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i would i would say there is a big chance they can do it but nobody will have life is a struggle expected the collapse of the soviet union where a superpower one of the strongest so. countries in the world that cetera et cetera we had the developed economy in that sector and then we collapsed and of course there is a chance trying to collapse like this but. myself used to predict that it would happen twenty years ago fifteen years ago ten years ago you didn't have them so they they do have a chance to continue growing like this thank you for your time. wealthy british.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports. today. these are the images. from the streets of canada. for a shelter all day. it
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is six thirty in moscow's capital and some thomas here watching our t.v. dollars take a look at. a two week old baby girl in southern russia stunned doctors by surviving in scorching sun being abandoned on the roadside in the record where heat meanwhile firefighters were in the back two thirds of the area in the gulf by wildfires but battle on in other areas and in moscow. running disputes shared water supply from the river jordan is the source of the serious friction between israel syria and jordan and shortages threaten to further damage the relationship between the three countries while their people suffer. the transgender community in the u.s. claim that they're being discriminated against but vowed to battle on to assert their fight for their right to speak in the country whose laws and the forty's they
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say failed to protect them. next let's take you to the millennium old city of. continued to tour of moscow's golden ring. hello good to see you again and welcome to you said to be the power of the golden ring cities located two hundred and fifty kilometers to the north east of moscow it was founded in the. islands is one of the oldest cities in russia. the volga river it's featured in countless poems stories and songs.
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but here is the main transport link that stretches all the way down to the caspian sea. the longest river in europe a process through many major russian cities such as q sansa modest and volgograd. preceded by viking settlements in the april ninth centuries the city is said to have been founded in the year and as an outpost the principal is the overall story . centuries later. second largest city and first time during the polish invasion of russia in six hundred twelve it was the unofficial capital of russia. today the city has a population of over six hundred thousand it's an important heritage site and off to moscow and st petersburg it's one of the main tourist destinations we come from the u.s. where something that one hundred years old is considered all and here we've been able to see magnificent frescoes that are up to
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a thousand years old so it's been just an incredible experience you can see why this city is so popular. apart from the site during history in b.c. it also has a fast and direct train route from the same. transept express also stops in the city. this is city center monument is of prince the wise who at the first fortress on the volga river built one thousand years ago legend has it the force of a ferocious sacred back story is displayed here ever since the bear has been associated with the area and is now the city's emblem. this site is extremely important to russian cultural life it's where the first was built in the country in seventy fifty after a fire destroyed the original wooden building it was replaced by the shallow certain structure you see today. it's said to be the starting point of russian stage craft long before anyone such chekov came along. and many
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areas in time for the one thousand and three to. do something with this amazing. good lick of paint all in good time i suppose. now if you think that this next monument is familiar you'd be correct take a look here. it's featured on the one thousand rouble note it has a value of around thirty dollars and it's one of the most popular and used banknotes long gone is the face of lenin from any russian bell so instead they very . like this one here. this monument was unveiled in one thousand nine hundred seven was built on the local civilians led by million. went all the way from moscow to free the capital from policy to wayne invaded in sixteen twelve and as the monument celebrate the success sits in red square in front of st basil's cathedral
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you can't without taking a look inside the spiritual and cultural heart of the city. which translates as savior transfiguration founded in the. so the tourists. in the united states. are mad but it's more visible in moscow and. here we feel like we're returning. and it is absolutely spectacular to see that we're in a place that they're boring back to. the onion so we're very fortunate that we've spent three days here it's something that i think a lot of americans don't know about. an opportunity part of the world. every
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. time. we can hear the sounds of. dozens of men. to renovate the ministry in time for the anniversary celebrations it's wonderful to hear the most of the. will be returned to the. the ministry bear proved very popular with vista is found in a forest as a cub a mother being killed barely alive and suffering from exhaustion and starvation she was rescued by the us of a museum and preserve the she lives to this day this is master here she's been living inside the kremlin for twenty years and hibernates for a staggering three to five months each year she's completely friendly a lot by everyone here in the city she's cared for by the egotism who say that she's smarter than a dog my face is absolutely adorable and. very
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. so what else is there to see and to do here they are still state museum architecture and art reserve is a large museum complex in the city including several buildings and hundreds of thousands of items in its collections but here is a museum in one hundred twenty four when collections of several private museums in the region we lighted into one precious important items from various churches and most trees were brought here this main collections are now on display at the ministry in the city. one of its highlights is a manuscript title slot of equal level of meaning the song of ideas. which is the major epic piece of ancient russian literature. you also must have missed the church of st john the baptist along with the monument it's depicted in one of the thousand with banknotes built between six hundred seventy
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one and six hundred eighty seven on the bank of a river it's now one of the world heritage sites the area was one of the wealthiest parts of the town at that time this residence was the build the most amazing church in the us level it's pretty cool so decorated with glazed tiles on the structures distinctive feature are it's amazing fifteen onion domes assembled in three groups . and finally party. popular vote is a large entertainment complex on the peaceful environment of the volga river including many areas there are restaurants outdoor terraces my clubs and so. if loved by the city's well to do the best are organized is an impressive variety of dishes and drinks in the menu and some of the best also see here we not. have not yet.
