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in particular now i think i might be investing in some of those chris thanks so much for joining us and explaining this to us and you know it sounds like you are a dangerous man. thank you and i think that's always good to hear. oh i'm sorry we're listening to that anyway it's time to take a break we've got much more ahead on tonight's show are tool time when he goes to a country in africa who wants to create cities in the shape of animals are not making that up we'll give you details ahead and we'll speak to the supreme court says that everybody has the legal protection to own a gun but is the city of chicago making that process so difficult that many potential owners will just give up only back in a moment. broadcasting
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live from moscow this is r t i'm sean thomas and now here's a look at your top stories for you judgment day the u.s. files a new extradition request for russian of business men victor boot on the day a thai court is expected to give its final verdict on an earlier bid over on stealing allegations. deadly cure human rights activists accuse pharmaceutical giants of using people in india as human guinea pigs as the number who die in drug trials in the country saw. shadowy influences newly declassified documents reveal israel's covert attempts at shaping the u.s. media agenda and american policy in the middle east. and the true pioneers it's
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fifty years since two dogs from the soviet union became the first living creatures to survive space travel paving the way for future exploration. that's a look at our headlines my colleague marina joshie will be back in about thirty minutes with a full look at your news but right now it's time for the show once again. we've got. the biggest issues getting voice seems to face with the news makers. for today's tool time we're crossing the ocean all the way over to africa to the country of so that you see the countries working to rebuild that infrastructure with a very creative idea they want to create cities in the shapes of animals we're really not making this up some of the early plans have the city of wow in the shape of a true wrath with the sewage treatment plant all the way down here under the
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drought stale and then there's the city of juba which is going to be relocated and then reformed into the shape of a rhinoceros i'm sorry animal shapes really sound fun and all but doesn't their government have anything better to do so now it is facing a serious hunger crisis right now thanks to the civil wars that have demolished the region and the country has the highest aids rate in northern africa on top of that sudan is home to the western region of darfur where arab militias a waged a campaign of ethnic cleansing on the area ridding it in honor of locals that conflict has left the area impoverished and is responsible for the deaths of over three hundred thousand people i'm talking genocide here meanwhile look back to the government where they're trying to think of how to fund this ten billion dollar project to make animal shaped cities is anyone else thinking the same thing that i am in my living in the twilight zone or something i say that sudan needs to get its
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priorities straight and for that they are tonight's two time winner. now on this show we cover stories of the mainstream media ignores newspapers and even cable t.v. continue to see a decline in their circulation and their ratings and it looks like they won't be making a comeback anytime soon especially in this growing digital age where growing options and shrinking attention spans seem to be taking over our teens lindsay garfield has more. the picture of american news media is much different today than it was two decades ago once upon a time people got their news from newspapers magazines radio or network television now why do i tell you all that stuff but is that still the case today and what can we expect for the future of news media. to answer these questions i paid a visit to my alma mater george washington university to talk to my mentors and get some answers about how people get their news used to be you would wait for your
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daily newspaper or that six o'clock news no longer the case with the internet with social networking with twitter you now can get that stuff instantly today the internet allows people the luxury of getting their news wherever and whenever they want it so as traditional media relevant anymore. years ago people relied on the newspapers to read about their news for the day then we saw a shift to t.v. where people could see and hear about their news for the day and then miss the internet chain said ah. you're no longer have to wait for the news to find you you can go and find it. but according to professor frank says no not all change is good change i think there are a lot of opportunities that are presented by the twenty four seven bloggers for online digital social media. but i also think that they present real problems one of them is you know it could well be that we are all learning attention deficit
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disorder from this so what are the dangers of people not fully paying attention to a story to only scratching the surface of an issue if we don't engage the complexity of an of issues like health care climate change energy crisis national debt international trade immigration and on and on it goes if people are only reacting from the tweet and one hundred forty characters if they're only reacting from what they think they know and merely reinforce on the blogosphere that they visit we're in trouble what does the future hold for american news media and where do we go from here all the old model is dying and it's not clear what will replace it although the future is unclear one thing's for sure we're going to adapt to the new technologies and bring all these technologies together with a great imagination of people and a single basic fact that just as human beings have to eat to survive they have to learn and consume information to survive it is the most fundamental quality of the
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human mind over history that we seek more information while traditional media is slowly dying it still shows a determination to stay afloat change and adapt to new technologies no one quite knows what the future holds but whatever the future brings one thing is constant. people will never stop craving news lindsay garfield r. t. washington d.c. . less than two months ago the supreme court made a landmark decision in the case of mcdonnell of the chicago there they were all the second amendment the right to bear arms is incorporated by the due process clause of the fourteenth amendment and therefore applies to all states now prior to this it was essentially impossible for anyone living in chicago to own a handgun and to keep it in their homes for self-defense but almost to. and later not everyone is happy they claim of the city of chicago as new gun ordinance makes it so difficult for prospective gun owners to meet all the legal requirements that
