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to join the military because i thought that it was my duty that it was something that i did to help my country i believe my government that it is necessary for americans to feel. there was a lot of drug abuse there was a lot of murder of american officers by american soldiers there were a lot of stories. about it by. the rules of war i always thought i wanted to limit a lot of messages and they do have a lot of decorations but afterwards i realize that they they don't mean anything they're not that important. i don't i don't i never kept the medal.
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from the russian capital twenty four hours a day this is the tell me with this top stories now within with the number of drug test deaths rising in india human rights activists accused companies of using the country's citizens as guinea pigs for illegal experiments. documents of uncovered israel's current budget attempts at shaping the u.s. and policies in the middle east. the last u.s. combat brigade pulls out of iraq two weeks ahead of leaving behind a month's contingent to train security forces and protect the people. it's fifty years since two dogs from the soviet union became the first living creatures to survive space travel making history and paving the way for a future exploration. chief inspectors to pull off russia a visit to examine its bid to host one of the next world cups leaving officials optimistic about the country's chances. turn are stopping terrorists and stemming
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the flow of drugs that's what the leaders of afghanistan and pakistan together with russia agreed upon at a summit in sochi middle east expert james denselow thinks there's a chance that afghanistan could become a source of corporation between russia and the u.s. . i think russia is strengthening strengthening its presence in the world in the last few years and i think it's interesting that afghanistan a country which for ten years during the one nine hundred eighty s. was a source of conflict between the two powers is now a source of potential cooperation between ties that are remarkably improved between moscow and washington they both have exactly the same issues there whether it's drug trafficking all islamic radicalism so i think it's very much a case of russia leading its own initiative to improve security in its own at least a neighborhood that the u.s. can take enough to support i find it almost incredible to think that the americans say that countering the narcotics in afghanistan isn't part of its mission if we
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look at the the size of the amount of money that drugs bring in in this country over a billion dollars and the taliban are estimated to to accrue some three hundred million dollars about a year which makes up some forty to sixty percent of their annual income according to nato figures so they're fighting the taliban the taliban are largely reliant upon money from this drugs trade so it would seem to be a total no brainer to suggest the americans try to cut off this funding counter-narcotics doesn't always involve simply destroying the crop spera might well be the formation of strong our reliance on large areas on growing poppy so it's not simply a matter as what was used in vietnam to using chemical weapons against these fields border security to it removing the dumond back of the border in other countries whether it's in the west or and elsewhere there are many way to put the protocol in our product strategy but it would seem that destroying people's fields is the most blunt and the easiest way to lose any form of hearts and minds you might have in
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afghanistan and brought back a director of the antiwar coalition in washington since the four countries are attempting to reassert their sovereignty over the u.s. . since the dissolution the breakup of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred one the american government both the democrats and the republicans didn't really matter who was in charge saw south and central asia and and especially the former soviet republics in that region as a new piece of real estate a possibility for an expansion of american of an american empire of an american sphere of influence of course the resources natural gas and oil which are rich in that region are a vital interest for american corporations and the u.s. government and the pentagon see these areas as an effort a place to stage new u.s. military installations u.s. military bases so we saw the meeting today and in the recent days with russia and
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tajikistan and pakistan and afghanistan as an attempt by these countries to reassert their sovereignty their control their independence from the american military occupation in afghanistan but an interest by the united states to dominate the region which predates the afghanistan war the us nato military presence in afghanistan is not really a diminishing so called terrorism or the spread of islamic extremism or whatever the pretext is that it's given for it i think we all know now that the occupation by hundreds of thousands or more than one hundred thousand foreign soldiers in afghanistan is in fact a catalyst for the insurgency for the armed insurgency in afghanistan and probably throughout the region the american military and american corporations have no constructive role to play in south central asia what you see happening today russia afghanistan pakistan a stand a meeting together and working together independently of western imperial forces is
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clearly a better path to take. asseverate war veteran who fought in afghanistan in the eighty's says that the u.s. is failing in its campaign because even after nine years it still doesn't understand the country or its people for sealy cuts off spoke to alter his. special interview coming next. but first mr kraft well thank you for joining us today sochi has hosted a summit of the second of its kind after the july session last year and. this is me russia is strengthening its position in the region where it's always been present and is opening up new opportunities for cooperation primarily with afghanistan and pakistan things than the with pakistan you know do much better if you have three minutes of which. i think that russia is trying to strengthen its position russia is trying to reserve its position in the settlement process in
