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oh jeez available in the grand. hotel the ritz carlton hotel and the toe to toe movie millennium hotel in china you can see a censored. hotel mcconnell seventy shamar call result hotel of the sun. when results might come. to tell mcconnell riviera hotel would come since her hotel mccown. investigators say a blood test in some of the loss of the engine. could hoppin the work of the allen
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klein militants going to moscow metro bombings in the capital high in. bringing together. as you can see. to discuss how to tackle drug trafficking and terrorism in central asia. you will see it as the major cause of instability. collapses are held every day despite the time of year and weather conditions right now it's extremely hot here but you can see the troops are always dressed in their uniforms to get used to it since this is what they'll have to wear on the job. takes you to the frontline of the county drug spine. of the put. training for the pressure that heads. i started to look at the american history of politics and realize that boy what a good light. ideals gongs bridges u.s.
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national scoobie american dream has failed them and choose to denounce first but essentially. a very warm welcome to the this is the line from the russian capital with me honestly a bit police in moscow have been put on a high state of alert over fears a car bomb in russian's north caucuses could signal more attacks on the capital where the chechen millicent linked to al qaeda is suspected of being the behind the blast in the town of people of course which injured around thirty people investigators that know who owned the call which was loaded with explosives outside the city center county the location of the man in the know although he's not currently a suspect meanwhile fall victims of the blast have been taken to months k.
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to undergo operations up to twenty five people remain in hospitals in peace of course from where our correspondent of the many reports. we are at the exact street where the car exploded and this is where the cafe it was just yesterday this is a very a business street in a small particles it's packed with a little cafes and it was still rain that prevented many more people from being even if it started just a half an hour before the explosion so destroyed wasn't asked crowded as usual the car that was packed here are was left without a driver but it contains up to forty kilos off t.n.t. just imagine that ten times the last in mound of explosives was enough to kill forty people in moscow metro this march it is claimed that is belongs to local.
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the guy was and dancer fired but hasn't been found yet you can see the people are cleaning the area right now they're cutting the trees down you can see how massive that impact was the whole area is blogs and people were shocked when they heard the blast some even thought that it was an earthquake so huge and happy it was here or heard from some of them. is near the site of the explosion i didn't have the words to express how we're. been there. no the glass is literally turned to dust it's a miracle system to survive i've seen her in hospital and she's covered in blood and. she says when the blast struck she ran out of the show and lost consciousness right on the tram line. up to see if people had been taken to hospital six three only injured and here is the first hand information from
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a person that's why the long. i can remember much consciousness and when i came round there was around me. and we've also talked with the had doctor at the hospital here at n.p.r. divorce and this is what he had to say. the situation is under control the patients are stable are surgeons operated all night some of the victims have serious injuries and many are receiving counseling to the p.r.c. is the center of the newly formed district in the north caucasus it includes. investigators fear that more terror attacks could follow and police in moscow is on high alert investigators also believe that martha could be behind this western pedagogues doco markers in the forest chechen militants here is the one who claimed to be behind the twin blasts in moscow metro this march and he is on international
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terrorist watch list. being a terrorist stemming the flow of drug traffickers those the topics being discussed in russia city of fulci president of the dreaded is there with the leaders of afghanistan. and pakistan. up in the ground is following the talks. providing security and fighting drug trafficking these were the two topics which took a front seat during today's summit in sochi where the route to this aim is not going to be easy russia afghanistan pakistan and iraq it's done a while a way out of their challenges they will need some in the world wonder whether success is even possible and if so whether all countries of the international community are committed to achieve it by bringing the four nations together russia shows its commitment to support a peaceful stable and prosperous afghanistan and stability in the whole region.
