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often without consent. setting the pace for the first man in space it's fifty years since the soviet space program saw a pair of dogs become the first living things to survive and orbital flight. and that russia's first seaport and one of the country's diamond centers are close a team visit a multifaceted northern city of congress. still slow as big firms reveal but times will explain why in business in twenty minutes. a warm welcome to you live from moscow you're watching r t with me and lisa now a first this hour human rights groups are raising the alarm over india turning into a global hotspot for drug trials they claim international pharmaceutical companies
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are experimenting on patients in some cases without consent they also say many of those who sign up don't understand the risks well statistics from india's health ministry sell the number of deaths related to clinical trials has risen over the last four years here years during the first six months of this year nearly five hundred died more than the combined total for two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight archie's current thing reports. in india government run hospitals provide low cost treatment to the poor but there are increasingly names that are being made guinea pigs in drug trials for western pharma companies without their knowledge here at the. hospital indoor the north has been taking pills for the last six months on the advice of his doctor he suspects he's being experimented upon and maybe get him and i had a pain in my abdomen they did all sorts of tests and gave me all sorts of pills to
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have in the morning of the noon at night but i haven't got any. rational recount they can test any medication they like on. allegations have surfaced in the media that the hospital conducts illegal drug trials on patients police are investigating the complaint the hospital officials say any trials are being conducted in accordance with government guidelines india's fast becoming a global hotspot for testing new drugs with two million people estimated to be taking part in clinical trials routes without their consent got a nice car year drug trials are increasing here because they cost just one sixth of what they do in the west the regulatory system here is comparatively corrupt pharma companies can easily register patients intros. he developed countries it would take six months to register five patients whereas in india in the same time they could conduct trials on two thousand people. giving informed consent to be part of an
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experiment is the golden rule of all clinical trials but many patients here sign on the dotted line without understanding the nature and the consequences of what's being administered to them. are americans or treaty indians as guinea pigs the patients being used for trials are illiterate and pool they don't even know details of the drug or that it is a drug trial this is unethical to root patients in without proper consent without informing them that they are taking part in the drugs trial it is both an ethical and illegal. patients sometimes sign up out of desperation to them experimental health care is better than not at all but has agreed to let her child be treated with a new drug which she's been told will bring his fever down on the cheap minty street sound happy with it. there are regulations in place to monitor drug trials
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including setting up ethics committees and hospitals to ensure patient safety but these are often used by doctors to simply rubber stamp trials so maybe the ethics committee has the important responsibility of monitoring drug trials but it's a very out hoc system that is misused for instance a medical institute in faraway mumbai gives permission for a drug trial in cities like indoor and poor how can you use permission from an ethical committee of another institute in another city to justify drug trials in an institute here with over one thousand three hundred drug trials currently being conducted in india this industry's already said to be worth one billion dollars yet it's clear that the laws against unethical trials are not working and the government will have to come up with other ways to stop the country's poor from. diced into medical experiments that could potentially have c.d.'s critics got and seeing are into. there with r.c.u. live from still ahead for you this hour of
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a thing all over. they came they style and now thief inspectors leave moscow after spending four days in russia to determine the nation's by ability to host the world cup details ahead. this site right here is one hundred meters deep and it produces about half a million carrots worth of diamonds each year now this is just the beginning because they want to go deeper into the earth where the soil is richer and where there's a lot more of that precious stone many women called their best friend find out how the city of our congress come to russia's first shipyard turned into a diamond hotspot in artie's close up series. now stopping terrorism and stemming the flow of drugs that was agreed upon out of summit of central asian countries president to meet him in the meeting in the russian city of sochi the leaders of afghanistan to take a stand and pakistan well former white house drugs policy spokesman robert weiner thinks the u.s. has failed in afghanistan mainly because wiping out drugs is not part of their
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mission. the us military regrettably has determined that a policy should be had of not. interdicting and not eradicating the drugs in afghanistan because it would destabilize afghanistan what a mistake of a policy and it's a policy mistake both by the military by general petraeus by ambassador holbrooke because it's the drugs that that fund al qaeda which is the reason that the united states won into afghanistan in the first place drugs are seventy percent as much as seventy percent of al qaeda is in the taliban's funding according to senior democratic senator charles. and if that's the case what are we doing making happy farmers in afghanistan or is our job to secure afghanistan stop the drug
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trafficking create alternative economies and then stop the killing that goes around the world both by the terrorists and by the drugs themselves that have killed millions throughout asia and europe. well america's only option in afghanistan is to withdraw all its troops out of a soviet afghan war veteran the full interview is coming up in just over twenty minutes but here's a quick look at what's to come. you should so motivational but. you cannot depict the country as a den of terrorism or its people as terrorists by default this is not true there is a faction of people within the rebel movement that use terror methods some of these people do indeed have links to al qaeda in no way does this mean that any afghan or any armed afghan is a terrorist the u.s. is facing a philosophical problem we spent nine years there by december two thousand and ten their military presence will match that of the soviet contingent now over this
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period they have failed to understand that afghans outlook on life they do not understand afghanistan barack obama is now facing the gorbachev dilemma of whether to withdraw u.s. forces if he pulls them out it will be bad if he doesn't it will go from bad to worse i'm deeply convinced that barack obama should do the same thing as we do with afghanistan there is no other way. now they say every dog has its day but for two dogs in the soviet union it was a day that marched them literally to international fame it's fifty years since the bell were sent into orbit and returned safely a day later becoming the first living things to survive such a flight that pave the way for the first man in space eight months later are to his credit in the takes a look back. just.
