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is that. the government says legal action will be taken against religious. schools the earlier this is done the better after all this attempt to get children of all costs to eat together. the food is a small but important step in the country's journey to bridge social divisions got unseeing r.t. . coming up in just a few minutes and stay tuned for an award winning film documenting a mining technique in america being blamed for environmental and social disaster mountaintop removal coming up shortly here on our team.
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news today. again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day.
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it's three thirty in moscow where we broadcast live this is our t.v. now look at your top headlines moscow is once again that shrouded in small despite firefighters winning back a mostly quarters of the areas across russia in the wildfires in recent weeks during the record heat wave intense fires in regions neighboring the city are to blame with emergency crews continuing to battle the flames. japan march the sixty fifth anniversary of america's atomic bombing of. which killed around one hundred forty thousand people many today are still suffering the after effects of radiation from the nuclear attack. spies in the sky the european union considers a controversial new surveillance system monitoring airline passenger behavior during flights as an anti-gay measure but critics say it breaches the fundamental
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right to privacy. next we take you to west virginia where coal companies use explosives to blast mountains in an aggressive form of mining our special report looks at how the cost includes flooding and landslides with a devastating impact on local communities. i am lucky a leg lewis blayse says good. sled sled to start a leg.
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a. long. pole good leg and leg leg . most of the carbon that we buy from across the earth is millions of years old coal particularly interesting because per unit of energy generated coal actually it may be the cheapest fuel but it also releases the most carbon to be with her as
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carbon dioxide beginning in earnest with the development of the steam engine in the late seventeen early eighteen hundreds he wins begin to name and extract fossil carbon from the earth's crust coal oil gas even in the absence of humans over some time period it would be uplifted and subject to erosion and removal might return to the last year but those rates are tiny compared to the ability of humans to go out with large machines to deliver a large quantities of this material to the surface of the earth where it is burned and it would be useful generation of energy we have larger quitman it was introduced on surface mines about twenty five years ago here in washington which accounted for the the ability to recover coal seams that heretofore been unmanageable the use of dragline skylab the mining scene step work and economic
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demand and even physically impossible. without the use of that. many people twenty five years ago when the first company said to them bring in brad lamm they were laughed at and they said there's no way in the world you get a piece of equipment like that on the narrow ridges southern that blacks and and they were determined through engineering abilities and persistence to make certain that it worked and and it has.
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the man was clearly. soliciting. digital be. illegal. the easy way. to kill easiest. to see. plumes. these little children i'm sorry little children will be protected this time from treatment or your family can grant great. benefit to a lot of people it becomes real and i'm probably a very very big name and i get be able to benefit from every car ever either a parent comes from their friends or there are
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a number of years or think they're damaging our children to destroy your reaction lord yet it's such. a remarkable place. we're going to take your partner it is so clear lisa lisa. slug. sleep. it's. never played out my family's september. we need to keep moving her back for jamie's community math is dismantling the community and. once these lessons are gone there is no more of a life. there is no more west virginia it don't grow back it's not going come back i mean you know we have a politician get up on t.v. not long ago he said well the reason that jan saying it's been extinct the deer are
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in. order to styles an acre of well. that's nothing garage sale process mountaintop removal coal mining is an awesome display of coal extraction engineering it is also quite simple once a site is a den of clear cutting begins next explosives are used to blast away the earth material holes and. then machinery completing massive shovels called dragon lines remove the overburden which is then deposited in adjacent valleys called bally fills mountaintop removal coal mining can bring down the elevation of a peak hundreds of feet sites are often thousands of acres in size but i believe these are legal action rather than blacksburg and written. in the spring of two thousand and five a group of activists college students and local citizen conservation groups joined
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together to oppose the widespread increase in mountaintop removal mines throughout southern appalachian training the group called their campaign mountain just a summer there was going to be kind of this renewal of coal mining in tennessee and some of those mines were going to be you know mountaintop removal mines. you know we were like hey this is you know now we're dealing with this issue too it's not just an issue in kentucky and west virginia like hey let's put something together and kind of up the level of opposition to this issue and let's help make this issue a national issue that everybody has to dealing with. say what they're doing one. since some why is there a divide in our community. i've got nothing against free speech but when you come in here demand and people's jobs and clothes or schools they own and all that you're lucky you don't get hurt her but. if somebody is in california or
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north carolina or new york city they're connected to mountaintop removal because they're turning on the lights. their opening strategy was to draw attention to a school situated close to a mountaintop removal site in marsh fork west virginia. the mine is owned by massey energy america's fourth largest coal producer marsh fork elementary is a very very scary situation they have two point eight billion gallons of co slurry which is why it's toxic it's toxic material it has arsenic. chromium and there's a lot of really really bad chemicals in this sludge and there is a lake of two point eight billion gallons of coast laurie sitting behind this elementary school four hundred yards up on top of a mile. there's two hundred twenty eight kids in the school and the