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probably trying threat is a common problem in the region already i've already had a chance to discuss it with the presidents of afghanistan and pakistan and the counter to their strategy should be a joint effort is probably what you might half ghana stand on the russian or any other country is able to attack on iran with as i've already sanctioned because you know joint problems and we should come back to it jointly for this summit we choose the second in a row is of course a significant achievement of the four countries and it will take a long way towards strengthening economic regional ties providing jobs all of which are critical for the people of these countries russia is ready to align resources behind peaceful goals of a ghana stand just recently russia signed to over the last fortune of again a stance debt and over old twelve billion dollars all this is done because for russia central asia is a traditional sphere of interest and it has always been sensitive to stability
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which the afghan conflict is causing currently it's drug trafficking and islamic radicalism which are the main security threats opium comes all the way into russia into europe through to jake is done because no visas are of quad to travel from to the ticket to russia and this is why the truck floods an easily through the open door so tightening security on the. border was one of the main topics discussed today i t z corpuscle not want to see for himself what challenges the people who are providing security on the border on the tribal border between afghanistan and to a facing every day turning a boy into a soldier is a tough task but getting him ready to go to one of the most tricky borders in central asia is even more difficult like north are both cut or no dollar people don't own craft that's why at this training center in tajikistan there's no time for games when it comes to dealing with going to stand the center of the global
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heroin trade. classes are held every day despite the time of year and weather conditions right now it's extremely hot here but if you can see the troops are fully dressed in their uniform have to get used to it since this is what they'll have to wear on the job after six months trained soldiers are sent to guard the border while new cos troops arrive continuing the cycle stuns border with afghanistan stretches twelve hundred kilometers that's around seven hundred fifty miles dodgy border guards are being trained by the russian federal security service under a deal signed back in two thousand and four the use of different weapons physical education combat deck ticks and survival techniques are all part of the course. terrorism drug smuggling and human traffic have put this region in the global spotlight that's why there are currently over twenty international organizations including the un in the sea working intention to stand alone. afghanistan produces
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over ninety percent of all opium in the world according to the united nations the death toll from opiates in nato countries is five times more than all the needle soldiers who died in afghanistan since two thousand and one but according to the sheet abdul an independent analyst and the author of dozens of articles about the flow of drugs is unlikely to stop no matter how strong and in demand that water. this problem may have various technical solutions but it will never be fully sold as well there is fighting in afghanistan and global demand for opiates. afghan opium production has grown by a third since the us led invasion it's thought the billion dollar business brings more money than all foreign investments put together that's why it's unlikely even the most advanced water control system possible would solve the problem completely business is simply too good you've got this going off r.t.d.
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. well as discussed this conference. when i'm with brian becker director of. the coalition he's in washington for us many thanks for joining us by now in a previous interview you said that the war on drugs in afghanistan is on winnable why well be the war in afghanistan is unwinnable because the american military occupation whether it's called the nato occupation or u.s. occupation or both won't be accepted by the people of afghanistan and the war on drugs is not winnable either because unless the economic situation changes radically for the people of afghanistan in other words where there can be a thriving economic development separate and apart from drugs people farmers especially will rely on the drug trade because they must feed their family and then of course you have a large amount of demand both in the west and elsewhere for opiates so there is no
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military solution at all and of course as the war in afghanistan view curio rates even as it expands this situation will only worsen define the past miss the meeting is now taking place between these four major players in the region but interestingly the coalition force is often blamed for the western situation in in the country in afghanistan and pakistan they don't present all they while they that . well i think we have to put put this into a historical context since the dissolution the breakup of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred ninety one the american government both the democrats and the republicans didn't really matter who was in charge saw south and central asia and and especially the former soviet republics in that region as a new piece of real estate a possibility for an expansion of american of an american empire of an american
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sphere of influence of course the resources of natural gas and oil which are rich in that region. interest for american corporations and the u.s. government and the pentagon c.v.s. areas as an effort place to stage new u.s. military installations u.s. military bases so we saw the meeting today and in the recent days with russia and a stand in pakistan in afghanistan as an attempt by these countries to reassert their sovereignty their control their independence from the american military occupation in afghanistan but an interest by the united states to dominate the region which predates the afghanistan war well looking again just at the issue of drugs russia has said that in order to eradicate drug trafficking in the fields needs to be burned down across afghanistan but the u.s. appears to disagree why do you think that that is. well i
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actually don't think just burning the poppy fields will make a difference and the united states government is well aware that if they were to burn the poppy fields that this would leave a large number of afghan farmers completely penalises and so the u.s. in order to not have the insurgency be even more inflamed tries to do certain things that would not deprive the country completely of its economic resources in other words they're making a tactical alliance with poppy growers in order so that those poppy growers don't become additional allies to the taliban and other arms insurgent groups that's the calculation by the military the u.s. military force is the driving player in the region and i see and i think we can see discernibly without any question that as the war in afghanistan has expanded since two thousand and one the problem of heroin production the problem of poppy growing
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has only expanded well but in view of all of that you said mr baca should central asian countries in europe have to fight terrorism and drug trafficking on their own well i mean i think it's clear that the u.s. nato military presence in afghanistan is not really a diminishing of so-called terrorism or the spread of islamic extremism or whatever the pretext is that it's given for it i think we all know now that the occupation by hundreds of thousands or more than one hundred thousand foreign soldiers in afghanistan is in fact a catalyst for the insurgency for the armed insurgency in afghanistan and probably throughout the region it's not a didn't you didn't issue of terrorism at all it contributes to the problem it expands the cycle of violence when if you want the coalition forces out then what concrete measures do you think should be taken to stabilize the region.