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afghanistan via this quartet to achieve this goal which is really important for both afghanistan and for the region as a whole as well as for russia these regular events take place pakistan has one view on the afghan crisis stan has another view russia may have yet another position but as for russia entergy christan it's obvious that they want to settle the situation in the country as soon as possible they are concerned with terrorism and with drug production and trafficking that's where pakistan has been playing a double game over the past forty years. they express the willingness to fight terrorism but in fact and everyone knows that everything that is now going on in afghanistan has pakistani origin pakistani influence and impact if it was not for the external power played by pakistan terrorism would still exist but it would be of a minor character a minor insurgent caricature nothing more in this respect it is important that russia is more active in discussing the afghan issue with the countries of the
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region. i moved probably a lot that i've used mission the drug trafficking issue this to just take say that about thirty thousand people in russia imminently died because of drugs coming from afghanistan how can the american presence in afghanistan help resolve this problem and can russia solve it on that so much of the problem with us congress. you little forethought to finish the point is the status of the international forces the u.n. mandate stipulates their participation in anti-drug measures from time to time they take part in such operations but it's sporadic and aimed at small producers and small smugglers carrying out anti-terrorist operations they come across some drug caravans destroy them of course but nothing more at a recent international conference in moscow nato refused to state that nato troops must fight narcotics they fear that it will only pose a greater threat to them and aggravate their position what is terrorism afghan terrorism nobody has given
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a precise and understandable definition yet even the highest ranking american generals who have been leading nato troops over there. president obama plans to begin pulling out troops from afghanistan next summer how realistic is this the afghan authorities be capable of controlling the situation by themselves so let. me over the past nine months the position of the american authorities has changed considerably on the one hand american congress the house of representatives and most importantly the democratic party categorically insist on a considerable pull out of american troops from afghanistan starting july first two thousand and one otherwise they would face a great challenge at the upcoming two thousand and eleven elections on the other hand the u.s. military commander especially after the start of david petraeus his term as commander has been looking for excuses to delay president obama's decision or to postpone it you must remember that the larger part of the u.s.
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military serves the interests of the republican party and so does the u.s. defense minister. i get frequent calls from the u.s. journalists asking what the u.s. should do in the current situation and whether they should withdraw their troops next july i don't want you to respond with a question of my own but is there an alternative immutable if there is not there is no alternative to the complete withdrawal of u.s. troops some of the longer the forces u.s. and nato forces stay in afghanistan the more they will destabilize the region it is evident that the presence of any foreign troops nato u.s. or soviet troops will only inspired terrorism in afghanistan you cannot depict the country as a den of terrorism or its people as terrorists by default this is not true there is a faction of people within the rebel movement that use terror methods some of these people do indeed have links to al-qaeda in no way does this mean that any afghan or any armed afghan is a terrorist the us is facing
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a philosophical problem they spent nine years there by december two thousand and ten the length of their military presence will match that of the soviet contingent now over this period they have failed to understand the afghans outlook on life they do not understand afghanistan barack obama is now facing the gorbachev dilemma of whether to withdraw u.s. forces if he pulls them out it will be bad if he doesn't it will go from bad to worse i am deeply convinced that barack obama should do the same thing that mikhail gorbachev did with afghanistan there is no other way. and for the last thing we have received information about the taliban making a proposition to nato to jointly investigate civilian deaths in afghanistan just how realistic and serious is that. no i don't think it's serious i mean i'd like to say that the taliban movement is quite formal a structure it is basically
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a successor to the mujahideen movement that was active during the soviet military presence in afghanistan it has not changed much since then the way propaganda is spread hasn't changed either and i would regard this offer as part of a propaganda war the taliban is obviously winning it by the way it's obviously being the us as for the offer itself even if the u.s. or nato was to agree to it i don't think the taliban would play an active role in the investigation of these unpleasant and difficult incidents the first couldn't they have been to stanley because sap than in afghanistan or pakistan is affecting other countries including russia but could russia. secure regina in this region particularly. if no single stakeholder in the region will be able to do anything on their own the us tried to do so but failed they brought in the nato contingent and failed again i can say that countries in the region with their different stances and viewpoints will never come to consensus on the afghan crisis in order to find
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ways to settle the conflict outside of the region we will certainly have to draw neighboring countries into the peace process iran pakistan. and definitely pakistan as well as russia and kazakhstan russia as afghanistan's historical partner and vice versa if the u.s. and nato states have never been afghanistan's partners they don't understand the fundamentals of the region the only country that can provide for a reproach going between iran back to stand pakistan until she can stand as russia this i think is one of the major goals of the sochi summit. wealthy british style.