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became the first ever human in our space. return i don't know if the first space. before manned space yielded to man's best friend at least fifty seven dogs were sent into orbit by the soviet union arguably one of the most famous travelers were too much steam bilker or whitey and little arrow fifty years ago after months of strenuous training they and a bunch of mice rats flies plants and a rabbit boarded sputnik five all. the most important criteria was the dog's size there was only that much space aboard the spacecraft also dogs are much better tolerating cold temperatures but it wasn't every dog that was acceptable their car their physical condition all that was taken into account. he worked with the soviet space program for decades he remembers bill can still get as they really were under
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different names like. the dogs got named by our lab assistance and the girls name these two dogs and they like the sound of those names but then our boss found out and he was not impressed be criticize us for giving these dogs foreign and politically incorrect names so we changed them and that's how they became famous. still his fame continued on the ground she had six pups one of which was presented by the then soviet leader nikita khrushchev to j.f.k.'s daughter caroline and international room and believe him to be true or fluffy and another kennedy dog called charlie they in turn had puppies which the u.s. president jokingly referred to as pop nicks man's best friend became not only a link between two ferns a maze of the cold war dogs were also the guarantee scientists needed to safely send a man follow. in their pop prince. nobody knew you see whether
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a living organism could survive in space how a body would react to those conditions which is why bill constrain were the first giant leap for mankind you could see that belka was more agitated and that the dogs worry times uncomfortable but they made it safely home and scientists knew that it was man's turn to reach for the stars. the door and stamps calendars became the subject of tales in news reports fifty years after their flight their trip. and the museum where they are displayed is proud to tell their story again and again catherine as our of our t.v. moscow we've got plenty more on space at our website dot com gone for an out of this world watched by a russian convoy not one of the first steps to the stars find out what it took to prepare for space flight and help take man to the moon. why dinner and then in france a statue of
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a bolshevik leader has been erected in the country south part of a series of tributes to twentieth century figures. tighter security measures remain in force in moscow after tuesday's terror attack in russia's north caucuses police have evacuated moscow city court after an anonymous apparent tip off that a bomb has been planted in the building it's now being searched but this follows two bomb threats on wednesday explosives were said to have been planted in a business center and near an apartment block but none were found the fear of possible attacks was raised after tuesday's car bombing in the city of course in the caucasus some thirty people were injured police are now hunting for the man who left the car outside a busy cafe while investigators believe notorious chechen militant. who have links
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to al qaeda may have mastermind of the bomb. russia's been go all out to win the football world cup bid for twenty eighteen or twenty twenty two now inspectors from the games governing body fee for have wrapped up their tour across the country assessing whether it should be chosen to host the tournament but are two stacy business one of the airports where they just took off hi there stacey and we've been following closely this expection now it's over what are we hearing is russia still and with a good chance. well hello to you a nice if they came they say now russia waits to see if its bid was strong enough to woo the inspectors now for four days the committee toured russia and four of the thirteen cities slated to host the world cup games in those cities include state petersburg moscow clothes on and sochi which is poised to be the host of the winter twenty fourteen olympic games and they did all this to make sure that russia is in
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fact ready to host a world cup game either in twenty eighteen or twenty twenty four now on thursday here airport the lead investigator along with the minister of sport met with the press before the thief inspectors left town and the minister said the russian or people have. a great love for football they did everything it's a good could to express that sentiment love for the game to show its commitment to spend fifteen billion dollars on infrastructure and prime minister putin promised that all available all funds would be available and that all projects would be done on time. now the lead and specter said that he was very impressed by what he called an excellent trip and that he said that russia's bid committee was very forthcoming and gave them all the information that they would need to make a fair decision now football is russia's number one sport and fun fans feel pretty
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good about its chances of being able to host a world cup including a legendary soviet goalie. success. proves we can host this world cup we've already held the games and the champions league final which everyone was happy with and the fact that we won the bid for the sochi olympics also proves that we are able to host a big sports event. now the committee said that they were very impressed by russia's dedication to football and they pointed to the nation's legacy program which was to build a thousand more football fields to attract more young people to the game still russia has a very tight competition among eight other nations who are also trying to host the world cup and they include japan the u.s. the u.k.
