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signed up to join the military because i thought that it was my duty and it was something that i do to help my country. my government that is necessary for america to vietnam there was a lot of drug abuse the lot of the murder of american officers by american soldiers there were a lot of. them to go out and buy. before the war i always thought i wanted to win a lot of medals and they have a lot of desperation. but afterwards i realize that they they don't mean anything.
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that importance. i don't i don't i never kept the medal. the united states of america is waging war within its own army. jono advantage is on no one side. and human losses are quite significant. is it possible to win the war against sexual assault in the u.s. armed forces sex in the army on r g. what about. this is all seen wrong sounds promised in the news of the regime the generation of the twenty eighteen twenty twenty team. world cup finals if it's
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a would it be the tournament inspects. scrutinising the bid which pledges stage of the a lot of football stadia full of country. private security companies in afghanistan have been awarded to and operations within. the president's decision is expected to be that distance from naysay which relies on the many everyday duty. an increase in the number of people undergoing constant surgery in russia has at least things to go wrong in the number of victims be disfigured or even killed well qualified and experienced since. now despite all the progress we're returning to an imperial society with the hunger for power and resources driving the agendas of major world powers on the current us invasion of afghanistan in a different from the vietnam war will be thoughts on more in our exclusive interview with veteran left wing journalist john pilger coming up next.
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today i'm in london speaking to jonah hill just veteran journalist and a documentary writer who started his career during the vietnam war john pilger thanks very much for talking to me now let's talk about more media in general for us if you don't mind recently the website wiki leaks published tens of thousands of documents relating to the afghanistan war what do you think that is the biggest impacts that modern technology has had owned journalism well i think the wiki leaks exposed is. look like they might change journalism altogether if not change or wake it up. because what really leaks has done is what journalists should have done . you know here here is this dreadful litany of years of
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of disaster and killing and in afghanistan and i'm in iraq. and i don't think we've gotten a sense they've got a sense of the disaster but i don't think we've got a sense of the real the the political disaster the the the dispy high and the the human disaster in afghanistan that's what we call leaks of this has given us. i think it says to journalists. separate yourself separate your souls from the world of authority and start becoming independent it's an extraordinary moment what about the internet in general do you think in terms of news that subclassing more traditional means you know like newspapers and documentaries yes i do and i mean it shouldn't subvert them but it is and is doing that which it really should compliment them. because you know the
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into my own journalistic habit so every day of change radically i used to get up in the morning and read all the newspapers now i go to my computer and log on. because that's where the that's where there's truth telling that kind of journalism. i think the agenda that comes through in so much so-called mainstream journalism is something that we can do without now the and the internet is certainly subverted that you have had a very long career and journalism do you think the world is a better place now than it was when you started yes look things. improve progress is made. in spite of. the. the imposition of unaccountable power. on our lives i think socially in the way that people leave their
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lives and make their own arrangements in my lifetime and. there's been an enormous amount of progress that said there is also an enormous amount of regression we live in an imperial age again. i mean that that's quite extraordinary we have a technological version of what it was in the nineteenth century with great powers vying for strategic place in the world resources in the world we live in an age of what they call in washington perpetual war and i'm quoting general petraeus permanent war i mean that's not progress that's regression and that we have to deal with and staying on that point what do you think is the best and most painless way for the u.s.
