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as the first starts tackling russia's big football's greatest prize post the two thousand and eighteen world cup o.
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tea talks to those who have everything to play for. five years off to israel uprooted settlers from gaza thousands of jewish people living in the west bank i repeat the forty hundred process also. moscow's prolonged heat wave has endangered thousands of lives with the brunt of it calling on the elderly. to work around the clock to save lives take casualties a halt to avoid winter weather conditions or some extreme. cost in life in the heart of the russian capital this is welcome to the program well it's the greatest show on earth and for a country that lives and breathes football russia is determined to net its ultimate prize in the world cup for officials are in today assessing the bids for the two
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thousand and eighteen torment. bennett reports it's already giving the potential stars of tomorrow motivation to train harder today. these boys football is their life they train every single day just twelve years old and if the world cup does come to russia in twenty eighteen the hopes and expectations of a nation resting on their shoulders pressure that would make others of their age crumble but for the boys at spartak moscow is youth academy discipline and desire and more important it's not the fear of failure that drives them is the fear of missing the chance to play in a world cup on home turf i'm still receive most rapidly and i really want russia to host the twenty eighty mile cap is my life's purpose if we keep working hard we have a good chance making the team but the trainings no walk in the park before they can even touch the ball they must ensure
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a punishing nonstop fitness routine for the first hour the coaches know the boys have talent but it's their hunger that's the key this man is no stranger to that he knows what it takes to play in a world cup. with a defender for the u.s.s.r. in the one nine hundred seventy championships bags referred to was real but i was gripped by a burning desire to see the world but how could i do that in those days so i told myself that i would be a football player i pledged that never in my life would i smoke a cigarette or drink a gram of wine or beer you know he never had the chance to play in a world cup at home but he knows it's something not to be missed and deserted playing in front of your own fans hearing the whole country support behind you is something you can't beat as a footballer you want nothing else i never got the chance but if these boys do it'll change their lives god who pulls a matter of national pride in russia this is how the country reacted when the team
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reached the semifinals of the two thousand and eight european championship so i. hope this support will swing fief is vote he said. the most important thing is affordable is a national sport which is loved in every city in the village in this country that. the found support here is unconditional they just want more to cheer about you know winning this feed will help the university of the with the boredom of a world cup at home would give the youth coaches an added impetus so that by two thousand and eight she won there a serval talented young players to defend on our first of four battle with the emblems of pressure on their chest still not that i know it's the only thing these boys dream. i've been it r.t. moscow. now it's been five years since israel pulled out from gaza leaving a strip to the palestinians it was hoped to the withdrawal would lead a path to peace but instead the move sparked criticism of the israeli government's
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handling of the process and with turvy of reportedly considering a similar move in the west bank artie's paulus led discover that israelis living there are far from happy with the plans. five years on and the picture is still high and israeli soldier pitted against israeli citizen is raise it hopes if i have a point eight thousand settlers from gaza they'd be extending an olive branch to the palestinians but most underestimated the violence and heartbreak that would follow after the press some of the soldiers came and they went to the window and shouted i said why don't you come and knock on the door like normal people they told me your and the rest you were supposed to have loved guards are already the soldiers were crying the children were crying i was crying i looked at gaza i looked at the sea i said that's it it's over the awful of run lived in gaza with
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her husband a ninety four sixteen years until the last moment they refused to pack up and left with nothing more than the clothes on their back assigned to help. was the only thing they brought with him. five years ago most israelis supported the withdraw but today more than half think it was a mistake throughout israel there are some dozen communities like this where gaza refugees despite the promises made to them are still living in temporary housing. and now in settlements across the west bank people are afraid the same fate awaits them sure goldstein has been mayor of the settlement block for eleven years he's viewas with israeli premier benjamin netanyahu who in his latest bid for peace allegedly offered the palestinians ninety percent of the west bank if they agree to direct talks palestinian president mahmoud abbas is under pressure to give an answer in the coming days if the government of israel. would decide to go out of
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there so why are forming committing suicide there with of israel if we're going to give them some or is it came minutes drive for a. vehicle drive it for ten minutes who can defend it these really government spend more than two billion dollars evacuating a thousand cities from gaza it would need to remove many fifty times that number from the west bank a financial and logistical nightmare the most or assessments the principle of thing until we. carry things here if numbers will be for a location where. the for in therm maybe we could reach an agreement. for many of those two states and the palestinian sovereignty today more than ever israeli settlers in the west bank have the sympathy of the israeli public the last thing they want is a repeat of these pictures what the public says nor more. we're not
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going to do it like this. we're not going to disengage we're not willing to do any confessions it's time of the arabs it's time of the palestinians to do their part in the game and while the israeli government contemplates another withdrawal of rent still waiting to be reimbursed for her home she was promised a new life but he's still living in a caravan five years later policy r.t. keyboards and saw him southern israel. well still to come a voting starts falling down how immigrants have been there to make them. and why their plans that negative reaction. while record breaking temperatures have been torturing russians for over a month i wouldn't screw in a tough battle to save people suffering from the heat and small talk to say casualties are hard to avoid when the fight is against nature having
