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in just a few minutes we'll look at how china's rapid growth is a source of both success and a suspicion that's coming up here on our team live from moscow.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are on the day.
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greetings from moscow where it is two thirty in the morning thomas look at your top headlines moscow is once again shrouded in small despite fire fighters winning almost three quarters of the areas across russia in. recent weeks and during a record heat wave intense fires in the region's neighboring the city are to blame with emergency crews continuing to battle the flames. japan marks the sixty fifth anniversary of america's atomic bombing of nagasaki which killed around one hundred forty thousand people many today still suffer the after effects of radiation from the nuclear attack. spies in the sky the european union considers controversial new surveillance system monitoring airline passenger behavior during flights as an measure but critics say it breaches the fundamental right to privacy. the chinese economic miracle is one of the most
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admired and most feared achievements of the past decade but recent figures suggest that the rapid growth could be slowing discovers more about china's role in the new world order. the world has been desoldering recent years by what's called the chinese economic miracle just days ago beijing claimed it had overtaken japan to become the world's second largest economy off to the u.s. but overwhelming growth bring some serious challenges environmental financial social and political just call us where they can handle them i'm joined now here by the vice chancellor for research and international relations at the russian foreign ministry's diplomatic academy in guinea by jennifer thank you very much for getting for your time thank you for inviting me to the program well some experts say chinese over hating all those that it's already over hate it what do you think i
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think changes economists over here in the spin overheated all the time because they have for a disproportionate between sectors of the economy which grow very fast for example in the street the same time the don't have enough resources how dangerous is that for the economy when cheney started reforms experts in russia or in other countries they used to say that the economy will be a transit call it will be in trouble in a few years and it will go down but somehow every time they manage to improve the situation go further i think they still have potential one of the chinese yuan strengths is becoming the world's. reserve currency to yes to or talk to train use and this question a lot of some of them smile when they say because of course it's a long way to go as far as the neighbors of china are concerned some of them already use the some of them already use this currency in some cases like mongolia like laos cambodia cetera but to say that it can replace american dollars since
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it's possible in the foreseeable future and chinese even don't do this they don't try to destroy dollars because they understand that they put happens the whole world the common rule will go to pieces how big is china's role in global politics today. one of the major political challenges the country is now facing china is a permanent member of the u.n. security council and china is one of the greatest economy in the coming years in the world china has a very active foreign policy and as a result china plays a very important role in the world and no i wouldn't say you have you can find even one problem in the world which can be sold with the without participation of china and i stress the chinese role in most cases very positive they try to bring peace and stability in the world they need it because the preoccupied with the internal problems with their internal development and they need peaceful environment let's
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not talk about china's relations with another superpower america how they develop and at the moment well you know china had a leader who used to say about soviet american relations soviet union in the united states the two superpowers collude and polite they try to work together with the same time they do have problems so i would describe in the same way in the relations between china and the united states they depend on each other they understand it very well they depend the committee the politically both countries understand that every issue in the world has to be handled. on the basis of cooperation between them but the same time they they are competitors america wants to be number one it tries to be number one it's been trying to be number one for many years and china is a challenge the challenge is growing asia and the pacific japan and south korea which elyse of the united states but they already have more trade with china than with united states recently i talked to one diplomat from thailand in moscow and i
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said to him what is china's role in your foreign policy and he said you know our prime minister he used to start his day by reading new york times now she starts his day by here. what is what is said in a miserable in the chinese newspaper china is becoming more important for that many countries so it's become more important or more dangerous for america it will it becomes more important and more dangerous china doesn't want to be in the american camp china has different interests and on many issues and they do have issues on where they collide it's taiwan issue japan's militar role and there are some other issues and in addition to the chinese feel that americans are not only challenge their positions in the world but they're not interested interested in the growth of the chinese economy in the modernization of china and they suspect that americans interfere with internal affairs of china we have the bit we have the issues of
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injun we have other problems inside china and chinese feel that americans are behind it as they say it's not only hollywood actors who support people in to build and syngenta projects but it's also american special services it's american government as you've mentioned about another sensitive issue with pressure on china from the title community is there any way we could see the hill doing if you talk about in the national community you talk mostly about the west russia is not part of the west we don't put any pressure on china on this issue the bit is a part of china is being with china for centuries and to britain they live ten times better than used to live. let's say the last century even thirty years ago and they have more freedom than they used to have at the same time we don't know they have separatists and those subvert the sometimes a very warlike and they cause trouble for the chinese government has no choice but to try to stop them the station on the korean peninsula is hotting up just
