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pushes the limits to catastrophe. is the price. is it possible to prevent such disasters. and. be dealt with quickly defectively. oil spills i'm thrilled. to.
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welcome back you're watching r t here's a look at the top stories cuban rights groups claim international pharmaceutical giants are endangered the lives of patients in india by using them as guinea pigs the cost of testing drugs is significantly lower in india by the the cost is increasing every year. it's fifty years since a soffit space program sought dogs become the first living things to spam more than twenty four hours in the orbit survive the flight and pave the way for the first man to go to space half a year later. investigators say it. is likely to be behind a car bombing in russia's north caucasus authorities have stepped up security across moscow fearing more attacks. so the headlines aside war veteran who fought in afghanistan in the eighty's says the u.s.
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is failing its campaign there because after nine years it still doesn't understand the country words people soft spoken. at interviews coming right up. i see a very special bond by first of the mystic river toughs thank you for joining us today so much is hosting a summit the second of its kind after the july session last year and where. does it mean russia is strengthening its position in the region it's always been present and is opening up new opportunities focal ration primarily with afghanistan and pakistan standing with pakistan here too much but if you have three minutes of going to play here i think that russia is trying to strengthen its position russia's trying to reserve its position in the settlement process in afghanistan by this quartet to achieve this goal which is really important for both afghanistan and for the region as a whole as well as for russia these regular events are taking place and i don't
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think this meeting will lead to any important strategic decisions as the current format in sochi is characterized by the different positions of its participants but with pakistan has one view of the afghan crisis tajikistan has another view russia may yet have another position but as for russia and turkey could stand it's obvious that they want to settle the situation in the country as soon as possible they are concerned with terrorism and with drug production and trafficking as for pakistan it has been playing a double game over the past forty years virtually to express their will to fight terrorism but in fact and everyone knows that everything that is now going on in afghanistan has pakistani origins pakistani influence and impact if it was not for the external power play by pakistan terrorism would still exist but it would be of a minor character a minor insurgent character nothing more in this respect it is important that russia is more active in discussing the afghan issue with the countries of this region. that i've you've mentioned the truck traffic an
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issue the statistics say that about thirty thousand people in russia die annually. because of the drugs coming from afghanistan how can the american presence in afghanistan how to solve this problem and can russia saw that on its own with us congress you more than you have of thought the middle and i feel the point is the status of internal forces the u.n. mandate stipulates their participation in anti drug measures from time to time they take part in such operations but it's sporadic and aimed at small producers and small smugglers when carrying out anti-terrorist operations they come across some drug carbons destroy them of course but nothing more but a recent international conference in moscow on this issue nato representatives refused to include it on the list that nato troops must obligatorily participate in fighting narcotics they fear that this will only pose a greater threat to them in afghanistan and i give it their position so that's why
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they refused to limit themselves to fight against so-called terrorism what is terrorism afghani terrorism nobody has given a precise and understandable definition even the highest ranking american generals who have been leading nato troops over there haven't done so. but. president obama has made a decision to cut the number of american troops in afghanistan considerably how realistic are these plans do you think or how much will troops numbers the cut will the afghan go for it is the capable of controlling the situation in the country by themselves the pressure to present to me nonetheless of the past nine months the position of the american authorities has changed considerably on the one hand american congress the house of representatives and most importantly the democratic party categorically insist on a considerable pullout of american troops from afghanistan starting july first twenty eleven. otherwise they would face a great challenge at the upcoming twenty eleven elections on the other hand the
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u.s. military command especially after the start of david petraeus his term as i.s.a.'s commander has been looking for excuses to delay president obama's decision or to postpone it. we must remember that the larger part of the u.s. military serves the interests of the republican party and so does the us defense minister come on i get frequent calls from u.s. journalists asking what the u.s. should do in the current situation and whether they should withdraw their troops next july which i usually respond with a question of my own but is there no alternative if there isn't there is no alternative to the complete withdrawal of u.s. troops the longer their forces u.s. and nato forces stay in afghanistan the more they will destabilize the region it is evident that the presence of any foreign troops nato u.s. or sauvie troops will only inspire terrorism in afghanistan you cannot depict the country as a den of terrorism or its people as terrorists by default this is not true it is in