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sophistication of engineering that goes into the construction of that is i suspect not duplicated in any other physical structure anywhere in in the world in one thousand nine hundred two buffalo creek there was this disaster where one of these impoundments basically blew out millions of gallons of this nasty sludge and water went barreling down a small holler and killed one hundred twenty five people destroyed like four thousand houses a thousand cars you know hundreds of people were injured. besides the danger of flooding while you know the residents are concerned about the health effects posed to school children from the cold processing facility located directly behind marsh fork elementary so he sits three hundred feet away three hundred fifty feet away the neighbor sits directly across the river and you've got serious problems over you got the magnetite you got the walk you got the ammonia they use
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the bad bad they use diesel fuel in there they mix all this stuff together we've got bad headaches all the time. you've got. problems occurring more and more down or i mean there's. a lot of kids. in allow them to keep likely all the time just drawing and all the time the kids will come home with blisters and little tiny blisters the size of opinionated all when they're mild. but not everyone shares their concerns in the small community where many residents work for the coal industry that surrounds them if i wasn't comfortable enough i was scared i would not let her go there and she will be in first grade she was in kindergarten last year played on the playground three times a day and more like college close and like i said never came home dirty with
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or you know any sickness and i have manacle records to prove that she has not had anything other than a common cold up like any other child. we. did it at the. greatest local school and government officials you know action on improving safety at marsh fork elementary while granddaughter kayla attends march for commentary launches the pennies a promise campaign to raise six million dollars to build a new school and so with us here. it is that little. it's inside they're going to take your money. no money down to the mother that she wanted to build against. because i don't like. to start the pennies or promise campaign wiley and his granddaughter taylor presented governor with over four hundred dollars in pennies he can orders never collector.
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we'd like to see the governor we have some money to present him. the story of a. step down kids everywhere regular doing good to see you have a young lady here from marsh fork elementary. superior south and. let's. face it i don't see. people doing a good study. at the schools some of them are you going to the center. and it gets. you. ok what has a little give what you just this is our pay i'm fine ok. now we're let me just you know so. i know we worked on this some we talked about it the fourth time but the
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school yes sir i'm at the school where we at with the local board of education start all over sure that smack up a whole lot we're not going get them you took us for north to protect the way for us we're going to use it women has it's own tell you today ok you know what we're not going to do what we've been doing you put a price on our children say it. in our state you put a price this is not an environmental issue this is a little human vein i have tried for two years to work with you on this and i've been ignored and i don't mean to put you in a soft spot here but enough is enough enough it's enough we need to get this took care of your business what these coal companies as europe is and your politics this is not about politics we're asking people for money all of this country today is our official announcement of it so it's just it's just in the stages we're going to raise five to ten million dollars it's going to happen we want you to be a part of this we want you to support our efforts we want to help you do a better job and i appreciate i don't mean to be upset and progressive but if this
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was your child would you not be well you know that enough you know happens and she's beautiful and say what we should we care about our child. down there and there are serious problems with a lot of issues and i know you're aware there's intimidation going on there a lot of intimidation teacher the spoke out last year now he's been told he better shot you know we don't want to going to do it how do everything in my heart that i want to do that that means that i do everything in my god god's word that we got a. journalist jeff goodell is book big coal the dirty secret behind america's energy future explores the history and use of coal in america and throughout the world like many americans i didn't even realize that we still burn coal you know i thought coal was something that went out with top hats and corsets i thought that electricity was just something that flowed down from a golden bowl in the sky i never gave any thought to where it came from the idea that coal produces fifty percent of electricity in america it never occurred to me so i went down to west virginia and i didn't know what to expect their memory i
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first knew i was driving outside of charleston and i saw the boom on one of the big drag lines swinging above the hills and i pulled off the road and i hiked up through the woods to the top of this hill and i got this view down into this strip mine and it was just like hell had opened up before me. the money and the coal mining has always gone to the top and been siphoned out by the owners essentially whether their corporations are called barons like don blankenship it's a commodity business every penny they have to spend for safety for wages for health care or anything like that is money that they see coming directly out of their pocket and you know the history of coal mining is very clear on this there's no it's not a subtle thing you know this is an industry that views workers as disposable and views the landscape as disposable and it's all about getting the coal out of the
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ground as quickly as you please. oh tolls there was a man in love disco with you bought him yourself. and if you start out into madness you had to have those tools and they don't let you get them own created it company still. for about three presses put it this way love your coke head company stores they hard you lived in your kochi if you work for them they did more kitchen some i also store. and one of the others all matters bad they still owed to company store you could pitch it won't pay a mo. he made company money scrip don't close it wasn't good it was company store i got an updated script it's worth more today than it was made. right.
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usually didn't help either you could make more to dolls day right here sell the kit trick in which to use middle today killed the chick to. give you hand crawley's stamp you number of what you got your car loaded with cold somewhere on this car you would i want to check to see and be a mule driver lead times i'd be a young boy back to stay in school he would pull you up to cowen here drop it off unhook piecemeal from it come to the phone. right now it really easy loud rock him if you cold who show your life you got a water tank in a slog. of a little water drip in your career bud. and doesn't smell really good but it works pretty good. all. right number almost.