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i think that has to be a matter for the people of the region the american military and american corporations have no constructive role to play in south central asia what you see happening today russia and ghana stand pakistan stand a meeting together and working together independently of western imperial forces is clearly a better path to take is to brian a better director of the antiwar coalition many thousands is speaking to us from washington. thank you. now in his first major interview poland's a new president bronislaw komorowski said he wants to improve relations with russia and has advice surprise them advantage of that to visit walsall it comes as polish experts are wrongly been in moscow to continue a probe into the plane crash which killed the previous president and move the ninety opposite what they hear to see the reports and documents from the investigation into april's design stay in russia as this million. a joint
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investigation group was formed to look into the accident while they were interested in whether the pilots were pressured to landed heavy weather conditions the doomed delegation was traveling its mark a seventy years since twenty thousand polish offices well massah kids gets a team. of them on a russian polish relations are now joined by political experts and almost fall off from the radio station voice of russia many thanks for speaking to us now president about asking as i was just saying wants to improve relations with moscow that's what he said so if president made a bed of dollars with it was a what do you think the main areas would be that would be discussed well my personal feeling is that the small and crush will be a topic discussed at such meetings for years to come especially if it's not if the investigations are told by the end of this year but there are surely more global issues and this is first of all the economy because the economy area where both sides have most for their mutual benefit and of course the different
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debates over history which has been discussed recently and will continue to be all looking ahead to what else is also is that russia needs poland the better relations with you do you think he's right in saying that would do you think that poland needs russia just as much or well this is actually what almost every polish president after the collapse of communism has been saying that to because it's an old tradition of pope. thinking to consider the country as a kind of bridge between russia and the west but i think that poet needs a good relationship with russia because a bad relationship or bad relations with this country. no good in europe and in fact we can see its position with the team of countries to share a history of of tense relations and say see do you really think that. bad feeling has been swept aside that we can look forward to a more positive future in polish russian relations well poland's grievances toward
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russia too deep to be swept aside within months so surely it will have we'll see a lot of incidents very unpleasant for both sides like the recent us a creation of the monument to soviet soldiers killed in the twenty first session on a built in poland so i think. such and such problems are not solved within such a short period of time so we will lead to some of the specific issues that have halted relations between russia and poland in the past and despite this positive rhetoric that we're getting from president komorowski now that has also been a lot of anti russian feeling coming from elsewhere in the country even has some conspiracy theories about russian involvement in that. plane crash you think that these rather negative voices could potentially radial relations improving between moscow and was still in effect potentially they could derail this relation this improvement in relations just look at russian paper published papers that
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pushed television at what the polish politicians are saying and there is a great potential support of this relationship especially as the conspiracy theory is becoming more and more mainstream so a significant segment of published of society it really believes it was it was derisively. to sack rush talking about an artificial fork made by the k.g.b. or about putin to screw agreement to kill the entire elite so. marginal as it may seem but these views are increasingly a mainstream opponent time and fit into this is dangerous for me to sing to see what comes out of. that of in warsaw all right. thank you. ok now for many foreigners an american problem. and a better life but an increasing number of us citizens have become disillusioned with their country last year alone the seven hundred people were not citizenship
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three times as many before. i met last one expatriate white. can o'keefe grew up an american in a nation that he believed was the greatest in the world a bastion of freedom and democracy in order to protect those ideals he joined the marine corps and went to fight for his country in the gulf war and that's when the american dream became a nightmare i was punished for speaking out about something that my superiors were doing and my life became extremely difficult upon my return with a different perspective i started to look at american history and politics and realized that my whole life i had been lied to. i believed in those ideals you know i believed when i found out that these ideals were really the way america was presenting itself in the world it became clear to me at some point that i would regards citizenship and renounce if he did o'keefe apply to the state department to
