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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are on the day.
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welcome back to join us here watching our team live from moscow here's a look at the top stories every national sports officials are in russia to assess
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it as a potential host for the planet's most spectacular football event the world cup if a country's bid wins twenty eighteen will be the first on the tournament is held in eastern europe. and in two years since the disaster of russia's biggest in my drawer electric plant in siberia seventy five people died when the turbine hall was flooded the investigation into the devastating accident is still ongoing. and washington is divided over that afghan withdrawal deadline set by president obama for meds twenty eleven the new nato troop commander says the date my be too early while the u.s. defense secretary insist it's set in stone. wrapper weikel of john's bid for the presidency of haiti made headlines last week so. i went to meet his fellow u.s. rapper immortal technique to ask if the music industry can offer a more than just empty words to haiti.
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you took the incentive to help raise money for haitian so many hundreds of thousands that are still in need why did you feel that you actually had to fly over to haiti to see the disbursement of the funds well i went there at the request of hip hop for haiti and always around haiti. there's a club s.o.b.'s in downtown new york that was gracious enough to involve themselves personally in the cause to support the haitian people. and when i heard about the what was going on i said you know whatever you guys need from me and they said we want you to get the word out about what's really going on here you know so the best way to do that is to come down there not to read pamphlets full of statistics or to just study them in books but also to actively participate in them you know i think that's the line between an activist and a revolutionary you have to involve yourself a lot more than the particular cause and have the most serious commitment you know
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sometimes i get accused of being too serious but goes with the territory i want to ask about a few things that you saw there in the children the orphans from what i read you actually were holding think a one year old in your hand and then when you were done holding out the child passed that one year old off to another level you're all talking about that experience and what you saw in terms of the kids in the orphanage there the thing that struck me is how young of the country it is and when people come to me and asked me you know what is haiti need as i say that haiti needs schools they need education they need to be able to learn how to be self-sufficient self-sustaining and to not always be reliant on foreign made which is equivocal to large corporations and large countries paying themselves and saying that they're donating money to haiti i read that you said foreign aid is this is a deceptive freight. i'm not saying that all of it is i want to clarify that i'm in
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no way shape or form ungrateful or i'm trying to discount the support that. haiti has gotten from every major entity from what a country to a corporation because they have saved people's lives they pull people out of rubble they've done an extraordinary amount of things but i think that there is a level of corruption that exists to meet the surface when we talk about foreign aid when we talk about donating to a cause and talk about the fees that are incurred for certain aid organizations that have what is it forty percent off the top they go to their expenses and i think it's a little disingenuous but that's my opinion but when i look at haiti and what it signifies when i see that someone who is eleven years old worrying about raising three other kids around them younger than them it really. struck a chord according to the new york times only five percent of the rubble has
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actually been removed do you see that with your own eyes what did it look like when you were walking through absolutely as you go through port au prince and the surrounding areas and you'll see buildings that are still collapsed their. counterpart to the white house is still in shambles broken down people are trying to build rebuild their own independent businesses. on the rubble itself you know that making every desperate attempt of they can to take. whatever structure is still left and build something out of it. when we talk about their safety and what their living conditions are what i saw it is that the people who are inside the tent cities there are usually about two or three families per ten so when you look at those tents it's a little misleading because it's like oh they're fine now they have a to. you know no they don't and that's fine you know what happens when hurricane
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season comes how those tents going to hold up to that you know i think that there is something to look at in terms of a long term vision of what is going to happen to the country who's in to be in control of it now it's it's a military state it's a police state run by america and the u.n. and the u.n. at interchangeable entities sometimes i want to ask you about that because you were a little harsh in terms of the united nations that what it has gone or has not done for haiti despite the promises that have been made. by the united nations and independently by the united states what do you think the interests are when we talk about people's interests and whether they're genuine. it's hard to say i'm sure some people's interests are very much genuine i'm sure there are people on the ground level and people who are below that is executive food chain that sit there and say you know what i'm trying to do something good for the people i'm trying to
