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a lot of those stories. are out of my. usual the i always thought i wanted to. go to a lot of desperation. but afterwards i realize that they don't mean anything. i don't i don't i never meddle. in toyland of a billion hotels. bunyan trees being called a military told by swissair to look cold cold ground a big joke. in search of a hotel princess in bangkok radisson hotel is one cold dream hotel buncoed so if it sells until a grand bargain cole. told one cold closer than the phone call. from
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moscow here's a look at the top stories investigators believe the chechen militants with links to al qaida is behind a car bombing in russia's caucasus which left up to thirty people injured police and moscow are now on high alert authorities fear more terror attacks. facing up to the global drug threat the russian president meets the leaders of afghanistan and pakistan with russia ways of tackling opium trafficking experts say a regional approach is vital to combat the dealing of heroin which kills tens of thousands of people each here. a growing number of u.s. nationals are choosing to renounce their citizenship last year alone over seven hundred people gave up their american dream three times as many as if you're before . the weather's extreme conditions have been the summer. hottest topic with heat
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raging in russian floods devastating pakistan people are lost as to what's causing these catastrophes are to talk to the prominent russian physicist alexander ginsburg who says the only force to blame is mother nature herself. recent climatic chaos has caused many conspiracy theories to wonder what could possibly be behind the climatic events that are causing worldwide attention to talk a little bit more about whether there is any truth to the serious and what is really causing our planet to behave in such a way i'm now joined by dr alexander ginsburg who will be talking to r.t. about those problems stopped but thank you so much for talking to us now these conspiracy theories that have recently flooded the internet about how there's a geophysical weapon that somebody is testing that is causing all of these problems
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they are icelandic volcano. floods in pakistan the heat in russia is that true. so it's an interesting question that comes up at least every few years five years ago when hurricane katrina struck the u.s. sure there was a lot of noise perhaps more of it in the western hemisphere than in europe in russia but people started saying that katrina was the result of russian jew physical weapon tests and that nothing would have happened if it wasn't for the evil empire which meant to the former soviet union and wouldn't be russia. this year since europe russia pakistan and china to a degree been affected by disasters this incision hungry whistleblowers came up with a different theory and they're saying these disasters are results of retaliation from the u.s. that perhaps the u.s. wanted to strike pakistan and accidently hit russia and europe. in any case my
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answer to your question is no it was not caused by geophysical weapons we welcome i say this because so far there is no evidence in open media sources or licensed scientific magazines that mankind is capable of using nature in such a way the amount of energy without it. the exact is far too small to affect energy streams in the atmosphere and the oceans so as to use those streams as a weapon that i have no scientific evidence that the disasters could have been caused by climate weapon or geophysical weapon or the shasta but it is true that countries are working towards somehow controlling or affecting the weather isn't that what scientists of many countries have always been interested in the. yes we do work on projects of that kind ways to use where the control techniques can be different there are peaceful applications such as dispersing clouds and making sure that weather is good at red square parades i suspect this isn't only practiced in
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russia but in other countries as well. sylvia to authorities used where the control techniques and quite successfully to cause avalanches and hail storms and places where they needed them or drive focus away from airports it's easy to see from what i said that all weather control technology is aimed at controlling clouds and fog liquids in the atmosphere. the latest trend in weather control is to use finely divided cement loads of cement cause rain when dumped into clouds and can be used to settle for. the physics at the core of those two person says at the same cement causes the water particles in the clouds and fog to become bigger. now for better or for worse we have no means of affecting weather other than enlarging water particles in folks and clouds and turning ice particles into water to turn hale into rain these methods were introduced to most one hundred years ago and we have
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not made any breakthrough since although what we do have we use successfully. so then what is causing all this climatic chaos the volcano in iceland the abnormal heat in russia floods in pakistan what is the cause behind all of these things gotten back. where did this summer disasters in russia europe and pakistan come from well they didn't really come from anywhere situations like this develop in the atmosphere once every few years we call them blocking situations like they are characterized by a cycle and the cycle and pair of equal strength facing one another and the cyclon is a massive air spinning one way and producing to standing streams of air. in summer and winter this gives a clear sky it also makes the summers hotter now when we have a pack insisting of a strong cycle and a strong anti cycling as the case is this summer over russia and europe this leads
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to a so-called blocking situation during which that can become very stable this pair will sustain itself until it gets tired. we'd have to either wait for that or for autumn to come so that the strong and the cycle would run out of the solar energy it is sustained by. my point is that there is nothing extraordinary about what we are seeing this summer from the meteorological point of view the only thing that is out of the ordinary is how strong the anti cycling in the cycling are. what's important to understand is that cycling's are not actually created by anything it is the cycling itself that is the reason for a change in atmospheric process is the cycling is the reason not a consequence of the consequences of the site learn i want we are dealing with now . it's so to the people who would say that. those conditions are a result of global warming would you say that they are mistaken or that they are