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it's essentially as if they were still banned and the second amendment foundation is now taking that to federal court so will this wind up being another endless legal battle or is chicago just complaining or joining me to discuss it is jim hansen retired special operations master sergeant and military blogger jim thanks so much for being here so as far as i know some of what chicago has done is that they've required everyone to have at least an hour of training at a gun range but then they've made it illegal for any gun ranges to be within the city limits what else is there that made it so difficult or is this the main sticking point well the main problem and what the from the second member to claims is that if this stops people who can't travel and can't do those things one of their plaintiffs is a disabled woman who can't travel and they're difficult for her to go get to a gun range i think it's not just people chicago complaining mayor daley said he was going to do this when this case was decided an announcement daley held a press conference and said ok great you can make all the supreme court rulings you
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want we're just going to join up a bunch of new regulations and make it de near impossible for anybody to get a license so in the city were people shot daily and they've had the most restrictive gun laws in the country for as long as anyone can remember he's still going to keep doubling down on a losing hand and they will lose they'll lose this you know over for a little i don't think it's even going to be a long battle the supreme court said keep and bear justice scalia was very clear about the clear language in the constitution it says keep and bear and if you can't even get a license to do it you can do neither but i mean this isn't the first case that we've seen like this in washington d.c. very much the same thing happened never complains that it's nearly impossible to get a gun i mean are you surprised at all that this happens isn't that part of the thing about this country and our laws where as you have the supreme court you know the high court of the land where they were. make a ruling but essentially you bring it down to local laws and through all these intricacies of wording they can they can essentially make what the supreme court
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said well but that's the whole point and i think that's why it was important in the second when the first ruling was in d.c. were d.c. had a law said you can't have a gun at all and then they had to do it again in chicago because d.c. is not a state once it was spread to all the states that essentially says that the federal law supersedes or the constitution supersedes any chance for local municipalities do exactly what you go is trying to do and they're not the only ones there are other the second amendment foundation is suing westchester county in new york over a clause that they have that says if someone wants a concealed carry permit they have to show good cause why they deserve one more than a regular citizen well the ruling says and the language the constitution says keep and bear if you can't bear it outside your house what's the point of that language being in the constitution so i think we're going to see a number of cases that will rise the supreme court again for clarification that say our cities and counties and states allowed to make the regulation so restrictive that they essentially you know blur out the constitution is clear language ok let's tell me this and i this might sound really insensitive but you know it's an honest
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question because where do you draw the line i mean how far does that responsibility extent you mentioned a woman in chicago who is disabled and you can't make it outside of the city to get to the gun range but you know what if she can't make it to the gun range that's within the city that whose fault is that it mean is that the city has a responsibility to provide some kind of transportation for her i know you i mean you make a valid point my theory and tell you what i'll say in the case of the ranges in chicago i'm not sure they'll prevail on that one i think there'll be other cases where the second amendment foundation will prevail on places where they're simply putting administrative requirements in you can't really say to a city you have to allow a gun range you know i don't think that's something the federal government wants to get in the business of we'll see they may do that because if that is a requirement the city has made in order to get a permit to carry it or to even have a gun in their city then that was their choice and they may need to. go to the comedy people if they require training and if you say you have to have an hour training but we're going to have a range so you could have that training in the city kind of created that conundrum
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and if they're doing that i think the courts will probably rule that they're attempting to go ahead and overrule the constitution i think there's going to be a couple cases that come that will end up clarifying how far a municipality any kind of government can go towards attempting actively to stop them from having their legitimate rights i mean it's actually interesting if you ask me i definitely i believe that people should have at least an hour's worth of training at a gun range and if they are allowed to possess a license and you know say that to own a weapon but you have to give them someplace to be able to do that training i have to ask you this question here i mean when it comes to the second amendment foundation that is filing all these lawsuits for them is it more about the principle and more about the law or you know do they believe that allowing people to carry handguns in chicago will actually solve the crime or i don't know for the slow reduce the crime could save lives of people who otherwise might not have been able to i mean if you don't have the option to defend yourself then you get shot
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and you die you know if in that situation where someone breaks in and there's a case in maryland where a gentleman had his house broken into and got a concealed carry permit based on that you know there are times when it's a reaction to an actual crime i think there are cases definitely where it will stop crimes from happening it will save lives it's not going to stop the crime wave you know that's something that chicago has to deal with by other means but i think the second amendment foundation clearly believes that it is a fundamental principle i mean it was that expectation when the constitution was written that all able bodied males would have weapons know how to use them and be able to defend themselves and be part of the common defense that's what was intended by english just. with limited i think women very not let me ask you this final question is how far do you think that the right to bear arms should go because we have states like virginia where you know they want to pass laws where you can have a weapon in a bar you know. you're technically aren't allowed to be drinking we have in arizona where they've now passed a new law it's very easy for anyone over twenty one to also walk around with. a