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stop being american claim political asylum in holland and burned his u.s. passport o'keeffe knows that not everyone will agree with what he's done some maintain he could have exerted more pressure from inside the system but however they choose to do it middle east commentator alan hart says americans must do something i have a love hate relationship with america. on one level americans are the most uninformed misinformed dumbest gullible people on the face of god that's the bad news deep down they're also the most idealistic so i say and americans didn't mind me saying it if they were properly informed about the causes and effects of things in the middle east. they could become engaged to make their democracy would it hasn't always been this way at the end of the second world war
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the us was leading the world based economically and morally but according to carol turner from the stop the war coalition steadily improved its not good will because it's failing to give its ethically right now attorneys it's increasingly forced back to using its military power to impose its will ken o'keefe is committed to changing that and since giving up his u.s. citizenship has made it his mission to oppose u.s. military action wherever he can he was on board one of the gaza bound aid ships raided by israeli commandos in may and following that he was branded a terrorist by israel but can o'keefe now an irish citizen giving up his country wasn't an easy decision and he insists it wasn't one borne out of hatred you know i realized at a certain point it citizenship was a social contract and i didn't agree to the charms of the contract obligations you
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have rights and you have obligations among your obligations is paying taxes those taxes are being used to commit mass murder i don't agree to that a lot of people misinterpret renouncing citizenship or hating america and that's absolutely not the case at all i have a deep love for the american people and i wish that the ideal of america became a reality until that dream becomes a reality t.v. and all those like him will be staying away from the non dip the free and the home of the brave. the rabbit. is the way the news is our. business is on the way now with. some exciting news for one particular rush neck area today hello yes that's right arafat has been ranked tenth in the world's leading airlines beating in germany. we'll have the details later in the program but first this hour it may be the quiet summer season but there's a fair battle currently being waged in russia so of the country's most notable tycoons are going to head to head for control of no real nickel. and both own
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twenty five percent of the mind through their various companies each has accused the other of mismanaging no nickel and wants to buy their fellow shareholder out but neither wants to sell raw and dot of specialized research investment explains the conflict when you look at the conflict i think it comes down to one basic issue and common sense says it's money so both protected and both very possibly need money for their own ventures so. the resolution basically comes down to. who can take full control over those either take money out of a company in the form of a dividend which would be fantastic for one or the investors that's what i've been sitting there. were they use the shares that they owed a rules as a deposit or as collateral to a bank for a major loan that they could use to further their business interests outside. those of the two basic scenarios of the third story of course which is the worst of all
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of that which would be just a legal battle that goes on and over and over and over and use an investor would just sit in lose money while they sorted out though so i think the issue is money the resolution will be a decision that will allow the winner to take money out of the company either in the form of a loan or in a dividend and depending on which one they choose as a minority investor you could do very well or nothing at all. time to check markets now in the u.s. stocks but i didn't know why would anybody come things leading the retreat that's often unexpected rallies in the u.s. supply pools crude oil futures collapsed under seventy five dollars a barrel european stock markets have slipped a little thing in trade of stronger things in the u.s. to retailers mall stores when times efforts fail to ease worries about slowing growth in china and elsewhere to stocks the worst performers as investors on further development and b.h.p. billiton the move touch the world and here most guys e.l.t.'s along sector about
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a half a percent down as we approach the end of wednesday's session low although i'm not surprised it's not me so of course i still as to the whole percent down bank is the main reason all meals together chatting moving warmth and. russia's largest still make us never saw how the received any baits for three us problems was put up for sale the company wants to wanted to sell the mills combined but right now offer them separately that's according to news while american metals market a and that one of the assets the plant in ohio could be bored by x. . seven style acquired it for one hundred forty million dollars two years ago now the news era floor has become the first russian to be included in the top twenty five leading carriers in the world industry magazine and transport place the russian flagship carrier tenth place one. group and that's due to the airline successful financial dealings last year the magazine also prepared for to put
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a net profit in two thousand and nine which was one hundred twenty two million dollars but place in both categories went to every. measure out they can always find most or it's on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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please know something that's been to the kaluga me since when the car industry is rapidly developing. known argy goes to the area where the first russian fleet was born. where the indigenous people were the first target sees number given and where russia's glorious history is still visible. wellcome leon. russia blows up on our cheek. more news today in holland says once again flared up the full these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are old today.


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