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and definitely back to stand as well as russia and kazakhstan russia's afghanistan's historical partner and vice versa the u.s. and nato states have never been afghanistan's partners they don't understand the fundamentals of the region the only country that can provide for reproach between iran back to stand pakistan until she can stand as russia this i think is one of the major goals of the sochi summit.
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you're watching our t.v. certainly glad to have you with us now to take a look at your headlines a deadly cure human rights activists accuse the pharmaceutical giants of using people in india as human guinea pigs as the number who die in drug trials in the country soars. shadowy influences newly declassified documents reveal israel's attempts at shaping the u.s. media agenda and american policy in the middle east. occupation redefined the u.s. withdraws its last combat troops from iraq ahead of president obama's deadline but critics say nothing will change in the country. the true pioneers fifty years since two dogs from the soviet union became the first living creatures to survive space travel paving the way for future exploration. those were our headlines next in our special report we look at the personal stories of female u.s.
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soldiers who were sexually assaulted while serving in iraq and the army's attempts to cover it up. jefferson barracks national symmetry here the u.s. military on a small children simply thousand wounded from camp planes past and present. but for the family of one soldier buried here on the defense forces code of honor and respect means nothing. you blessed us when you gave to us. we just never imagined we wouldn't help her moment.
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today dr john johnson has come back to reaffirm his promise to his nineteen year old daughter that he will continue the fight to find out how she died. i'm asking you to just continue to to bless us to encourage us to get justice for. dr johnson birth fuses to believe the army spine thing that he's doing private living our lives johnson killed herself just five weeks into her tour of iraq by firing him sixteen rifle into. you get a nineteen year old female that gets off work she puts an air for rate reflected bill around her waist she stops at the piano bass soda lip balm and in many indigo say she walks across the posts and sets doubt in
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a dark trash contractors tip and sit down to shout as if what a milf sixty rifle and then believe makes sense as she put all her thing your prayer and all around the wrong and she with the f. get me mom to a happy rang out of this book and i can't bear to take it now. levine is not the linda i spoke to the night before she died she with her happy jubilant puppies so we left. and i say we will make it plain stocking about christmas and it's july seventeenth. two days after that a soldier showed up unannounced at the johnson school in missouri. so he looked up at me and he said. are you lyndon johnson the mother i have a living will be. and i said yes very. well to you.
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and he opened his little book and he said he began to read i regretfully inform you that your daughter private living only in chelsea. of a self-inflicted wound. and i just began screamin it holland i just moved past or can believe. after the initial shock the family began to question the army's rush to judgment that living in a died of a self-inflicted injury. that's the one with the rifle. dr johnson is a veteran himself who went on to work for the army as a civilian specialist in psychology for nearly three decades but for the past three
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years he has studied every aspect of his daughter's did. but i'm looking for the sketch that the criminal investigators may. have missed the shell casing. here close up of it and love it as another blood pattern with his brother joe a former prisons officer with forensics training their spin countless hours analyzing in cross referencing photos reports and the testimony of those in the camp and i when this account they stated that from the time he heard what he deemed to be on the back for hour or a gunshot he looked in the direction and he saw flames coming from the tip no live via face the two which is the contract to step. one of the many inconsistency is according to dr johnson is the army's conclusion that living in
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a used in excel or and to start a small fiat to burn her diary which then spread to a nearby binge the witnesses say that the stone was lying on top of her someone live in a cellar in excel it was sitting on the bottom of the stove so physically beth that evidence just shows there was at least another person in that location once when she were by it was placed there because that's not where she. this also you believe that there is science that she was sexually assaulted. dr johnson believes levine a was raped and mooted by someone in her camp and accuses the army of covering up a soldier on soldier slaying. it would be easy to dismiss his conclusions as the imaginings of a grief stricken father if that weren't the disturbing pattern of sex crimes in judicial inaction in the u.s.