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concealed weapon or a concealed weapon i forget which one it was you know where do you draw the line in how weird you let people have weapons and. i think there's some restrictions such as schools and government buildings that would probably go with bars i don't think guns in bars is the greatest thought about guns in church. turns on your church you know i think that's pretty much up to the community there and again you know private citizens who own property can make their own rules people who own businesses can make their own rules but i don't think the government should be in the position of saying where honest law abiding americans can exercise a basic constitutional right that they took the time to put in that you know it's the second one right after free speech and assembly all right i mean i the audience knows my opinion and i don't like and we should you and i who point out you know whatever i think you should english be what happened ok ok i will do it. all right we've got one more is that going to head on tonight's show the battle over the so-called ground zero mosque now splashed across new york city's buses have
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a report from new york on the battle over freedom of speech versus the freedom of religion and one in five americans think that president obama is a month after the white house government a large portion of the country simply refuses to believe the facts. the united states of america is waging war within its own army. advantage is on no one side. and human losses are quite significant. is it possible to win the war against sexual assault in the u.s. armed forces sex in the army. division. it's. four months of preparation.
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the pay. the last effort to keep the lead on the eastern front. lead citadel of funds to pay. grade so. the bomb had a great sacrifice of blood. and the rooms are still healing. some advantage of the military are. the most heavily reinforced here in. the battle of course. it lasted forty nine days one of the muddiest battles and the turning point. to push. i'm sure you all know who this is daniel radcliffe a.k.a.
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harry potter you know the boy wizard but you know what he could now be using his magic wand to push condoms warner brothers studio is taking legal action against a swiss condom maker who's promoting their brand of condoms under the name harry potter take a look at the mascot of the condoms he's even got glasses and a magic wand as well i'm thinking of the condoms do bear a striking resemblance to harry potter here don't you needless to say the hollywood studios taking legal action against magic acts the manufacturers for copyright infringement they claim that the condom is a clear reference to harry potter but the maker of the condom says oh no they claim that their product has absolutely nothing to do with the fictional boy wizard they say of the condom brand was launched in two thousand and six and registered with the swiss federal institute of intellectual property but warner brothers says the
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people who see these condoms are clearly going to think of their wizard franchise and seeing as how most of their fans are kids well that's not an association that they're happy with but you know what didn't collapse harry potter movie deal with teenage hormones the woes of growing up so it could be a win win for both the condom maker and the movie studio who is in for promoting safe sex now if the maker of harry potter condoms really wants to totally rip off harry potter when they put a little scar on the top of a condom i'm just saying where is the lightning bolt away that might suggest a rift and that's something that no condom user wants so i don't know is harry potter really harry potter you have to decide. well the debate over the islamic center and mosque in new york is heating up and so is the war of public relations the metropolitan transit authority new york has some of those buses while paper in ads that are decidedly anti mosque r.t.
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correspondent has more. here in the us media capital millions of messages flood the streets but only one advertisement rolling through new york city is provoking emotional reaction. to the ad that ran. this ad has been slapped on twenty six buses in the big apple on the left a plane crashing into the north tower on nine eleven on the right the proposed mosque slated to rise two blocks from ground zero the red techs ask why their this is the latest offensive delivered by critics opposing the development of an islamic center two blocks from ground zero this woman pam geller reportedly paid eight thousand dollars for the bus ads no i'm not trying to spread islamophobia i'm trying to spread openness and you know what we are hoping to pander and criticism and and and freedom in a country founded on religious freedom poll shows sixty three percent of americans
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oppose the development of an islamic cultural center so close to sacred ground i think it's a great i think it is an absolute disgrace that people would think about building a mosque where three thousand new yorkers and americans died more than one hundred of those victims were muslim americans just saying where there's a group of people who are. willing to spend a lot of money to advertise that we're. r t got an exclusive tour of that nineteenth century building in lower manhattan it turns out it's already been serving as a temporary mosque for the past year as a citizen. and as president i believe that muslims have the right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country and throughout the country the new york dispute has become a central campaign issue proceeding the november elections some would say the national debate surrounding the so-called ground zero mosque has pitted freedom of
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speech against freedom of religion now it's quite clear that this issue i think a political issue but it's also become an issue of security to go over here just thirty feet from the building a park police car all day to make sure things remain safe. are two we are. now seeing what the attitudes are towards muslims in america these days a new poll that came out today was particularly disturbing according to the pew research center one in five americans think that their president barack obama is a muslim even though he's not and what's worse is that these numbers have risen in the past year meaning that more people are either beginning to believe lies or simply grossly misinformed so what do we make of this information maybe it's a lesson learned that sometimes it's better not to poll so we don't wind up paying
