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and that's korea's the chechen militant with links to al qaida is blamed for a compliment in russia's caucasus region which left up to those who complained to it's. facing up to the global truck threats the russian president meets the leaders of a stunt. that. many believe the problem is impossible to talk over while the afghan war rages song. i started to look at american history and politics and realize that my whole life might have been the way to. the american dream a growing number of us nationals choose to announce first if the. why. a very warm welcome see this is all to you live from the russian capital with me. now please the moscow. on high alert as authorities fear more terror attacks could
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follow a car bombing in russia's caucasus a chechen missing with links to al qaida is to be behind the blast in the town of people well up to thirty people were wounded those that the worst injuries have been flown to moscow for treatment many believe schools more would have been like died if a sudden downpour hadn't seen the usually busy street where the attack took place and will correspond with on the shore there is a scene. we're at the exact street where the car exploded and this is where the cafe age was just yesterday this is a very a business street in a small categories it's packed with a little cafes and it was still retained that prevented many more people from being even if it started just a half an hour before the explosion so destroyed wasn't asked crowded as usual the car that was packed here are was left without
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a driver but it contains up to forty kilos off t.n.t. just imagine ten times the last in mound of explosives or so not to kill for two people in moscow metro lives in march it is claimed that it's belongs to a local guy was an dandified but hasn't been found yet you can see that people are cleaning the area right now they're cutting the trees down you can see how massive that impact was the whole area is blogs and people were shocked when they heard the blast some even thought that it was an earthquake so huge and happy it was here what we heard from some of. my shoppers near the site of the explosion i don't have the words to express how i feel i've just been there the shop is mostly glass the glass has literally turned to dust it's a miracle the shop assistant is alive. i've seen her in hospital she's covered in
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blood and in shock she says when the blast struck she ran out of the shop and lost consciousness right on the railway line. up to see if people had been taken to hospital six three only injured and here is the first hand information from a person that survived the blast. i can't remember much i lost consciousness and when i came round there was rubble around me and we've also talked with the had doctor at the hospital here. and this is what he had to say just. to be as you know the situation is under control the patients are stable our surgeons operated all night some of the victims have serious injuries and many are receiving counseling to the government has pledged up just to raise thousand dollars in compensations for each off the victims piazza the santa the newly
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formed district in the north caucuses it includes church. investigators fear that more terror attacks could follow and police in moscow is on high alert investigators also believe the doctor omar if it could be behind this western peter grosz doc omar is in the tourist chechen militant here is the one who claimed to be behind the twin blasts in moscow metro march and he is on international terrorist watch list. over reporting from the city of course that. well terrorism and drug trafficking a what's on the table today in russia's ear for change president deby rivera is hosting a summit there with the leaders of afghanistan as you can stand on pakistan. but in the garage over is that for us security and drug trafficking these are at the two top weeks which are expected to take a round seat curing but there were four nation meetings by bringing the four
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countries together russia shows its commitment to see the world peaceful prosperous stable afghanistan and the region in general you russia firmly supports all efforts on the part of afghanistan to restore peace in the country we also support the afghan government's fight against terror and they are ready to provide any help needed to tackle the problem of this summit is of course a huge achievement for these four neighbors and it will go a long way towards strengthening regional economic ties and russia shows its commitment to provide financial support to align resources behind peaceful goals of afghanistan just recently russia wrote off the last. ghana stanstead overall it was twelve billion dollars for russia central asia is a traditional sphere of interests and of course it has been always a sensitive to instability caused by the afghan conflicts in the region drug
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trafficking and islamic radicalism are now the main security threat and russia seems to be one of the countries which suffers most from these threats the recent survey shows that russia is the number one heroin consumer in the world and estimated thirty thousand people are dying every year of abuse this is a third of the world's death toll of. opium related and that is of course a huge and drastic figure and russia is now trying to take the lead in breaking up the channel of opium coming from of ghana stand through the so-called northern route it comes from afghan. standard to stand on to russia and further into europe no visas are required to travel from to stand and russia which means that opium can flood in easily through the open till artie's correspondent it's going off went to the border between afghanistan and the g q stands to experience to see firsthand what challenges people who provide security at the border face every day turning