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military is going to jessica and. i. jessica kenyon is an army veteran and today she is giving a talk to students at a new york college and it is. jessica says she survived multiple rapes in situ assaults joining the military korea and she is now campaigning to increase awareness of the problem is important for those of us who are able to speak out. for the ones who are just not able to mentally or emotionally or whatever so this is a infantry division which is basically everybody in korea becoming an officer had been her dream and then the wings in the u.s. signify that. but as a mechanic attached to
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a helicopter squadron kenyan found herself in a unit way few women had been before and in a culture where bullying and persecution was the norm it was just premature hazing birthday or a tour you know where they do this they make them all up and then he's actually tied to a chair. right now but then they make a. sexual harassment at all levels was common place and. women were a source of derision in this video she tunes in her base a young soldier was taunted and humiliated by his command for more than four hours after it was discovered he was a virgin and. lost in the u.s. jessica says she was raped by a national guard soldier and later her wrist by her training instructor. jessica
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was then posted to korea where she continued working on apache helicopters and still had high hopes korea so it didn't really affect my work until i was fully assaulted for raped by another soldier in korea who was actually a friend of mine here i had confided in while i was overseas. and so. i didn't report that right away either as well because for the same exact reasons that i couldn't trust my commander my commanders or my sergeants or anything anyone associated with my commander. jessica says that she eventually made an official report after his superior insisted he would make sure who the silent this child. that when her attacker was found guilty she says that same command gave him just forty five. and a demotion to banks it really breaks my heart you know because i was going and i
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was really pushing for the twenty years ago officer you know i was fully capable but. for all of that to go down low it came to me for me to do the right thing and then for them to not even hold their end of the bargain a little add in the honor to it it was really pretty disgusting of her breaking in most sexual assault filled victims are not treated well. they become a double victim they become a victim of the system. retired army colonel and relight is another veteran campaigning against sexual assaults the issue of sexual assault in our u.s. military is very grave one in three women it appears have been sexually assaulted during the time they've been in the military. the former u.s. diplomat and antiwar activists believes the military justice system is stacked
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against victims. tattling on someone else in your unit even though that person is committed a criminal act on you or gets out of the unit. has been messing around with someone else and look at sergeant so and so he's being accused of rape and he's got a wife and two kids and we can't sacrifice his career because of this unmarried single night thousand year old woman that claims that he raped her you know. and not the army's own only problem in the background and sign and suzanne says and sweep in iraq in two thousand and four i'm up a sarah remembers will the night before who depart show. as it is there in times day because i remember her being when all three of them were asleep and i thought this may be the last time i ever have all three of my kids sleeping in the same room. soon after arriving in iraq then
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nineteen year old suzanne started calling her mother to tell her about problems within her platoon i heard that the man that told me don't worry member have take good care of your daughter started asking her to go into a sexual relationship with with him. that's the only one left thank you all away. susan experienced a phenomena known in the military as c'mon drape genius soldiers coerced by high ranking commanders into sexual relationships which the military legally defines as right a couple of months into a kind of dawned on me it was that i could say no to it. i just hated it that much that i was you know. she was telling me about the humiliation
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she was telling me about the things that these men were doing and saying. i remember one point she said mom you're either a bitch or whore and i don't want to be either one of those i don't want to be a bitch i don't want to be a whore. and really i remember her crying. but when susan complained about how she was being treated she says she was threatened he called me into his room one night and he was like work. i know that you're thinking that it might be ok thing to go to the commander about this but i'm just going to deny we're going to be the one that gets in trouble. susan was saying to ensure jeweled homely but when it came time to ship back to iraq she for who's and chose to go rather than return to place there is silence so why did you decide what happened that moment when you said no i just realized that i could there's no
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escape when you're there in iraq now the guy in charge are you going to charge me. to make you do anything including like you know run through the minefield you know i don't like you. this is in statement to the military about who come on drapes when she was eventually arrested in jails for going the army offered her a deal it would reduce her. maintenance if she signed a new watered down statement so suzanne's response that was that i'm not doing that and then she took the document as she corrected it everything that they had written just so that they would really see what really happened to her you know i always and to this day i absolutely believe my daughter one hundred percent but that really means she's she's got some power you know she's very powerful she's very strong and this showed me that she would rather go to prison than say you know been
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deny what happened to her. since we've does now out of the army and getting back into normal life today helping out a friend with babysitting and this is. just like everybody doing normal regular life you know. really the still goes on but what's going on in the world when i'm out in the world doing other stuff so that. for the next eighteen months she's still on a really reserve least with the possibility of being called back hanging on to her and her assailant still on punch. a major cruise playing the people that i've talked to who have think victims of sexual assault is that when they reported it that they were victimized this is a phenomena that has existed in this is precisely part of the culture that we're we
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are in fact turning around. this trust brigadier general jim phillips is a thirty year period veteran and deputy chief at the army's public relations department before i go any further i want to offer an apology to anyone associated with the army who has endured sexual abuse sexual harassment assault of any kind this is a this is a problem that the army is tackling with we're going at it full bore quite frankly . sure the soldier is the victim physically mentally and emotionally but to try to change its culture the army recently launched an awareness campaign using d.v.d.'s like this one. what is sexual assault or curse it is a direct violation of not just our army core values and warrior ethos it is an assault on the army way of life i'm worried from which it is our duty to protect take care
