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wealthy british style. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser reports . the united states of america is waging war within its own army.
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kill no advantage it is on no one sign. and human losses are quite significant. is it possible to win the war against sexual assault in the u.s. armed forces sex in the army on our. morning news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are today.
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this is our to you live from moscow on the news now with the week's main stories and today's news moscow is again enveloped in small as firefighters battle russell's rampant wildfires that have left over three thousand homeless but there is progress emergency services say the area affected by the burning forests has been reduced by two thirds in a week. over thirty nations have marked the sixty fifth anniversary of america's atomic attack on the japanese city of nagasaki but the a bombs her with a collective see is still felt by its victims eight hundred thousand people were killed in the explosion at the end of world war two. just as campaigners claim women convicted of killing their abusive partners in california are having their parole hopes down by the political ambitions of state governors they say the women acted in self defense after suffering from domestic violence now the chinese
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economic miracle is one of the most feared and admired achievements over the past decade but recent figures suggest that the rapid growth could be slowing parts you know discovers more about china's role in the new world order. the world has been desoldering recent years by what's called the chinese economic miracle just days ago beijing claimed it had overtaken japan to become the world's second largest economy off to the u.s. but overwhelming growth bring some serious challenges environmental financial social and political just call us where they can handle them i'm joined now here by the vice chancellor for research and international relations at the russian foreign ministry's diplomatic academy in getty by jennifer thank you very much again for your time thank you for inviting me to the program well some experts say chinese over hating all those that it's already over hate it would do you think i think
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change is economies over here it's been over he'd been all the time because they have for a disproportionate between sectors of the economy which grow very fast for example in the street the same time the don't have enough resources how dangerous is that for the economy when cheney started reforms experts in russia and in other countries they used to say that the economy will be a transit call it will be in trouble in a few years and it will go down but somehow every time they manage to improve the situation and go further i think they still have potential one of the chinese yuan strong becoming the world's. reserve currency to yes to or talk to train use and this question of some of them smile when they say because of course it's a long way to go as far as the neighbors of china are concerned some of them already use the some of them would use this currency in some cases like mongolia like laos cambodia cetera but to say that it can replace american dollar think it's
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possible in the forseeable future and chinese even don't do this they don't try to destroy dollars because they understand that they put happens the whole world the common rule will go to pieces how big is china's role in global politics today. one of the major political challenges the country is now facing china is a permanent member of the u.n. security council and china is one of the greatest economy in congress in the world china has a very active foreign policy and as a result china plays a very important role in the world and no i wouldn't say you have you can find even one problem in the world which can be solved with the without participation of china and i stress the chinese role in most cases very positive they try to bring peace and stability in the world they need because. preoccupied with their internal problems with their internal development and they need peaceful environment let's
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not talk about china's relations with another superpower america how they develop and at the moment well you know china had a leader who used to say about soviet american relations soviet union in the united states the two superpowers collude and polite they try to work together with the same time they do have problems so i would describe it in the same way in the relations between china and the united states they depend on the child they understand it very well they depend the canonically the they depend politically both countries understand that every issue in the world has to be handled. on the basis of cooperation between them but the same time they they are competitors america wants to be number one it tries to be number one it's been trying to be number one for many years and china is a challenge the challenge is growing asia and the pacific japan and south korea which elyse of the united states but they already have more trade with china than
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with the night states recently i talked to one diplomat from thailand in moscow and i said to him what is china's role in your foreign policy and he said you know our prime minister he used to start his day by reading new york times now he starts his day by hearing what is. what is said in the miserable in the chinese newspaper china is becoming more important for many countries to become more important or more dangerous for america or it will it becomes more important and more dangerous china doesn't want to be in the american camp china has different interests and on many issues and they do have issues on where they collide it's taiwan issue japan's military role and there are some other issues and in addition to the chinese feel that americans not only challenge their positions in the world but they're not interested interested in the growth of the chinese economy in the modernization of china and they suspect that americans interfere with internal affairs of china we