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a boy into a soldier is a tough task but getting him ready to go to one of the most tricky borders in central asia is even more difficult. work out there knows a lot of people don't go out and that's why at this training center. there is no time for games when it comes to dealing with going to stand the center of the global heroin trade. classes are held every day despite the time of year and weather conditions right now it's extremely hot here but as you can see the troops are fully dressed in their uniforms have to get used to it since this is what they'll have to wear on the job after six months trained soldiers are sent to guard the border while new conscripts arrive continuing the cycle stone's border with afghanistan stretches twelve hundred kilometers around seven hundred fifty miles dodgy border guards are being trained by the russian federal security service under a deal signed back in two thousand and four the use of different weapons physical
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education combat deck ticks and survival techniques are all poured over the course . terrorism drug and arms smuggling and human traffic have put this region in the global spotlight that's why there are currently over twenty international organizations including the u.n. in the work into g. can stand alone. afghanistan produces over ninety percent of all people in the world according to the united nations the death toll from opiates in lead two countries is five times more than all the needle soldiers who died in afghanistan since two thousand and. one but according to the shoot a lot in independent analyst and the author of dozens of articles about the flow of drugs is unlikely to stop no matter how strong and in demand that water when you know you have this problem here various technical solutions but it will never be fully solved well there is fighting in afghanistan and global demand for opiates.
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afghan opium production has grown by a third since the us led invasion it's thought the billion dollar business brings more money than all foreign investments put together and that's why it's unlikely even the most advanced border control system passable would solve the problem completely business is simply too good you got this going off our d. . well alexandra is the. political expert from. the humanities says that the drug trafficking problem can only be resolved when afghans selves take control of the situation. now instead by twenty twenty fourteen again authorities will take control of their own country they world be responsible for regulation for stability and this is crucial to afghan authorities have to take control of their own over their own country without the help of the coalition and the second you know there is very little control of the periphery of the country in the center yes there is control but at the periphery very little control the
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majority of drugs in the poppy fields are there not in the center so as soon as government settle government takes control over the periphery as well i think we will see better results. well the war on drugs has raged for more than four decades now people and his guests debate the house to actually been any notable success cross talks coming up in twenty minutes time to stay tuned for that. the coca-cola the opium heroin the marijuana in fact we haven't had a control system we've had a global prohibition regime reminds me of a senator more a shepherd in one nine hundred thirty one was asked if alcohol prohibition would ever come to an end and he said i think the chances of alcohol prohibition ending in america are about the same as a hummingbird carrying the empire state building on its back to the moon and two years later a national memory repealing alcohol prohibition and i think the same is very much true certainly with respect to the problem of marijuana let's try to imagine even
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if we had some sort of magic power that sort of you could click your fingers to my cease to exist would the world be a better place. now if there's their own plans to attack iran's nuclear power plant and to share it has only three days to do so without the view of a former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton made the statement with dogs and news he said the danger of releasing greatly would be too great once the plant is long storm and this twenty first russia's state nuclear energy company says it will deliver fuel on the plant will go operational on but date most cases the plant poses no threat as it will be operating for purposes under the control of the u.n. nuclear watchdog investigative journalist alice a contributor wayne madsen says this might not prevent israel from daunting a strike. if the israelis decide to attack iran it doesn't matter whether. there's
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civilian volunteers over there the new york yankees happen to be into ron none of that's going to matter they're going to hit iran and people like john bolton from want to he's one of these old neo con types they're the ones who lied about intelligence to get us into the iraq war and they continue to hype up intelligence . they provide false information and bolton is keeping everything to this august twenty first date the bushehr reactor is a peaceful power reactor it has nothing to do weapons production we hear that israel may be targeting other iranian nuclear facilities in tang's and in komen and in tehran itself so the fact is that radiation would be a big problem with monsoon rains coming from the central asian steppes winging south picking up radiation and possibly dumping this radioactive rain on on three
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hundred nuclear powers pakistan india and china this could get out of hand very very rapidly we know that israel's in range for some iranian missiles they. depending on how good their air defenses are they could be hit but i think has would also react from lebanon and we would see a wave of rocket attacks. america maybe known as the land of opportunity but for increasing numbers it's an all fled the nazis willing to take. seven hundred people were not and shipped three times as many as before. want to trade why his american dream. ken o'keefe grew up an american and a nation that he believed was the greatest in the world a bastion of freedom and democracy in order to protect those ideals he joined the
