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a. bustling city center in southern russia injuring at least thirty people off a suicide bomber kills one in just three in the republic of. taking matters into their own hands afghanistan's president wants to stop private security companies operating in the country pointing fingers at nato troops will
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struggle to cope with. the first steps to. postpone the calls to prepare the space flight this is to help. a suspended visa regime for players and fans and the country's biggest sporting russia makes its move to host the twenty eight twenty. nine from our studios here in central moscow twenty four hours a day this is. a car bomb blast outside a cafe in the southern city of has left at least thirty people injured the explosion which was the equivalent of thirty kilos of t.n.t. follows another terror attack that struck russia's north caucuses on tuesday morning corresponding the town and more about these two incidents. we are right now
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outside russia's prosecutor's office and it has confirmed that the explosion was indeed an act of terror a local policeman are saying that the court of exploded injured up to twenty three people who were stabbed in the coffee near to where the car was parked there was an explosion the windows were blown out one fragment flew really close to me the nearby cars were badly damaged windows broken many people covered in blood were taken out just to give you an idea of how big the explosion was cars in the area one hundred fifty meters around that car were severely damaged as well but the preliminary data indicates it was an open explosive left in a parked car some of those injured are in the critical condition the investigative committee has opened a criminal case the representatives of the community experienced investigators working at the site trying to identify the type of the explosive its capacity and
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all the relevant data the federal security service has reported to the russian president ordered an investigation and he also ordered to help to be provided to all those people who were injured and to present persons and one to the region. born into has reported that those who work who suffered in the explosion are already being provided with help another explosion took place earlier on tuesday on the border between north i said. one at twenty year old man exploded himself at the customs when he was asked to present his documents he killed one policeman and heavily injured another three rushed prosecutor's office is saying that they have information that two men from chechnya were heading to moscow and planning a terror attack in the russian capital one of them as i said before exploded himself at the customs and the other one was arrested later during the day and has confessed that indeed they to work together and were heading to moscow for a terror attack. well twenty nine of those injured in. the hospital with two of
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them being treated in intensive care the owner of the coal which was used in the attack has been identified according to local reports eyewitness. says the area around the explosion was badly damaged by the powerful blast. we were some distance away from the blast about seventy five meters but still we all felt the blast wave it felt like something pushed me down we saw a lot of cars police cars amanda drive past in the direction of where the sound came from we were at the office and decided to go there and see what happened the scene of the explosion was near the post office and across the street from that cafe we saw that the police had sealed off the area and the windows of the past were shattered a lot of people were hurt since it was a lively part of the city there usual a lot of people there the cafe there might not have been packed but still. afghan president hamid karzai wants to kick help private security companies and replace
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them with local security forces the contractors who work mainly for western companies do everything from guarding supply convoys to providing personal security for diplomats and business from a government spokesman says the companies will be ordered to disband within four months all this comes as the u.s. increases its military presence in afghanistan ivan eland from washington's independent institute believes that how much because i is targeting unregistered local warlords more than security companies. i think he's probably playing the nationalist card maybe to get rid of some of the try to get rid of some of the foreign contractors but in reality battling these private security companies that many of whom aren't registered with the government and operate like gangs around the country if they get rid of everybody in the timeframe that he says there will be more instability because a lot of these convoys that they use the embassies it's outer of the military structures and buildings need to be guarded because there's lots of violence and
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certainly the taliban would take advantage of that to increase their attacks on vulnerable places and also security companies have been accused of let their convoys go through the taliban territory so we have this corruption in there as well but but they get rid of them i think there's probably going to be more taliban attacks the decree is really impossible to carry out any time soon. and in the iraqi capital baghdad at least sixty people were killed and over one hundred wounded by a suicide bomb iraqi authorities say al qaeda was behind the attack the blast happened close to one thousand people together the recruitment center is one of the bloodiest this year it comes just two weeks before the u.s. starts a withdrawal from iraq leaving behind fifty thousand troops to train the cool forces in iraq has been trying to build up its own security forces before the american put up but carol turner from stop the war coalition says there's no actual combat troop pullout from iraq anyway. the force is all for her and the chaos exists in iraq
