can't pay off. the goldfish. to. everything in their power. what happens to people who don't pay their bills. how successful a collection agencies.
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this is. fifty kilometers from st petersburg in. black uniforms are taking people who don't pay their utility bills to their office. i guess they're expecting us. the law prohibits from taking any action after ten pm before six am or on weekends that's why they start work at six o'clock some may have already left for work still sleeping. we need to see the. yes you need to deliver your to the office of the.
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as we must deliver you so you know. you haven't. major utility bill. picked up from across the town these people haven't paid tricity gas and water bills for months. they don't know yet about to take part in a big reality show there are t.v. cameras waiting for them at the bailiff service office. and the head of the municipal court. in january two thousand and nine unpaid utility bills accounted for half of. january. the first
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p.r. campaign acting on a. company by t.v. crews. apartment and delivered to the bailiff service in february local residents not only paid their bills in full but even settled some of their debts after that decided to organize such campaigns on a regular basis. for the sake of the. local officials are explaining to sleepy delinquent. happen to them unless they settle their debts in the meantime ten uniformed female bailiffs are getting ready to hand a court papers to the debtors. do i show my id. to the other man and. the bailiffs grand entrance is an important part of the show
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t.v. viewers must see that bailiffs are nice people and there's no need to be afraid of them as long as you follow the rules and pay your debts the papers have been served but that's not the end. bus. seats a little uncomfortable. but is there any bus when. the bus takes the debtors to see similar shacks. this is where these people have to move unless they start paying for utilities. in this house you will fix them up a little there's no central heating no water just a. real are not the scare tactics proving stream we convincing two people out of nine pay their debts on the spot if a person refuses to pay even after
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a tour of the shacks bailiffs go to their house to impound their property. the place refrigerator. edition used. one thousand five hundred roubles while taking an inventory beginning his subordinates continue putting psychological pressure on the debtor the t.v. set cost seven thousand roubles but they appraise it it only seven hundred seven hundred is too little. seven hundred fifty i'm sorry i can't help it i want a new t.v. this will. include the goldfish. and other t.v. . ok i get five hundred roubles. and
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. humor is my way of protecting myself against the stress. if you take everything you see to hot. all of consider games bailiff's or female each of them has experienced what they call a professional transformation they've learned to show no pity whatsoever to the debtor but these outwardly tough and sarcastic women have human feelings like anybody else . unfortunately i'm not wearing a tie right now. as i show you the stains from that. they often come to my office sit down next to me and start crying before you know it they grab my time the tears with it have to wash it almost daily. nevertheless cord
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bailiffs contain their emotions flawlessly even if they do business with celebrities or sports stars such. a short while ago police detained. the former goalkeeper for russia's national football team and an international airport outside moscow. to find out because you on the phone i talk to myself if you talk to me i never talk to you. used to be we can ask the phone company to produce call records ok doing. the goalkeeper owes about twenty six thousand dollars in alimony payments his former wife went to court and now cannot leave russia without paying the debt. because the visible. if you don't pay the debt we will see zero take it you return it to the airline the money goes into wife's account we won't what else we can impound of your property you are still not free to leave russia so if you go back to moscow in the case of russia's family
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goalkeeper bailiffs have used a method of so-called reputation influence such methods are usually used in collection agencies. this is a relatively new business in russia many people still think debt collectors are bandits who extort money through violence but let me stress this is a myth we often use myths in our work people are afraid of us that's good that doesn't mean we are doing something illegal because they're afraid of us this means they will take care of their problem more quickly with a debt collection agency today needs a nice office charming employees and an understanding of the debtor psychology these people get up to fifty percent of the collected amount for their services. here's how debt collectors often work at first the woman with a gentle voice calls the debtor and tries to persuade him to pay off the debt the agency's director says single mothers from twenty five to forty years of age are ideal for the job.