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marine corps and went to fight for his country in the gulf war and that's when the american dream became a nightmare i was punished for speaking out about something that my superiors were doing and my life became extremely difficult upon my return with a different perspective i started to look at the american history and politics and realized that my whole life i had been lied to and i believed in those ideals you know i believed in them and when i found out that these ideals were really the way america was presenting itself in the world it became clear to me at some point that i would renounce citizenship and renounce that he did o'keefe apply to the state department to stop being american plane political asylum in holland and burned his u.s. passport o'keefe knows that not everyone will agree with what he's done some maintain he could have exerted more pressure from inside the system but however they choose to do it middle east commentator alan hart says americans must do something i have
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a love hate relationship with america on one level americans are the most uninformed misinformed dumbest people on the face of god's earth that's the bad news deep down they're also the most idealistic. so i say and americans didn't mind me saying that if they were properly informed about the causes and effects of things in the middle east. they could become engaged to make their democracy work it hasn't always been this way at the end of the second world war the us was leading the world both economically and morally but according to carol turner from the stop the war coalition it steadily eroded that goodwill because it's failing to give its ethical lead now attorneys it's increasingly forced back to using its military power to impose its will can
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o'keefe is committed to changing that and since giving up his u.s. citizenship has made it his mission to oppose u.s. military action wherever he can he was on board one of the gaza bound aid ships raided by israeli commandos in may and following that he was branded a terrorist by israel ken o'keefe now an irish citizen giving up his country wasn't an easy decision and he insists it wasn't one borne out of hatred you know i realized at a certain point it citizenship was a social contract and i didn't agree to the charms of the contract obligations you have rights and you have obligations among your obligations is paying taxes those taxes are being used to commit mass murder i don't agree to that a lot of people misinterpret renounce your citizenship or hate america and that's absolutely not the case at all i have a deep love for the american people and i wish that the ideal of america became a reality until that dream becomes a reality o'keefe and others like him will be staying away from the land of the
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free and the home of the brave you are at it. well just to remind you we've got much more on our website. to logon to check out stories quizzes and videos and you can also follow us on twitter so. twenty full. of you on line of them is a goal it's given the skills to hold the caribbean treats it's been showing off his state prowess it's a parishioner future of. the wearer of the bench is called a visiting signer being forced to pay the seeds of its still spikes that were trying to first clean. when the.
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football world governing bodies continue in the it's inspection of russia's stadiums infrastructure officials hope to convince the fever that the country is the best place to haze the world kompany the twenty eighteen or twenty twenty two or russia's competing against japan the u.k. and the usa among others to host the event officials have already been to moscow and st petersburg but today's visit to salt she is likely to play the biggest role in influencing think is eventually decision progress toward readying the black sea resort to host the winter olympics the twenty pool team is russia's shells to show you first hand its ability to stage such a prestigious world sporting event and the inspectors all sit in that caravan today whether having a look at three new football stadiums russia is set to five new arenas each costing around three hundred fifty million dollars. well let's get
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a check now on what else is dominating headlines around the world today and over in the philippines adhesives people have been killed after a bus packed with people plunged down a ravine the conductor who survived the brakes had failed as it was negotiating at downhill bend he also said the driver battle to prevent the fatal plunge by trying to hit a lamppost but missed well this is the third major accident involving a boss in the philippines in the last two months. former illinois governor rod blagojevich is corruption trial is coming to a close result in a conviction for lying the jury was on able to lattimer's the decide on the most scandalous charge trying to sell barack obama's old seat in the senate where the panel was said to be deadlocked out eleven to one but blagojevich was found guilty of trying to rob it of federal prosecutors lawyers said the government plan to
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retry him on the twenty three on resolved accusations. pakistan has reassured donors that funds to help the victims of severe floods will reach those in need international observers have voiced fears that the money will flow into the homes all about u.n. says it has received less than haul funds necessary to provide immediate help to those in need twenty million people are estimated to have been affected by the country's worst ever floods. well the flooding in pakistan combined with the extreme heat wave here in russia has somehow spawned many theories regarding what's to blame speculation ranges from a climate weapon to global warming but as prominent russian business is alexander ginzburg told r.t. there's no ground to any of those allegations actually and his full interview next