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and its allies to get out of iraq and afghanistan as so many critics have been calling for get out just get out i mean this this announcement by obama. the be the end of the combat mission next year is nonsense and that's another example of the of the media simply taking a face for something that told once or in fact there's going to be something like ninety four bases left and sixty thousand troops and the surge so-called that is an increase in the number of mercenaries they call them contractors so far from getting out it's consolidating its position in iraq and that's what people really should understand. there's a great expression by a great irish investigative journalist called claude coburn never believe anything
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until it's officially denied we should apply that to all statements like that and what about the time since barack obama's been in power do you think that there has been a paradigm shift in america's foreign policy since the bush administration no. absolutely not there's been. i think we can put aside the word paradigm the paradigm hasn't changed since nine hundred forty five american foreign policy runs in a straight line goes up goes to sideways goes down a little bit but basically that line runs that trajectory runs in. one direction and what the bombers stop is simply pick up all the policies of bush and pursue them i mean for example for the first time in u.s. presidential history and hasn't happened before a president has taken the entire defense department. bureaucracy and the secretary
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of state for defense from a previous administration discredited so we have basically robert gates in the same generals. running american foreign policy with a lot of help from people of like mind. another war has really begun in pakistan. also in yemen and somalia with other interests in africa. bombers in has has accelerated bush's policies is they american foreign policy hasn't really changed since one nine hundred forty five you were already reporting in the vietnam war what's the difference between the wars in vietnam in afghanistan in principle there is no difference they're both guerrilla wars. they're both resistances opposing an invasion. both becoming
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one became the viet nam vietnam became a disaster for the vietnamese people two to three million of them perished and a smaller disaster but a considerable disaster for the united states the same thing is happening in afghanistan the same thing happened in iraq. i would have thought the closest analogy and your readers from your viewers would appreciate this as with the. the soviet invasion of afghanistan in one nine hundred seventy nine because the enemy is pretty much the same the so-called enemy of the resistance is the side. and. you know that. the world's other superpower could not. subdue afghanistan in ten years. surely the most in can
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doesn't lessen for the walls. surviving superpower which is trying to do the same thing to me about america's increasingly complicated relationship with iran that are now that they've refused to rule out sanctions and that's talk of minute checks and what do you think this is a nation to iran's nuclear program iran. doesn't threaten anybody it doesn't have a nuclear bomb and if you look through all the international atomic agency reports of the last seventy is they saying basically the same thing constantly go she should with iran in the mid in the in the midst of this iran wrote to the iranian government wrote to the american administration and put a series of proposals they didn't even get a reply. a wrong was. under the shah
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iran was a pillar of the american network the american empire if you like in the middle east that was swept away in nine hundred seventy nine when there was an islamic revolution and it has been american foreign policy to get that back. at the same time israel which is part of the american. is really an american base that is a part of american foreign policy. has tried to provoke the united states into attacking iran it has absolutely nothing to do with so-called nuclear weapons the the the the nuclear power in the middle east is the force biggest military power in the world and that's israel that has something like five hundred thermo nuclear warheads it's never discussed what about the israel palestine conflicts can any more be done to result from the outside i don't see it as
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a conflict actually i think the truth about that is that it's a military occupation and first of all international law has to be respected and the israelis have to get out of the west bank and and the blockade in gaza it's ending that military occupation suggesting it's a conflict suggests a kind of war between two factions. it's international morris on the side squarely on the side of resolving this matter. and it's about again it's about a negotiation this would have ended a long time ago or would have been resolved a long time ago had the most influential player the united states been on a spread or attempted to take. an impartial position. and brought to bear its great influence on israel that hasn't happened and that's
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why it goes on and on and finally how would you assess this reset that we've seen recently in u.s. russia relations us russian relations are very interesting. it must be amused people in russia. to be told that they're being threatened by missiles from iran. that absurdity is justifying the placement of missiles around russia even though obama made some spectacle of his draw some of these people they were was reposition. russia has its own sphere of influence following the demise of the soviet union. i think that when great powers start doing deals together at the expense of smaller
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countries then we have a problem and. i mean if if if russia. there is a place in the world for a powerful nation a culturally powerful nation. a diplomatically powerful nation or the source rich nation to stand up for the rights of small nations it seems that role is almost begging russia. to except that i don't think it has except a bit but it's that just thank you very much you're welcome. as
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promised a visa free regime to the generation of the twenty eighteen or twenty twenty two world cup finals if it's awarded eva tournament inspectors are currently in most cases scrutinizing the bids which a pledge is stage of the old football stadium at the sport mosque country. private
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security companies that afghanistan has been ordered to end softball peroration is within four months of the president's decision is expected to be met with resistance from they say which result is all of them but many everyday do you see. because the popularity of promising surgery grows in russia so does the number to speak in victims being cool resulted in being able to speak with all the qualifying dumps and. organize the spores in the way now with heat and take away. good to have you with us this is sports today i mean and these are headlines football for you for a world cup officials in london russia to examine how the country shaping up in its quest to host either the twentieth or twenty twenty two finals. continental
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clash there's a champions league place at stake for is in meet later on tuesday the russian league leaders take on and serve in their first leg feels. almost their new zealand arrive in south africa and knowing a win would secure the all blacks a stunning fifth try nation's title in six years. it's the greatest show on earth it could be coming to russia and either twenty eight team or four years after that that's the hope of the country's top football officials after a fifa world cup delegation began a tour of the nation's prospective host cities this week six inspectors in all going sightseeing in st petersburg before heading south to moscow to inspect the luzhniki stadium they'll then make their way to swell as twenty eight fourteen winter olympics a soft cheek total of thirteen russian cities are aspiring to take part the big decision will be announced by faith on the same bird the second england
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a string the united states and joined from spain and portugal belgium the netherlands are the competition. but you let me teach them way in which you were very eager to invite the two thousand and eighteen world cup to russia and we're confident in our bid we will do our best to provide the inspection commission with as much information as possible regarding our bid so they can gauge the readiness of our potential hosts to the. senate simply just berghaus their own mission ahead tonight and that's to qualify for the champions league proper the premier league table toppers host exert in their first leg playoff. it's all been going swimmingly for this money by letting his side domestically over halfway through now need to hold a hefty seven point advantage up the league summit but in europe's top club competition they really want to make their mark strengthened by recent signing portuguese international defender the rule out of a is the need to haven't lost a game all season and will enter the game favorites they also enter the match
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injury free. world zero also finished third last season and their league but france hold higher you wait for rating than russia they only need to get through one qualifying run in russia and to playing in russia hasn't always been the most pleasurable for exert their most recent experience was a four nil thrashing by c.s.k. in the two thousand and four u. if a cup holder in form of late has also been locked in a certain quad the burgundy club draw in their opening two games of the league one season. board games. choose the evening with the pick of them probably. bottle of the gold. for the dutch giants. will lead from the front for the hosts early favorites tottenham take on young boys of.
