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the. industry is rapidly developing. our. first russia. where the indigenous people were the first. where russia's glorious history is still visible. the. massive traffic jams paralyzed roads in russia seven cities of. traffic signals electricity has been restored but water supplies are still effective. court rules that the alleged russian arms dealer picked to pick is to be extradited to the u.s. with. russia's foreign minister describes the decision as political to bring him
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back on. the past first. day under the observation of the un's watchdog. the debate over the building of a mosque near new york's ground zero site that campaign. has pushed around the city. from our studios here in central moscow twenty four hours a day this is. the roads of some petersburg russia second largest city have been plunged into chaos after a. traffic signals power has now been restored across much of the city except for the central part but water supplies are still being disrupted according to reports some metro services in the city were also hit by what the emergency ministry says
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was an accident but one of the city's power plants one local resident told me that was signs of panic. very reason to examine the roads the underground doesn't walk no one can get home it's a great thing because there is no information about this is fifty eight thousand and. we don't know when there is a reason the real rock when we can get. russia has condemned the decision by a tycoon to extradite the suspected russian arms dealer victor boot to the u.s. previously another court rejected the u.s. extradition bid but the appeals court is over ruled that verdict party's correspondent catherine as brings us now the details from the russian foreign ministry in moscow. moscow's very unhappy with this ruling because it believes that it was made under significant outside pressures specifically pressure from the
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united states the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov speaking earlier said that it is evident from the fact that the thai criminal court earlier refused to extradite mr billow and today of course the thai appeal court has sanctioned this extradition that this request was made possible after the severe pressure from the united states there for making this decision a political threat political one and that is an acceptable says that it was started at a time i appeal court has made this political decision according to the information we have this ruling was made under very strong outside pressure and this is upsetting as to the interests of this russian citizen we've been assisting him for all these months we've been in touch with his lawyers and his family and will continue to do our best to get him returned to his homeland mr bush remains a somewhat mysterious figure an international businessman who has had contact with many people throughout his career he is believed by some to be nothing less than
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the merchant of death and one of the most notorious arms dealers in the world to date by others including his family to simply be a man who was caught in the wrong thing at the wrong time and is basically being made as scapegoats by the united states of course mr boot has received a lot of international attention following his arrest in march two thousand and eight in the thai capital bangkok and still the media today could not figure out whether mr booth is simply a good man or a bad man or what kind of a man he actually is how the woods lord of war there are over five hundred fifty million firearms in world war three if your. that's one for for every twelve people on the planet. the only question is. i don't want any other eleven and his alleged real life prototype russian businessman because it
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would nicknamed the merchant of death denied all accusations of arms selling and laughed off parallels. and i feel. his statement never changed even when he came from behind bars in the infamous bangkok hilton he was arrested in thailand in march two thousand and eight in a joint sting operation by local and u.s. authorities he was apprehended in the final stages of arranging the sale of millions of dollars of high powered weapons to people he believed to represent a known terrorist organization the far not many people were willing to give booth that type of credit given to him by american cross accusers possibly a merchant of some death but he certainly isn't the us media would call them. i mean around quite a large airline operation in many in africa and i would think that ninety five
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percent of his flights were ordinary commercial goods are going through television . or all sorts of things so we're only talking about five percent of the cargoes possibly being. illegal in a long and drawn out extradition hearing that took over two years the united states changed added and modified their charges against mr boot to include violating international trade law as well as arms trafficking his family believes at some point it became a process for the process instead of a process for justice against whom with this decision did you has demonstrated to the work of the criminal court has no role evidence gathering the question of eye witnesses told this works to meet the law record too low to the extradition to the . yes it has been thrown the way the court to do is controlled by the government directly and so huge pressure from the us. boots trial and tribulations have been
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ask loosely followed by the media as hollywood's version of the life of the merchant of death unlike a scripted movie there are no punchy closing lines powerful soundtracks or a list of all those involved in production unless that many believe is even more interesting than the lead man himself. catarina as r r t moscow. iran's first nuclear power plant is ready to start up on saturday it's been built by russia which says the joint project bashir will show that tehran is entitled to the peaceful you solve the energy they react to will be loaded with fuel under the strict control of the un's nuclear watchdog the plant is expected to be fully operational in about a month russia will help run the facility supply the fuel and remove the waste rooting out the possibility of tehran using the spent rods to make nuclear weapons
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iran is under un sanctions aimed at pressuring tehran to abandon its uranium enrichment program well autism has the story of the fifteen year long plant construction. it's been a routine for more than a decade hundreds of russian constructors streaming to their workplace three shifts a day six days a week building iran's first nuclear power station it's been a long wait launched by germans in the nineteen seventies the construction was halted after the revolution when russians to call for the task was to feed the new reactor into an already existing building through its. direct instructors always more difficult than to build from scratch who had to feed an equipment that normally requires a much larger space this is one of the reasons why the launch of the station has been postponed so many times for the rainy and it meant the delay in their nuclear dream for local russians more time away from home. the works in the local
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kindergarten well here has been disputing finishing touches to the station she's explaining to her peoples what it's all about. why we need nuclear power stations any trees it is a light condition it militia ask chillax it in one of. the conditions are good here every family has a separate house something that we couldn't afford at home the launch of the pushchair plant is a major political and economic milestone for iran but for the russian constructors who built it it's a very joyous occasion to out of about three thousand only one in town were able to bring their families with them the rest committed themselves to lonely and rather tedious lives but now everybody is counting the days until they go home. to gaze one of them after seventeen years of marriage he had to adjust to a bachelor's life again now he's gearing up for the opposite transition.