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because it's been the country's been destroyed by the war in the military occupation that followed the best way of rebuilding iraq to get its foreign troops out and to get real peacekeeping forces in and in those conditions where the population of iraq is comfortable and satisfied that rebuilding the country is going on that it will begin to subtle them but the reality is not that the u.s. has created security but it's destroyed what little security existed before the invasion in two thousand and three i think the troops that exist are being renamed and instead of being called com but troops are being called trainers or support forces they're the same people with a different name the point is that the united states as a stamp wish to permanent present presents a permanent base in iraq it's hell bent on keeping that of course it wants to
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reduce the amount of u.s. personnel that of a but that the fact that it's reducing the number of personnel does is not the same and is not seen to be the same as withdrawal and therefore the situation will continue to be unstable. visa free entry for all that's one pledge from the russian government which is putting its weight behind the bid to host the planet's biggest football event and that is of course the world cup international officials remarks go to inspect the plans for the twenty eight team torment stevens went to find out what russia has been doing to sway the fee for delegation. well russia is willing and able to fulfill all promises laid out and it's a bit that's according to prime minister bet amir putin who met with the people delegation in moscow on tuesday and he says they're also wary to fulfill promises that are not laid out in a bid one of those guarantees is
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a visa free temporary stay an opportunity i just think we provided fifo with guarantees from our government and we are ready to provide the organization with additional guarantees such as visa free entry for all the players and fans at the time of the event and free travel between cities hosting the world cup. now russia has three major points and it's that first of all the bad days you have six million people who are players of the game of football they're big supporters of it so fan base is doubly number one also it's easier to country as never a host at the world cup so that could also be in russia's favor at thirty first interested in helping countries that have never posted to develop and having the games the world cup in a country would definitely help the flow reach that goal now that russia's bid also has the attention of the u.k. media you have british press quoting officials in that country saying that russia is probably the strongest competitor when it comes to sealing
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a world cup bid that the nation has a couple of days to woo the feet high delegation as it heads to sochi head to preside for more on the russian bid and its chances is my colleague had to be in a patrol car to. proceed with. and so deftly come. could know should be next it's hopes of posting the twenty eighteen world cup a facing a key test this week as fifa inspectors arrive to assess the bit also in the running are england australia the united states and two june bits from spain and portugal and gold room and the netherlands but so difficult hosting this year's tournament and brazil in four years time it still would be europe's turn will be next in twenty eighteen and many see russia's chances and scoring a chance to prove that russia can succeed and
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a lot of people say maybe you know i got more political decision than the football decision to give to a big country like russia or the biggest country in the world for a chance to force the world cup. through between right also believes russia's bid is strong and is helping to make it even so. he's the director of a commercial to be shown to the jewelry group it was the old gold the suit you were in trailing pics completely in each shots he showed russia as humor visit and the beach one incredible new stadia incredible new locations in terms of from some petersburg to sochi and kaliningrad and of course moscow you know there's a tremendous toryism spec to it on top of the games and again it's the first time that it will have been held in europe and there's also a huge base of football fans in eastern europe who've never had the opportunity to show how much they love the game at home. to see the game until the government is
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ready to pay the russians beat includes designs for over a dozen new state of the art studio worth up to ten billion dollars what we have team brand new stadiums are under construction currently it's only moskos luzhniki which for you matches people standouts and has had experience of costing major international events but in fact the very need to build new infrastructure could be russia's major selling point the other contenders already have infrastructure in place but fever is interested in expanding it across the continent and beyond class moscow has successfully coped with the logistical challenges of several big tournaments in the past the people who are running this. are the same people who organized. the you for cup champion. finals in two thousand lose
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nicky between man u. and chelsea the fans were allowed in without visas for the first time and they all came in two different ports and went very very smoothly and i think it will have a great time so people knew very clearly that russia was really tip top when it comes to organizing big international events like the. russia's group grecian for the twenty fourteen sochi olympics is likely to come under scrutiny by three for two and with the france results appearing to be impressive then such a success could mean and now the winning goal for russia in its world cup a bit. of a r t new scope. natural beauty is locked in competition with the promise of miracles from plastic surgeons in russia are women and some men are flocking to hundreds of private clinics to enhance their lobes but for some patients who ignore the risks they're not enjoying new wrinkle free faces but suffering endless legal battles with inexperienced surgeons.
