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every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join us it's acknowledging update on our. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for a shelter today.
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this is are you going to live from moscow i'm reading these are the top stories given rise groups claim international pharmaceutical giants are endangering the lives of patients in india by using them as guinea pigs the cost of testing drugs is significantly lower in india the human cost is increasing every year. it's fifty years since the soviet space program saw a pair of dogs become the first living things to spam more than twenty four hours in orbit and still can survive the flight of a new way the first man to go to space half a year later. investigators say a chechen knowledge and with links to al qaida is likely to be behind a car bombing in russia's north caucasus authorities have stepped up security across moscow fearing more attacks. though they have lines here in the back of the top of the hour with more updates for you in the meantime will bring you our interview show spotlight with al gore in office and today his guest as a representative of one of the indigenous peoples of russia discussing if it's
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difficult to preserve their identity in the trying to force injury. for the full story we've got it for us the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. every month we give you the future we understand. and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join us knology update on our. hello again then welcome to. the show. today my guest says.
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there are dozens of indigenous people each of them with its unique culture our guests represents the people living in russia. how difficult is it to preserve their identity in the twenty first century in which the common problems people have to face. to. the vice president russian association are religious people of the north in our studio to. president of the russian association of people. belongs to the. russians far east and counted one and a half thousand people only four hundred of them. which the situation is. to preserve the ethnic identity. of peoples in russia some of them to.
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persons. today to talk about life and problems faced by the. indigenous peoples. is that hello thank you so much for coming to our program hello. when speaking about the you to head the first person who comes to everybody's mind in russia and all over the world they're so used to allies especially after the oscar winning film by famous japanese director. can you tell us was to add to the intention says in so the most courageous to this kind of today but is he a hero and a model for them to follow and is it right or not and explaining who you are. you have to mention there's a use of their souls. dark on your sleeve i think that not only was the but for research people also proud of their sue use all of that then you know when he's not invented the character in your full really took the risk you see great russian
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explorer our senior describe the story over a real man who many of our old men knew personally across the expedience that he was guiding an expedition around the area where i'm from. that's why i'm sure there were thing filmed inserted there soon true that ship shows up here so you see it and what's more important i think that he's a real hero with a good look but he does the way he conducted himself with regard to the world around him and the people around him he's worth following me at the premier league . i don't even though he was not a hero but a regular controversial absolutely that's right. before russians and the modern western civilization came to you to russia to have keep your ancestors were shattered and they worship of nature. this editions today you know social horse we preserve them so you still follow your own religion absolutely. we still have our
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own religion furthermore rock until you do it i'm not a typical you do because from. my friends and school mates usually went after school as soon as classes were over we would go hunting. but someone would be guarded if they go just to shoot. us to shoot you can't i yeah i guess for me i was reading books though at the time i liked reading along with bush in civil so when i came back home after graduating from initial to u.t. get i started learning the basics there in suppose my culture. and i suddenly found out that my school mates with whom i used to spend so much time. professional contractors with the community and they would follow all the rituals before launching any of the does this help or is it just addition. i can give you an example just give us it may seem a bit tragic to you. when you drive from our village there is
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a hallway or wrong with a small house on top of that you know where we usually blown to dispirit so i am going to. one says we're strangers came to our place and they didn't know you know this house but they were all drunk so they started shooting at the house but why good old just for fun or for no reason at all just to shoot at something. we told them that they should not do so. but evidently alcohol and their youth which yeah later tragedy happened to the children of two of them died but it happened when they went hunting and fishing. and they learned about it when they came back of the. lot of them but so i think there is something behind these traditions and worshipping. there not just were created for nothing you. see. as far as i know salman's in your culture are not only religious to us they're
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also doctors and weather forecast. and it's really worth really can't see or somebody writes super are both here and they can really ask whether it's because of . what was. you know going to do we have more than medicine for you so we combined these two things scripts to modern medicine and sham and so we put them sure that there was such a poet so you know your village is only a few hundred kilometers away from the bot of sadistical so when someone feels that you can bring one death in there to there is more to hospital in our village to throw you out of course. shermans do not exclude hospitals just like hospitals do not exclude a sham and you know there was a case when a young man was sick by the and they could not diagnose the keys are roughly usual so they brought him to bloody. worse and they sent him back to die at home