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developing. not all argee goes to the area where the first russian fleet was born. where the indigenous people were the first hard to acces navigator and where russia's glorious history is still visible. well come on mostly. russia close up. top stories this hour in our city with a number of drug test deaths rising in india human rights activists accuse pharmaceutical companies of using the country's citizens as guinea pigs for illegal experiments. unique documents uncovered israel's covert attempts at shaping the
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u.s. media agenda and policies in the middle east. the last u.s. combat brigade pulls out of iraq two weeks ahead of shojo leaving behind a large contingent of trained security forces and protect the people. also reported to its fifty two dogs from the soviet union became the first living creatures to survive space travel making history and paving the way for future exploration. and future inspectors depart russia or after a visit to examine his bid to host one of the next world cups leaving fans of officials optimistic about the country's chances. so stay with the world of sports kate is next and kate it's been a successful nicer car for russia's football teams in europe and i believe yes first syria and now have won their first legs in the europa league playoffs. make it three winning russian teams that are underway in switzerland all the latest scores from across europe that's coming up now.
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sports news here on the thank you for joining me and here are the headlines european dream c.b.s. snatch in injury time when to take a first leg lead against p.s.p. playoffs. while european quest moscow's russian cypriot side also says for now. taking on those on. playing it by ear how the world's best visually impaired football. a battling it out for the world title in a place at the london paralympics. and we start with football where tesco moscow have won fourteen europa league group stages after thrashing ten men and also says from augusta four nil at the hume cyrena in the first leg of their playoff say don't do the act and so in touch netted two goals each couldn't even afford a missed penalty for the love of the goalkeeper marcos thousand and was sent off
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with thirteen minutes to go sylvia go bottom of the russian primary to track a stoppage time one in the wind and dutch league leaders p.s.v. eindhoven the tayyar off the chart off by the time they were two minutes into injury time after both sides were reduced to ten men late in the first half and of moscow currently into that game at swiss side lozano a school that is now well. and as there are no fewer than seventy teams in action the right play play also thursday evening and one of the favorites managed to c.t. only remaining at a take on in the first leg city will be without new signing james milner you completed his name from aston villa on wednesday for nearly fourteen million dollars but despite city's wealth of talent that's one cheney says he will be a tricky tons. and not only for me. and for every team that you do what they say before i do that in the first game is always difficult. and i
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watch the game rather very rarely tool and i think that if you want to do more we must be game and liverpool who are jews to go to manchester city in the premier league on monday are also an option taking on turkish side transport downfield fernando torres could stop there as after recovering from a growing injury despite being just two games away from the group stage manager roy hodgson says he'll still give priority to the domestic league games. looking good if you do toilets or you would. as the leader. of the euro believe you'd like to do both blue form was forced to so you could only choose one to two or two was that i think you as the premier league and within them already even go for teams that are playing plus really germany's lead the lowly elite meanwhile italian giants eventis are in austria for the first leg of their time against storm guards in the arnold schwarzenegger stadium however the hosts reckon they can show their muscle against
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the serious side to have a chance. in. passing if many things match up meaning if the parent underestimates the smaller team then if the smaller teams plays at their maximum it's always possible to succeed on that special day over a bigger team which is where i see our chance and that's why i believe it's possible to stand our ground against eventers you win the game and in the selection of the other ties perry cider matt beat maccabi tel aviv to rapid vienna held after a virtual one one draw can on my minsk are a british going in the other much as. well european football maybe staving the headlines but there's also at least one national domestic competition that's about to get underway holders by munich are gearing up to kick off the new ones as legacies and on friday against the champions from two years ago wolfsburg coach louis van hollen guided the various side to both the title and the
