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in indonesia ots available in the growing shirts immediate hutto the ritz carlton hotel and return to toulouse millennium hotel in you can see
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a sensor told mccomb rocks are told macaron grown to be closer to old mcconnell the venetian marco results will be sold at the snow. would result from a cold closer to home the current riviera told mcconnell sutro told. a suspected colborne blown since although the ropes are reportedly in just eighteen people there are a bustling sixteen cents a can say that of course have been existing details coming on. taking matters into their own hands off down astounds president wants to shut down five security companies operations in the country prompting fears that may take
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troops will struggle to cope without. the first steps to the sols all seen the sense that it's correspondent almost space flight preparation course in the sense of the recollections of those who helped lift america to the. band stage at the odd football stadium suspended visa regime for world cup players and firms on a country full of small shouldn't be makes its move to host the twenty eighth seed only twenty twenty two five it's. also coming up in the business up to a president of a to hold so much as the leading businessmen to how we feel to the images destroyed by the watchful eyes. more details about when.
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a very warm welcome to you this is all to you live from moscow with me on this habit now we begin with breaking news this hour a suspected cop bomb blast on inside a cafe in the sultan a city of because of course cars left up to eighteen people injured five have been taken to hospital well let's get the latest now from our correspondent. he's following developments for us in some time to tell us what we know what boundless explosions they fall. well the local police in the city of pittsburgh worst is saying that it was a court of exploded injuring up to eighteen people who were set in a cafe nearby to the place where the car was parked just to give you an idea how strong the explosion was cars in the area one hundred fifty meters around their car will also see very early damaged we don't have any information about where any people were killed so far there are no victims claimed and prosecutors are already
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working at the scene also to remind you that earlier on tuesday night or explosion took place in the neighboring region on the border between north a city and. twenty year old men exploded himself at the customs when he was asked to present his documents according to the russia's prosecutor's office it was a man from chechnya and together with another suicide bomber they were heading to moscow and planning terror attacks in the russian kept so one man as i said exploded himself another one was later in the day are arrested and confessed to have been. rushed prosecutor's office is saying that. during the explosion one policeman work was killed another three were severely injured because the. they risk their lives and one of them actually setting fires their lives they have prevented a bit much bigger terror attack that was planned for moscow in italian many thanks for the update that was carthon an italian novel while i can now talk to all of his
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correspondent examiner. for more on this examiner as i understand you actually lived in this record so could you tell me a little bit more about the area where the explosion actually happened it's. so cool cultural center all this time of all region because it's the place where all different fans festivities take place it's a place where for a lot of students coming there to study and actually right now with the moment of course host and all caucasian youth camp where more than some old and teenagers from all different republics caucuses republics come to get together the area where the blast happened is actually five minutes from the police station near the central post office not far from the local administration and the cafe is known to be a place where the local mayor likes to have dinners and lunches so it's a very touristic spot many people come there as you can see from our much earlier if you could call risk is situated in russia's restive shall we say caucasus
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regions and how well do you think all four seas are in that area for incidents like this well i actually think authorities are very well prepared police are always on alert right now and all that the whole area is blocked and are medics come very quickly at the scene i've received a couple of calls from my friend saying that they've been not far away from the cafe they've seen a woman crying over her two kids who probably weren't there and actually when the blast happened many people thought it was kind of an earthquake because it was so near that it smashed in all the windows from the. business centers so it's a hectic place of the moment and but police. is prepared to see people clearly in a state of shock. many thanks for your thoughts and for joining us on this will do stay with r.t. of course as we continue to bring you more on this explosion has taken place in southern russia as far as we know so far eighteen people have been injured we will
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keep you up to date on this. ok well we've still got plenty more for you coming up later this hour including. like a search breast enlargement lookin handsome and the quest to become embody the will to perfect surgery becoming more and more popular and more and more affordable can be easy to figure out what the real costs of going into the night could be as the amount of people undergoing drastic surgery grows rapidly in russia so does the number of victims disfigured or even killed by all qualified and inexperienced doctors. want to be an astronaut here's what it takes to get your suit your helmet frictionless environment let's go to space join our team for an out of business world experience at the place where america made its first steps towards the.
