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and you should see everybody you showed us a pretty trace piece they had no idea about the hardships to face it. they wanted to says it all to tunis and for any army life ever use a father is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. victory nineteen forty five dollars r.t. dot com. court has ruled that alleged russian arms dealer viktor boarded will be extradited to the united states. start me up russia is ready to launch a ron's first nuclear energy plant while the reactors operations will be under strict control. and our close of team takes you thousand kilometers north of
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moscow to the industry free town of cargo a nation arts and crafts are the central part of people's livelihoods. watching r t live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program the suspects that are russian arms baron victor but will be extradited from thailand to the u.s. a thai appeals court delivered the verdict after a lower court rejected washington's extradition bit the ruling says both will be sent to american soil within three months he was arrested two and a half years ago in bangkok joining us special operations washington wants boots on charges of terrorism and supplying arms to colombian rebels allegations he denies. as more people how the woods lord of war there are over five hundred fifty million
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firearms in the world wide circulation. that's one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. the only question is. how do we arm the other eleven and his alleged real life prototype russian businessmen because that loot nicknamed the merchant of death denied all accusations of arms selling and laughed off parallels. resulting from nicholas cage to play this out a lot for this very silly and i feel pity for. his statement never changed even when he came from behind bars in the infamous bangkok hilton he was arrested in thailand in march two thousand and eight in a joint sting operation by the local and u.s. authorities he was apprehended in the final stages of arranging the sale of millions of dollars of high powered weapons to people he believed to represent a known terrorist organization the far not many people were willing to give the
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type of credit given to them by american prosecutors he's possibly a merchant of some death but he certainly isn't the man the u.s. media would call them merchants. i mean around quite a large airline operation in. and i would think that ninety five percent of his flights were ordinary commercial goods i know you through television from washing powder all sorts of things so we're only talking about five percent of the cargoes possibly being. even. itself illegal in a long and drawn out extradition hearing that took over two years the united states changed added and modify their charges against mr boot to include violating international trade law as well as arms trafficking his family believes at some point it became a process for the process instead of a process for justice. of course they're going to try and stick at least some
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charge to my brother they've spent so much money and effort trying to convince everyone that my brother is the essence of evil they are afraid to lose face back home in the states but if there was any evidence that victor was guilty because this wouldn't drag on for over two years. he's evidently having as much trouble as we are trying to find the proof of victor's guilt in the archives ations many of the american. boots trial and tribulations have been asked loosely followed by the media as hollywood's version of the life of the merchant of death unlike a scripted movie there are no punchy closing lines thoughtful soundtracks or a list of all those involved in production unless that many believe is even more interesting than the lead and then himself cast renos r r t moscow. russia's ready to launch iran's first nuclear power plant on saturday saying the joint project will show the tehran is entitled to the peaceful use of nuclear
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energy the russian built reactor will be loaded with fuel under the strict controls of the un's nuclear watchdog the plant is expected to be fully operational in about a month and russia will help to run the facility supply the fuel every move the waste that's expected to ease fears of tehran using the spent rods to make nuclear weapons iran is under un sanctions aimed at pressuring to iran to abandon its uranium enrichment program. looks at the construction of the plant. it's been a routine for more than a decade hundreds of russian constructors streaming to their workplace three shifts a day six days a week building iran's first nuclear power station it's been a long wait launched by germans in the nineteen seventies the construction was halted after the revolution when russians to call for the task was to feed a new reactor into a no ready existing building to destroy its. direct construct is always more
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difficult to build from scratch. the normal requires a much larger space this is one of the reasons why the launch of the station has been postponed so many times for the rainy and it meant the delay in their nuclear dream for local russians more time away from home. little meal works in a local kindergarten welfare has been disputing finishing touches to the station he's explaining to her peoples what it's all about. why we need nuclear power stations to trace it to the light condition it. was long known as the congo the conditions are good here every family has a separate house something that we couldn't afford at home the launch of the plant is a major political and economic milestone for iran but for the russian constructors who built it it's a very joyous occasion two out of about three thousand only one in town were able
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to bring their families with them the rest committed themselves to lonely and rather tedious lives but now everybody is counting the days until they go home. so gay is one of them after seventeen years of marriage he had to adjust to a bachelor's life again now he's gearing up for the opposite transition. very happy to go i miss my family. just as a rainy and says. these are isolated from the rest of the world the russian village and bush share is it's wrong to buy walls guarded day and night by the uranium police women are required to observe the muslim dress code men have to forget about alcohol and drinks life is especially mum not to mess with the local teenagers. i wish we had more freedom there are not many things to do here and girls always have to cover their heads it took me a lot of time to get used to it. the construction of the plant has always been in