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a while ago the yassin south korea had joint military exercises in the pacific something north korea was strongly opposed to was china stance on north korea is the only official ally of china and you support and korea in the korean. war in one hundred fifty fifty three of the last one million people and of course they treasure those relations they want to you know to stay allies of north korea at the same time they do understand that north korean economy doesn't work well they encourage north koreans to promote reforms to make the economy more market oriented they try to encourage north korea to be more open to the world and they're very much against north korea having nuclear weapons but they do say chinese that the reason most korea wants to have nuclear weapons is because america doesn't profit most most korea puts pressure on north korea and the bush for example was very worried like against north korea the chinese way of dealing with this issue is to
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sit to the table and try to solve issues in a peaceful way and chinese say that america should recognize north korea as a as an independent country they don't have diplomatic relations so far and america should start political and economic relations with north korea and as a result most korea will stop change and this is the basic position of china in the basic position of russia so the purpose of both china and russia now to bring those part this again at the table and continue negotiations let's not talk about russia and china other two countries culp racing or other competing today i would say that we're corporate and we're pretty much better than we called paraded ever before even when it's in the fifty's now your fifty's we didn't have such a corporation as we have now and i think over because our relations have based on a very solid basis first of all we would have the same outlook as
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far as the international system is concerned we wanted to be a multiple they wanted to the multiple not controlled by the united states or the west but based on the united nations. on international law and on collective decisions of all countries of the world and it's very important to look at the world because it's the security of the country that's the way we feel but feel that our security can be guaranteed only if such a system is established and chinese have the same punitive number two on most international issues most come create international issues we have similar positions it's career it's run it's expensive enough need it's middle east. in addition to this we did have problems left from history it's the border question and military. gauge once you have the border i mean.
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troops on the both sides all this issues were solved another factor is that we don't have ideological differences which existed in the soviet times as i said we were allies but then because of the ideological differences and geopolitical differences and the board they should cetera et cetera we became us at another factor which helps to improve relations and to promote relations between russia and china is they can expect that we have economic dependence some people in russia say that china is growing too fast and it's becoming stronger than russia so the balance of power is changing in the chinese favor so china can become a threat but i replied to those people that back in the beginning of the twentieth century there were people in russia quite a few by the way politicians journalists writers who used to say that china is going to be threat number one through to russia in the twentieth century instead of this we did have two wars against our christian brothers in the west and we didn't
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fight chinese we didn't have a. world war with china a big war china's impressive economic growth has that to environmental concerns has a country dealing with it and is a table today with that. i call what you call threat in china i would even say it's maybe a threat number one it's awful what's happening in china where you have some. cities which because of coal mines some of them the whole cities and. not enough for what. not enough for many other things which are available to them normal developed countries so it's extremely difficult issue and i don't know how the chinese are going to cope with it because if they put too much emphasis on a college or the economy is gross will go down and chinese cannot afford if the the gross is is not like it is now then unemployment will go up dramatically and it's
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already very very large in china and other social problems will. pile up so it's a big issue and i don't know if anybody has a positive answer to that saying that well in twenty years everything's going to be all right let's go china today is among the world's most unequal societies there are many poor people living in china today how is the country to do with that while this is again the very big problem they try and their leaders say that we should put much emphasis on the social situation on this social different situation. but again as i said the two have to develop their economy so. that it's also the least it's very difficult situation we can see chinese now facing many challenges they will be able to deal with them and. i would i would say there is a big chance they can do it but no but you can be certain that will happen life is
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that you know struggle who expected the collapse of the soviet union where a superpower one of the strongest so. countries in the world that cetera et cetera we had the developed economies did you cation etc and then. collapsed and of course there is a chance china can collect like this but amanda scold us if logan myself used to predict that it would happen twenty years ago fifteen years ago ten years ago we didn't have them so they they do have a chance to continue going like this thanks very much again and for the time. the. first tree removal called clear cut. second explosives are used to blast to go deeper than the jurors. heard the remains are
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removed by machinery. finally easy from wanted soil is deposited in vallecito. mountaintop removal on our. wealthy british soil song it's time to let the. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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firefighters winning battles reporters and others long run cold blooded wildfires who recently met with intense fires raging near the city the place where emergency crews continue the battle before hand. it's the sixty fifth anniversary of america's atomic bombing and now the saki which killed around one hundred forty thousand people many today still suffer the after effects of radiation from the nuclear attack. and spies in the sky the european union considers a controversial new surveillance system monitoring airline passenger behavior during flights as an anti terror measure but critics say it breaches the fundamental right to privacy. dot com sports now a busy weekend and plenty of football to talk about roman now has all the news from the big games.