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have the bit we have the issues of injun we have other problems inside china and chinese feel that americans are behind it as they say it's not only hollywood actors who support people into bills and sins else abilities but it's also american special services it's american government as you mentioned that another sensitive issue with fresh air on china from that actual community is there any way we could see the hill doing if you talk about in the national community you talk mostly about the west russia is not part of the west we don't put any pressure on china on this issue to build is a part of china is being with china for centuries and to britain they live ten times better than used to live. let's say the last century even thirty years ago and they have more freedom than they used to have at the same time we don't know they have supermarkets and those subvert the sometimes a very warlike and they cause trouble for the chinese government so chinese has no choice but to try to stop them this tradition on the korean peninsula it's hot in
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up just a while ago the yassin south korea had joint military exercises in the pacific something north korea was strongly opposed to was china stance on north korea is the only official ally of china chinese porton korea in the korean war in one hundred fifty. consider the last one million people and of course they treasure those relations they want to you know to stay allies of most korea at the same time they do understand that north korean economy doesn't work well they encourage north koreans to promote reforms to make the continent more market oriented they try to encourage north korea to be more open to the world and they're very much against north korea having nuclear weapons but they do say chinese that the reason most korea wants to have nuclear weapons is because america doesn't because most most korea puts pressure on north korea and the bush for example was very warlike
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against north korea the chinese way of dealing with this issue is to see to the table and try to solve issues in a peaceful way and chinese say that america should recognize north korea as a as an independent country they don't have diplomatic relations so far and america should start political and economic relations with north korea and as a result most korea will stop change and this is the basic position of china in the basic position of russia so the purpose of both china and russia now to bring those part this again at the table and continue negotiations it's not can see russia and china other two countries culp racing or rather competing today i would say that we're corporate and we're pretty much better than we corporation ever before even when people were allies in the fifty's imagine fifty's we didn't have such a corporation as we have now and i think only because our relations have based on the very soul that basis first of all we would have the same outlook as
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far as the international system is concerned we wanted to be multiple they wanted to be multiple not controlled by the united states or the west but based on the united nations on international law. and a collective decisions of all countries of the world and it's very important to look at the world because it's the security of the country that's the way we feel but feel that our security can be guaranteed only if such a system is established and chinese have the same plane as number two on most international issues most come create international issues we have similar positions it's korea it's a run its expansion of nato its middle east. in addition to this we did have problems from history it's the border question and military. engagements near the border i mean.
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troops on the both sides all this issues were solved another factor is that we don't have ideological differences which existed in the soviet times as i said we were allies but then because of their ideological differences and geopolitical differences and the board they issued cetera et cetera we became less and at another factor which helps to improve relations and to promote relations between russia and china is the economic factor we have economic dependence some people in russia say that china is growing to fester and it's becoming stronger than russia so the balance of power is changing in the chinese favor so china can become a threat but i replied to those people that back in the beginning of the twentieth century there were people in russia quite a few by the way politicians journalists writers who used to say that china is going to be threat number one through to russia in the twentieth century instead of
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this we did have two wars against our christian brothers in the west and we didn't fight chinese we didn't have a. world war with china the big war china's impressive economic growth has that to environmental concerns has a country dealing with it and is a table today with a call would you call. threat in china i would even say it's maybe a threat number one it's awful what's happening in china you know you have some. cities which because of coal mines some of them the whole cities and. not enough for water. not enough for many of the things which are available to the normal developed countries so it's extremely difficult issue and i don't know how the chinese are going to cope with it because if they put too much emphasis on a college or the economy as gross will go down and chinese cannot afford if the the gross is is not like it is now then unemployment will go up dramatically and it's
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already very very large in china and other social problems will. pile up so it's a big issue and i don't know if anybody has a positive answer to that saying that what we're going to use everything is going to be much china today is among the world's most unequal societies there are many poor people living in china today how is the country doing with that while this is again a big very big problem to try and their leaders say that we should put much emphasis on the social situation on this social different situation. but again as i said the they do have to develop their opponents so. it's also the least it's very difficult situation we can see china is now facing many challenges they will be able to deal with them and. i would i would say there is
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a big chance they can do it but nobody can be certain that will happen life is that you know struggle who expected the collapse of the soviet union where superpower one of the strongest so. countries in the world did cetera et cetera and we had the developed economies to do cation etc and then we collapsed. and of course there is a chance trying to look like this but. it's a little myself used to predict that up would happen twenty years ago fifteen years ago ten years ago you didn't have them so they they do have a chance to continue going like this thank you or why should any. of this nature and discover it.
