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they have no idea about the hardships that we face. one it's. too nice to. put in the army the life of the other is the most precious thing in the world. uses of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand fully that you have to live a. real life stories from. nineteen forty five. a tie court rules of the alleged russian boot just to be extradited to the u.s. within three months but russia's foreign minister describes the decision as political. to bring him back on. iran's first nuclear plant the observation of the un's energy watched all.
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electricity is now being fully restored in some pieces but often earlier polls cost russia's second largest city massive traffic jams paralyzed roads metro travel was disrupted and water supplies cuts. and the debate over the building of a mosque near new york's ground zero site itself was an ad campaign seen by many as anti muslim is posted on buses around the city. live from our studios here in central moscow twenty four hours a day this is. russia has condemned the decision by a thai court to extradite the suspected russian still a victim boot to the us previously a lower court rejected the u.s. extradition bit but the appeals court has overruled that. correspondent brings us now the details from the russian foreign ministry in moscow. moscow's very unhappy
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with this ruling because it believes that it was made under significant outside pressures specifically pressure from the united states the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov speaking earlier said that it is evident from the fact that the thai criminal court earlier refused to extradite mr boat and today of course the thai appeal court has sanctioned this extradition that this request was made possible after the severe pressure from the united states there for making this decision a political weapon little one and that is inacceptable so it really was started at a time i appeal court has made this political decision according to the information we have this ruling was made under very strong outside pressure and this is upsetting as for the interests of this russian citizen we've been assisting him for all these months we've been in touch with his lawyers in this family and will continue to do our best to get him returned to his homeland mr bush remains
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a somewhat mysterious figure an international businessman who has had contacts with many people throughout his career he is believed by some to be nothing less than the merchant of death and one of the most notorious arms dealers in the world to date by others including his family to simply be a man who was caught in the wrong thing at the wrong time and is basically being made a scapegoat by the united states of course mr bood has received a lot of international attention following his arrest in march two thousand and eight in the thai capital bangkok and still the media today cannot figure out whether mr booth is simply a good man or a bad man or what kind of a man he actually is how the woods lord of war there are over five hundred fifty million firearms in world war three your. that's one firearm for every twelve people on the player and no recourse to yours. how do we
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arm the other eleven and his alleged real life prototype russian businessmen victor boot nicknamed the merchant of death denied all accusations of arms selling and laughed off parallels. when it's not my field. his statement never changed even when he came from behind bars in the infamous bangkok hilton he was arrested in thailand in march two thousand and eight in a joint sting operation by local and u.s. authorities he was apprehended in the final stages of arranging the sale of millions of dollars of high powered weapons to people he believed to represent a known terrorist organization the far not many people were willing to give that type of credit given to him by american cross accusers he's possibly a merchant of some death but he certainly isn't the man the u.s.
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media would call them. around quite a large operation and you know and i would think that ninety five percent of his flights were ordinary commercial goods. from washing or all sorts of things so we're only talking about five percent of the cargoes possibly being. itself illegal in a long and drawn out extradition hearing that took over two years the united states changed added and modify their charges against mr boot to include violating international trade law as well as arms trafficking his family believes at some point it became a process for the process instead of a process for justice but with this decision you have demonstrated that the work of the criminal court has no value the role of good evidence gathering the question of our witnesses from all this work to make the law record six or six
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tradition to yours. on the we receive. control the government directly. from the. boots trial and tribulations have been ask los lee followed by the media as hollywood's version of the life of the merchant of death unlike a scripted movie there are no punchy closing lines powerful soundtracks or a list of all those involved in production unless that many believe is even more interesting than the late man himself catarina as our r.t. moscow. iran's first nuclear power plant is ready to start on saturday it's been built by russia which says the joint project bullshit will show that iran is entitle to the peaceful use of nuclear energy the reactor will be loaded with fuel under the strict control of the un's nuclear watchdog the plant is expected to be fully operational in about a month russia will help run the facility supply the fuel and remove the waste
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ruling out the possibility of tehran using the spent rods to make nuclear weapons iran is under un sanctions aimed at pressuring iran to abandon its uranium enrichment program. has the story of the fifteen year long plant construction. it's been a routine for more than a decade hundreds of russian constructors streaming to their workplace. today six days a week building iran's first nuclear power station. it's been a long wait launched by germans in the nineteen seventies the construction was halted after the revolution when russians to call for the task was to feed a new reactor into a. building to destroy. scratch . the. space this is one of the reasons why build launch of the station has been postponed so many times the reigning it meant the