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correct you don't you little boy neither this nor that and there is solid ground. for that sidelines in europe and the cyclons in russia are not direct consequences of global warming it's a regular phenomenon. but as i mentioned before the situation is lasting too long as for global warming people are arguing now whether it is natural or manmade it exists natural global warming is pretty much the same across the globe it should be getting warmer everywhere and more or less equally or at least proportionally but if global warming is due to the greenhouse effect warming at low or tropical latitudes is much less than woman at high or polar latitude depending on hemisphere in the north or in the south if the temperature difference decreases the force which could get cyclons and anti cyclons apart and eliminate the blocking decreases as well. so in this respect i cannot insist that it's a direct consequence of global manmade warming but as we see it the resolution of
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such booking situations becomes more and more complicated it's on that they mentioned the so-called greenhouse gas emissions do you think that the kyoto protocol actually helps with carbon greenhouse gas emissions and should everybody sign it like countries that have so far refused to sign it for example do they need to does it actually help i've asked and we've thought dealings but all day as we are doing something to nature which nature itself has not been doing before we have to fight it therefore all the efforts to cut greenhouse emissions to fight to digitise nation to growth forests emitting greenhouse effect and so on very much welcome. on the other hand sometimes excessively enthusiastic green activists and other ecologists shout from the rooftops that nuclear energy must not be used as well as solar energy and wind energy because infrasound effect animals
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and fossil fuels are simply out of the question. but they all flying to convince his dr to conferences and sit in their offices not in villages and they fight against all these factors there was a summit in copenhagen that didn't produce any particular results i was asked a good question about it once they told me it came to naught to which i replied that it actually produce great results what results they ask me the heads of one hundred twenty countries came together to see that they couldn't do anything this is a great result some of them started thinking about it differently they went there to sign documents and reach agreements but they couldn't. they certainly haven't agreed on anything what this showed us is that we need to step up our efforts it showed us that climate problems should be discussed at summits copenhagen was the first port internet sense. mentioned cup and. the fact that leaders of countries will too. solve the matters themselves but there have been people that
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have said that it would be economically. not beneficial for them for example some say that already an alternative fuel source has been developed by scientists but it's economically unfeasible for countries that are dependent on oil like the united states like the arab emirates like russia so do you think there's any fact to to these statements or is that all theories and talk. unfortunately what you are saying is exactly the case advances have been made in renewable energy technologies but there are also difficulties for example big fields of energy windmills produce an infra sound that is not heard by human beings but sometimes small rodents and other animals leave these places so sometimes we are simply unaware of the possible effects of alternative energy production. in
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addition it's a very slight effect but there are two ways to warm up the earth to increase the greenhouse effect or to consume more solar energy currently an increase in the greenhouse effect is predominant but if the entire earth is covered with solar batteries then more solar energy will be consumed and there will still be warming with those light. and what will happen in china is very interesting because china is a special case it doesn't have much room but huge coal reserves but now coal energy is too shameful to use especially for a country with ambitions to become the leading world economy. therefore they are likely to actively pursue alternative sources of energy while goods sold mission but that is global warming. it's been said so many times it's been blamed for all kinds of different things and then recently there were some russian hackers who broke into email correspondence between some european scientists that
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actually said that there is no global warming so is there or isn't there doing this but i would put off one of the world centers of meteorology and climate science is in great britain it's the most ancient in greek meteorology service that's one thing another thing is that over the past five or ten years or maybe more of the country which has been most concerned by global warming is great britain in the summer of two thousand and four i was present at and one of the organizers of a meeting between tony blair's counselor david king and under a lawyer you want to distinguish councillors of two distinguished leaders one of them was arguing that there was no global warming and the other was saying it exists and that it is man made all this is political climatology both points of view there is global warming because temperatures have risen over the past one hundred fifty years of observations and over the past decade they have been
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increasing quicker than during the first one hundred years of observations it is a fact we cannot deny that it's a pity. because i thought that it was my duty that it was something to help my country. my government. necessary for. there was a lot of room in the us a lot of of american officers. there are a lot of. ways. to get out of. these little i always thought i wanted to know a lot of metal and they do have a lot of decorations but afterwards i realize that they don't mean anything here
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there's that name for. i don't i don't i never tell the metal. they faced it this is not a brotherhood you should look more. into it i'm sure just everybody you sure disagree retraced recently had no idea about the hardships to the face. plate one it's this is an altar to the east and for any army to life than to use the other is the most precious thing in the world. use of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from would need to. be true nineteen forty five don't.
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investigators believe the torah is chechen militants holding still caught is behind a car bombing and russia's caucasus which left up to thirty people injured police in moscow are now on high alert as authorities fear more terror attacks. facing up to the global drug threat the russian president meets the leaders of ghana standard stand and pakistan to thrash out ways of tackling opium trafficking experts say a regional approach is vital to combat the doing up and down hare with which kills tens of thousands of people here. a growing number of u.s. nationals are choosing to renounce their citizenship last year alone over seven hundred people gave up their american dream three times as many as a year before. they had lines here in r.t.m. sports next with union.