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this is a debt collection agency calling yes that's me how you've paid your debt. no not yet i don't have the money right now. so i understand but you know last month you did it was only two thousand and twenty roubles this month it's all way to four thousand six hundred fourteen. i will pay it before the end of this month to be sure. we tell the person what will happen to him unless he starts paying first of all we tell him we will send a letter to your boss so he knows your dishonest person then we'll send this information to your relatives and neighbors after that we'll get court bailiff and we'll come together with a court bailiffs to impound your property when dealing with women we often tell them do you really one bay leaves to come to your house and walk on your fine
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carpets and their dirty boots do you really want this. debt collectors methods are generally effective up to thirty five percent of debtors return the money a very good rate most people do their best to pay off the debt in order to save their reputation. almost fifty percent of russians use bank loans people often borrow money to buy appliances furniture or new cars. psychologist claim that people are often tricked by easy access to loans and may not truly realize they'll have to return the money sooner or later and this is the first symptom of being addicted to other people's money two years ago psychologists came up with the concept of credit mania. i'd say it doesn't go beyond the limit of what is acceptable but it's still
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a deviation it's an obsessive desire to buy things on credit without the realisation that you'll have to repay all these loans. psychologists believe up to one and a half percent of russians suffer from credit mania these are usually junk people with a good income and the prospects of career growth they don't have enough money to buy an expensive car or a nice apartment so they try to solve their problems by taking out loans they can no longer live without other people's money. or very impressionable. they are proactive and to a high degree of their behavior may be determined by emotions there is no great logic in the actual with more and more debtors the burden of payment often falls on others.
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discover it. communicate with. test yourself and become free. give you. every month we give you the future you understand. and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for
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technology update on. the economic crisis dealt a serious blow to the credit market in russia. interest rates went up making it more difficult to pay off debts statistics indicate that the percentage of overdue loans has jumped from three to twelve percent. this is the village of michigan in the gun region two thousand kilometers east of moscow there have been several major bankruptcies in this little village over the last few years local businessmen took out a lot of loans to develop their companies and then simply disappeared now bailiffs come to their guarantors to collect the money from them. hello barely fat if i haven't aged care for you. i know who you are thanks to say goodbye to you forever. lives in an old wooden house or a little garden with a few hens an old t.v.
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in a washing machine is all she has all of this has long been impounded several years ago libya worked at a local food company the company director. asked lydia to sign her loan application as a. lady agreed and soon the director ran into economic problems. and i think she was precious she was afraid to stay here any longer and so she took off and no we have to cover all her. lydia like seven now has to pay off two hundred fifty thousand roubles for her former boss that's forty five times more than her monthly pension the dia will have to pay for another person's debt for the next thirty eight years. i'm left with only room choice to hang myself. but. when i saw him comes when i want to be able to feed him properly.
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fifteen people were guarantors on my throws of his loans to attend the beak of also worked at the company to jenna says she could not refuse to sign the guarantee a musician she was our boss you know so we're under pressure in these hard times nad he wants to lose their jobs. today to china pays half of what she earns to cover what her former director her property has also been impounded just know to john is able to talk about her problems without getting angry the main lesson she's learned is that she won't ever be a guarantor again even if it's her closest friend who asks. i do have an extensive now it's more like quite bad i have to pay this money anyway either i pay it to voluntarily or they will deduct it from my salary. bill is in charge of the case would be happy to find the throes of the company's former director and collect the
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debt from her rather than torment her guarantors the only problem is both the debtor and her property are gone. by new number you have done and it's and doesn't exist please try again only. locating a fugitive debtor is one of the most challenging tasks for bailiffs according to law they cannot impound and so property unless they have proved that it belongs to the debtor this is a loophole for many evading their debts they simply register their apartments and cars as belonging to their relatives and get a low income job or move elsewhere. these people have come to the bailiff's office . looking for justice for three years now furniture company owner said of his owed almost one hundred fifty people money the businessman collected almost three million rubles in down payments it is customers never got their furniture. you're not doing your job. you're not executing. we don't care how you find them you are not doing the job. in the meantime the bailiffs have impounded all the property
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that was registered inside against amount of snake but it's made up for only three percent of the debt the businessman rebreather the rest of his property and his wife and sons names and has been in hiding for a few months now. we've done everything the loan executing of course permits impounded the property and froze the debtors bank accounts. all these measures and legal. the bailiff is going to make another attempt to locate the fugitive this time together with our camera crew the bailiff goes to the debtors wife she continues to take orders for furniture she doesn't burn different company. as i need to talk to you. alone these people are not going to talk to anybody. we just talk for a second you know you can't.