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afghan president hamid karzai wants to kick out private security companies and replace them with local security forces the contractors who work mainly for western companies do everything from guarding supply convoys to personal security to diplomats and business that a government spokesman says the companies will be ordered to disband within four months or this comes as the u.s. increases its religious presence in afghanistan don't remember of the afghan parliament things the timing of this decision is just wrong. president thought that security companies are the problem. and i think it's not the security company viperous a it's a poor management and poor implementation of the law i think not only it will be a blow to to the country security wise also employment in a country that very little other employment this would be a very very ill timed decision and announcement and these people will need jobs and
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they have to have families if you can consider the one five or six people in their family just you can imagine what will happen let alone the security situation i don't think that our security forces are are going to be able to fill that gap that quickly the result would be hampered capabilities by the nato and listen forces and convoy protection and delivery of goods and services and other things that they need in different bases and different stations and different different provinces even our afghan consumers will be suffering because if we cannot protect the convoys of consumers not only military but nonmilitary ramifications are something to think about. now trilby scenes long competition with the promise of miracles from plastic surgeons in russia women and some men a flocking to hundreds of private clinics too in homes than that but for some patients who ignore the risks and not enjoying the wrinkle free face is that
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suffering endless legal battles with inexperienced surgeons. the ugly side of the city despite being one of the most unregulated areas in russian health care plastic surgery is seeing a boom in demand the idealists have been most i've had to those jobs liposuction my lips repressed and hands months and older forth when i make money with this work when people call me crazy i answer that in my house in florence i don't care what they think plastic surgery clinics easy to find in most cases and procedures cost less than you might think. breast enlargement. the quest to becoming body beautiful three plastic surgery becoming more and more popular and more affordable can be easy to figure out what the real costs are going and the knife could be. far from people being put off by the danger is the plastic surgery crowd getting younger
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brother who wants to do what i have a twenty one year old friend who is a fan of pamela anderson so she could get her huge breasts that's a personal business i can't judge but then she also had a facelift at twenty one of course that i don't support it's this that causes a negative attitude towards plastic surgery but i blame the surgeon who gave a feast lift to a twenty one year old russia stands fifth a month countries with the highest level of plastic surgery operations being a relatively new market many private clinics of any popped up in the last decade and there are still very few experienced professionals. through the system of medical training different in russia and western countries it takes up to ten years to train as a plastic surgeon in russia if you're already a surgeon you just need to take a month long course in order to get a license to practice but if this doctor comes from a completely different kind of surgery they need much much longer training which we
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just don't see happening in russia. and that's what causes problems for one twenty seven year old girl who entered a mosque a clinic recently for a routine liposuction the risk cost her her life when she had a suspected allergic reaction was done to local and. the legal repercussions in these situations often and. there are no clear controls or sanctions doctors avoid punishment and a large number of cases one reason is that medical documentation submitted to the judge or the investigation officers are often falsified also patients who often sign consent forms with off thinking of the risks unfortunately such circumstances make it hard to ensure an objective trial today there is still no official statistics on the number of institutions providing plastic surgery or the exact data on how many and what kind of operations are being conducted. with recent
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tragic cases and little official a the side russians might soon start thinking twice about the risks involved before going under the knife. a. visa for a entry for once one player from the russian government which is putting its weight behind the bid to host the planet's biggest football over the world cup international officials are in moscow to inspect the plans for the twenty eighteen torment stacie bivins went to find out what russia has been doing to sway the delegation. well russia is willing and able to fulfill all promises laid out and it's a bit that's according to prime minister better putin who met with the people delegation in moscow on tuesday and he says they're also ready to fulfill promises that are not laid out a bit one of those guarantees is a visa free temporary stay and
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a political you just think we provided fifo with guarantees from our government and we are ready to provide the organization with additional guarantees such as visa free entry for all the players and fans at the time of the event and free travel between cities hosting the world cup. now russia has three major points and it's that are first of all the bad days you have six million people who are players of the game of football they're big supporters of it so fan base is doubly number one also in eastern europe a country has never i hosted the world cup so that could also be in russia's favor at thirty first interested in helping countries that have never hosted to develop and having the games the world cup in the country would definitely help fifo reach that goal now that russia's bid also has the attention of the u.k. media yet british press quoting officials in that country saying that russia is probably the strongest competitor when it comes to sealing a world cup bid that the nation has a couple of days to woo the feeds
