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in vietnam well she's available in both international her tone of the noise which for some don't intercontinental the only westlake photo shirts and finally her turn hilton finally oprah some said graham told reuters so during this week tunnelling. books are also going to turn her ability to. her children turn. in the most leaves oh geez available in the resort and spa. watching are to you live from moscow where it's four thirty pm our top stories but
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the number of drug tests spiking in india human rights activists accuse pharmaceutical companies of using the country's citizens as guinea pigs for illegal experiments. public housing in the us is about to become private provoking criticism of the government and fears that low income families will be stripped of their homes by the business only. and it's fifty years since two dogs from the soviet union became the first living creatures to survive space travel making history and paving the way for future exploration. also friend spector's depart russia after a visit to examine its bid to host one of the next world cups leaving fans and officials alike optimistic about the country's chances. in other news stopping terrorist and stemming the flow of drugs that's what leaders of afghanistan to pakistan together with russia agreed upon at a summit in sochi told me even from king's college london thinks it's significant
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that the central asian countries discuss the stability without the region's main player the us. but perhaps the most interesting aspect of it is the development of a regional diplomacy which does not depend on the united states i think it's time that we began to look forward to a day when the united states will not in fact be present on the ground in afghanistan and countries in the region will have to make their own arrangements to deal with whatever comes after the american presence three other countries are absolutely essential namely china india of course and iran and the problem is that the deep distrust between pakistan and india and to a lesser extent between india and china makes regional a great arrangements over afghanistan extremely difficult in the past and to a degree even today these countries have often played proxy wars against each other
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including in afghanistan over the past thirty years or so there has been only one force only one force in afghanistan which has ever been able to control the heroin trade and that is the taliban for their own reasons in the long run that if we are going to control heroin production at least in the pashtoon areas we will need to do a deal with the taliban because they are the only people as for a generation who've been able to control the countryside and therefore the production of heroin. well former white house drug policy spokesman robert wiener believes the u.s. has failed in afghanistan due to a tactical and policy mistake he says the u.s. military should have made wiping out drugs in the region a priority. the u.s. military regrettably has determined that a policy should be had of not interdicting and not eradicating the drugs in
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afghanistan because it would destabilize afghanistan what a mistake of a policy and it's a policy mistake both by the military by general petraeus by ambassador holbrooke because it's the drugs that that fund al qaeda which is the reason that the united states went into afghanistan in the first place what are we doing making happy farmers in afghanistan or is our job to secure afghanistan stop the drug trafficking create alternative economies and then stop the killing that goes around the world both by the terrorists and by the drugs themselves have killed millions throughout asia and europe because of coming from afghanistan and pakistan which transits thirty percent of afghanistan's drugs we're creating crime we're creating addiction we are creating terror but it is a mission that can be achieved it's not going to create happy afghanistan farmers
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at first until they had to develop alternative economies but do they really want an economy that's a narco state do they really want an economy that's building dramatically the addiction in their own country and around the rest of the world is that the mission that we want or do we want to achieve an economically successful afghanistan pakistan and at the same time stop the drugs that create the terror the crime in the addiction that should be the mission that should be far more important than happy farmers in afghanistan the soviet war veteran who fought in afghanistan in the eighty's says the u.s. is failing in its campaign because even after nine years it still doesn't understand the country or its people but through the cracks so spoke to our teeth that you know. but first mr kraft well thank you for joining us today sochi has hosted
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a summit the second of its kind after the july session last year and. this is me russia is strengthening its position in the region where it's always been present and is opening up new opportunities for cooperation primarily with afghanistan and pakistan was standing with. your do much good if you have three needs of which. i think that russia is trying to strengthen its position russia is trying to reserve its position in the settlement process in afghanistan via this quartet you know to achieve this goal which is really important for both afghanistan and for the region as a whole as well as for russia these regular events take place pakistan has one view on the afghan crisis stan has another view russia may have yet another position but as for russia entergy christan it's obvious that they want to settle the situation in the country as soon as possible they are concerned with terrorism and with drug production and trafficking that's where pakistan has been playing