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tangled in big politics but it is also the lot of little man and their families who have spent years away from home building iran's nuclear dream. on a boycott or iran. the imminent opening of a nuclear plant has increased speculation that the facility could be the target of a military tap by israel or the us alison weir from u.s. pressure group on middle east policy says organizations within america are trying to sway public opinion in favor of armed action against iran. the groups that are pushing the us to invade iran or certainly attack iran either financially or physically are the same groups that pushed the us to need iraq during the the mainstream jewish organizations in this country i'm saying and because there was a four page time. in the new york times for training. the
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head of iran as dangerous as. the ad he looks almost diabolical and the ad was run by all the mainstream musicians in the united states or at least a very large segment of this is who is pushing the american public to believe incorrectly that their iran is a threat to the united states that iran is a nuclear threat. coming up later in the program freedom of speech versus freedom of religion debates rage over new york boss adverts that oppose building a mosque near ground zero. and seventy years after of russian revolutionaries death many europeans are finding his ideas still relevant tom away. i'll take a look at some other stories from around the world in an american airlines plane has been grounded in san francisco moments before takeoff after police received a threat by phone it's not clear whether it was
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a bomb or hijack sarette two passengers were arrested the boeing seven six seven bound for new york remain on the tarmac for two hours before travelers were sent through security again. b.p. has rejected claims it is withholding key information needed for the investigation of the gulf of mexico oil spill trance ocean firm which owns the rig has asked for full disclosure of details about the explosion of the platform which killed eleven workers and started the leak the company is facing nearly two hundred fifty lawsuits for damages caused by the disaster by denies responsibility. the un looks set to reach a stargate of four hundred sixty million dollars in aid for pakistan's flood victims nations have been increasing their donations after the un secretary-general ban ki moon asked for more money at a special meeting of the general sample before the address only half the sum had been raised the secretary general appealed to governments to give more generously than in previous disasters saying the floods were
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a bigger catastrophe for many thought over twenty million people have been affected by the disaster. plans to build a mosque near the side of the nine eleven terror attacks in new york are fueling anti muslim feelings among some americans now adverts opposing the construction of the mosque have appeared on the city's buses looks at the effect freedom of speech is having on freedom of faith. here in the u.s. media capital millions of messages for the streets but only one advertisement rolling through new york city is provoking emotional reaction to its inflammatory i think the ad that ran. this ad has been slapped on twenty six buses in the big apple on the left a plane crashing into the north tower on nine eleven on the right the proposed mosque slated to rise two blocks from ground zero the red techs ask why their this is the latest offensive delivered by critics opposing the development of an islamic
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center two blocks from ground zero this woman pam geller reportedly paid eight thousand dollars for the bus ads no i'm not trying to spread islamophobia i'm trying to spread openness and you know what we are hoping to pander and criticism and and. in a country founded on religious freedom poll shows sixty three percent of americans the development of an islamic cultural center so close to sacred ground. i think it is an absolute disgrace people would think about building a mosque with three thousand new yorkers and americans more than one hundred of those victims were muslim americans if you're saying. there's a group of people who are. willing to spend a lot of money to advertise that. r.t.d. got an exclusive tour of that nineteenth century building in lower manhattan it turns out it's already been serving as a temporary mosque for the past year as
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a citizen. and as president i believe that muslims have the right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country and throughout the country the new york dispute has become a central campaign issue perceiving the november elections some would say the national debate surrounding the so-called ground zero mosque has pitted freedom of speech against. freedom of religion now it's quite clear that this issue has become a political issue but it's also become an issue of security to go over here just thirty feet from the building a parked police car it stands here all day to make sure things are made safe. hurried up or niam hard to new york. has been seventy years since leon trotsky one of the leaders of the boss of it revolution of nineteen seventeen was assassinated by an undercover soviet agent trotsky spent his last days in mexico after being deported for opposing joseph stalin policies by his socialist ideas are finding
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more support among those hit by europe's financial downturn as laura emmett reports . gone but not forgotten to many the ideas of leon trotsky embody genuine socialism revolution an international coalition of the working classes and fighting bureaucracy they might seem like outdated ideas but across europe they're alive and well trotsky's murder at the hands of an undercover . agent took place seventy years ago five and a half thousand miles away from here in mexico but here as in many other places around europe his theories live on through organizations like this one which calls for the working classes to seize power from the capitalists and start the permanent revolution workers' power is a movement active in twelve countries from the united states to sri lanka the organization simon hardy says it's relevant today more than ever as ordinary people