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very happy to go i miss my family. just as a rainy and societies are slated for the rest of the world the russian village and bush air is caught all it's a rounded by walls guarded day and night by the uranian police women are required to observe the muslim dress code men have to forget about alcohol and drinks life is especially among not to notice for the local teenagers first. i wish we had more freedom there are not many things to do here and girls always have to cover their heads it took me a lot of time to get used to it. the construction of the plant has always been in tangled in big politics but it is also do a lot of little man and their families spent here is away from home building iran's nuclear dream. r t iran.
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but we now live to journalist afshin rattansi who's in london for more perspective on the bushehr notching thanks very much indeed for joining us now you spent a great deal of time in iran how is the opening of the country's first nuclear power plant being viewed there well water victory it is for all independent nations that is nations independent of us when it comes to energy interests and as your report suggested what a victory also for those russian families and for cooperation out of sight of the united states sphere of influence you wouldn't be thinking that though if you were in london or washington tomorrow's newspapers i think would be very different to that report well some would say it's a very provocative move the activation of the project very soon in fact tomorrow is being seen by some as a step towards iran actually developing nuclear weapons is it. the is that a group of repeatedly renounced the use of nuclear weapons but it is amazing to see the media coverage of this story after all iran is
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a member of the nonproliferation treaty and you don't see any of the nuclear powers making any signs of reducing their massive nuclear arsenals if anything all you see is john bolton the former united states ambassador to the united nations saying to israel which is of course a nuclear state in the region to bomb iran but surely there are grounds for suspicion you could understand people calling for that when we can consider terrans reluctance to a basic curative council resolutions over the program also being very obstinate not being candid about it so surely that is going to raise suspicions people want to know what they're up to. i think the reason why this story gets that kind of coverage we must remember. it will be monitoring things that are happening at bush air and the previous i.a.e.a. secretary generals have been under surveillance by the americans quite contrary to regulations we know the reason why the world or at least the western media in the world run by different types of elites are worried about iran because it's an
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energy superpower in the region i think alliances between iran and russia and china and the developing world the global south show that. situations such as we're seeing in bush reflect the decline of united states power when you mentioned john bolton the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and he was saying that when in fact warning that israel should take military action sooner than later in fact by tomorrow if it wants to do something that sort of talk does that not suggest there really could be some sort of serious consideration by israel or indeed the u.s. to make some sort of military attack on iran. is always dangerous it sometimes acts without u.s. approval although we must admit to understand everyone must understand that israel is a state that only exists because of the united states subsidy i think it seems unlikely at the moment but as you say there is john bolton's deadline president obama surprise many on many occasions since his inauguration in backing increase troops
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in afghanistan a country of course bordering with iran i think i think bets are off at the moment i don't think you get much of a bet if it isn't a military strike but in twenty four hours you've said some key words there. has been echoed by other what i would say level headed analysts who i've interviewed over the last two or three days they're saying not for the moment no we can't consider this military action happening for the moment do you think there is a possibility of war in the middle east over this in the future. i think we're more likely to see israel expansionism in the on the borders with israel i'd say it is relatively unlikely especially because the global recession and depression with the worse economic figures coming out of the united states iran has repeatedly said that they can defend it and they will attack the straits of hormuz which of course such a great percentage of the world's oil goes through it it's the most strategic place on earth or very interesting to hear what you have to say thank you very much
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indeed for joining us live there in london journalist afshin rattansi talking just here on r.t. thank you. russia's military will stay in armenia until the year twenty forty four at least a new deal on the lease of a military base has been signed by present dimitri medvedev jur in his visit to the country. is our security cooperation is very important especially protocol number five which prolongs an agreement on the russian military base in armenia this agreement aims to avoid peace and security in the caucasus region. i thought. moscow's also promised to guarantee armenia security and provide advance military hardware for its armed forces and we'd also praised the progress in resolving the conflict between armenia and maybe a special of the disputed mountain region and accordingly. i mean troops came to control of the territory in one thousand nine hundred four after a six year war but the region is still internationally recognized as part of a. controversial plans to build