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of each other no matter the time place really what we're doing here is where we're engaged in cultural change not to like what the army went through in the late forty's fifty's and into the sixty's as we addressed racial inequality cultural change at a very profound level they are in fact is leading the country in this sort of cultural change the core of being present a civic video nationals of those kinds and no longer impressing the army civilian losses will come to order i find it outrageous that brave women at a hearing on situ assault in the military last september congresswoman carolyn maloney the moment the lack of progress by the department of defense i have been in congress for seven terms now and every single term we have had meetings with dio d. and they come in and they confirm to the us to us we're going to be serious we're going to take care of this we're going to stop this zero tolerance but the rhetoric is not being turned into the reality of protecting our women and in some cases
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men and our military just the committee was grilling dr kay whitley she's the head of the defense department unit set up to address the situation so problem of course but dr whitley had filed to even tune up to an early a hearing and having finally appeared she had few and says even as to why. oversight body hadn't met for nearly two years do you know why didn't me. my understanding is they had a difficult time getting the right people in the job thing getting them cleared as i said i wasn't privy to the discussions about why nor did the problem i'm having is that it's sounds like you're weak. state lying tried to speak with dr whitley but she declined to be interviewed her. it seems
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that in this whole area all the army can do is apologize in fact we're the first thing we do is apologize because we do recognize that there is a problem that reflects a society wide problem to say it's reflective of society is to dismiss the extent of the problem though isn't it because the problem is much bigger in the military then the real world we're acting aggressively on the problem and so the farthest thing we're doing is dismissing it what we're saying is we recognize that this part of a larger piece the piece that we can act on is a piece in the army and that's what we're acting directly on none of that is any consolation to john johnson look at video he is running down the left sad of her body which clearly implicates this she was lying on her lip side when she died knowing that not all her back like why would she was found think him and his family this is and says goes on every piece of evidence they have had to be forced out of
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the army using freedom of information requests so to have to apply constantly under freedom of information to be subjected to rounds and rounds of paperwork just to find out the basics is that how it is information that is available to them under the law and under policy should be forthcoming but if it hasn't been that that is a mistake that should be corrected. dr johnson believes the small fine and the next to his daughter's body is evidence that someone tried to get this smiling the young he says there's no evidence to back that. the fire inside the tent resulted from p.f.c. johnson sitting some papers on she used to accelerate to ignite several pages that she had ripped out of a notebook which is believed to have been a diary. the army investigators also claim that living in his behavior prior to her death pointed to suicide but her. own company commanders statement suggested
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otherwise this soldier was clearly happy and seemingly very healthy physically and emotionally. with no suicide note no recovered baluch no significant gunshot residue on her hands and injuries to johnson's believes was caused by an attack on they decided to push on with their own inquiries use force taking you behind the scenes of the investigation into the death of a local soldier the death of a private living at johnson is clouded in controversy and allegations of a cover up news was met with the johnsons had levain his body exists and an independent autopsy conducted by missouri state officials but it filed to provide conclusive and says this examination does not demonstrate any evidence of an assault but you can't eliminate sexual activity by an examination
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of an adult person and if there is not injury that doesn't mean that there hasn't been sexual activity so you can't rule it out you cannot rule it out. with the military having filed to conduct a right to exist at the time if they did there was little that could be done. nine months to living is still the defense force finalized its report officially concluding that she committed suicide and that the thai speak low sed. the dripping looks like it's the sort of the name of the russian so the implication here is that when this event took place that they like was reversed position. repeated diet chock in the truck with forensic scientists and john jay college of criminal justice in new york just melted plastic stuck deadline approached them to take an independent look at the living a johnson case but it was after reviewing the evidence they say they understand why
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the johnsons doubt the military's findings is this in your mind a suicide. that conclusion i believe is premature at this point it is one of the potential conclusions but to say definitively i don't say enough compelling evidence taken overall to state that it is in fact a suicide and i think that's one of the possibilities. both have concerns about evidence that appears missed or missing including the failure to test if she had been sick surely assaulted they said it wasn't done for she disclosed the standing up to say we don't you don't need to die really doesn't matter people can be addressed on drastic cetera so affection had some burning possible burning on the skin. on the way and not apparent burning on the clothing might mean something happened with the clothing off so these are the things you want to check that's why
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you good old american check these things to eliminate the possibility of them having happened i think that there are so many unanswered questions about living as death and how how her body was found in a tent how she was able to kill herself set herself on fire set the tent on fire. i'm. stunned that so little investigation was done at the scene itself. tragically according to and write the johnson story is not unique of the more than one hundred fifteen thing now service member deaths in the iraq and afghanistan wars sixteen have been ruled suicides. i've talked to four of the families of those women and they maintain. their daughter sister did not commit suicide. and question very strongly. what did go on and all of them
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are getting no cough aeration from the military from the army they are being told. there's nothing else to investigate we finished our investigation and we're not reopening at. the johnson's each day is a struggle they do says big dream remains untouched that there are no new photos of her anywhere in the house. when she left me in such a horrible horrible hoops way interest me even more to look at that smile. it's spring hell of a lot to go through and run. how do you keep doing this. you know i think originally this was tough. but i am on a mission you know somebody murdered my daughter. i couldn't give up all my baby so
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i'm going to fight this until i get justice for. what's justice they need to make some changes in their attitude about the way how they treat women in the military just get past the best not all for me it's going to be a fight now to see if we can get some changes in their. extracting black gold is dangerous. worldwide demand pushes the limits to catastrophe. is the price to moderate. is it possible to prevent such disasters. and can the aftermath be dealt with quickly and effectively. oil
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spills and thrills on. wealthy british soil holds. the. markets finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report on our.
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