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the ugly side of the city despite being one of the most unregulated areas in russian health care plastic surgery is seeing a boom in demand he had illicit banaszak i've had two those jobs liposuction my lips repressed in the hands months and older forth when i make money with this work or if it when people call me crazy i answer that in my house in florence i don't care what they think plastic surgery clinics easy to find in most cases and procedures cost less than you might think. breast enlargement. the quest to becoming body beautiful three perfect surgery becoming more and more popular and more and more affordable can be if they get what the real costs of going into the night could be. far from people being pissed off by the dangers the plastic surgery crowd is getting younger made by the. board i have a twenty one year old friend who's
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a fan of pamela anderson so she could get her huge breasts that's her personal business i can't judge but then she also had a facelift at twenty one of course that i don't support it's this that causes a negative attitude towards plastic surgery but i blame the surgeon who gave a feast lift to a twenty one year old russia stands fifth a month countries with the highest level of plastic surgery operations being a relatively new market many private clinics of any popped up in the last decade and there are still very few experienced professionals. through the system of medical training different in russia and western countries it takes up to ten years to train as a plastic surgeon in russia if you're already a surgeon you just need to take a month long course in order to get a license to practice but if this doctor comes from a completely different kind of surgery they need much much longer training which we just don't see happening in. russia and that's what causes problems for one twenty
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seven year old girl who entered a mosque a clinic recently. the risk cost her her life when she had a suspected allergic reaction. the legal repercussions in these situations are often and. more than a protest record but there are no clear controls or sanctions for doctors avoid punishment and a large number of cases one reason is that medical documentation submitted to the judge or the investigation officers are often falsified also patients who often sign consent forms with off thinking of the risks unfortunately such circumstances make it hard to ensure an objective trial today there is still no official statistics on the number of institutions providing plastic surgery or the exact data on how many and what kind of operations are being conducted. with recent tragic cases and little official a the russians might soon start thinking twice
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about the risks involved in the fall getting under the knife. huntsville alabama played a unique role in the u.s. mission to the moon and still provides a unique insight into the space race today it boasts an extraordinary session of flight hardware and offers people the chance to step in to an astronaut shoes literally and all it is doing it is also discovered even american experts say it was the russians who drove the nation to the moon. this is huntsville alabama vast space and a city devoted to just that. in the deep south of the usa. is word all began and this was the beginning of our manned spaceflight program it's where one man spatial vision when i was seventeen years old i had no doubt that man would land on the moon in my lifetime became reality he had always dreamed about
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space travel he was warner von brown a former member of the nazi party turned a pioneer of u.s. space exploration given his past how did people here see him rocket scientists the gentleman who could take us into space but why huntsville we had more ph d.'s per square acre than you could find anywhere in the country available and willing workforce a workforce that experienced history. and lived to tell about it back then i was in the manufacturing engineering department people like rocket scientists an engineer robert showing hammer what specific rock you were allowed to do gooders for the saturn or saturn. apollo story and dan brown's colleague and friend at buckbee we flew twelve or twelve astronauts to the moon and spacecraft like this and at the height of the cold war the real reason behind the space race i
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really believe that. the soviet union drove the u.s. to the moon because there was serious competition between the two countries how can it be that the russians we thought we would take them on to the wizards of the world but then it turned out that here's somebody that already launched a satellite and here at the us space and rocket center that competition lives on and that's the only place in the in the country that you can see all these vehicles including the space shuttle where you can see and experience everything that you are right it was me in my dreams are absolutely on your own. and they separating go down and land on the moon surface what does it feel like to go on the moon or the astronauts were actually very trained on a device just like this and here anyone could be a space traveler they want to be an astronaut here's what it takes to get your suit
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your helmet a frictionless environment let's go to space. but eventually you got to come back down. made it safely yes it's been a great ride. down to earth do you have a soft. alabama. well talk now for a look at some other news from around the world in our world i think you can see a high speed train from frankfurt to paris collided with a truck carrying rubbish in germany ten people on board were injured one of them seriously. about one hundred forty kilometers southwest of frankfurt happened after a truck slid down a wet slope onto the tracks police say it'll take at least a day to clear the area. a palestinian has been hurt in a shooting at the turkish embassy in tel aviv police say the man entered the building seeking asylum but was shot and wounded by security when he threatened