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communicate with the wild. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you on the. wealthy british soil some time to. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines in two counties a report on. the week's top stories and the latest from on to moscow's again enveloping small on the
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final battle russell rampant wildfires that have left over three thousand homeless but there is progress emergency services say the area affected by the burning forests has been the dunes. in one week. over thirty nations have marked the sixty fifth on a. three of america's atomic attack on the japanese city of nagasaki but the a bombs were perfectly agassi is still felt by its victims eighty thousand people were killed in the explosion at the end of world war two. just as campaigners claimed women convicted of killing their abusive partners in california are having airport roll hopes doused by the political ambitions of state governors they say the women acted in self defense after suffering from domestic violence we'll have more details on all those stories at the top of the hour but first the latest sports news with you know.
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great to have you with us this is sports today here on twenty four hour r t i mean normally let's take a look at some of the stories we're covering this hour test passed on beaten it simply disappeared five to draw one one. on extend their lead at the top of the russian premier league. all going swimmingly clinch a superb four goals on the penultimate day of the european swimming championships. and home grown hero american nick watney will enter the final day all of the year's final golf major of the u.s. p.g.a. three strokes clear of northern irish. sixteen games were thought last that's the on button streaks in it currently hold up the top of the russian premier league though them managed to take just the point from the now moscow when the sides met in st petersburg on saturday the home side dominated the proceedings
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early on but it was kevin karami who find themselves in the right place at the right time to give the lead twenty six minutes in the former german international netting on his debut however is a neat level just eight minutes later alexander chris just got off the mound with the initial effort. he's used to finish is. pressed hard afterwards but it was a nice alexander before off who could have to win all three points deep in the second half the blues nevertheless move eight points clear of the chase and. elsewhere a surprise package for technology up to third after six. am secure with the score tied two two and all to play for eight minutes from time to time the breakthrough they were seeking the necessary spot. because they were right at the death of the quick feet of the good. ensuring exide would leap frog siesta into third place and keep well in the hunt for champions league football next season.
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last stop for another team determined to make an impact this year this southern russian i said taking care of business to know i can't stop turning to the empty fifth spot in the league. come this personified here for the second seventy three minutes in. while the day's opening f.c. chelmer held to a one one draw by storming through. the tomsk side who sits seventy. nine minutes after the break through your he. was very much a deflection involved in that one off a dozen minutes later the game was all square again the thumping header from me and ensuring crimea would return to some are with a share of the spoils. and this premier league funds can read joyce the new season kicked off but it's a case of seem old for the champions chelsea heading west brom for six on saturday
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he drove but it wasn't londoners need waste to the new boys big spending none chester city and spurs they took to the field in the early kick off that one promoted blackpool stone with wigan four nil away while there were also day one wins for byrne aston villa and wills. a big one coming up a little later on sunday with liverpool and arsenal set to reignite another chapter all their all rivalry revenge very much on the mind of the home side arsenal did the double over the reds in the league last season. it's been a case of gold rush out the twenty ten european swimming championships the country adding four top place finishes on saturday to lead the medal table with twelve goals if any could've been the first to climb atop the podium in the men's one hundred meter butterfly the twenty seven year old pocketing his second middle of the event after bronze in. fifty weeks of the flight that decorated muscovite
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setting a european record of fifty one point seven three seconds on the great victory for to. thirty world european championship gongs who are the go. to stop the nets all to doing what he does best winning box to gold the twenty seven year old pulling off marcus rubin of austria by just zero point one three seconds the nets to the world and european gold eight of those coming in individual boxer prevents. teamwork also proving to be russians who are taking alexander to recall reading a winning effort in the four by two hundred meter freestyle relay that he did love and said is a toss on circuit room and doing their part of the quartet setting european record seven minutes six point seven one seconds germany and france took silver and bronze perspective. this is aids the competition as well in the diving section of the final days and that by gina and i was to see a pause nicole completing