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a double game over the past forty years virtually express the willingness to fight terrorism but in fact and everyone knows that everything that is now going on in afghanistan has pakistani origin pakistani influence and impact if it was not for the external power played by pakistan terrorism would still exist but it would be of a minor character a minor insurgent character nothing more in this respect it is important that russia is more active in discussing the afghan issue with the countries of the region. i hope. that i've you've mentioned the drug trafficking issue the statistics say that about thirty thousand people in russia imminently died because of drugs coming from afghanistan how can the american presence in afghanistan help resolve this problem and can russia solve it don't have so much of a problem with us congress. beautiful thought of committal the shield the point is the status of the international forces the u.n. mandate stipulates their participation in anti-drug measures from time to time they
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take part in such operations but it's sporadic and aimed at small producers and small smugglers carrying out anti-terrorist operations they come across some drug caravans destroy them of course but nothing more than at a recent international conference in moscow nato refused to state that nato troops must fight narcotics they fear that it will only pose a greater threat to them and aggravate their position what is terrorism afghan terrorism nobody has given a precise and understandable definition yet even the highest ranking american generals who have been leading nato troops over there. president obama please to begin pulling out troops from afghanistan next summer how realistic is this the afghan authorities be capable of controlling the situation by themselves. over the past nine months the position of the american authorities has changed considerably on the one hand american congress the house of
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representatives and most importantly the democratic party categorically insist on a considerable pullout of american troops from afghanistan starting july first two thousand and one otherwise they would face a great challenge at the upcoming two thousand and eleven elections on the other hand the u.s. military commander especially after the start of david petraeus his term as commander has been looking for excuses to delay president obama's decision or to postpone it you must remember that the larger part of the u.s. military serves the interests of the republican party and so does the u.s. defense minister. i get frequent calls from the u.s. journalists asking what the u.s. should do in the current situation and whether they should withdraw their troops next july you know what i usually respond with a question of my own but is there an alternative immutable there is not there is no alternative to the complete withdrawal of u.s. troops so much longer the forces you u.s. and nato forces stay in afghanistan until the more they will destabilize the region
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it's evident that the presence of any foreign troops nato u.s. or soviet troops will only inspired terrorism in afghanistan you cannot depict the country as a den of terrorism or its people as terrorists by default this is not true there's a faction of people within the rebel movement that use terror methods some of these people do indeed have links to al-qaeda in no way does this mean that any afghan or any armed afghan is a terrorist the us is facing a philosophical problem if they spent nine years there by december two thousand and ten the length of their military presence will match that of the soviet contingent now over this period they have failed to understand the afghans outlook on life they do not understand afghanistan barack obama is now facing the gorbachev dilemma of whether to withdraw u.s. forces if you pulls them out it will be bad if he doesn't it will go from bad to worse i'm deeply convinced that barack obama should do the same thing that make did
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with afghanistan there is no other way. we have received information about the taliban making a proposition to nato to jointly investigate civilian deaths in afghanistan just how realistic and serious is that offer. i don't think it's serious i mean i'd like to say that the taliban movement is quite formal structure it is basically a successor to the mujahideen movement that was active during the soviet military presence in afghanistan it has not changed much since then the way propaganda is spread hasn't changed either and i would regard this as part of a propaganda war the taliban is obviously winning it by the way it's obviously being the us as for the offer itself even if the u.s. or nato was to agree to it i don't think the taliban would play an active role in the investigation of these unpleasant and difficult incidents the first couldn't have been you stanley because sampson in afghanistan or pakistan is affecting other
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countries including russia what could russia. secure regina in this region particularly. if no single stakeholder in the region will be able to do anything on their own the us tried to do so but failed they brought in the nato contingent and failed again i can say that countries in the region with their different stances and viewpoints will never come to consensus on the afghan crisis in order to find ways to settle the conflict outside of the region we will certainly have to draw neighboring countries into the peace process iran or pakistan stand and definitely stand as well as russia and kazakhstan russia's afghanistan's historical partner and vice versa if the u.s. and nato states have never been afghanistan's partners they don't understand the fundamentals of the region the only country that can provide for a reproach me between iran back to stand pakistan until she can stand as russia
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this i think is one of the major goals of the sochi summit. to. signed up to fill in the military because i thought that it was my duty and that it
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was something that i dared to help my country. my government i thought that it was necessary for america to vietnam there was a lot of drug abuse there was a lot of murder of american officers by american soldiers there were a lot of. problems by. before the war i always thought i wanted to win a lot of medals and they didn't have a lot of desperation. but afterwards i realize that they they don't mean anything or they're not that informs. i don't i don't i never kept the medal.