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and australia and south korea next afifa heads to the u.k. and the usa before going to zurich to make its final decision december second all right well we'll certainly be watching this band very closely and keeping our fingers crossed for now live from moscow airport. let's take a look now at some world news in brief for you this hour the last u.s. combat troops have left iraq nearly two weeks ahead of schedule the planned withdrawal deadline has been set at all because thirty first over fifty thousand troops are to remain in the country through twenty eleven to advise iraqi forces and protect u.s. interests. in pakistan many of those in need of vital supplies following the devastating floods eight isn't reaching them international donors have pledged millions of dollars more to help the country following criticism from relieved groups that the response to the disaster has been too slow floodwaters are still at their peak levels in some places hampering aid work pakistani officials say sixty
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thousand troops have been tasked with helping. and we continue exploring russia's varied regions in our close up series it's an in-depth and personal view on the everyday life of local people and the history of the country. and today were in the north west of russia in the. once the country's only sea port recognized as the capital of northern russia it has everything from ship building to diamonds we sent test our cilla to explore. where now with the north of russia and out how goes region a region which has a coastline on three arctic seas now because of its location it was extremely important in the seventeenth century as russia's first and only seaport as well as its first sea route to the west now this region became extremely wealthy because of that city trade and monasteries were very much involved in the business in trading
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salt and wood and it was also here that the first arctic expeditions were outfitted as seen off whoever wants it here is where it was found at sea trade was made from here to st petersburg at a loss its importance now today of honda's may no longer hold the titles it once did but it is still going to make glorious history as well as thriving traits in shipbuilding lumber as well as a budding diamond industry take a look thanks to its waterways one hundred s. is known as the gateway to the arctic but this wasn't always the case in the one nine hundred twenty s. it was called the national hard currency shop as its rich timber and paper pulp industries yielded the lion's share of the treasury's hard currency earnings it's a controversial part of its past these industries flourished thanks to tens of thousands of prison inmates forced to work in the north during stalin's time but on hunger else did make a more positive and lasting mark in history when peter the great founder of
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russia's first shipyard here and it became the motherland of the country's fleet our crew visited a ship repair plant in the region which has also recently started making vessels the facility was set up in the one nine hundred fifty s. especially for repairing and retooling soviet ships and submarines in the ninety's and whenever the suv hit government radical because the number of defense contracts and the plant's output foam they had no choice but to diversify and went into diamond cutting. where you know dining putting was one of the alternatives the idea of cutting rough diamonds in the direct city of the diamond fueled looked attractive. that diamond field is the mine named after the local scientists and pull with me. back in the seventeenth century he said that there were diamonds in the region but the gems weren't found until much later this period opened in one nine hundred eighty two and the first diamond was extracted just five years ago not
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an easy task in a water rich region the field is located smack in the middle of the marshland amid rivers and springs engineers had to build an eight kilometer long canal to divert the water flow. i don't know of any other diamond fields where the extraction conditions are so complicated. their work is like looking for needles in a haystack in every truckload of rocks only two or three diamonds can be found but they're no ordinary diamonds. deposits produce transparent or barely colored gemstones here we find them intensely colored diamonds green even pink and blue. this side right here is one hundred metres deep and it produces about half a million carrots worth of diamonds each year now this is just the beginning because they want to go deeper into the earth where the soil is richer and where the a lot more of that precious so many women called their best friend. but before
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anyone get even see a single sparkle a long process has to be gone through and what you get are rare gems jewelers as well as women from all over the world called it. well the tests are still of reporting there from the our region we're going to go over to the business desk now daniel bushell and i mean by the way hi there daniel now it's much cooler in moscow but i understand the effects of the heat wave are getting worse your third of the harvest may have been destroyed and that means russia will have to buy green abroad more in the program but first russia's economy has rebounded considerably since the beginning of the year who have a reason for losing industrial output has raised doubts about the strength of recovery the drought and heat have been partly to blame but experts warn the problems run deeper michael crushing carports. the volume of russian industrial output declined a sizeable ten percent in july compared with june which in turn saw