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a delegation as it heads to sochi head to preside from more on the russian bid and its chances is my colleague caterina but chose not to. proceed with. and sold africa. could not should be next it's hopes of posting the twenty eighteen world cup a facing a key test this week as fifa inspectors arrive to assess the bit also in the running are england australia the united states and to june bits from spain and portugal and gold room and the netherlands with so the africa hosting this year's tournament and brazil in four years time it still would be europe's turn will be next in twenty eighteen and many see russia's chances and scoring a chance a pretty good that russia can succeed and a lot of people say maybe you know i got more political decision than the football
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decision to give to a big country like russia or the biggest country in the world for a chance through the whole school come. through between right also believes russia's bid is strong and is helping to make it even so. he's the director of a commercial to be shown to the jewelry group it was the all told the suit you were in trailing picks can pay in each shots he should russia as he loves it and the beach one incredible new stadia incredible new locations in terms of from some petersburg to sochi and kaliningrad and of course moscow you know there's a tremendous in our tourism spec to it on top of the games and again it's the first time that it will have been held in europe and there's also a huge base of football fans in eastern europe who've never had the opportunity to show how much they love the game at home. to see the game and the government is
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ready to play russia's beat includes designs for over a dozen new state of the art studio worth up to ten billion dollars what we have team brand new stadiums are under construction currently it's only moskos luzhniki which for you matches people standouts and has had experience of costing major international events but in fact the very need to build new infrastructure could be russia's major selling point the other contenders already have infrastructure in place but fever is interested in expanding it across the continent and beyond blast has successfully coped with the logistical challenges of several big tournaments in the past the people who are running this. are the same people who organized. the you for cup champion. finals in two thousand lose nikki between man u. and chelsea the fans were allowed in without visas for the first time and they all
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came in two different ports and went very very smoothly and i think it will have a great time so people you know knew very clearly that russia was really ill when it comes to organizing big international events like the. russia's progression for the twenty fourteen sochi olympics is likely to come under scrutiny by three foot two and with the first results appearing to be impressive then such a success could mean and now the winning goal for russia in its world cup a bit in the church of the r t. huntsville alabama played a unique role in the u.s. mission to the moon and still provides a unique insight into the space race today it both an extraordinary collection of flight hardware and offers people the chance to step into an astronaut shoes literally a lot is an exhaust the skull that even american experts say it was the russians who drove the nation to the moon. this is huntsville
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alabama vast space and a city devoted to just that. in the deep south of the usa. is word all began and this was the beginning of our manned spaceflight program it's where one man spatial vision when i was seventeen years old i had no doubt that man would land on the moon in my lifetime became reality he had always dreamed about space travel he was warner von brown a former member of the nazi party turned pioneer of u.s. space exploration given his past how did people here see him rocket scientists the gentleman who could take us into space but why huntsville we had more ph d.'s per square acre than you could find anywhere in the country available and willing workforce a workforce that experienced history. and lived to tell about it
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back then i was in the manufacturing engineering department people like rocket scientists an engineer robert showing hammer what specific rock you are allowed to do bigger see saturn saturn. apollo story and dan brown's colleague and friend at buckbee we flew twelve or twelve astronauts to the moon and spacecraft like this and at the height of the cold war the real reason behind the space race i really believe that the soviet union drove the us to the moon because there was serious competition between the two countries how can it be that the russians into that we thought we were the technological wizards of the world but then it turned out that here's somebody that already launched a satellite and here at the u.s. space and rocket center that competition lives on. on and that's the only place in
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the in the country that you can see all these vehicles including the space shuttle where you can see and experience everything that you hear that it was even here in my dreams or you're on your own. and they separating go down and land on the moon surface what does it feel like to go on the moon or the astronauts were actually very trained on a device just like this and here anyone could be a space traveler they want to be an astronaut here's what it takes to get your suit your helmet a frictionless environment let's go to space. but eventually you gotta come back down. where it safely yes it's been a great ride. down to earth didn't go soft. alabama ok time now for look at some of the news from around the world this hour
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and at least sixteen people killed one hundred twenty five wounded by a suicide bomber who blew himself off about the blast happened close to where a thousand people have gathered near and only recruitment center iraqi oil forces how to for the attack the incident came just two weeks before the u.s. finishes operating in the region. thirty six people have been killed and more than twenty are still missing and a new wave of floods in china the country's been hit hard by heavy rains and storms which of claimed over two thousand lives already around the halls of those in the recent mudslides in cool county well schools of houses have been destroyed a road from electricity supplies damaged across different parts of china. now the international criminal tribunals for the former yugoslavia resumes in the