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a server ports. willing teena in the run haven't left their partner in for days the husband and wife struggle with a daily heat wave blasting their home but it's better than even thinking about going outside in a squat here and you didn't go outside i haven't been out in the street for the day the heat is so difficult for us it's hard to breathe and they're hard to kill you get struggle with no air conditioning and only one hundred eighty u.s. dollars per month pension even though his wife can only rely on their daughter she hangs what drapes new doorways and perseverance with damp clothes and into temp to hold off the heat and the trouble it brings. nice and cool. this couple is healing through thanks to their daughter others are not moscow's prolonged heat wave has endangered thousands of lives with the brunt of it falls on the elderly emergency services are getting twice as many call outs daily as they
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would in any other month there are no official statistics on how many people have died so. when natural anomalies happen certain complications take place health wise and the death rate is somewhat higher but we don't have the exact statistics and i would not say that the death rate has doubled or tripled and all hospitals are packed with patients i haven't noticed anything like that you know medics are working round the clock trying to get every patient on time even private healthcare has seen an increase in calls. and some not from regular clients which we have little will staffed and will stocked the ambulance itself sirens screaming but without the weather on their side even the medical men may find themselves fighting a battle they can't win. r t. forget we've got much more on our website that's called. everything from features
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and videos to quizzes and much more from the couple stories that like you just like the queen of pop it's only seem to be having to marry her boyfriend in some places but city friends concert that. friends shaman spirit by the descendants of the ancient magic one of their traditions in siberia mysticism i don't think. if. you. proposed parliament for immigrants in finland has stimulated to bait on how best to deal with the influx of newcomers from a broad scale immigration maybe due to the country its origins are trying to resolve potential problems before they turn into something larger. sent us this report.
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again all the right moves has become a success two decades ago phillips iran just. met his wife and moved to where he continued his education camp here then i came direct i was. very busy so i didn't have a lot of stress i get a lot of sport dancing. i tried my written off life this speaking six languages it's not been difficult for most and to integrate now he has a two year old daughter and a home in helsinki but not every immigrant in finland is as successful. as a local newspaper and claims newcomers are often denied jobs simply because they don't have a finnish name born abroad to
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a finnish mother she joined up with other immigrants to propose a parliament to fight for the rights of newcomers. finishes cited systematically not ready to understand that it's changing and even though currently the amount of immigrants is only about three percent of the population if measures are not taken now the problems are only going to. organizers say the immigrant parliament will be an independent nonpolitical organisation but not many films including this member of parliament from the finnish for forty supports the project i don't think it's a good idea for immigration groups and the great people who can't read or count or write. the fan on down they are not perfect to many immigrants or refugees from troubled regions like somalia in the iraq and some of them don't speak finnish that means they can't find a job so they live on state handouts it's provoked
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a backlash from the right wing nationalist in the country absolutely support the immigrant parliament saying it may help stop the rise of racial hatred we would like to do the policy so that we can also hear the voice of amy so i think that this parliament is a good idea because this gives voice. to my parents and they can act as a kind of a device or vote that voting is planned for next year in parallel with the finish problem and free elections every registered immigrant who is over eighteen and has moved in food for at least two years will be able to take part every person sure we have the right for a decent life and to travel but having this right doesn't mean abusing it living by the means of others feel and maybe new to the immigration issue but it's long become a part of the reality for many other european state and now the time has come for this country to find its solution before these so far emerging problems turn into a nationwide crisis you've got this kind of orgy helsinki finland. the new
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commander of american and nato forces in afghanistan general petraeus says he won't be bound by the deadline of july two thousand and eleven to start withdrawing u.s. troops but u.s. said he was of the right to advise president obama against the pullout date if the conditions. he came as american public support for before reached an all time know with the previous month the deadliest for u.s. troops since the beginning of the war in two thousand and one some experts believe one way to succeed in the campaign against the taliban is to admit to the real threat is not just insurgency but also the drugs trade. but if you understood any who show off his view on issue. after the. trained special investigative unit and major crimes task force apprehended afghan national security advisor the afghan president accused americans of behaving like
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russians eluding to the soviet military campaign thirty years ago well comrade karzai in effect could get more than he had bargained for it is a bit to irony that in soviet times in afghanistan it could be just in comprehensible even to imagine that this sort of backed leader would be involved less to fall protecting the rampant corruption and drug trafficking and drug production all across the country so that in a way good bit a measure of success or the lack of it for the american leaders who are trying to recess at eight. their political and military campaign in afghanistan while the general betray us has already initiated an official. off us policy in afghanistan which has already drifted from the classical counting insurgency to
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counter terrorism and to counter narcotics it is only one missing element that would provide the new measure of success to regain the momentum that is to meet and openly declare that the terrorism and drug trafficking are just two parts of the same challenge and it should be properly attributed and called as narco terrorism a quick look now at some other stories making headlines around the world the south pakistani authorities are warning that more flooding could add to that this week this week the country's worst floods on record began more than two weeks ago so far killed fifteen hundred people during a visit to devastated areas the un chief ban ki-moon said it was the worst natural disaster he had seen and again the cold on the will to speed up aid to the for his last making twenty one in people affected could face in this and starvation.