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the titans. or at manchester united have kicked off their english premier league season with a win the reds easing to a three no victory over a newly relegated newcastle harbor to offset the no thirty three minutes was followed. by another. from. ryan giggs will he then roll back the years five minutes from time the welshman playing in his nine season old trafford volleying home in style so united move top alongside champions chelsea blackpool aston villa and wolves all points after the opening weekend. the stumble which golf the french national team of the twenty ten world cup in south africa isn't done with just yet the brazilian culprits of the team's strike against then coach raymond domenech have been summoned to a disciplinary hearing by the country's football association but treece evra
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nicolas anelka frank river ian journey to alarm the man called up the entire team refused to train at one stage while anelka was sent home after a perfunctory written tirade against dominic every has been seen arguing with the fitness coach the side began to implode prior to a friendly with norway last week new manager long blank suspended the entire squad all the f.f.f. have already withheld world cup advertising bonuses which were to be paid to the players. we'll keep you updated on that one let's move to golf where it would have been almost unthinkable a year ago but tiger woods has not yet made the u.s. ryder cup squad the world over one finished tied for twenty eighth at last weekend's u.s. p.g.a. major meaning he must now rely on the country's captain to hunt him one of the four wildcard spots for a tour which event his number one player in the world and that's a pretty good pretty good pro. you know obviously concerning him highly.
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no doubt about it. you know he's playing better. i think we've all seen that he wants to play he wants to be part of the team. but it's going to be my judgment you know whether it's become or not. i don't think there's any columns. that brings us to rugby union where new zealand sits just a point away from securing their fifth tri nations title in half a dozen years on the all blacks can make that happen on saturday against south africa both teams have been training in john's berg ahead of the big clash new zealand are coming off a thirteen game winning streak including their latest hard earned victory over st well the springboks in contrast have suffered three straight losses and cannot successfully defend their title with two games to go sunday's match whatever will see eight hundred thousand mainly south african crowd attempt to see if the hosts can at least regain a semblance of pride over to the hardwood where things are going to plan so far for
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team usa head of the twenty ten feet world championships in turkey the americans annihilating france in an exhibition game in new york with a century the us is between asserting their status of early favorites the americans missing the n.b.a.'s top stars for this one with more young talent filling in one of the mean young talents of the game kevin durant's with the flush their team usa began to find the rhythm after a slow start to runs considered to be the go to guy in the u.s. team and had fourteen points to rebalance the hosts on cruise control from their own with a modest and square garden tried cheering on even six fifty five when the current thirteen month squad will travel to europe one more cuts will be made before the tournament starts. an exciting twenty eleven moto g.p. season lies ahead for team to katty after nine time world champion valentino rossi
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announced he's going to be moving to his native atop the unstable next year rossi leaving yamaha in his words an influx of world class riders. so from next year i receive from the country for the next two years and great that i am a. very cool and very motivated for these new talents i think would be very interesting this he retains a lot the yamaha digital of this edition from the from two thousand and four. maybe the best most of the yamaha have ever great the great that i do so. they don't need to be any more. ok let's finish by moving back to football on by taking a look at the pick of the strikes which were buying over the weekend in the russian premier league by the end of the mall it still isn't meet some petersburg they said pretty with a big lead at the top. that's
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your sport for this hour i'll see you soon do stick around though the world weather is coming up in just a tick. every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and what to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world.
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join us for technology update on our jeep. the united states of america is waging war within its own army. jono advantage is on no one side. and human losses are quite significant. is it possible to win the war against sexual assault in the u.s. armed forces sex in the army on our.


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