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oh yes you know look at the history of our area especially they with big communities now today with scant rings big company stores everything painful i mean with this company housed all down that river our stuff can set their. our schools are good because there's no money all the stores are or close and nothing's coming back these are people with this cold company in their tie can take and tyke and never put it is all going to go there really west virginia broke in the big go on the road with. five years. topper move will site moved into the head waters of the stream that runs from a home in the past five years i've been flooded seven times there's been about five
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acres my property it's washed away into the stream down below where i live. my property has been completely devastated devalued there's no way i could say one relocate my property it's worthless at the mine company had the option of getting in touch with me and letting me know what was coming at me and they did it and they trapped me and my kids of a flooding hollow and basically trashed our lives now when someone does that to you you don't go along with it you have no choice but to go against i go home to it i live in the middle of this why. because it's ok it's ok that maybe he'll be away from southern west virginia who is in middle of this tale so am i ask him i am my son. roan.
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i don't know nobody nutten i don't these million jobs i don't own jobs and if i thank god i do their day and roam across appalachians coal fields mining jobs are vital to local economies my husband us work with my essay for just eight or nine years and they all just we really appreciate massive that's where we get our money in that you know our way of living but traditional deep mining requires more workers than mountaintop removal since nine hundred fifty the total number of mining jobs has steadily decreased from approximately one hundred twenty thousand to less than twenty thousand today over the same period coal production has steadily increased many cofield residents are also concerned about another byproduct of coal production slurry pons. the slurry impalements the way that we dispose of the refuse that comes from the cleaning of coal which is
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literally nothing but dirt and rock i mean that's what you're separating from the coal so that's what you're disposing of it's not toxic it's not you know as people many people would like you to believe that there's something only it's the indigenous dirt and rock that is caught up in the coal seam and that natural material includes mercury lead arsenic and a whole suite of heavy metals which as long as they're in that rock you can drink the water because they'll be underground they'll be they will not be exposed to oxygen that if you don't disturb them they will not be brought into solution and you can literally some of the best water we have in west virginia comes out of a coal seam but when you disturb that rock and start grinding it up in the fine particles adding a whole bunch of chemical additives to it to get it to separate the coal from the other inorganic materials then you come up with this which is a brew of material that you would want any exposure to it all we know almost
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nothing about it i've got a database now has fourteen samples worldwide of coal slurry that are in the public domain six of these are from the post martin county you know the the biggest environmental disaster in the southeastern united states six samples representing what that material that entered our rivers and streams really is which i find rather posterous three hundred nine million gallons of taking over fifty miles of a major river system a spill bigger than the exxon valdez we took six samples the occurrence that happened in kentucky. was simply one where you had one built over old. underground once and they gave way in the bottom and that's what happened with the structure itself to. go county west virginia within sight of massey energy c.e.o. don blankenship home carmelita brown has been battling for clean want to see.
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twenty some years ago. our not our water turned black sprite and asked are the hollering and screaming in mouth has been got up and asked and asked me what was wrong take a man and he said when he looked at it he said my god he said that's close laurie. we went and looked at fifteen wells. sent samples off to the laboratory got the testing results back and did some analysis on those results and it was pretty compelling that we needed to do more research down there i've never seen water quality that poor. or pretty good compared to what it was this morning these documents from the west virginia department of natural resources researched by mountain just to summer volunteers are permits for coal slurry injections that took place in the early one nine hundred eighty s. at the slurry impoundment located approximately two miles above carmelita brown's
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home this permit shows that over two hundred eight million gallons of slurry was injected in one thousand nine hundred four and nine hundred eighty five disbursement describe slurry injections in one thousand nine hundred four into an abandoned underground mind at the rate of six hundred gallons per minute the basis for. injecting. coal slurry and other things other wastes underground as an e.p.a. one thousand nine hundred eighty sed study called underground injection control all that's the oxymoron of the century underground injection control and what control do we have when we inject something underground i have no idea where it goes. if i if i ask the energy was to pull out tomorrow for some reason went bankrupt or whatever all the story pods you know who is responsible for that count we've got the paperwork we know the calories are responsible for the clean up of the story.
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nobody wanted to help us nobody want nobody was concerned and it wasn't only made it was oh my down this road well the patients i see for all have significant medical problems that other people don't have. a greater number of people of all timers disease old timers disease memory loss i've seen a great number of people who have numbness and tingling of their arms and legs which indicates a heavy metal. accumulation i've seen a fair amount of. ill health my next door neighbors on a kidney dialysis another neighbor a man as is has lost a kidney headache had to have a kidney transplant i have problems with my kidneys the timea water exposes them to many types of metals cadmium and among others the cause is canadian. now several people not necessary have lost babies i have carried them six months
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and have maybe still more. hungry for the. we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. and.


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