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hague for a summer break rather than candidate has been on trial since last year i have to be captured in belgrade into the olden days before the bosnian serb leader is accused of orchestrating a campaign to destroy the muslim and croat communities in bosnia back in ninety ninety five he faces a possible life imprisonment if convicted. another update of our top stories in just a few minutes time but first let's cross over to the business that's going on it's very rough good to see you again i understand that rather worrying news now the number of employees across russia not getting their their due salaries increasing why yes hello that's true impreza rivera is now imposing higher fines all employers to tackle the problem we have the details later in the program but first this hour your dairy pascoe may be collecting a war chest and his fight to take over nickel russian daily video was he says the boss of resell could borrow as much as six billion dollars from state run lend the
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group the money would be used to buy the twenty five cent stake of rival the real nickel shareholder bloody miracle turn of the two men have been locked in a heated battle for control of the mind of each accusing the other misfire injuring the company their past they have reportedly agreed to pledge forty five percent of its end plus group as collateral for the t.v. learned. president very different called on russia's leading businessmen to help rebuild villages destroyed by the wildfires all of dairy passed by the town and you have to schenkel have all been summoned to the president's black sea residents to pledge their assistance very possible promise to build fifty houses well you have to shame cause has said he was ready to conscript six hundred fifty thousand dollars the government has said it will rebuild houses worth up to sixty five thousand dollars each for all three thousand people left homeless. now in other news it seems mother nature is picking on russia while large parts of the country
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are dealing with drought and wildfires the northwest has been hit by a ferocious storm hurricane strength winds struck the same petersburg region damaging infrastructure and causing power cuts to one hundred thousand people the cost of the electricity companies is estimated to be in excess of thirty million dollars also is expected to the next in the storm's path although the winds now have lessened. time check the markets now and u.s. stocks are rising after reports showed wholesale prices climbed the first time since march and also there's been a jump in industrial production over in europe with minus the top again ism footsie calls work as opposed to the thirty six percent increase in the second quarter profit which is we mean well as the world received by the market the daily mirror credited improvement in the russian market and a better rueful exchange rate. i don't rush in markets are higher as we approach the end of the session with both the bulls is trading up more than one percent but
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the rise of john and or colleagues gained over three percent you know surveillance karimov moves to chief rival soviets. and worrying signs for russia now in the economy where wage wage arrears shot up eleven percent compared to june the federal statistics service says the backlog has now hit one hundred twelve million dollars it comes despite president rigid ordering bigger followings for employees who hold back salaries. the top officials admitted foreigners they serious problems in bringing goods across the border into russia but the country's finance minister has changes to the law as a new customs union comes into force. and russia last month formed a single customs area and promised less checks. it's forty four percent of goods coming into russia are held up at the border and inspected in the u.k. that figure is just two percent we want a new bill and customs regulations to come into force in october the first. now
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grown from russia's national reserves will not be used for export beginning of this week the government impose a blanket ban on producers selling grain abroad in response to the severe drought have been speculation in the commodities markets the government would use its own reserves to fill some foreign contracts but speaking exclusively to our t. the head of the joint grain company sergei levin says this will not be possible. well guardian what at this point the intervention stock has nine million one hundred forty thousand tonnes of grain the intervention stock could be used differently depending on the situation last year and in the beginning of this year the country had excessive amounts of grain interventions don't put pressure on the internal market that's why it was necessary to export this grain but the situation has changed drastically we cannot talk about excessive amounts of grain on the internal market now we are saying that we have a necessary safety net so we are not talking about exporting the intervention stock
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any more what we are talking about is the need to decide which of the internal consumers it should best be given to in other words to which of the affected regions it should go in the first place and in what scope this decision must be made by the government i think it will happen as mr zucker have said within the next two weeks. ago what is russia's current storage capacity to hit if you look at the statistics the federal service of states to six reports that we have a total storage capacity of about one hundred eighteen million tonnes but that includes all types of grain storage is both the modern ones equipped with climate control systems and the old grain arrays and bonds dating back to pre-war times honestly i think that only about one third of the storage is are up to more than requirements and how has the drought. affected your strategy until two thousand and fifteen start there given that another company of the strategy of the united grain company includes large scale investments into the green market infrastructure
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construction of new storage is and trans shipment elevators as well as an upgrade of the existing facilities going forward to two thousand and fifteen there will be significant changes in the grain distribution patterns inside the country because over the last few years there was quite a distinct distribution the southern region produce grain for export while the central region and siberia produce grain for internal consumption this is going to change now and the grain from the south is going to be consumed internally as well and we'll certainly have to rethink our strategy. and i'm sure update for now we can always find more of our stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business. thank you it will.


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