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now moving to our next location this is a private museum funded by one of the residents this hall is called music time featuring various musical instruments and clocks now the island is obsessed with bells it's the right of his private collection over the one thousand is displayed here inside the museum. a beautiful surveyor and museums are wonderful this is a very special museum of course because it reflects the interests of its founder so much these bells and and these photographs. through is a joy to visit this museum and to hear the bells and the photographs and as well as become acquainted with personalities it's. like many museums around the world where you have glass cabinets we do not touch signs at this museum you can see and touch many of the items on display such as this wonderful nineteenth century gramophone.
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the cultural center at different times who chimes you don't go off at once good idea if you want to be crazy by the taking you can always listen to the strange sound of the music box. to me. finally after all the side saying i'm kind of hungry i recommended restaurants track the. two exterior is a traditional russian dishes of national service we have
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a lot of guests from around the world who visit to try such highlights on the menu as bush with mushrooms and prunes. and also you. like to try it was one of the favorite dishes of. ukraine this is local food through. the soup they said here it is called the prince's dish it has two kinds of fish in it the more fish. you know i've never tried to come before the biggest. prize.
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suppose. i'll see you again the same time. next week from another wonderful golden ring and desolation and tell them for me and the rest of the season here in. south africa.
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observe nature and discover it. communicate with the wild and learn. test yourself and become free and. see what nature can give you on antti. first tree removal cold clear cut. second explosives are used to blast to go deeper than the piers of. church the remains are removed by machinery. finally the unborn and soil is deposited in vallecito. mountain top legal on our team. signed up to join the military
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because i thought that it was my duty and that it was something that i could do to help my country. my government i thought it was necessary for america to know there was a lot of drug abuse there was a lot of murder of american officers and soldiers there were a lot of good stories. to go out and fight. before the war i always thought i wanted to win a lot of medals and to have a lot of decorations but afterwards i realize that they don't mean anything here. that importance. i don't i don't i never kept the medal. hungry for the full story we've got it focused on the big. face to face with the news maker.
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a two week old baby girl in southern russia astonishes doctors by surviving in scorching sun to be on the roadside in record breaking heat while firefighters battle two thirds of the area by wildfires but. the. dispute shared water supply from the river jordan the source of syria's friction between syria. has shortages threaten further damage relations between the three countries people suffer. in the u.s. claim they're being discriminated against but long to assert their rights in the country whose laws. they say failed to protect them.
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hello and welcome to the sports news thank you for joining me and here the headline is. still on beat is in its comeback to draw one want to come to the now mode and extend their lead at the top of the russian premier league. while six of the best double winners chelsea begin the defense of the english premier league title with a six still fine thrashing of west bromwich albion. ounds capture if you can tyson gay runs the season's best one hundred metres in the absence of rivals bolt town. and let's kick off with football where russian premier league leaders in it came from a goal down zero one one at home to do now by moscow to remain unbeaten and eight points clear at the top of the table the home side dominated possession early on finally after twenty six minutes kevin carney got on them to reach a common bottom to cross the square to spare us though they did not go to watch
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though didn't have a lot of time to celebrate and equalized just eight minutes later it's on their heads or coughed at the post because of it she was there for a loan from lisa's to finish its finish alexander who had the perfect chance to steal all three points in the second half he fell took over the chance so one or was the way it finished to extend their lead over rubin now mr in the bottom half of the table. this was stuff we made this offer to nowhere that saturday the mark down off scored the quickest goal of the premier league season so far after just twenty eight seconds the game heated up in the second half and respond to shaft and i got a lot they were both sent off and they got another denko the rest of the trip beyond doubt with the second goal elsewhere spot now to complete bottom cups to be had for two the second from bottom creosote off came from behind control one one up top. and stay. it was for a while and didier drogba scored a hat trick as defending champions chelsea west bromwich albion six now at home for
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the biggest ever english premier league day victory to take an early lead at the top of the table from some part of the lead up or a spider the other goals meanwhile james milner netted the surge goal as aston villa beat west ham three. a niche sport after fourteen minutes to give that one a win i read it in bolton against following this goal us the rich world grabbed a late equaliser just burn him drink two to ten sunderland goalkeeper joe hart produced eleven saves as manchester city train on the top one moment had struck twice as promoted to blackpool stunned wigan for no speed stayed two one image and rb. meanwhile the big game of the opening weekend sees ask no he finished third last season travel to liverpool on sunday the reds will be guided by new coach cory hodgson last vendor signed a contract extension with the gunners them to do twenty for the team in north london project longest serving manager joined in one thousand nine hundred ninety
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six and has led arsenal to three premier league titles two f.a. cup wins and the sixty year old says he has the energy to take the tried for. my personal position is. more true to the more. because from my board. hopefully of the foundations were and of the saw. the need. to drive recently in forward. and just to complete the first weekend of english premier league fixtures to manchester united runners up last season calling cup winners to last week beat chelsea to lift the community shield taken by to side newcastle on monday night. after a six now and former world one hundred meter champion tyson gay has proved he's the man to catch this year the american followed up his win over world record. told you same boat last week with a season's best result in the one hundred meters at the latest diamond league