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fact very far from the truth that there is a faction of people within the rebel movement that use terror methods some of these people do indeed have links to al-qaeda in no way does this mean that any afghan or any armed afghan is a terrorist the us is facing a philosophical problem they spent nine years there by december twenty ten the length of their military presence will match that of the soviet contingent now over this period they fail to understand the afghans outlook on life they do not understand afghanistan barack obama is now facing the gorbachev dilemma of whether to withdraw u.s. forces but a couple if he withdraws them it will be bad if he doesn't it will go from bad to worse i'm deeply convinced that barack obama should do the same thing as mikhail gorbachev did with the afghanistan's there is no other way i think from us that we have received information about the taliban making the proposition to nato to jointly that's the gates to the deaths in afghanistan how realistic and serious is
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that offer on this. no yeah sure you have many i don't think it's serious i'd like to say that the taliban movement is quite formless structurally it is basically a successor to the mojahedin movement that was active during the soviet military presence in afghanistan it hasn't changed much since then the way propaganda is spread hasn't changed either and i would regard this offer as part of the propaganda war the taliban is obviously winning it by the way it's obviously beating the us as for the offer itself even if the u.s. or nato was to agree to it i don't think the taliban would play an active role in the investigation of these unpleasant and difficult incidents but the president they have legal standing what's happening in afghanistan and pakistan is affecting other countries including russia what could russia do to establish a secure regime in the region possibly going from with that when you had your chance and no single stakeholder in the region will be able to do anything on their
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own the us tried to do so but failed they brought the nato contingent and failed again i could say that countries in the region with their different stances and viewpoints will never come to consensus on the afghan crisis in order to find ways to settle the conflict from outside of the region we will certainly have to draw neighboring countries into the peace process iran pakistan political stand and definitely it was based on as well on russia and kazakhstan will also have to take part in russia's afghanistan's historical partner and vice versa the u.s. and nato states have never been afghanistan's partners but they don't understand the fundamentals of the region a huge the only country that has provided for an approach many between iran is based on pakistan and to stand as russia or this i think is one of the main goals of the such a summit would have to switch. wealthy
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ride's words going international pharmaceutical giants are endangering the lives of patients in india by using them as guinea pigs sometimes with their consent the
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cost of testing drugs is low in india but the human price is high and rising. it's fifty years since a soviet space program saw a pair of dogs become the first one seeds to span more than twenty four hours in orbit and stroke a survivor fly in pave the way for the first man to go state. investigators say a chance to militant leader with links to al qaida is likely to be behind a car bombing in russia's north caucasus authorities have stepped up security across moscow fearing more attacks. headlines here sports next. you're watching the sports news an hour too thanks for joining us this hour and a good headline spars. says prepare for that two legged play off against cypriot
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side on the tosses. meanwhile real madrid welcome a new star as much as an all silk and say move to the galapagos from the bremen. and ukrainian heavyweight came without a hitch corey is set to defend his w.b.c. title on october sixteenth against american shadow that can embrace. all began with the latest summit transfer there is a new kid in town over a mudra ed. joins the reaal for the bremen on a six if you're a dale price not really comparable to the one hundred fifty million the club paid to get. out of the barn a bell bargain matilda could turn out to be just as important it's ones who want their old german has had a stellar career to date culminating in a semi final appearance at the world cup in south africa he will meet up with his international team mates. for ya last fall from still good also always remembering
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the zero six signing of the summer as they thought it was clear up to trying points that fast a league crown in three hours following barcelona's race and. still some valuable nothing was decided until yesterday naturally i am very sure to get. there and here i can now do build ourselves further and i'm really bored to the job of her naturally i want to go to the biggest team in the world and that's real madrid and i'm here and i'm sure you have to it's not really. another player who is star rose in south africa was mexico's javier this striker was already on his way to man united by that stage though a movie twenty two year old sales have been his dream before guadalajara made his home debut on monday in a three day old victory over new castle i was like ten years old and i always look at. these players next cause i want to really like them and i mean i'm here i want to enjoy it i love this thing this opportunity i want to
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. like like a human like a player and the most don't think i want to win championships we. need some pittsburgh have put themselves in the driving seat to join fellow russian sides or being on spartak moscow in the group stages of the champions league. it is man recorded they won me away and their home fast slag against also the premier league leaders taking their domestic form on to the continental stage they went ahead just a few minutes into the match through alexander and with stick to that narrow lead throughout the game so one meal ahead of the second leg next wednesday elsewhere also in bar exam lena and young boys also changed lanes on tuesday while i alex drew one won against to knock you. over in the europa league says come all school host super outside the says on thursday despite being considered as favorites for the tie the on demand prepare themselves for a tough clash what about it has the preview. self-confidence of the strong