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a part of the movie explained that they could not cure him or give a diagnosis but when after your doctors came and saw that he was fine what exactly is the chairman as an educated man can explain without the instant he was in psychotherapy in general or did they use him since there's something else what is it that the child. is not well it's both a psychological impact and knowledge of herbes and other things so. poor school concussions and all that is in general plus his strong psychotherapy. and what's your attitude towards shamanism and modern western countries. is that it's never too negative and yes i think it's artificial. that you know from the. cheaper from yes the circular just because you know that the modern world is based on certain rules we do p.r. again if i only use a certain rule is an advert for real shams or good people but on the whole that i don't like it because look at the risk too many things which are artificial have
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nothing in common with the reality you see that's why i don't like it are shallow and help. another person saying there is a sick person moscow because what if he comes to a village first silence hell can show help in this situation or is it supposed to be somebody from your village belonging to your religion living in your place. people from bloody will stalk do you come to our shaman do they yes i help them. think that. they would have come. to same time i think there's a psychological element is very strong here when you believe your help your social you are believing. the russians came to your area your people were generally hunting and fishing. those were the two major occupation you see the way of life was raised on these two activities have preserved your way of life and how this civilization influence that. we have preserved our way of life and about eighty
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percent of our people are doing the same things they used to do. i mean that in the modern world and individual hunter can feed himself by hunting and fishing himself and his family. can you do it and it's not just consing there are many other things in the wall you can sow things you've got until you've gone to see first but you'll see sable for years and meet. many other expensive herb's where you. for example there is a type of fern in our lands which it doesn't grow anywhere else so the japanese come to buy it from us. there is breaking up our well known type of bush well you know we also have another type of fur forms. and. female plants and only female clients are of any value and so it's prepared in
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a certain way and then it's used to release talk scenes which from the body we didn't that's why. it is so valuable she's accusing each of you put them all those years in medicine yes so there are many things involved as you are all men we also have a small sawmill all those things enable us to live not too extravagant bluebloods to have everything we need one says. first rice president russian association and peoples all the noise spotlight will be back shortly after a break we'll continue this interview so stay with us. extracting black gold is dangerous. demand pushes the limits to catastrophe. is the price too high. is it
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com. welcome back to spotlight we're not in just a reminder that my guest in the studio today is. first prize president russian association of indigenous peoples of the north. so bottle that you could share with him we're all doing that we're doing to merge into one to shoot singles super civilization probably a chinese one to someone that will absorb all this hold yourself think groups you know kid out of it was an idea you know on think. put on your prey's or you'll go to sleep i always supposed to fight but if this is supposed to be a fight between a tribe and a civilized nation basically going to any additional of the additional no i think
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it's supposed to be a fraud but that's not as opposed to gain somebody that we're fighting small cheap but we're fighting for someone who should care. in my opinion every ethnic group should preserve its roots and it's very important it's important from the viewpoint diversity. you know that people all over the world are trying to preserve the show responsible type of plant and animal in north toward me i think we should do the same for various ethnic groups. i'm not seeing how we should do it instead of them and you know what we need to give them a chance. to make it possible for them to preserve their culture. you know there's a theory that if any kind of fly or against extinct when you get done just going to be an ecological catastrophe so he's absolutely sure it's here is diane hole nothing will happen needs humans are not sure and then dispensable parts of the system don't you find that curious to see the doc was like yeah yeah you do you
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know i don't think so but i'm. in my opinion the storm to some extent the world champion followed the development we hope the european civilisation. i mean economic laws are to be the most important ones and they became more important than the laws of nature should principia to put on this right you know i think if the world continues to take this way he will lead us into a dead end there are different civilizations you know i think they can suggest a way out of the car so that we cannot avoid actually a dead end job can be to with a thing that the peoples of the north and your people belong to different so i say shit. on your brain of course. in fact i can tell you. that it happened i will be shipping them where i come from. this was back in one thousand nine hundred eighty there was an agreement signed by both territory not
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that it's it was given to the south korean company for. through the years i've been show which and this company promised to do a lot for us which is what were they supposed to do with the territory forced exploitation and you do in other words they took timber from your area as if they were just doing this territory by adding to the agreement k'naan there were a number of those nations headed by the governor and the vice president of the company and the automobile company. yes but they do other things as well as a consortium right yes so they offered to build on our territory everything they hear when the so-called civilized regions. roads buildings yanks on the idolatrous yes but our people rejected it and we said we don't want. to live the way we want which is a war so we're interested in economic development not the price of destroying our nature and unfortunately our way of living that in that time i had