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go out there i've lost my in order to make that happen but i don't think they're the ones that desire the program the ones that design the protocol you know they're just the worker bees very well paid worker bees but they don't know how the hive is being formed do they haitians believe from what they told you that the u.s. is going to fulfill the promises that it has made in order to help them help them rebuild the younger ones or are they really are very positive people. no matter what life throws at them it's like we're going to get through this and if the u.s. is willing to partner with us and help us then hopefully they'll stay they'll stay true to their word so they're hopeful whereas when i talk to some of the. you know all day you know they look at it as oh here's the country they kidnapped our act last president has a country has been involved in supporting you know brutal dictatorships for decades
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really you're here to help them when asked about this firing one of. the ten suspects that pled guilty to being are an unregistered agent of a foreign country is. journalist vicky pelaez who had to be expelled from the united states that day that sheep but guilty she was flown to russia and then from what's reported and confirmed by her attorney she got relocating to her native home to perro you're from her or your family in peru how do you think she's going to be received there well from what my family tells me it was a lot bigger news there than it was here specifically because she was peruvian why latin america has always felt as if they're the pawns in russia and america's chess game you know we've always felt like we're not always but i make it clear to people and make them understand where our struggle comes from it doesn't begin in the fifty's and sixty's it doesn't begin with the adoption of a communist ideology or
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a socialist ideology it begins when indigenous people were being slaughtered in colonized them had their political system devolved their economic system devolved years ago america went around proselytizing. democracy to all parts of the world saying you know we should should have a democracy that people can be in charge but when the people of latin america saw that the same prognosticator the profit of democracy was sitting there supporting these brutal dictatorships they said well who else has something on the table and russia who love to be a thought in america because both of them don't want to war with a real country so today let's see how this plays out here what's interesting to me is what's under. reported about. the spies and what's going on because probably about a week after that i read an article talking about how right wing colombians who are
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in belgium and other parts of europe i'm trying to get people who are complaining nice human rights organizations talking about the horrific human rights records that the right wing government in colombia. they were trying to shut them down threatening people's lives so when i look at that it's one of the other you have spies from our right wing faction in colombia somewhere and then you have spies from a left wing faction or going through better who are in venezuela i think anyone who really is a political animal knows that this is just a joke you know who knows that it's not a serious is not like they stole that the plane is the death star you know what do they do they came over here they hung out at p.t.a. meetings you know i'm not discounting the seriousness of it because when you look at history people have really lost their lives people have been executed in this country despite but we're not at that cold war era it almost looked like a setup it almost looked like they had planned to have some big spy exchange before
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it actually happened shortly the person who well we you and me or anyone who's watching this program could say oh well maybe they want to take the public's mind off of other things but at the end of the day i think it was probably the kindest spy exchange the most civil disagreement that russia in america had you brought up america's democracy and america's democracy you know u.s. democracy usually goes hand in hand capitalism. but he makes. the united states that form of capitalism following the financial meltdown that we start taking place nearly two years ago do you think capitalism is going to continue as the model the ultimate model here in the us when i talk about capitalism and communism there's nowhere you can go to escape capitalism. you know even in russia. they could teach america few things about overblown capitalism if you want to go escape
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to communist china where they have more capitalist than america in many ways and they perfected. keeping their people quiet about the way that their capitalist system is run which is something i wish america i think america wishes they could do sometimes but at the cost of what. what's the human cost of this laissez faire economic system that's built up closely was along the standard that means that means an economic system that doesn't have any regulation or any government intervention on haiti right now has an opportunity to completely rebuild that system. from scratch what do you think is going to happen and how do you think it's going to happen it's a country that lives under military occupation like a list the haitian people are proactive about taking control of it themselves they will find. the terms of their republic dictated to them by other people.
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outside entities. not just governments but corporations what do you encourage. those that want to help to do if you really want to involve yourself in it. then teach them you know i mean if you're a doctor go down. work in a clinic don't understate if you're an ordinary average citizen find a grassroots organization that is actually physically doing things on the ground. rather than just mailing fifty dollars to the red cross twenty dollars of which is actually going to go to the asian people. and i think that more than anything else . what i learned. from my trip. was that. humanity when. tragedy. for.
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america is waging war with. no. sign. and human losses are quite significant. is it possible to win the war against sexual assault in the u.s. armed forces. in the army. more news today. these are the images being from the streets of canada. today.