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hello and welcome to this for a nerd see are among the calls for him and his jump straight to the headlines. russian football premier league will give you all the latest results for the week seventeen. while sivia son barcelona three one in the first leg of the spanish super cup. and unstoppable jorge lorenzo extend his moto g.p. championship lead to seven to seven points after his latest win in the czech republic. all that and more coming up but will kick off with russian football where a premier league's week seventeen has concluded in the latest match spartak moscow beat luck on what's even the capitals darby within minutes forty three goals for the regular whites look i would see were able to respond to through their top score alexander i'll be captain three piece itself creates to the final score also in the
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capital says scott paul scholes crash their opponents from the caucasus in moscow with all the goals coming in the first half final score of that one is four nil and after a storm of yellow cards and one red card rushing back to back champions are being missed an opportunity to come a step closer to leaders to meet match against eric in the kitchen capital of grozny and that in a one one draw. and car in milan you will first imagine on sunday that ended in favor of the home side sergei volkov winner for and for a free kick in the sixty fifth minute so one built around for as the team are now three points clear from the really gauge until. now looking at the rest of the matches that have taken place over the weekend sixteen games without a loss that's the unbeaten streak zanies currently hold at the top of the russian premier league though they managed to take just a point from their now in moscow when the sides met in st petersburg on saturday the home side. germinated proceedings are already on but it was kevin cool ronnie
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who found himself in the right place at the right time to get dinar more than the twenty six minutes and however is a neat level matters just eight minutes later alexander carries a call for the men with initial effort handing down colossus the easiest the finishes the national press hard afterwards but it was the needs alexander who call rove who could have stolen all three points deep in the second have the blues nevertheless eight points clear of the chasing pack. elsewhere a surprise package sparks up not up to third after a six goal thriller over rock bottom seek the sports side it suits you and all to play for eight minutes from sports got the breakthrough they were seeking d'andre do the necessary from the spot and he became full right at the people that god was during the logic side with the throat says it's a third place and keep well in the hunt for the champions league football next season. rostov are another team determined to make an impact
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this year the south the russian outfit taking care of business sunil against sasser it's a whole bunch of spot in the league we get and everything goes calmness personified right here for the second sentence in three minutes and. while in the days opening clash of seats on were held still one of one draw by struggling korea so that's all but sums the city taking the lead nine minutes after the break with the free kick but there was very much of a deflection involved in that when six minutes later the game was all square again a thumping header from give get a seven ensuring prevail we've returned to some moron with a share of the spoils. english premier league fans are rejoicing as the new season kicks off on saturday only one game took place on sunday bottled water a game that was liverpool hosted arsenal in the first major match of the season that ended with a one one draw with the host of the lead right at the beginning of the second half mind you they were down to send men. that point as joe cole was dismissed late in
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the first half arsenal were able to salvage the game in the di moments though thanks to a blunder by liverpool keeper that they're. jumping straight back to saturday now where it was the same old story of the champions chelsea getting west bromwich for six drop by the nets and that hat trick is the londoners laid waste to the new boys expanding manchester city and spurs six of the field in the early kick off nail in that one promoted blackpool stunned wigan four mil away while there were also day one wins for blackburn aston villa and that will. pull is slowed in springing back to life in other european countries as well in spain cup winner sylvia stunned the champions barcelona three one in the first leg of the traditional pre-season super cup the visitors open the score after twenty minutes of play as maxwell fans lots on the brain which get faster since it directly into the men's league lasted until sixty minutes after the break when the host equalized with similar play to stop the