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a mosque just two blocks from the site of the nine eleven terror attacks in new york is causing islamic sentiment in the us posters asking why there are being put up on buses around the city and port now reports it's now a fight between freedom of speech and freedom of faith. here in the u.s. media capital millions of messages flood the streets but only one advertisement for new york city is. emotional reaction to its inflammatory i think the ad. very offensive this ad has been slapped on twenty six buses in the big apple on the left a plane crashing into the north tower on nine eleven on the right the proposed mosque slated to rise two blocks from ground zero the red text ask why there is the latest offensive delivered by critics opposing the development of an islamic center two blocks from ground zero this woman pam geller reportedly paid eight thousand dollars for the process no i'm not trying to spread islamophobia i'm trying to
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spread openness and you know what we are hoping to pander and criticism and and. in a country founded on religious freedom whole show sixty three percent of americans up close the development of an islamic cultural center so close to a secret ground i think it's a great ad and i think it is an absolute disgrace that people would think about building a mosque with three thousand new yorkers and americans more than one hundred of those victims are muslim americans if you're saying. there's a group of people who are. willing to spend a lot of money to advertise that we're islamophobia r t got an exclusive tour of that nineteenth century building in lower manhattan it turns out it's already been serving as a temporary mosque for the past year as a citizen. and as president i believe that muslims have the right to practice their
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religion as everyone else in this country and throughout the country the new york dispute has become a central campaign issue perceiving the november elections some would say the national debate surrounding the so-called ground zero mosque has been. speech against you. but this issue. it's also become an issue of security over here just thirty feet from the building. and here i would say to make sure. it's seventy years since trotsky a leader of the nine hundred seventeen bolshevik revolution was assassinated by an undercover soviet agent he'd been sent into exile for strongly opposing stunning but continued to develop his own views and today it is a still finding support on the photo ground of those hit by europe's financial downturn. has more in this. gone but not forgotten to
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many the ideas of leon trotsky embody genuine socialism revolution an international coalition of the working classes and fighting bureaucracy they might seem like outdated ideas but across europe they're alive and well trotsky's murder at the hands of an undercover n.k.v.d. agent took place seventy years ago and five and a half thousand miles away from here in mexico but here as in many other places around here his theories live on through organizations like this one which calls for the working classes to seize power from the capitalists and start the permanent revolution workers' power is a movement active in twelve countries from the united states to sri lanka the organization simon hardy says it's relevant today more than ever as ordinary people feel they're suffering most permit economic crisis brought about by the rich a lot of work of socialists now is focusing on talking to working people about how
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they're suffering under the recession and engaging in the political arguments and ideas which will help them fight back against the governments against the capitalist class that they don't have to bear the brunt of the crisis may discontent in europe about cuts in public spending and job losses this summer has seen violent protests most notably in greece socialists around europe believe those demonstrations were successful in their view they stopped the greek government imposing harsher austerity measures and according to german trotskyist s.a.v. that's just the beginning i think if. people are real program which is for example stop all the paying off the debt start nationalization of the banks start nationalization of the bigger companies put them into workers' control and management i think that will. lead a way where you can really fight back the measures of the government also struggled to. other countries in southern europe for example but also countries like germany
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according to the trotskyists we're heading for an autumn of discontent with demonstrations and general strikes across europe attacking austerity measures and governments the aim is to spread leftwing ideas and plant the idea the economic crisis wasn't brought about by individual policies it stems from capitalism itself when capitalism went into its bust phase in two thousand and eight when the recession. the governments decided to give the banks as much money as they wanted there was billions and billions of dollars given to the banks in bear outs. but when it comes to ordinary people we suffer cuts we suffer austerity measures so it's about making a political argument and making clear the problems of capitalism itself and therefore the real target of socialism marxists trotskyist say genuine socialism minus the cult of personality and the bureaucracy was never given a chance to prove itself in europe it's never managed to get more than two couldn't
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support at the ballot box now its supporters think capitalism is on its deathbed and it may be time to try out trotsky's philosophy lore and that. brings up today for the moment here along with a recap for you about eight minutes from now in the meantime let's have the latest from the world of business with charlotte that's coming up in just a moment. for the full stop we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. every month we give you the future we do understand how we'll get there and. the best in some sense technology from across russia and around the world. our technology update on our g.