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your company this is sports today i'm going to take a look at some of the stories we're covering this very hour home advantage in petersburg. when the first leg of their champions league qualifier against. the french fried nicolas anelka international career looks all but over after receiving. for his behavior at the world cup. on the future russia top they used to live after day three following a superb chilling in the pool and on the mount. is an instant pittsburgh have put themselves in the driving seat to join fellow russian sides ruud being. in the group stages of the champions league. recording a one zero win over in their first leg qualifier as an eight taking their own to the continental stage the premier league leaders going ahead after just three minutes through alexander. never really looked like relinquishing anything but
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a last stand in the second leg next week will result in the white and blues entering the european cup proper on receiving the hefty bonuses. elsewhere in the nineteen kiev and. russian international. could turn out to be a timely goal for spurs with his side losing three young boys its first blow to rosenberg in their old scandinavian clash with f.c. copenhagen while slovakian minnows upset the odds to secure a first leg advantage a way to spark a problem. the scandal which engulfed the french national team at world cup two thousand and ten finally looks to have come to an end albeit with some eyeopening punishments home to die in the most severe of which being nicklaus and. his eighteen much ban which effectively ends the chelsea man's international career it all stems from a row with then france manager remained dominic during the group stages of the
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finals anelka was subsequently sent home with the remaining squad refusing to train . up and patrice evra received an eight five match ban and should stay on choose day for his part in the revolts frank robbery will be out for at least three games while jeremy misses just one new manager along blank had already suspended the entire squad prior to a friendly with norway last. summer but it seems to me that the players are sincerely sorry for what happened and i understand that they were affected by these events doing concerts for them but i think everyone has to realise there was a slip in standards but now we should also be able to move forward. from the pos world cup to one of the future events where russian prime minister vladimir putin has made some big aren t. stiffy there will be no need for visitors entering russia to have a visa in twenty eight dean if the country secures the bid for that year's tournament fifa delegation head harald main nicholls who in fact is currently
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inspecting football stadiums across russia stating the promise will be considered visa free entry was a large when moscow hosted the champions league final in may two thousand and eight with fun showing their tickets passport control instead russia will be up against england spain and portugal belgium in the netherlands and the united states for the twenty eighth. their twenty twenty two finals are planned be for the country with the hosts of both tournaments to be announced on december the second of the senior because. there's a new kid in town over at real madrid mesut ozil joins the club for fifteen million euros from vertebrae men price not really comparable to the one hundred fifty five million it took to lure ronaldo and cock out to the burn above but the midfielder could turn out to be just as important the twenty one year old german. had a stellar career to date culminating in a semi final appearance at the world cup in south africa he'll meet up with his international team mates summit could deraa who signed for reale last month from
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stockyard also is juicy when a new six signing of the summer because you're up to trying thinks they're fresh from early get prime in three years following barcelona's recent dominance. another player whose star rose in south africa was mexico's havea hernando is the striker was already on his way to manchester united by that time though a move the twenty two year old says had been history the former guadalajara man made in his home debut on monday in a three zero win over newcastle i was like ten years old and i always love this team these players next calls i want to be like like them and i'm here i want to enjoy it i love these these opportunity i want to to grow up like like a human like a player and the most important think i want to to win championships we. that brings us to singapore and to the u.s. olympic games are for
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a glimpse of some of the world's future world record holders russia's up and coming swimming corps have been looking just as good as their senior kind of part to top the european championships table recently the men's four by one hundred meter freestyle relay squad displaying great team chemistry on the way to gold china settling for silver and not one with so it's brought us. a great effort on the mark from the russians. able to pull his own weight down some to take gold in the thirty six. wrestling events. the russians were looking sharp in the women's individual saber discipline as well gauri on keeping her guard up while making all the right moves beating american selena mirza in a one sided fifty eight victory so after choose the richest tally is eight the last five silver three problems china to third place finishes behind. talking tennis now where it was a tough fighting for our. shoes day the russian stumbling the first hurdle of the
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cincinnati masters things started off well enough for the twenty eight year old with youzhny i've seen freshman richard gaff skates take the opener six to the twelfth seeds will mention feeding seemingly exponentially without the rallying taken next to for a two six four six one win for his higher rank the pope. said. furring much better in canada in her rogers cup opener on a c.f. potential cool but not giving up without a fight though against the two time grand slam winner because he did lose her composure somewhat in the second set thinking that saved her best for the last twenty five year old sealing a seven five four six six one victory to advance into. yankovic feeling the bite of the old. dog meanwhile as she got eliminated in the opening
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round by a qualifier the niece of the serb whoever showing few signs of a recent ankle injury early on pulling. things began falling apart rapidly but nice of a show and grit resilience to fight back and take the first set seven games to six the czech star built from out seeing a seven six six with. ok let's finish things off by returning pitch side for a look at the strikes which lit up week seventeen in the russian premier league it's cool to go to war time.
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and that wraps up the sport for this hour i'll see you soon i do hope but the world was coming up in just a tick. culture
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is that so much i can't tell if i can build on heard rumors but i feel that they know nothing less than me and after forty years the so-called war on drugs has achieved preciously little nonetheless governments around the world. the toast team has been to the kaluga me where the car industry is rapidly developing. now margy goes to the area where the first russian fleet was more. where the indigenous people were the first hard to seize navigator and where russia's glorious history is still visible. well come on. russia close up on our cheek.
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