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the number of drug task deaths spiking in india human rights activists issues pharmaceutical companies are using the country's citizens as guinea pigs for the legal experiments. public housing in the us isn't found to become private provoking
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criticism of the government and fears about low income families will be stripped of their homes by the business elite. and its fifty years since two dogs from the soviet union became the first living creatures to survive space travel making history and paving the way for future exploration. and also a few friends factors to part while shotor of visit to examine it has been to hold one of the next world cups leaving fans and officials don't like optimistic about the country's chances. to have many more details on all those stories at five pm moscow time up next it's all the sports with anger. hello there welcome to the sport here in r.t. thanks for joining me and let's start with a quick look at the headlines. the european quest here's garlasco motif the answer
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beer prepare for the europa league playoffs. while brazilian style international when the doors in style. finding form russia's reaches the third round of the cincinnati marsters. the first disc in moscow will give a late fitness test to their star midfielder head of their europa league play off tonight they face cypriot side and the thought in the russian capital for the first leg of their tie which will decide who will make the group stages with all the details is wrong with the dang it. self-confidence of the strong that's what system or school players are labelle during their training session and through the evening the other men are super at sight and not resist in the first game of the europa league play a round with tickets to the group stages take three time champion so for russia the two thousand and five we have a cup winners they look like favorites of their coming clash however the gloves
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head coach len it's not ski he's call from underestimating their opponents among the conflict i consider a north a says is a very good team with quite a strong roster and an aggressive style moreover i think the cypriot league is a bit underrated here in russia at least it was studied our opponents very carefully and realize that these two games will be very tough for us before every game we should take into account both our advantages and our opponents weak points plus a theory important to choose the right players the ones which are able to fulfil your game plan on the peach no delta has got a good selection of players to count on the likes of wagner love and news cross each make it an immense checking line up one of the strongest in the russian league meanwhile another storm and the home side squad is to get one done was absent from wins this training session due to an injury but he still is still hopeful the
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japanese international will be waiting for thursday's player front rubber. in the war his recovery very fast though it's not clear yet if he's able to play on thursday he got the injury deemed a half ago and there is some time left before the game to come to the final conclusion you must have thought it was already in a song or so much rest or international experience along with a pretty good knowledge of their opponents always means the only man held favor is for the tie although it's a safe bet on their health class horses will give their all to make a splash how much money on our team my. the region. well there were no less than seventy four teams in action in the europa league playoffs to save me including two more russian sides. are a way to suicide and since there were some of the russian premier league playing side. domestically. elsewhere one of the favorites for this year's competition manchester city are and remain yet they are taking on timisoara in the first leg of
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their play off city that will be without their new signing james milner he completed his men from aston villa yesterday for around forty million dollars but despite city's of wealth of talent the man cheney says tonight will still be a tricky topps i don't know if. for every. what they say before i do that the first game is over if you. watch the game. two or. more we must play a game liverpool who faced man city at the weekend are also in action they face a turkish side to robson sport and failed and under torres could be given a start for the reds after a covering from injury but despite just being two games away from the group stage manager roy hodgson says he'll still give priority to the premier league. well i think if you look forward to it you would have to as the leader. of the europa