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a one to finish with what is going to be the bench by gina showing slightly better form down her to copy down the day mussing three hundred twenty four point one point two. we are going sixteen points sure that means rushing our twelve thirty six over seven thrones medals with germany and france running on the top. ok that brings us all into the greens on the fourth and final major of the golfing you're not of the p.g.a. championship where the youth movement is getting the better of the seasoned veterans with one run left to play nick watney well he holds a three stroke lead on thirteen under would rory mcilroy dustin johnson the man immediately behind five of the top six players on the leaderboard yet to reach thirty with twenty nine year old watney top of the pile the california notching up five birdies from his first seven holes including this set up for three in the second which saw him take the lead. twenty one year old northern irishman remarked to roy just missing out on an eagle on the sixteenth but he did get
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a birdie and eventually tie for second place and twenty six year old justin johnson he's been on a long side i'm intent on also converting a birdie on that see him sixteen polls. i mean at this point you know that's it's golf term and i think it's best way for me to look at it. obviously it's not but. i just need to go out there and keep doing playing very well give myself as many chances possible putting the best i have around in a really long time so. i can only control myself just got to do that tomorrow. ok up brings us to tennis for andy murray is preparing to defend his canadian open title against roger federer a following victory over a failing the doll in the semifinals that fed express may not he's seeking to tie his on murray's head to head tally at six wins apiece unless the rogers cup for a third time in the process he'll have it all to do against the scot though murray
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handing world number one the doll his worst defeat of the year with a six three six four straight sets win twenty three year old hoping his new find aggressive style will finally earn him his first title of the new decade he could also become the first man since i guess see nine hundred ninety five to win the event in consecutive years i finally those who dive from the skies for a living have come together in the moscow region the globe's top professional skydivers taking part in the swooping world championships constantine to top off went along to find out more. do you think it's possible to invent something new in parachuting to make it even more exciting dangerous the answer is yes canopy piloting a swooping is a rather new johnno in the world of skydiving however remember the name of this extreme and what's going on discipline parachuting canopy piloting entails
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a pilot turning his parachute into irritation dive dramatically increasing its speed. downward like birds of prey it taking their victims as they fly less than a metre off the ground and in speeds of more than one hundred kilometers per hour i don't know somehow this is one of the most dangerous forms of parachuting speed is very high and ever mistake in biology and can result in a serious injury that's why only very experienced skydivers take part. in the safety requirements increase every year so i can bet it can be disqualified for good form and aggressive dangerous drink because i know there are always lots of spectators at these events as the action happens not up high in the sky but to right in front of them. are not official pulled all the tricks are often strained difficulty and the performed over the water to make it safe for the world championship and cannot be piloting takes account of three criteria accuracy of
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speed and distance this year's competition had its challenges as the weather conditions were poor because of smoke from the fires in russia and some flights were canceled however the didn't stop the biggest of swooping jason moleski becoming the overall champion for me it was really nice to come back here again i have won gold medals here twice in the past and i always held an affection for this drop song for the people here are buddies very friendly and they did a great job organizing and it just makes it really nice to be here and be able to compete here russians cardio is always among the hotel a route but not in swooping however alexander go. off kim has made history becoming the first ever russian to claim a medal in canopy piloting. wall this discipline is new in parachuting it started in the us and almost all top schools are set up for north america and they have lots of the soldiers to help them progress for the last few years we've been
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in contact with superstore more on the wall and we can all see improvements in the level of the formants is getting better. the championship over and this workers were just having fun in the free style disciplined showing off their piloting skills to entertain the crowd some of their rants ended up in the porn but this seemed to made this big daters even more than their jaw dropping tricks so as against popularity with both competitors and spectators alike to having has a chance of becoming a well known discipline in the world up extreme sports concern about out of our team. they really do make it look so easy don't fail a lot it's all your sport for i'll see you soon the world weather is coming up just around the corner. the united states of america is waging war within its own army. jono
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advantage is on no one side. and human losses are quite significant. is it possible to win the war against sexual assault in the us armed forces sex in the army on our. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join us to acknowledge you update on our g.


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