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staff some media reports say two hostages being held by the intruder escaped unharmed we're going israeli officials have denied that police are awaiting clearance to enter the building to investigate to see. an iranian air force fighter jet has crashed near the bushehr nuclear power plant in the south of the country the pilot and copilot ejected from the plane were taken to hospital officials say a technical failure caused the crash incident happened just six kilometers north of the city of bushehr where a russian built nuclear power plant is expected to start fueling up later this week . in spain now three people have been killed and two injured as flash floods hit the south of the country to ensure the rains washed away cars ruined houses and covered buildings with not and in poland at least one person was killed and almost one hundred people evacuated from a tourist site after severe storms there. well up to bring us up to date for the moment here on r.t. in about ten minutes from now we'll be talking to the veteran journalist john pilger about america's current wars meanwhile the business is next that's after
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a short break. so the feel we've got to. get voice face to face with the news maker. hello welcome to the business program here on r.t. audio diary paskin may be collecting award chest in his fight to take over a new role cynical russian daily that i'm lost he says the boss of russell could
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borrow as much as six billion dollars from state run lend group the money would be used to buy the twenty five percent stake of rival nervous nickel shareholders that he made for tanith the two men have been locked in a heated fassel for control of the mine enough to reach accusing me of the mismanaging the company very possibly as reportedly agreed to pledge forty five percent of his and plus group as collateral for the t.v. love. present date of his call on russia's leading businessmen to help rebuild villages destroyed by the wildfires. past the maypole town and suddenly you have to shine called have all been summoned to the presence blocks a very sudden surprise there are systems terry pasco promised to build fifty houses while you have to shine called said he was ready to contradict six hundred fifty thousand dollars the government has said it we rebuild houses worth up to sixty five thousand dollars each for all three thousand people left homeless. time check out the markets now russian stocks close higher on tuesday as oil rebounded and
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metals advanced boosting the outlook for commodities producers the country's biggest mining company nerve nickel increased one point seven percent. a worrying sign for the russian economy wagering as last month shot up eleven percent compared to do the federal statistics service says the backlog has now hit one hundred twelve million dollars it comes despite president very of ordering bigger fines for employers who hold back salaries b.h.p. billiton has launched an unsolicited thirty eight point six billion dollars bid for calendars potash corp the world's largest fertilizer maker the offer has been promptly rejected by the board of potash corp was grossly inadequate and now the market is pricing in a higher offer the bid reflects the anglo australian mining giants desire to capitalize on the recovery in the first lies the sector here in russia consolidation is also taking place or carly is widely expected to make
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a bid for silvie it is recreate a new national champion at the world's second biggest the juice of potash. grain from russia's national reserves will not be used for export beginning of this week the government imposed a blanket ban on producers selling grain abroad in response to the severe drought there have been speculation on the commodities markets the government would use its own reserves to fill some foreign contracts but speaking exclusively to our t. the head of the joint grain company say gay levin says this will not be possible. at this point the intervention stock has nine million one hundred forty thousand tons of grain intervention stock could be used differently depending on the situation last year and in the beginning of this year the country had excessive amounts of grain the intervention stock put pressure on the internal market that's why it was necessary to export this grain but the situation has changed drastically we cannot talk about excessive amounts of grain on the internal market now we are
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saying that we have a necessary safety net so we are not talking about exporting the intervention stock any more what we are talking about is the need to decide which of the internal consumers it should best be given to in other words to which of the affected regions it should go in the first place and in what scope this decision must be made by the government i think it will happen as mr of said within the next two weeks. what is russia's current storage capacity but some here think if you look at the statistics the federal service of states to six reports that we have a total storage capacity of about one hundred eighteen million tons but that includes all types of grain storage is both the modern ones equipped with climate control systems and the old grain arrays and bonds dating back to pre-war times honestly i think that only about one third of the storage is are up to more than requirements. how has the drought. affected your strategy until two thousand and fifteen. minute another company of
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a strategy of the united grain company includes large scale investments into the green market infrastructure construction of new storage is and trans shipment elevators as well as an upgrade of the existing facilities going forward to two thousand and fifteen there will be significant changes in the grain distribution patterns inside the country because over the last few years there was quite a distinct distribution the southern region produce grain for export while the central region and siberia produce grain for internal consumption this is going to change now and the grain from the south is going to be. internally as well and will certainly have to rethink i was trying to. finally lukoil is considering an unlikely proposal to diversify its business the oil giant has been offered the opportunity to try his hand chicken farming better response the company to invest in the construction of poultry plants which he hopes will produce one hung just sounds and tons of made two year that's roughly forty million birds have a cultural ministry men's reports that lukoil has responded favorably to the
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proposal and is considering the idea nash update for now be can always find more stories on our website www dot com slash business.


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