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league you'd like to do bluefin was forced to sue you can only choose one to two hours in a few hours the premier league and. even go for teams that are playing pros really germany's leader lowly ruefully but i'm sure it still love to win and so would you bend to the italian side when austria for the first leg of their tie against the grass at the. stadium but the hosts reckon they can show their muscle against the syria outfit given half a chance. if many things match up meaning if poland underestimates the small team and if the smaller teams play is at their maximum it's always possible to succeed in that special day over a bigger team. chance and that's why i believe it's possible to stand our ground against juventus. now in the champions league playoffs third of bremen don't appear to be missing message also or too much after selling their star midfielder to rearm
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the dreaded maybe some doria in their first leg match three one in the finals. elsewhere f.c. bars are on course to reach the champions league group stage for. their win over shareef braga also with a narrow win against spanish side severe that other games parties on belgrade to warsaw against anderlecht in serbia and how well living. on the road three. over in south america brazilian side international have won the couple over to doris for a second time they beat. from mexico three two in the second leg of the final to win five three on aggregate international fans packed the stadium having seen their side win the first leg two one in mexico there was every hope they could play in latin america's most important club competition but it was scored first. with no doubt. cake minutes before half time but i got an equaliser with half an
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hour to get rafael so there's nothing from price right. thank you for this try. to break away here. had been. sent off for this ugly challenge and with the problems with the beckoning international made them an advantage to play with another guy we are no skipping his way through. the worst thank you. for. three c. one night was not enough it's nationalist and a couple of doors down for a second time in a history the friday before we. start with football on russia's bay to host the twenty eighteen world cup fever officials leave moscow today after their talk of the country to weigh up its chances and they say they've been impressed adding
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russia's big committee had answered every question asked to help they decide who will host the tournament and prime minister putin or say persuade them he says fans well need a visa to enter russia a similar way it was brought in my most used to be champions league final t.v. is a guy then fans just need to show their match take it possible control but they raised stiff competition in england and the united states also want to host the world cup there are joint bid from spain portugal belgium and the netherlands with an eye on that decision on december second because it. is through to the third round of the cincinnati masters after beating robbie jr break in three sets russia's top man to be opening step brother easily sixty then lost the second on a typewriter income side a sixty six price tag. along with our tank is thirty fifth victory. thirty seven matches to see soften american taylor dent in the second round the spaniard
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dominating the first set taking that sixty and there was a break in the second set of great seven for the well known back eight great. djokovic has also successfully through to the next stage of the competition that after knocking out. sixty seven by the final school. on the biggest casualty so far is the eighth saying when i'm going to go the spaniard losing his second round match to martin thanks to both of them to tie. him in that we was getting a lot of christmas over has booked a place in the third round of the road just kept getting more and more the russian defeated to me a distance of switzerland in straight sets elena dementieva also advancing to the next round getting past second pullover of the czech republic in ourself and i needed all three sets to be patrick ninety to try over while the lisa club on a cost of italian flavia pennetta in straight sets that. woman not competing is
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just even then she will miss the rest of the season due to an elbow injury she picked up at wimbledon and that means the twenty eight year old belgian will not play at the u.s. open gets underway on the thirtieth of all the former world number one he's currently ranked forty two regime light training in a. heavyweight king the tally klitschko spiny announced he will fight next the w.b.c. champion to face american shannon briggs on the sixteenth of october in hamburg for the ukrainian who will be a fifth part of the fence since beating some of peter two years ago to retain the w.b.c. having temporarily retired in two thousand and four klitschko had wanted to face the russian giant. max but that fell through but says his next fight will be a test breaks as a fifty one five hundred klitschko was one forty of his professional fights and lost. that brings you to the end of the sport for a moment more like. every
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month we give you the future we hope you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join us acknowledging update on our g.
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