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at least thirty are hurt as a car bomb rocked a bustling city center in southern russia hours after a suicide bomber kills one injures three policemen in the republic of the north. running out of time former u.s. ambassador john bolton says that if israel is to attack iran's nuclear plant and share it's got just three days left to do it because any military strike after the facility goes live later this week would risk a radioactive catastrophe. taking matters into their own hands afghanistan's president wants to stop private security companies operating in the country prompting fears that nato troops will struggle to cope without them. and dropping visas for football fans and a new state of the art stadium built from scratch there the key selling points to a visiting afifa delegation in russia's bid to host the soccer world cup in eight
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or twelve years time. broadcasting live from moscow this is our team now look at your top stories at least thirty people have been injured in a car bomb explosion outside a cafe in russia's southern city of pisa gorski the explosion equivalent to thirty kilos of t.n.t. came just hours after another terror attack in russia's north caucuses on tuesday morning. reports. we are right now outside russia's prosecutor's office and it has confirmed that the explosion was indeed an act of terror there was an explosion the windows were blown out one fragment flew really close to me the nearby cars were badly damaged windows broken many people covered in blood were taken out and just to give you an idea of how big the explosion was cars in the area one hundred fifty meters around that car were severely damaged as well but the preliminary data
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indicates it was an open explosive left in a parked car some of those injured are in a critical condition the investigative committee has opened a criminal case the representatives of the committee experienced investigators are working at the site trying to identify the type of the explosive its capacity and all the relevant data the federal security service has reported to the russian president ordered an investigation and he also ordered to help to be provided to all those people who were injured and to present persons and voice to the region. born in the has reported that those who work has suffered in the explosion are already being provided with help another explosion took place earlier on tuesday on the border between north i said. one at twenty year old man exploded himself at the customs when he was asked to present his documents he killed one policeman and
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heavily injured another three rushed persecutors office is saying that they have information that two men from chechnya were heading to moscow and planning a terror attack in the russian capital one of them as i said before exploded himself at the customs and the other one was arrested later during the day and has confessed that indeed they to work together and were heading to moscow for a terror attack. twenty nine of those injured in peter gorski are in the hospital with to an intensive care local reports say the owner in the attack has already been identified i witnessed one of you said the. blast caused widespread damage. oh get over it we were some distance away from the blast about seventy five meters but still we all felt the blast wave it felt like something pushed me down we saw a lot of cars police cars among them drive past in the direction of where the sound came from we were at the office and decided to go there and see what happened the scene of the explosion was near the post office and across the street from the cafe
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we saw that the police had sealed off the area and the windows of the post office were shattered a lot of people were hurt since it was a lively part of the city there usual a lot of people there the cafe there might not have been packed but still. if israel plans to attack iran's nuclear power plant it has only three days left to do so according to a former senior white house aide former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton made the statement in an interview with fox news he said the danger of releasing radiation into the atmosphere would be too great once the bush era plant is launched on august twenty first ruling out military attacks by israel or the u.s. on the facility after that russia state nuclear energy company recently announced it will transfer fuel to the facility on that day dr alan the new professor of international relations at the center for global studies at new york says an israeli attack so soon is unlikely but the idea remains on the table. i don't think
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. both and he is correct in this regard. israel has known for some time that this. bush era is going to be operational but also the russian also wanted to make sure. as they insert the nuclear fuel rods that is the iranian have been obligated themselves to return the few of the spent fuel back to russia which is suitable to produce you know a nuclear weapon so there's an agreement to that effect which the united states apparently satisfied with that arrangement therefore the reason why i don't think anything is going to happen the next three or four days or next month for that matter of course first of all iran did not reach a breakout capacity that is. that would be the sign the time has come to do something about it the sanctions currently are really working specifically in the area of technology fuel energy etc and certainly banking and iranian are hurting
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very very much three they have already agreed to sit down again next month after ramadan to negotiate with the five plus one again to restart a negotiation to see a very china agreement for the night it is about to commence to resume negotiations between israel and the public opinion and israel is not going to take such an action at this particular point let me let me be very clear i did not say and i would not say that military action either by israel or the united states or board has been removed from the table that has never happened and it is still very much on the table so to speak the question is of timing and the question is whether or not iran will eventually come to its senses and decided to negotiate a solution to the problem that is really the issue today. here with r t and there's plenty more to come including nip and tuck russian style. like