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cup last season which was also his first with the club and the dutchman has pretty much the same squad this year after by opting to be cautious with their money in the transfer window returning me to feel that toni kroos is the relatively unknown face but with a couple of world cup heroes in the guise of asking schweinsteiger and cold and thomas knew that at his disposal on health certainly has enough talent to enjoy another successful season months off he's on this on this team is different it's differently arranged and this is always a new experience so i've always had fun in my life. shame you know the expectations are also different compared to last year and i think it's always the question if and how we're able to deal with these expectations while over in south america brazilian side international have won the cup or liberty doris' for a second time they beat got a lot of chivas from mexico straight in the second leg of the final to win five three an aggregate international found its packs the barrier stadium the seamier
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side when the first like to want to mexico it was every hope they could claim latin america's most important club competition but it was tear gas who scored first marker friday and a lot more of an overhead kick two minutes before half time but the hosts were patient equalized with half an hour to go so we saw nothing white house wow. it's an ass now in control you seem to want leandro with the breakaway clinical finish. that was the last one was the one sent off this ugly challenge. and the final result beckoning international made them an advantage can't pick another go do you want to stick with this great story. there was time for a consolation both achieve us test us free kick my complete three two home and night but it wasn't enough international just in
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a couple of other dora's for second time in history with a five three aggregate women. staying with football and fee for official say they've been impressed following their tour of russia to assess its chances of hosting the twenty eighteen world cup the delegation which as we've heard a news bulletins has now left moscow russia's big committee had answered every question asked if they decide who placed the tournament prime minister vladimir putin also played his part saying found one hundred visa to enter russia a similar way that was fourteen when last i hosted the champions league final two years ago then you just need to. show them a match to get political control and how about the stiff competition and the likes of england and united states also want to host the world cup rico will announce their decision on december the second what russia to get down to work at once. i would like to emphasize that in the queues if you fake sacred you commie to resize in december that workout will go for the first time in for their history through
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russia would need to start immediately to guarantee that everything will be in place in the right time. imagine sport citron drivers danny sauder and pat a sahlberg have set the joint fastest times at the prevent shakedown test ahead of the rally of germany the two clot best times of three minutes thirty nine point four seconds which was one point three seconds faster than sixth when defending champion sebastian love but it's still the dominant frenchman appears the amount of beats going into the weekend he finished third on the previous outing in finland it is searching for a record eight straight level in the tree and into with a comfortable forty eight point lead in the standings at a compact it's about you know there are just five more rallies to go the season including this week twice in germany. while american football legend brett farve has held his first training session with minnesota vikings head of the quarterbacks twentieth and final season in the n.f.l. the most successful regular season quarterback in history took to the field for the first time since january when the vikings lost to the new orleans saints in the
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n.f.c. championship game five turns portie won in october is still a force to be reckoned with after throwing a thirty three touchdowns and only seven interceptions last season carter is the only player to have won three straight valuable player titles is a one time super bowl champion but whatever the results this time out we confirmed his determination to retire at the end of the season. if you can play truly. well you should again she ensuring you can actually. control people. the kids understand that. if you. and finally the football world cup may be long finished but there's another global competition going on right now and it involves football as well visually impaired the blind football world cup is
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underway in england i think just ten countries argentina are the defending champions but it's plain again for leading the way this is across in south africa last month however unlike their counterparts these men play on a smaller pitch with boards on either side to keep the ball in and the ball itself has a ball bearing in its paddles so the players can hear it when they dribble and pass the family's hans allowed to chant as the coach is done with their charges from the sidelines the final takes place on sunday time to have a place in the round of trying to turn off power lympics that's there. and that's all the sports news this ball isn't.
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every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g.
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