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feel they're suffering most from an economic crisis brought about by the rich a lot of work of socialists now is focusing on talking to working people about how they're suffering under the recession and engaging in the political arguments and ideas which will help them fight back against the governments against the capitalist class so that they don't have to bear the brunt of the crisis i mean discontent in europe about cuts in public spending and job losses this summer has seen violent protests most notably in greece socialists around europe believe those demonstrations were successful in their view they stopped the greek government imposing harsher austerity measures and according to german trotskyist s a b that's just the beginning i think if we can develop a real program which is for example stop all the paying off the debt start nationalization of the banks start nationalization of the bigger companies put them
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into workers' control and management i think that will. lead a way where you can really fight back the measures of the government also spread these struggles to other countries. in southern europe for example but also to countries like germany according to the trotskyists we're heading for an autumn of discontent with demonstrations and general strikes across europe attacking austerity measures and governments the aim is to spread leftwing ideas and plant the idea the economic crisis wasn't brought about by individual policies it stems from capitalism itself when capitalism went into its bust phase in two thousand and eight when the recession. the government's decided to give the banks as much money as they wanted there was billions and billions of dollars given to the banks in buyouts and then when it comes to ordinary people we suffer cuts we suffer austerity measures so it's about making up political argument and making clear the problems of capitalism itself and therefore there's a real terms of socialism marxists trotskyist say genuine socialism minus the cult
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of personality and the bureaucracy was never given a chance to prove itself in europe it's never managed to get more than two couldn't support at the ballot box now its supporters think capitalism is on its deathbed and it may be time to try out trotsky's philosophy lower and that r.t. . time now to pack your bags as we take you on another tour of the lesser known parts of russia with our closer team. and today we're a one thousand kilometers north of moscow in the small town of cargo was an important trade center back in the sixteenth century as it was situated between what was then the only russian seaport. and moscow however its history dates back as far as eleven century despite the town slowly falling into obscurity its art and
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architecture are very much alive as r.t.s. tests are still yet found out. but. a tone through isn't in time for. these stone churches and centuries old wooden houses once owned by rich merchants magination. once upon a time cargo paul was one of the wealthiest towns in russia thanks to bustling trade by the onyango river but it began to fade into obscurity when scituate was moved to st petersburg and later on when the railroads were built bypassing the town life here is simple quiet and for the most part that much of wings and nothing has changed some have automatic machines but they still come to wash the things in the river after they wash them in the machine the room next to linen feel fresher. today there's no real industry and goggles so people have to make do
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with what they do best making clay toys. this is our main work in means of support this figurines are my life now i can picture my life without them it's thanks to bloody mirrors parents that the ones dying craft was restored in the one nine hundred sixty s. they call it peasant art potters used to make clay dishes and the most left over clay to make toys for children tourists flock to their home especially for these had made pieces of ancient local culture and to get very hands dirty as well. but cargo pulls got more to show for itself than just clay figurines. a small black as i could remember of five generations of my family have been involved in some form or want. because art brought back smiles and color into a place otherwise left behind by history but always on the lookout for a sturdy piece of history are the people of monaco to open air museum the largest
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in russia they've managed to save some of the majestic and ancient wooden structures typical from. these massive wooden structures were brought to mali could really piece by piece then reassembled and restored here an intensive labor of love for the museum's team of restores. to mostly houses in the north are built from pine wood. but the windows of this one are made from fur. dries out and disintegrates over time we want to preserve it and restore. for vladimir it's enough that their family restored a piece of cargo from this history and are keeping it alive after all a new fields way of life is all they've known pretty quickly realized that in this place it's all about the simple life and going back to basics i'm here at a calling a laundry room where locals bring their clothes more often used during the winter so if you'll excuse me i've got work to do. does our cilia our cargo pull in the
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region. and if you can spare the time to travel as far as kabul shortly why didn't understates us just beyond moscow as he continues his store off the gold ring destination today is a little gem of a place a quite little town that sits in the shop corner of the volga river it's part of the beauty culture history in fact it was even often the terribles favorite location so we're always well the answer to that is as we continue our tour of the golden ring cities. and again watching fancher in full in about ten minutes here on r.t.