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a such breast enlargement enhanced the quest to become a plastic surgery becoming more and more popular and more and more affordable can be easy to figure out what the real costs of going into the night could be as the demand for plastic surgery grows in russia so does the number of inexperienced and on licensed doctors. and in the iraqi capital baghdad at least sixty people have been killed and over one hundred twenty wounded by a suicide bomber iraqi authorities say al qaeda was behind the attack the blast happened near a major military headquarters where hundreds of army recruits a gathered one of the bloodiest attacks of this here comes just two weeks before the u.s. begins withdrawing combat troops from iraq however around fifty thousand soldiers will remain in the country training local military iraq's been trying to build up its own security forces before the americans fall out but carol turner from the stop the war coalition says a full withdrawal is needed. the forces also her in the chaos exists in
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iraq because it's been the country has been destroyed by the war in the military occupation that followed it's the best way of rebuilding iraq to get its foreign troops out and to get real peacekeeping forces in and in those conditions where the population of iraq is comfortable and satisfied that rebuilding the country is going on and it will begin to support them but the reality is not that the u.s. has created security but it's destroyed what little security existed before the invasion of two thousand and three i think the troops that exist are being renamed and instead of being called troops being called trainers or support forces so that the same people with a different name. the point is that the united states as a stamp wish to permanent present presents
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a permanent base in iraq it's hell bent on keeping that of course it wants to reduce the amount of u.s. personnel that have a but not the fact that it's reducing the number of personnel this is not the same and is not seen to be the same as withdrawal and therefore the situation will continue to be unstable. free entry for football fans that's one pledge from the russian government which is putting its weight behind the bid to host the world's biggest sporting event the soccer world cup easy entry to the country was promised by prime minister putin meeting fifa delegation inspecting proposed venues for the two thousand and eighteen tournaments started in st petersburg before traveling to moscow also be visiting other russian cities including the two thousand and fourteen winter olympics capital sochi but he's you've got to be no looks at the big selling points of the russian bid. but to think the razzie. and cell death i could rush should
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be next it's hopes of posting the twenty eighteen world cup of facing a key test this week is fifty inspectors arrive to assess the bit also in the running are england australia the united states and to join us from spain and portugal and belgium and the netherlands not so difficult hosting this year's tournament and brazil in four years time it still would be europe's turn will be next in twenty eighteen and many see russia's chances as high pressure against that city and a lot of people say maybe l. i got more political decision than then football this isn't to give a big country like russia the biggest fans in the world their chance to host the world cup. group between right also believes russia's bid is strong and is helping to make it even stronger he is the director of a commercial to be shown to the jury group which was the author of the saw two
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winter olympics can pay incredible new stadia incredible new locations in terms of from some petersburg to sochi and kaliningrad and ka-zar and of course moscow you know there's a tremendous in art torres a spec to it on top of the games and again it's the first time that it will have been held in eastern europe and there's also a huge base of football fans in eastern europe. to see the game until the government is ready to pay up to ten billion dollars worth of teen brand new stadiums are under construction currently it's only moskos luzhniki which fully matches people's standards and has had experience of all staying major international events but in fact the very need to build new infrastructure could be russia's major selling point the other contenders already have infrastructure in place but fever is interested in expanding it across the continent and beyond class
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most has successfully coped with the logistical challenges of several big tournaments in the past the people who are running this. are the same people who organized. the you for cup champion. finals in two thousand and eight at luzhniki between you and chelsea the fans were allowed in without visas for the first time and they all came in two different ports and it went very very smoothly and i think it will have a great time so people knew very clearly that russia was really tip top when it comes to organizing big international events like russia's group grecian for the twenty fourteen sochi olympics is likely to come under scrutiny by three for two and with the first results appearing to be impressive then such a success could mean another winning goal for russia in its world cup a bit. of a r t. natural beauty faces competition in