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a contraction from the previous month although much smaller just half a percent economist worry that a further decline in august which would be a third successive job would suggest this segment of the economy is slowly falling back into recession we do expect that that economy russian economy is likely to slow considerably in the second half of these yeah so i guess this slowdown of the manufacture of production as part of the in line with that that. would have meant that the pace of natural the coverage was not because of the feeling low base effect the something to go back to us but also a system like nation of investment demand or how the reversal of the fiscal stimulus the weak demand for russian made goods can partly be attributed to the increase in the value of the ruble since the beginning of the year this is made products for export more expensive while handing foreign goods sold here a price advantage moreover economists warn that any sickness in manufacturing could start to infect other parts of the economy banks see that the growth rates are not
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that strong they might be more reluctant to give out loans business growth and lending that we started to see a couple of months ago it could be undercut. by this. stagnation. in front of full. and this is i think the bigger concern because then potentially you can have a vicious circle whereby slower growth leads to slower landing this and turn leads to slower growth as well clearly russia is not an island unto itself its prospects are heavily tied to the wider global economy and its biggest customers in europe continue to grow more quickly than expected as the recent data indicates then there is little prospect of the wider russian economy suffering a double dip recession even if. industrial output temporarily stalls michael could change business r.t. . a new report from h.s.b.c.
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bank says russia won't return to pre-crisis growth rates in the near future the author of that report alexander moroz of chief economist for the serious region explains why. first of all there already is science but it's happened in industrial production data shows it was clearly yes that is publication of the investment fix investment data also going to invite direction but for a more fundamental factors that would not allow russian economy to grow as fast as before i want to elicit showed that in the past of a key drivers russian economic growth was a very but one in tried as strong rise in the commodity prices prices as number one and secondly it was a strong inflow of capital into the russian economy through russian companies borrowing also for foreign investors investment russian assets with these bonds etc now looking forward for prospects of slower global economic growth we should not rely on capital inflows it will be happening of course but not over the extent of
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the past as far as commodity prices is concerned also volatile is not as benign as before probably if you see some price rise of for all prices will not be as high as before where for so the fundamental factors which were used to drive hiking on the growth and the possible model work in many more. chicken stock markets now europe is continuing yesterday's slide the world number two cement maker holes in film a little three percent on this with the exchange of veiling a big drop in second over the next us and emerging markets business is growing with european remain slow but said other construction stocks down heidelberg is shipping in frankfurt. russian markets point seven percent higher in the afternoon here energy stocks gazprom and blue clothes are driving those gains of the price of light sweet age to seventy six dollars a barrel. put on almost four percent as the cold joined rebuilds it's not just mine after an explosion of. foreign direct investment into russia's full eleven percent
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in the first half of this year according to statistics agency ross that if the oil fell from six point two to four. point four billion dollars overall foreign investment into the country also slipped. russia's worst drought in fifty years could force the country to become a green importer last year russia was the third largest exporter in the world but now may have to buy up to five million tons by the end of next year and it seems the current hard this will be even worse than expected so i think government figures the analysis groups over khan says the green crop will be down at least a third on last year and will not exceed sixty two million tons this is well below russia's annual domestic consumption of seventy five million. that's the latest you can find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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extracting black gold is dangerous. but worldwide demand pushes the limits to catastrophe. is the price too high. is it possible to prevent such disasters. and can be off to must be dealt with quickly am defectively. oil
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spills and thrills and auti. signed up to join the military because i thought that it was my duty not that it was something that i'd do to help my country i believe my government bought the business necessary for americans to vietnam there was a lot of drug abuse the lot of murder of american officers by american soldiers there were a lot of good stories. to go out of them by the before the war i always thought i wanted to win a lot of medals and they do have a lot of desperation. but afterwards i realize that they they don't mean anything there that informs. i don't i don't i never kept the medal.


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