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that's what's a scam or school players are all about during their training session and through the evening their own men are super at sight and not assist in the first game of the europa league play around with tickets to the group stage take three time champion so for russia two thousand and five we have the cup winners they look like favorites and they're coming clash i were the club's head coach len it's not speech he's far from underestimating their opponents among the conflict i consider a north ases is a very good team with quite a strong roster and an aggressive style moreover i think this approved league is a bit underrated here in russia at least that we studied our opponents very carefully and realize that these two games will be very tough for us before every game we should take into account both our advantages and our opponents weak points i make you plus it's very important to choose the right players the ones which are
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able to fulfil your game plan on the pitch no delts to steve has got a good selection of players to count on the likes of buckner love the newest grass which makes the elements second line up one of the strongest in the russian league meanwhile another storm and the home side squad has to go home dunn was absent from wins this training session you can injury but he still is still hopeful the japanese international will be waiting for thursday's player from rubber and i don't like him to hear what he's recovering very fast though it's not clear yet if he's able to play on thursday when he got the injury during the half or go to earth and there is some time left before the game to come to the final conclusion you're not sure thought it was already having a song or so much vaster international experience along with a pretty good knowledge of their opponents always means the man held favorites for the tie although it's a safe bet on their ducks last aussies will give their all to make a splash how much money on r.t.
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moscow region. all liverpool are also two games away from the group stages they face a turkish side. in the opening lag at anfield the matches sandwiched between two big premier league games their head start of their sales and what they want all. day and next monday they travel to man city expected to be one of the main challengers for a top four finish and roy hodgson freely admits he is prioritizing the premier league games ahead of the europa league. if you. you'd like to do both. you can choose one to. the premier league and the. even go for teams that are playing. in the. now the scandal which engulfed the french national team about world cup twenty ten finally looks to have come to now and with some i opening punishments handed down
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the most severe of which being. banned which directly as the chelsea man's international career it all stems from a call flicked with them manager i'm on them an ad during the group stages of the finals was subsequently sand hell with the remaining school the refusing to train captain patrice evra received a five match ban on tuesday for his part here evolved from he will be out for three games while sharing the two along misses just one new manager had already suspended the entire school prior to a friendly with no wait last week. and it seems to me that the players are sincerely sorry for what happened to be from i understand that they were affected by these events though i can't speak for them but i think everyone has to realise there was a slip in standards but now we should also be able to move forward. on to boxing now and w.b.c. have a weight king vitaly klitschko has confirmed he will defend his title against american shannon briggs on october sixteenth in hamburg germany for the ukraine and
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it will be a fair title defense and beating samuel peter and over two thousand and eight still regain the w.b.c. crown having temporarily retired in two thousand and four weeks ago had wanted to face a russian giant to go i've always in his world title fight by the bout through the w.b.c. champions most recent one was over albert of the back in may while new yorker brings his most recent bout victory over old callaway also in the way. that's had to singapore and the youth olympics games now for a glimpse of some of the world's future world record holder as and rushes up and coming swimming poor have been looking just as good as their senior counterparts who talk to the european championships table recently demands for why one hundred meter freestyle relay. school displaying great team chemistry on the way to gold china settling for silver and that won with south africa taking rolls. a great
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ad for it on the map from the russians as well as a new maya able to pull its own weight and some to take gold in the forty six kilogram freestyle wrestling event. the russians osu looking shopping the women's individual saber discipline you got on keeping her guard up while making all the right moves beating american silly in america you may want sided fifteen to a victory with that when russia's tally increased to any girls five silvers and for you bronze medals. and back to football finally as russian prime minister vladimir putin has made some big guarantees to feed there will be no need for visitors answering russia to have a visa to eighteen if the country secures the bed for that year's tournaments free fall delegation had harold may need goals in fact is currently inspecting football stadiums across russia stating the promise will be considered reason free entry was
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allowed when moscow hosted the champions league final in may two thousand and eight swede fans showing their tickets at passport control instead of russia will be up against england spain and portugal belgium and the netherlands and also in the united states for the twenty eight to imbed the twenty twenty two final and are planned before the country with a host of both tournaments to be announced on december the second. and europe today for now a look on the world weather coming up next on our team and then the main headlines .
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i'm going. to use today volunteers once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada from china corporations are on the day. the for.
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