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to go into politics we were in are you sure. the venture of international level. came to us today maybe so he was also then so sure many of the a proceeding the supreme soviet of the russian federation but he whole speech and i had to come there you know it's court trying to meet him go it was forbidden for me to meet with him but i talked to deputy is going to bring me to him i managed to talk to him and he helped. the indigenous peoples of northern russia facing and how to balance their traditional lifestyles with the and coaching temptations and precious of the twenty first century spotlights you know they did media has more. their lifestyles have changed over the last century but it would still be instantly recognisable to their distant ancestors it's a laugh which to go slightly round reindeer herding hunting and fishing but they're
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resource reaches of the lands they have known for centuries i mean increasing demand and. demand is bringing the concerns and opportunities of the morning world into their lives more than a decade ago the discovery of somehow means or than gas deposits begin to intrude upon the lives of the local population they protested against the big companies and this project for fear of what they thought it may do to their priest in natural environment over time they have become more accepting of the project and are increasingly aware that with environmental concerns being managed the reason the upside for this society in terms of jobs and better living conditions assumably changes and to do lives of two quarts going habitants the advent of ramana promote each russian business magnate and owner of the chelsea football club as regional governor from two thousand to two thousand and eight game with an estimated two and a half billion dollars of investment in housing schools medical facilities and
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infrastructure much of it from his own pocket he has now resigned as governor but to resource development remains with the region accounting for a fifth of russia's gold production industrial development brings more taxes and more jobs at the same time it's forcing the indigenous communities to adopt a contemporary way of life and the balance between the time when the customs of their ancestors with the needs and temptations of the morning world. video. can you tell us the indigenous peoples of the north really have to fight against. these things as it would really put pressure on you from all sides. so unfortunately you have to fight quite often. what was the situation did they stop it we're here they did show us where they stopped at all. and.
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sold the rights for our high. sealants belong to us yes for the conflict at school i can tell you from the history of my people. for instance the nine hundred seventy s. they were at the gate ethnic groups new to here now there were only four left at the little bit they grew it happened because it's so hard of tiger. people had to move to other ethnic groups would move in when we were trying to negotiate all these situations. are will never suit could be negotiating with any manufacturer will be the order because we are in tag innocence but we will never reach an agreement calling the go and know you have a sawmill and that's industry too albeit a small facility i know it's
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a different thing in that sense industry but you won't be able to destroy your own forest with it. but it depends on how you use it came in much the same to volume so far facilities are small you won't do much with it. two thousand and one i was among the first to sign an agreement some accord with one of the biggest paulton companies in the far east of course because i think that compromises are indispensable so and we managed to reach a compromise but we agreed that if a part of our territory that was giving for cutting and so forth so i think that compromises are possible and necessary certainly likeness comes to mind between the indigenous peoples of the north and the american indians they have a big problem with alcohol alcoholism a big problem for intentions and russia. which is but it is a very big problem because yes what's says it a biological phenomenon that alcohol influences you so much not in the same way as
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say russians or poles or europeans are you. yes in addition to social factors which affect other people see me with us it's also a biological phenomenon. the need to peoples don't have the answer to break down alcohol use so it destroys you more yes it's just not medically digested it's not decomposed in the body which means that it acts like a drug and that means that after the first dose the body will always need it like heroin to ask again it's a little bit more scientifically proven which they use over regular european drinks a glass of wine every day and feels fine. for one of your people it's like they've got to take an dose of heroin every date on exactly the cup so how do you fight it this is it possible to fight it the laws are crossed the country and you can't adopt your own laws. you known factor in our association and i proposed a bill to the federation council and actually they supported it in the clothes we
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proposed introducing profit bishan areas where indigenous people live we thought that was very important but the economic green the government told us. john because it tourists troops competition and it's a violation off for economic principles and so forth they were going to do that when i was arguing with them i said it was going to take the most developed or initial of the market economies of united states they introduced brought in some places in alaska. to bring down the whole there just prohibited to sell alcohol in there so i don't know exactly because of that raised by democracy markets and freedom the way they're not afraid to answer this restrictions which like that in canada to you and in the united states did so you mean to say that indigenous people have similar problems i mean the russian foreign ones. when you force and so
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there are a lot of common problems they have to fight of course and there's something to learn from each other yes there are many things we can learn from them cohen and they've learned from us. so for example. for examples in a number of russians regions very few unfortunately. similar international laws. people's rights for example. peoples are represented locals or parliaments and governments. decision making which considers theory a future. and there are other things i can give you your mall was example but the among his huge deposits of natural gas gas promise near another company's but at the same time the operator with indigenous peoples. there needs. to. thank you very much for being with us just a reminder that my guest in the studio today was. first vice president.
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of indigenous peoples. that's it for now from all of us here will be back until then stay heartache and taking. more news today. again flared up. these are the images.
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from the streets of canada. today.
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