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hello welcome to the business program with me was folly crude oil is trading at a six week law it's been struggling to break out of the seventy to eighty dollars range from moments after briefly hitting eighty two dollars at the beginning of august prices have slipped back concerns about faltering economic growth and high inventories in the u.s. and as alexei caulking for metropol explains the risk appears to be mainly on the downside for the rest of the year. i rather doubt there's going to be in my short breaks throughout say. the next three to six months but we'll probably see you world going through eighteen to the eighty five range and the thousand and eleven if we weren't experiencing it in excess supply. probably see prices lower i think the big question is is the monster staying
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this level. there's some downsides to chinese chinese demand if you look at the three year in year growth apparently enchiladas it went down quite dramatically to about three percent year over year so the question is it was still high demand in the first how cute someone off a friend for instance or a program to help the chinese comes to increase the strategic stocks or could i'm products and perhaps just know if i trust the case that i have in my potential kerry case or for coming down to sixty five. with full be able to make something right we interfere. let's have a look at the markets now here in russia the stocks of trying to global trends they closed down for a third day both oil the mess was grim literally dumping the investment of head of commodity producers i mean so cost i mean steel dropped three point seven percent from was down one point one percent. now looking back on the weak sense been has
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been broadly negative on the russian markets which have also shown some volatility simon burke from a consultancy invest costs a sex wraps up the last five days straight. this week was kind of usual week for august because. it's end of summer and august is very scary months for russian traders and for russian stock markets and well it's quite volatile but for the recent three weeks we've been in a very narrow range in terms of indices and we don't break that. recent economic statistics from the u.s. is not encouraging because for example on thursday you are seeing this is where it went down big deal because of the sticky six about manufacturing activity and. job was claims commodities prices right now are not supporting us the current commodity levels are. already in the prices of the russian stocks there was
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a lot sort of tutti in terms of fertilizer industry. in syria might emerge soon and the information which came in on friday about a chinese company which might participate in the offer for orders corp so that information. is quite important for us. now in other news russia's banks are enjoying a revival after having suffered throughout the financial crisis deposit levels are at an all time high inspiring confidence in the sector both at home and abroad where data caution of reports. the russian banking sector has emerged lean and mean and from the crisis best baghdad to low depositors and a weak loan market confidence in the sector slumped as the world's economy went into reverse at the beginning of two thousand and nine russian banks were being asked to pay high rates of interest to borrow money on the international markets to
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offset the perceived risk in the sector just eighteen months later and that has changed what we're seeing now is a recovering well all sort of business activity picking up this is why the corporates are actually showing some demand for new credit this is actually the water cooler reaction on the banks side in the first seven months of this year domestic banks sold more than eight billion dollars of foreign currency debt a four fold increase over the same period in two thousand and nine among the companies that have made the move to the euro bond markets as burbank gasper and bank and bank of moscow banks accounted for sixty five percent of total corporate international debt sales from russia this year from twenty percent last year a significant growth although still not back to pre-crisis levels but the. ones we are seeing are really the first steps towards the euro bond market after the crisis
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the market has changed but it's not like it was back in the summer of two thousand and eight russian banks have moved from a vicious spiral to a vicious circle public confidence in the institutions has returned bursting deposits to record levels this in turn has reduced the risk associated with the sector ultimately manning the banks can secure more financing more cheaply i don't question our business r.t. . and that's all for this i'll be can always find more stories on our website called slash business.
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wealthy british scientists i. sometimes try to find. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.


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