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and off road race in southern california has ended in tragedy to a truck crashed into a crowd of spectators killing eight the accident happened moments off the start of the event in which off road vehicles reach high speeds and make jumps essentially not race and that left twelve people injured it's not known why the truck driver lost control of his vehicle. and south korean american troops have launched a new round of military drills that they are games involved tens of thousands of troops north korea has responded with threats exercises for the back tensions between kong and solar specially like since the sinking of the spring of the south which unmanned russian plane the north koreans things but did not responsibility. for two hours from now we look at the aftereffects of the vietnam war and the personal recollections of american veterans that in five years on is coming up in
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our special report. to join the military. because i thought that it was my duty and it was something that i do to help my country. my government that is necessary for me to be. there was a lot of them. there was a lot of murder of american officers and soldiers there were a lot of. these. people the i was not i wanted to make a lot of medals and they have a lot of desperation. but afterwards i realize they don't mean anything. that came for. i don't i don't i never check the medal. with the business needs end up strong in a strong start to the week absolutely some key companies have come out with
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positive results this morning we'll have the details in the program but first the agricultural bank of china has raised a record twenty two point one billion dollars in an initial public offering the country's number three learn the brave markets in shanghai and hong kong to become china's last major financial to list investors have been cheered by double digit growth in the chinese economy for the second quarter. time for a quick look at those markets japan is being dragged by news of just point four percent growth in the second quarter confirming china has overtaken it as the world's number two economy exporters also being hit by the strong again. is slightly down this hour. your small case of power recruitment page international. rose forty six percent his credit increased recruitment for permanent roles. revealed last month grew ten percent. point three percent in the
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opening hours on the back of some positive economic data on the march six miners. killed a top game is on the back of rising prices. us is number two bank v t v was the privatized at least ten percent of its shares interfax is reporting the news comes as the government appears to sell stakes in big states and businesses to raise cash earlier this month business altie revealed bt b.'s in talks with the oil rich states of kuwait about taking a stake in. russian farmers have lost some billion dollars from the droughts ravaging the country the government's promised six hundred fifty million dollars in state support by the end of the month that's two thirds of the allocated relief fund pledged came from first from mr minister viktor zubkov in interview with the he said foreign buyers of russian grain on the stand its decision to stop exports. has hired top banks merrill lynch and credit suisse as consultants in the takeover
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battle for norilsk nickel russell and billionaire vladimir put on an interest only blocking stakes in one of the world's largest miners but accuse each other of bad management and have bid for a controlling share in a statement reseller did the banks will advise on how to bring world class governance nor nickel. to all known companies have bought large stakes in russia's top fertilizer producers ilb in it is being reported the buyers of friends of silliman karimov owner of rival cali and will sell the shares on to him to create the world's second largest potash mine of the government's call for consolidation in russian agriculture so they can compete globally. russia started an internet service for foreign investors to complain about their treatment in the country is part of a big drive to clean up business as you noted a bit of a reports. the public complain is gaining popularity in russia people are posting videos and youtube trying to overcome the very chaotic me him by addressing the president and prime minister directly now a new foreign investor might do the same russia has seen
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a ten year round coupled with a massive increase in global investment into what is still seen as an undeveloped market with great potential many of those companies who have made their way in have found it rewarding those companies which are already here they know that it is possible to do good business here it's a sound business opportunity here they made good money here that made good margins good profits. i don't know many investors who left this market but at the same time the risk attributed to russia has had a downside it's seen as a lend of oppenheimer margins but also significant risks with administrative and very credit barriers open headlined now the government is making the point a stable political and economic environment is its focus with clarity predictability and a move over to approach to regulation investors see it's long overdue you've got to be more open the problem with the foreigners. with the foreign investors the one no
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one think they can get scared very fast the government of a company which is trying to track foreign investors or foreign money patient do very thing very carefully because you know a person from other countries is getting scared of everything this slump so investors doesn't rushing druce in the wake of public criticism mention the team g.b. purell any key is problems in opening new stores the new service is a small step but offering school for more immediate complain will help bring in new investment environment and they say this will put pressure on all levels of government to account for themselves the name of individual business r.t. . just lifting its ban on u.s. chicken off the farms promised not to treat the meat with chlorine but nineteen out of eighty seven american pows. produces remain on the blacklist the obama administration says the ban should be fully scrapped. kastrup generous wants to pay for russian oil and gas in food the former state says it will give meat milk or grain in exchange for fuel president look at shankar did the deal make sense as
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energy prices are rising more droughts slashed russia's harvest that's the latest in a far more stories on our website or to dot com specials. more
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news today. fled the film these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations are all today. look. wealthy british style the sign. on the front. market. of. what's really happening to the global.


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