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as a rule bailiffs go out to execute court orders and usually it's two women today they've come to a local trade company in penza. mining to see the letter and the safety let's go out to it myself company bosses are clearly not happy to see the bailiffs they're dragging their feet they're not willing to open the cash register and part ways with their money. show me where the cache is but cash for september there was no cash in september no revenue is acceptable think so both the head of the company gets almost hysterical when he sees the bailiffs he's afraid of attacking government officials so he turns his rage against the t.v. camera instead to get this camera out of here i said get out of here. turn off your camera get out of here what are you doing here i said get out.
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you. get out. in case of emergency get to physical with the bailiffs the rapid reaction squad is on the ready. tuns handcuffs tear gas pistols and submachine guns the rapid reaction force has the same authority as a swat team and is armed according. this must be clearly visible of course if they are negative towards us sometimes they call us nazis. because people need to vent their anger when their property is being seized . these members of the bill of service have regular shooting practice.
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each member of the rapid reaction squad is an athlete most often experts there's even a special martial arts training program designed specifically for. your not an enemy helping him learn this technique so relax and let's start again that out i go. had no background before he joined the rapid reaction squad he's a football player the captain of the pens a bailiff service football team the team plays and beach an indoor football tournaments yes dozens of awards for athletics achievements. when i came back from the army when i was playing in a local tournaments and somebody invited me to join the. team.
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and first said his parents didn't like his new job there was too much negative press about bailiffs but now the situation has changed. eventually people realized we're not. we're acting on a court order. doing this on our own initiative. but even in a quiet town like. places where don't go without special support. the entire rapid reaction squad is on its way to a roma village carrying their guns to protect themselves against a potentially emotional reaction. as there is somebody here on a court battle right why don't you pay your debts we have no money much of it would then else back to your property now. probably see i don't have anything this is all i have what are you going to take a look at my pilates. used to paying utility bills. to pay off the
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debts they've run up over many months they claim they can't get a job or what can you do you fortune telling you everything. try to get a job at a factory but they were told you're illiterate you're gypsies and when you can we don't have anything for you yet they want us to pay for electricity for gas for water no discounts no favors. the main objective of the rapid reaction squad is to protect the executive bailiffs in the past there were several attacks on bailiffs in the roma village this time everything was quiet there have been situations in which people attacked squad members with firearms pitchforks or axis. what are you doing ok lady give me the x. back. almost. constant psychological pressure is the most difficult part of their job perhaps that's the reason only psychologically stable people can work here. as one of the most experienced workers at the service she's been working here for
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fifteen years. i'm ready to go. the going out to execute a court order she's accompanied by her son. he's been working as a court bailiff for two years now jobs to protect executive bailiffs and today is the first time he'll protect his own mother. which of these chord you must present tomorrow at seven am please sign these forms. started a dynasty of. in addition to her and her elder son out of two of works in the system as well. they lift edition reporting nothing out of order business as usual. during the day i posted as a guard at the regional court building in the evening he usually accompanies executive bailiffs he comes home late his wife at the door now the whole family's
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here mother brother and little. how i did he he says. prior to his birth also worked as a bailiff she met her future husband at work he was assigned to protect her now takes care of all the time not only at work just. his strong his brave is not afraid of anything he always protects me he wanted anybody mistreat me. the dition dynasty includes four bailiffs. hopes the tradition will continue and her little granddaughter is saying you will follow in her footsteps. one mind. my colleagues send me a text message granted nations another quarter born. since the start of the global financial crisis the number of delinquent debtors in russia has increased significantly. they would be happy to run out of work some day but this
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isn't going to happen because debt is part of our financial system and for many people human nature we like to borrow money and not everyone is always willing or able to pay it back. i signed up to join the military because i thought that it was my duty but that it was something that i could do to help my country. my government i thought that was necessary for america to vietnam there was a lot of drug abuse there was a lot of murder of american officers by american soldiers there were a lot of good stories. to pour out of. before the war i
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always thought i wanted to limit a lot of medals and to have a lot of desperation. but afterwards i realize that they they don't mean anything they're not that important. i don't i don't i never kept the medal. is. a.


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