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meeting in london bolt and his fellow jamaican a soft power of both outward injuries ok took full advantage of the market to find the down conditions and a sluggish start to leave the field training in his wake day he was twenty eight last week set to run against the jamaican g.y. for the first time this year brussels analyst a twenty seven thank you. for saying that russia's long record holder that he actually should have managed a leap of just six point six five metres that proved to be enough if the nineteen year old was second straight victory. bob cratchit by classic trains the only one with a one hundred percent winning record this season the world champion paid two point zero one races to triumph in the high jump there six time to six days since. i saw king now the third k h l season begins in just under a month however it's a debut season for new club united. after last year's surprise runners up and
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a day join forces with the now i was in may robert fatton assesses the new club's chances. you know more skilled one of the most famous oldest in the reaches clubs of soviet and russian hockey became champions in two thousand but and since then the globe has looked like sleeping giants meanwhile most the region side and the dead only may there did be in the russian superleague in two thousand and four but they were quick to brain it was only to time good joke jenkins who stopped the policeman from lifting the garden cup last year. and as soon as the season was over and the demerged within a month before the united hockey club dinner in moscow and while many expected the newbuild team to be difficult periods of the upcoming season their head coach with their ok work is quite reserved listening for more than you can slow down. our bosses haven't set any definite tasks for us yet they wouldn't be right to make any
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predictions or long term plans we were going to move step by step first we have to get through the playoffs and then we'll see what happens. meanwhile the club seems to have everything in hand to do well. in the world who let their dogs and the did to the finals plus many players from the cook who fulled him to u.h.c. and what it found there feels almost like the same team we're just in different locations so we have most of the same guys from. m.b.d. last year and team coaches it just feels a little bit strange that we're in a different building but. it's a very nice facilities and everybody's been very welcoming. you know everything is good so for a lot of course it's too early to see what we can achieve the season anyway the fact is that our roster is much stronger now and all that's left is to prove it on the ice of. the third season gets underway and subject to the eighth and it's
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a safe bet these guys will be one of the highlights robert berlin or key region. boss give all now i want the best players of all time scottie pippen has been inducted into the n.b.a. hall of fame the legendary forty tons forty five next month was a six time n.b.a. champion with the chicago bulls and is the only person to have won both america's top title and the olympic gold medal twice in the same year pippins and then teammates calling was also on it. and finally professional skydivers from around the world have gathered in the moscow region to compete in the swooping while championships continue to top off. do you think it's possible to invent something new in parachuting to make it even more exciting and dangerous the answer is yes canopy piloting is a rather new johnno in the world of skydiving however remember the name of the sixteen enforceable own discipline of parachuting canopy piloting entails
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a pilot turning his parachute into a routine dive dramatically increasing its speed this is then glide down more and like birds of prey it taking their victims as they fly less than a metre off the ground and in speeds of more than one hundred kilometers per hour i think. this is one of the most dangerous forms of parachuting in the speed is very high and every mistake in biology and can result in a serious injury that's why only very experienced skydivers take part in surgical petitions and the safety requirements increase every year so a competitor can be disqualified for the form and aggressive dangerous drink. there are always lots of spectators at these events as the action happens not up high in the sky but right in front of them more crucially of an artificial pond all the tricks are often stream difficulty and the performed over the water to make it safe for the world championship and can't be piloting takes account of three criteria.
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speed and distance this year's competition had its challenges as the weather conditions were poor because of smoke from the fires in russia and some flights were canceled however the didn't stop the biggest of scooping jason moleski becoming the overall champion for me it was really nice to come back here again i have won gold medals here twice in the past and i always held an affection for this drop song for the people here are buddies very friendly and they did a great job organizing and it just makes it really nice to be here and be able to come here russians kind of those are always among the hope for a route but not in swooping however alexander go. off kim has made history becoming the first ever russian to claim a medal in canopy piloting going to finish first of all this discipline is new in parachuting it started in the u.s. and almost all top from north america and they have lots of facilities to help them
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progress for the last few years we've been in contact with super storm all around the walt and we can all seem proven and the level of all of the formants is getting better. the championship over and this workers were just having fun in the freestyle discipline showing off their piloting skills to entertain the crowd some of their runs ended up in the book but this seemed to made this big daters even more than their jaw dropping tricks so as against popularity with both competitors and spectators alike having has a chance of becoming a well known discipline in the world of extreme sports concern about the r t. and that's all the sport for this bulletin. every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and want
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to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join knology update on our key wealthy british style. markets weiner scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars a report on our.


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