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ana with this right there eleven minutes later substitute all of our integrated intercepts of the ball on the right wing and set up pretty canoe to see the route the lead but they weren't down just yet eight minutes from time the same man scored his second had any idea about the rod across three one the final score the only good news the bar saying is they have a new way go ahead of the second leg calm no make sweet. and tomorrow sports now jorge lorenzo claimed his seventh race victory of the season at the czech grand prix to extend his overall championship lead to seventy seven points the spaniard over to pole sitter and competitor advantage patrols on the first lap and never relinquished his the controls and finished five and a half seconds behind lorenzo cases stoner was third with world champion valentino rossi. at the start of the. second set going and. i was in first position so. i knew it was
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very difficult to raise because i'm better than there was a lot of when i'm not sure that. a lot but anyway when i was so. we've done it i wish more than i made myself and bitterly so and now i want to they gave. it to twenty counties who were working all the night played it just today and also for my front group. those who die from the skies for a living have come together in a moscow region the globe's professional skydivers taken part in the swooping world championships. went along to find out what exactly that was. do you think it's possible to invent something new in parachuting to make it even more exciting and dangerous the answer is yes canopy piloting is a rather new johnno in the world of skydiving however remember the name of this extreme enforcement on discipline or parachuting canopy piloting entails
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a pilot turning his parachute into irritation dive dramatically increasing its speed this is then glide downward like birds of prey it taking their victims as they fly less than a metre off the ground and in speeds of more than one hundred kilometers per hour. this is one of the most dangerous forms of parachuting the speed is very high and every mistake in biology and can result in a serious injury that's why only very experienced guy drivers take part. in the safety requirements increase every year so i can bet it can be disqualified for good form and aggressive dangerous drink is that because. there are always a lot of spectators at these events is the action happens not up high in the sky but to right in front of them. involve an artificial pull all the tricks are often stream difficulty in the performed over the water to make it safe for the world
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championship and can't be piloting takes account of three criteria if you resist speed and distance this year's competition had its challenges as the weather conditions were poor because of small from the fires in russia and some flights were canceled however the didn't stop the biggest of swooping jason moleski becoming the overall champion for me it was really nice to come back here again i have won gold medals here twice in the past and i always held their affection for this drop song for the people here are buddies very friendly and they did a great job organizing it just makes it really nice to be here and be able to come here russians cardio is always among the hotel a route but not in swooping how it looks on. golovkin has made history becoming the first ever russian to claim a medal in canopy piloting but it's. a wall this discipline isn't used in parachuting it started in the u.s. and almost. from north america and they have lots of facilities to help them
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progress for the last few years we've been in contact with super storm all round the walt and we can all seem pretty and the level of performance is getting better . that championship and this movers were just having fun in the freestyle discipline and showing off their piloting skills to entertain the crowd some of their runs ended up in the pool and this seemed to mei's the spectators even moved in their jaw dropping tricks so there's a danger popularity with both competitors and spectators alike shooting has a chance of becoming a well known discipline in the world of pick stream sports concerned about the teeth. and finally rain cut short the red bull exploiters events in london but that didn't stop the world's top riders putting on a show to remember for the thirty thousand crowd at the battersea power station new zealand teenager levi share what was awarded victory after collecting the most points in the afternoons qualifying session eighteen year old lives up to his
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nickname the rubber kid pulling off a series of breathtaking maneuvers that required as much flexibility as courage last year's london winner nate adams was runner up while spain standing for is going there. you know as i mentioned i think in a season i'm really happy i missed out on one of just one month to go there in june or i can sustain it make it fun. and that's all for now there will be more in a couple of hours if you can't wait that long our website crew is working twenty four seventh's to bring you the latest from russia and around the world artsy dot com check it out and thank you for watching. culture is that so much knowledge about facing those eyes in the world of a real commitment full mobilization is a fact of everyday life but how is publishing changed during the financial crisis and the benefits from a. cup.
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