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our heads in shame well joining me to discuss it from our new york studio is sarah bening casa a radio host and blogger for wonkette sarah thanks so much for being here i want to get your initial reaction to this poll because i was just dumbfounded flabbergasted speechless a disturbed i don't know if i have any more words. here's what confuses me about it alone the number has actually has actually increased over the past year or so are there people who previously thought that obama was a christian and they think that he converted at some point in two thousand and nine or two thousand and ten it's ridiculous i mean i i think it's i look at it as being all a smokescreen for for racism really i think it's easier to to say that you hate someone who is muslim versus hating someone who is african-american and i think that that sort of it's a smokescreen it's a way to cover that up and perhaps have
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a more socially acceptable. prejudice well you know i'm happy brought that up because my initial question to you is why do we even care what the president's religion is i mean do you remember people questioning george bush as to what religion is or what denomination of christian he is or bill clinton and i was you know realize no no one ever did that in may because they were white nobody ever thought to do that because you could never even you know over time that they were muslim i with you and the fact that this is it's shielding some sense of racism but the fact that people actually have the numbers of increase is the scary part because you would think that after time after eighteen months of being in the public eye being the president of a country that people would be better informed but they're not and i salute i mean you would think that they would get the point that this is a man who who was was i mean raked over the coals during the campaign because of reverend jeremiah wright not like omar jeremiah wright or grand mufti
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jeremiah wright these are the same people who were upset that he was associated with a pastor who they felt had some american ideas so is he actually an evil christian or an evil muslim what can we decide here people because i'm getting kind of tired of the rumors either raise. evol right well this is the part that i found really sad especially too that also when polled these people were asked how they found out what obama's religion was and according to the poll sixty percent of responders says of the way they found out was through the media so it's the media that's telling people things it's just like people reading wonkette and thinking that i'm a russian spy. they really do and they also are obsessed with you p.s. read the comments it's intense they're in love but yeah it's ridiculous i'm like what media crazy a.o.l. for words from your racist grandma like what media i mean i don't know i've never
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seen even on fox news or i've never seen them do a report like is obama really muslim no i mean i think his father was but his father was apparently a very small portion of of his life and i mean it's just i think i'm actually being sabotaged by by the right wing right now i think they've invaded by earpiece somehow but i don't understand it's so absurd to me it makes me really angry because there are so many other things to be upset at obama about why why pick this why make up something ridiculous and if he was a muslim who cares i with you on that one i say who cares but if you look at the polling from americans i mean it's really scary because clearly this entire you know there is definite environment of hates of prejudice of racism right now and time did a poll and they asked the following they asked you know how many americans believe
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the muslims should be barred from sitting on the supreme court twenty eight percent they asked how many americans believe muslims should be barred from serving as president thirty two percent those are tiny numbers of people think that because of your religion you should be barred. that's embarrassing like that makes me feel actually embarrassed to be an american i mean i'm proud to be an american and i love my country but when i hear that over a quarter of the people polled say that they don't want someone of the islamic faith to be on the supreme court that's absurd i mean don't they understand that there are different branches of islam in the same way that they're different branches of judaism or christianity. they don't want to understand it and i think it was something that looked ok lastly you know how if you were in obama's shoes right now i mean how does that make you feel why what did you become president for how do you govern a country where everyone just blatantly refuses to look at the facts.
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i think you're frustrated i think i think you're frustrated i think that maybe you voice that frustration not personally but you have robert gibbs voice it for you. that you you probably spend a lot of time clutching those anger balls that we get at work the ones that you can keep on your desk those things i think it might seem a little bit hopeless to him at times but he he has to soldier on because that's his job and he will continue to do it but fifty years from now there will still be people who swear up and down that obama was a muslim muslim kenyan citizen of course sarah thanks so much for joining us and i'll make sure to call fox home to go to your ear. ok thank you all right time far to eat of the day earlier we told you about a swiss company that's being sued for making condoms they go by the name harry potter now the movie studio behind the harry potter movies is not too happy about these condoms that got us thinking what would harry potter tweet about this lawsuit
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without it say this don't know you muggles know my wand is magical no condoms needed for that's our twitter they will have another one for you tomorrow and that's it for tonight's show so thanks for tuning in and come back tomorrow night when the slutsky brothers will join us for a recap of the week's crazy and over the top news plus we'll have my friday fireside chat in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the alona show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch it all at youtube dot com slash the ilona show where we post the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world. because i thought that it was my duty that it was something to help my country.
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