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russia from plastic surgeons offering fabulous miracles relatively new to the country and its people cosmetic surgery has been enjoying a boom but some say the russian for the body beautiful has meant a surge in medical malpractise from underqualified doctors in an unregulated sector parties are further reports. the ugly side of the city despite being one of the most unregulated areas in russian health care plastic surgery is seeing a boom in demand. i've had to nose jobs life of a section of my lips pressed my hand and older forth when i make money with this when people call me crazy because i had that in my house in florence i don't care what they think will plastic surgery clinic easy to find in most prestigious was less than you might think like. breast enlargement. the quest to becoming body
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beautiful three plastic surgery becoming more and more popular and more of affordable can be easy to get with the real cost of going and the knife could be. far from people being put off by the danger is the plastic surgery proud of getting younger. i have a twenty one year old friend who is a fan of pamela anderson so she could get her huge breasts that's her personal business i can't judge but if she also had a facelift at twenty one of course i don't want it's this that was a negative attitude towards plastic surgery but i blame the surgeon who gave a facelift when i was one year old. russia's stance that month countries with the highest level of plastic surgery operations being a relatively new market many private clinics of any popped up in the last decade and there are still very few experienced professionals. through the system of
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medical training different in russia and western countries it takes up to ten years to train as a plastic surgeon in russia if you're already a surgeon you just need to take a month long course in order to get a license to practice but if their stories are comes from a completely different kind of surgery they need much much longer training which we just don't see happening in. russia and that's what causes problems for one twenty seven year old girl who entered a clinic recently. the risk cost her her life when she had a suspected allergic reaction. the legal repercussions in these situations are often and. more than. a corporate there are no clear controls or sanctions for doctors avoid punishment and a large number of cases one reason is that medical documentation submitted to the judge or the investigation officers are often falsified also patients who often sign consent forms with off thinking of the risks unfortunately such circumstances
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make it hard to ensure an objective trial today there is still no official statistics on the number of institutions providing plastic surgery or the exact data on how many and what kind of operations are being conducted. with tragic cases and little official. russians might start thinking twice about the risks involved before getting under the knife. let's run through some other stories making headlines right now around the globe a lorry driver has been seriously injured and fourteen train passengers hurt after a high speed express plowed into a garbage truck in germany of the frankfurt to paris service were derailed in the accident near lambright investigators say the truck slid down a wet slope on the tracks before being hit by a train carrying three hundred twenty people police says it will take at least one day to clear the line while services are diverted.
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man has been wounded and detained in the shooting at the turkish embassy in tel aviv police say the man entered the building seeking asylum but was shot by a security guards when he threatened staff with a knife and toy gun he'd been recently released from prison after an attack on the british embassy in two thousand and six some media reports say the turkish ambassador and his wife escaped unharmed after being held hostage by the intruder all those really officials have denied that. afghan president hamid karzai wants to kick out private security companies and replace them with locals contractors work mainly for western organizations guarding supply convoys and providing personal security for diplomats and businessmen and afghan government spokesman said the companies will be ordered to disband within four months we asked nathan part of contractor in afghanistan whether the country can do without private security forces. at this point it's simply not logistically possible survive to
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keep this war going without private security running logistics the bases and providing security at the bases and for that matter providing security for n.g.o.s and other international organizations it's not the first time he's made this claim or this request. in fact two or three years ago he made the same demand. but he knows well enough that he cannot keep this country together without cooperation from my staff and i sat cannot operate effectively without cooperation from security companies. their bases are supplied by security companies and he doesn't want them to go home so i think this is mostly a negotiating tactic a bargaining chip that he will he'll use in the next few months. and probably use it to good effect but it's not going to it's not going to come into effect anytime in the next couple of months but i think it's worth remembering that there's
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a lot better oversight and discipline among most of the private security companies than there is among for instance most of the afghan security forces. that's not say there aren't good elements within the afghan security forces but there are a lot of bad elements well and there are some bad elements within the private security community if you will. but i think those are fairly well known they've been singled out and i think that's what this recent decree from the president is about he's looking to to crack down on the people that are working against him or at least not working for him and i think that's in the long run a good thing. the modern world is returning to imperialism with greed for power and resources driving major world powers that's according to one of the world's most famous journalists veteran reporter and documentary maker john pilger says also that the current u.s. campaign in afghanistan is no different to the vietnam war for our exclusive interview coming up next.