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east west. destruct. international sports officials are in russia to assess it as a potential host for the planet's most spectacular football event the world cup the country's been whens twenty eighteen will be the first time the tournament is held in eastern europe. it's
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a year since the disaster of russia's biggest hydroelectric plant in siberia seventy five people died when the turbine hall was flooded the investigation into the devastating accident is still ongoing. and washington is divided over the afghan withdrawal deadline set by president obama for mid twenty live and a new nato troop commander says the date might be too early while the u.s. defense secretary insists it's set in stone. for headlines i'll be back at the top of the hour with more updates meantime here's sports news with. you're watching the sport news on r.t.l. headlines. and imari beats rafael nadal and then to roger federer in straight sets on his way to a second consecutive toronto mostest title. martin kyra
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says they are still in the p.g.a. championship while tiger woods twenty eighth place finish capes and alto the automatic qualification for the u.s. ryder cup team. and the all blacks have begun preparations ahead of saturday's game in south africa needing just one point to secure a fifth try nations title in six years. but we kick off with a russian premier league west part i like about save when have to had here in moscow on sunday the national title looks to be on both of them but that didn't make their latest and the last three lang as a story force now. with time running out in the russian premier league spot check moscow travel to naples locomotives knowing that's only a wind would keep them in the running for a place in europe next season both sides have been struggling for form recently and languishing mid table with just over half the season left the fool kick off spot success in one position and three points behind lokomotiv who are only twenty three
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points both sides are known way from the european qualifying places their real lokomotiv moscow versus. the side enjoying the best of campaigns and fallacy called his job to be on the dark side felt great and that's good for you signing a doohickey gets to play a single guy. ahead of the game the fans remains upbeat oh i think that's part of the rheumatoid one. look community it started off brightest but it was sponsored most days alex who came closest to. opening the school in twelve minutes with this free kick but the stalemate didn't last long sponsor took the lead on the seventeenth minute when wellington opened the scoring with a simple tap and just two minutes later however it's on to elliott equalized the locomotive with a stunning free kick spacek rallied and on the half hour wellington netted his
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second again from close range the second toss started much like the first locomotive pushed forward and dennis crucial cup was denied only by good save by sic a pious acuff however on the sixty fifth minute wellington completed his hat trick to give spots i can honestly say to the late lokomotiv refused to lie down and with just four minutes to go captain dimitri such as school disco to make it through to . the side chance if it was to get to tonight and wellington wasn't to be denied his moment of glory spots at bookies by the results and we're under no illusions of what pressure that's still on the bergen on the i don't think he relaxed the free kick was bad luck of failure by the goalkeeper from there we did well to go three want to head one and well enough to survive three two but that was a failure the defenders will not want the us under me and i think we need to improve on every victory is easier we needed to win a big game against a tough team away from home and now we have to work hard we have fourteen games
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that will be like fourteen wars so we can finish the championship a little higher so spacek live to fight another day in fact quest for european football next season edward hasta otty moscow. so overalls and heat are very much the side to catch with the season now just over half way through there now with a seven point advantage and a game of chance on champions rubina who have slipped to third after a disappointing one one draw it says god currently second and have also played one game less than their rest a team to have a small dog here in moscow and we could go and down the other and new boys seem to be to look play various to go back where they came for a while creating a set up all the other really creation spawn. over to the greens now where martin kaymer has won has made major title at the p.g.a. championship in what proved to be an eventful night in wisconsin dustin johnson was tied for second heading into the final day but suffered from one of the numerous hazards at least traits the twenty six year old losing his one shot made after
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receiving a two stroke penalty for grounding his club into a blocker on the sixteen that left to bubba watson and more to battle it touting the. watson showing great touch to stop things off there but stepped up when it mattered most a ceremonial tapping on the current giving him the most important victory obvious korea. this is obviously the biggest german all the majors this is the biggest tournaments that they can win in your career and i cannot win anything anything dear the majors they're the biggest service we play and just knowing that i can win the tournament like that gives me huge confidence for any other tour and i will play for the rest of my for the rest of my career tiger woods meanwhile continues to struggle the world no one finished tied for twenty eighth that whistling straits and failed to automatically add a spot on their ryder cup team u.s. captain corey pavan will announce the four remaining picks until september the
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seventh. he's number one player in the world and that's a pretty good pretty good pro. you know obviously concerning him highly. no doubt about it. you know he's playing better. and i think we've all seen that he wants to play he wants to be part of the team. but it's going to be my judgment you know whether i pick him or not. i don't think there's any cons. over to tennis and andy murray has every reason to be call for the head of the u.s. open the scottish star defeating both rafael nadal and roger federer on his way to successfully defending his reuters cup boston's title into our old home the twenty three year old handed draw for his defeat in the semi's and only farah stood in the way of a second straight title that express however off track after a rain delay in stocks mari to give her a set by seven games to five i was really unsuccessfully from very well down
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further bad weather interrupted proceedings at various times mari however maintained the necessary concentration during the stoppages to secure his fair moscow sidled and he's only best player. ever in one of them doing so without dropping a set. very difficult. in the first probably should've won a bit easier and managed. to choose is always difficult because he started playing some great tennis but great way to finish the week. now in rugby new zealand just one point away from securing their affair for a try nations title in six years and the all blacks can make it happen instead of this question against south africa both teams have begun training ahead of the big game new zealand are coming off a thirteen game winning streak including their latest victory over australia while the springboks in contrast have suffered three straight losses and are out of their
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title defense now scent of these much however will be the all blacks stiffest asked so far as they will need to perform their best in front of an eighty nine thousand and mainly south african crowd at the national stadium in johannesburg. over to basketball web team usa beat france in new york in the first of a series of friendlies ahead of the world championships came the americans with a slow style though unique local laws pushing strong by three away to the fast forward so that but it wouldn't last long second for the caving do wrong so it was the last case considered to be the go to guy in the u.s. team he has fourteen points and they rebounds all of the nights the house on cruise control from there all not getting the team to taint the madison square garden crowd on the way the current world will travel to europe while more cuts will be made to kill the children studies. and back to the russian football premier league
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finally where they've been plenty of noteworthy results over the past weekend and let's go over all of that once again with the latest edition of the goals go lower .
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and that wraps up the sports news for the moment coming up shortly the headlines before that let's check the wild weather.
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