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hour but his just a taste of what's to come. but i see. where did some of disasters in russia europe and pakistan come from well they didn't really come from anywhere so situations like this develop in the atmosphere once every few years we call them blocking situations they are characterized by a cycle and the circling pair of equal strength facing one another my point is that there is nothing extraordinary about what we are seeing this summer from the meteorological point of view. while coming up in the next town don't go away now they've got all the latest step business news on the way we're solids. hello welcome to the business program hey on our take it may be the quiet some of the season but there's a fifth battle currently being waged in russia two of the country's most notable
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tycoons are going head to head for control of neural nickel. valuable talent both own twenty five percent of the mynah through their various companies each the kids the other of mismanaging own nickel and wants to buy the fellow shareholder out but neither wants to sell raw indulge of specialized research and investment explains the conflict. when you look at the conflict i think it comes down to one basic issue and common sense says it's money so both pertain and both very possibly need money for their own ventures so. the resolution basically comes down to. who can take full control over they either take money out of a company in the form of a dividend which would be fantastic for minority investors that's what i promote it in sydney. or they use the shares that they own a real as a deposit or as collateral to a bank for a major loan that they could use to further their business interests outside of the
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rules those are the two basic scenarios of a third serial course which is would be the worst of all scenarios which would be just a legal battle that goes on and on and on and on and use an investor would just sit in lose money while they sorted out their own problems so i think the issue is money the resolution will be a decision that will allow the winner to take money out of the company either in the form of a loan or in a dividend and depending on which one they choose as a minority investor you could do very well or nothing at all. russia's largest filmmaker severstal has a received any beds for three u.s. plants is put up for sale the company was to sell the mills combined with may no offer them separately according to news while american metals markets and as one of the assets applying to a higher could be bought by x. group have a star acquired it for one hundred forty million dollars two years ago. let's actually look at the stock markets now and here in moscow there for long enough to
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mean trade up for solid session or tuesday it's on lower oil and metal prices. and steel and tuna. blank is the main loser on the arts yet shedding two percent. over near the footsie index but also pain commodities that to stocks are the worst for real with investors are taking some profits off the table and i'm further development of the h.p. billiton is the movie that's actually told. some of russia's biggest companies produce first half results this week but many of them reported to russian accounting standards and were arrested this can be more confusing than enlightening but do you know about reports. corporate results are supposed to provide to guide to how well it companies performing for investors and russian companies under russian company standards but also use an international standard usually i am around the reporting season can be nothing short of bewildering numbers can look
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very different sometimes which makes you wonder why. that makes sense or. if the transactions are identical why would you get different reports in this transaction most significant russian companies fool in the category of dual reporting including major banks energy companies and minus this can sometimes lead to a profit under one system suddenly tensing into a loss in the other and vice versa so why the big difference one reason is who they and counting is intangible the russian standard is for the local tax office to determine how much money should be handed over to the government while the emphasis of iowa for us is more to was protecting investors accountancy the difference amounts to one of satisfying legal obligations versus revealing economic health plans to move the russian standard closer to the ira for us have been in the pipeline for some time the finance ministry spitting its weight behind the move saying it will make the country track to fit to international investors the global
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financial community the global financial. international standards that exist for a reason. why life of. accountants and market play is believed russia's desire to become a global financial center will inevitably men why did option of us but until they do the reporting says and hang out will continue to be a swirl of confusing because unlike most people when confronted with too much information investors will await data they understand before making potentially coastie decisions my gosh no business. and finally arraf become the first russia airlines be included in the top twenty five leading carriers in the world industry magazine. the russian flagship korea tenth place one hall. due to the allied successful financial dealings in two thousand and nine the
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magazine also preparing for to eighteenth when net profits in two thousand and nine which was one hundred twenty two million dollars first place in both categories going to enter it. and that's your business for us but do stay with the headline news coming up next.
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wealthy british style it's time to time the time go. to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy because the reports on. the news today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. the future you understand. what tomorrow brings.


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