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today i'm in london speaking to veteran journalist alan document he started his career chairing the vietnam war john thanks very much for talking to now let's talk about morton media in general first if you don't mind recently the website wiki leaks published tens of thousands of documents relating to the afghanistan war what
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do you think that is the biggest impacts that modern technology has had journalism well i think the wiki leaks exposed. look like they might change journalism altogether if not change. because what is wrong is what journalists should have done. you know here is this dreadful litany. of of disaster and killing in afghanistan and iraq. and i don't think we've. gotten a sense certainly we've got a sense of the disaster but i don't think we've got a sense of the real. the the political disaster the the behind the the human disaster in afghanistan that's what we call leaks is has given us. i think it says to journalists. separate yourself separate
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yourselves from the world of authority and start becoming independent it's an extraordinary moment you have had a very long career in journalism do you think the world is a better place now than it was when you started yes look things. improve progress is made. in spite of. the. the imposition of unaccountable power. on our lives i think socially in the way that people lead their lives and make their own arrangements in my lifetime. there's been an enormous amount of progress that there is also an enormous amount of regression we live in an imperial age again. i mean that's quite extraordinary we have
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a technological version of what it was in the nineteenth century with great powers vying for strategic place in the world resources in the world we live in an age of what they call in washington perpetual war and i'm quoting general petraeus permanent war i mean that's not progress that's regression and that we have to deal with and staying on that point what do you think is the best and most painless way for the u.s. and its allies to get out of iraq and afghanistan as so many critics have been calling for get out. just get out i mean this this announcement by obama. to be the end of the combat mission next year is nonsense and that's another example of the of
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the media simply taking a face for something that told by authorities in fact there's going to be something like ninety four bases left and sixty thousand troops and the surge so-called that is an increase in the number of mercenaries they call them contractors so far from getting out it's consolidating its position in iraq and that's what people really should understand and what about the time since barack obama's been in power do you think that there has been a paradigm shift in america's foreign policy since the bush administration no. absolutely you know there's been. i think we can put aside the word paradigm the paradigm hasn't changed since not in forty five american foreign policy runs in a straight line goes up goes to the sideways goes down a little bit but basically that line runs that trajectory runs in.
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direction and what the bombers stop is simply pick up all the policies of bush and pursue them i mean for example for the first time in u.s. presidential history and hasn't happened before a president has taken the entire defense department. bureaucracy and the secretary of state for defense from a previous administration discredited one is they american foreign policy hasn't really changed since nine hundred forty five you were already reporting during the vietnam war what's the difference between the wars in vietnam in afghanistan in principle there is no difference they're both guerrilla wars. they're both resistance is opposing an invasion. both becoming one became the viet nam vietnam became
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a disaster for the vietnamese people two to three million of them perished and a smaller disaster but a considerable disaster for the united states the same thing is happening in afghanistan the same thing happened in iraq talk to me about america's increasingly complicated relationship with iran there are now that they've refused to rule out sanctions and there's talk of minute checks and what do you think this is a nation to iran's nuclear program iran. doesn't threaten anybody it doesn't have a nuclear bomb if you look through all the international atomic agency reports of the last seven is they're saying basically the same thing constantly go she should with iran in the middle in the in the midst of this iran wrote to the iranian government wrote to the american administration and put
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a series of proposals they didn't even get a reply. a rom was. under the shah iran was a pillar of the american network the american empire if you like in the middle east that was swept away and nine hundred seventy nine when there was an islamic revolution and it has been american foreign policy to get that back and finally how would you assess this reset that we've seen recently in u.s. russia relations u.s. russian relations are very interesting. it must be news people in russia. to be told that they're being threatened by missiles from iran. that absurdity is justifying the placement of miss. around russia even though obama made some spectacle of withdrawing some of these but all they were was
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reposition. russia has its own sphere of influence following the demise of the soviet union. i think that when great powers start doing deals together at the expense of smaller countries then we have a problem and. i mean if if if russia. there is a place in the world for a powerful nation a culturally powerful nation. a diplomatically powerful nation or a source rich nation to stand up for the rights of small nations it seems that role is almost begging russia to accept it i don't think it has accepted it but it's there.


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