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but first we'll take a look at the world of business with alice. why was very no welcome to the business reporter on r.t. with me. now russia house spent some four hundred million dollars fighting the forest fires that have swept across the country in the last bouts according to the emergency a ministers that additional goo all the total includes a money for the construction of new howells's holes associated with employing additional rescue forces in the five weeks of forest fires in central and western russia some fifty three people lost their lives and three thousand five hundred were made homeless. is that banks are enjoying are a viable after suffering through the financial crisis deposits on an all time high while the confidence in the security of the sector is rising both at home other brought within a quarter of our reports. the russian banking sector has emerged leaner and
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meaner from the crisis bested by bad to low depositors and the weak loan market confidence in the sector slumped as the world's economy went into reverse at the beginning of two thousand and nine russian banks were being asked to pay high rates of interest to borrow money on the international markets to offset the perceived risk in the sector just eighteen months later and that has changed what we're seeing now is the economy recovering and we're all sort of business activity room picking up this is why the corporates are actually showing some demand for new credit in this actually to be the logical reaction on the bank side in the first seven months of this year damasio bank sold more than eight billion dollars of foreign currency debt a four fold increase over the same period in two thousand and nine among the companies that have made the move to the euro bond market as burbank gasper and bank and bank of moscow banks accounted for sixty five percent of. total corporate
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international debt sales from russia the cme up from twenty percent last year a significant growth although still not back to pre-crisis levels but the. ones we're seeing are really the first steps towards the euro bond markets after the crisis the market has changed but it's not like it was back in the summer of two thousand and eight russian banks have moved from a vicious spiral to. public confidence in the institutions has returned deposits to record levels this in turn has reduced the risk associated with this attack to ultimately meaning the banks can secure move financing cheap. business r.t. . to the pin may become the first russian problem that all companies operate if not all also say is find a memorandum of intent with local company petro vietnam to b.p.
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says it may sell russian oil to the culture eon boost capacity one of the four refineries that the company doesn't currently have any assets in vietnam but there are reports that it might be interested in procuring of some currently owned by. british petroleum. going to check the markets to. stop the trading in the red before they go to american shares on disappointing from all that data. indices that fell for the first time in six days of the year that should strengthen to a seven week high against the euro japan's nikkei fell nearly two percent of the benchmark had to do this is the area i don't call the tongues slid salva zero point seven percent all on the increase concerns the global economic growth is slowing. also down the close on thursday energy from a new call attempted to stem those losses to the points of light sweet edge to what
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seventy six dollars a barrel sky. four percent of the whole joint reported largest mine explosion on friday values not much brighter with youngsters having just opened down zero point zero three. ok with those low trading volumes all traditional in the summer months and they contributing to the volatility on the markets david buick from b g c explains. this is all good start is very very worst in europe the volumes in all markets around europe are absolutely derisory and frankly dealers such as are in london frankfurt and paris are running around like headless chickens responding to good and bad news as it. falls out really we are in. newcastle mode at the moment because we've had. three and this is really boy the market most case prosecutors have filed eight lawsuits against
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rushes to discount airlines have your nova and sky express when all the planes relate to flight delays back in july sky express went from being among the best or liability to the worst with a fifty percent of its flight suffer hold ups however faced the prospect of losing its license the company has managed to halt the number of delayed flights in or guest. foreign direct investment into russia for eleven percent this year according to the statistics agency it all starts f.b.i. fell from six point two to five point four billion dollars overall foreign investment into the country also slipped. the retail sales in russia accelerated in july despite that he waved a rose a bigger than expected six point six percent year on year that's the best showing since they've ever two thousand and eight cells are sold and sugar posted double digit growth compared with the previous month wallflowers cereals and pulse also
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road. so they hate all keeping shoppers away ok that's your update for this hour more down to sixty minutes time also more of course twenty fourth of all website. such business.
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something to fill in the military because i thought that it was my duty that it was something that i could do to help my country i believe my government that is necessary for americans to feel known there was a lot of drug abuse there was a lot of murder of american officers by american soldiers there were a lot of serious. problems by. these all the i was stunned i wanted to limit a lot of mental images of a lot of desperation. but afterwards i realize that they they don't mean anything they're not that important. i don't i don't i never kept the medal.


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