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delay in their nuclear dream for local russians time away from whole. works in the local can in their garden of care has been disputing finishing touches to the station he's explaining to her people who. clear power stations and transit in flight condition it. will slow most of the conditions are good every family has a separate house something that we couldn't afford at. the launch of the plant is a major political and economic milestone for iran but for the russian constructors it's a very joyous occasion two out of about three thousand only one in town were able to bring back. the rest committed themselves to lonely and tedious lives but now everybody is counting the days until they go home. so gay is one of them after
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seventeen years of marriage he had to adjust to life again now he's gearing up for the opposite transition. very happy to go i miss my family. just as a rainy and. societies isolated from the rest of the world the russian village and . it's wrong to buy walls guarded by the ukrainian police women are required to observe the muslim dress code men have to forget about alcohol and drinks life is especially among not for the local teenagers. i wish we had more freedom there are not many things to do here and girls always have to cover their heads it took me a lot of time to get used to it. the construction of the plant has always been in tangled in big politics but it is also due more to little man and their family spent years away from home building iran's nuclear dream. some boys are
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to iran. well for some further analysis on this i'm now joined by cole hall he's in washington he's a research associate at the james martin center for non proliferation studies thanks very much indeed for joining us here on r.t. well some of the activation of iran's first nuclear power plant is taking a key step towards developing nuclear weapons they could be right could. i would disagree with that my opinion the activation of the reactor is actually a very minor addition to the proliferation risk posed in iran. as you laid out in your introductory segment russia has agreed to take back the spent fuel from the reactor what that means is that there will be only a very narrow window in which iran could take that spent fuel and extract the plutonium from it that is necessary for a nuclear weapon. and in addition the spent fuel be monitored by the international
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atomic energy agency so this is a very hypothetical situation talking about iran using this for a nuclear weapon the quite a few voices in the states would agree with that they don't actually trust any of what you say and very concerned about obviously iran's intentions what about russia's involvement with this do you think in some ways the international community is still suspicious of russia being involved in this project. i think that the timing of the activation is regrettable from the viewpoint of the united states and its other partners who are trying to focus on applying sanctions to iran and the negotiation process to get them to resolve some of the questions that are lingering about the nuclear program there however as you mentioned before this reactor has been in progress for fifteen years and it's very hard to delay it any farther so what do you say then to people like the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton who said the other day that israel's only got about three days to do something about this nuclear power plant and take military action what's your
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argument against somebody like that when he clearly sees a threat along with so many other people in the u.s. and the world sure i would say that that statement is very much out of line with the actual degree of risk that is posed by that facility. the idea that iran could take the plutonium out of the spent fuel and then fashion it into a nuclear weapon something that would take quite a long time to accomplish around does not have any known capabilities to do that to extract the plutonium and it would then have to design the warhead and fashion the plutonium into a weapon and then mount that on top of a missile that would be a time like they would be measured in years rather than months but there are some who say maybe no military action but israel could be along with the backing of the u.s. in the future thinking about some sort of military campaign what would you say. i would say that the best outcome of a military strike on iran would be setting back the nuclear program by
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a few years perhaps but it would also unite the leadership and population of around behind the idea of actually acquiring a nuclear weapon which is not something that we have any reason to suspect that iran has actually taken that decision it seems like they want to keep the option open but that decision to actually build a weapon has not been taken and the clearest most direct way to make that decision happen would be to actually attack the nuclear facilities. what then would be the consequences of something like that happening in the middle east. they would certainly be very significant. probably well it's hard to project i don't want to to cast to too hypothetical a picture but there would certainly be very drastic consequences if you think there's a lot of talk at the moment obviously because the power plants are about to be open to morrow but by the fact that the u.n. watchdog is there to monitor events and the fact as you said that russia is very much involved in this in the contract that to make sure that no uranium is in reach do you think everything will calm down and perhaps once it is up and running the
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situation may ease overall one of the positive aspects of the opening of the facility is that it provides a very clear example of why iran may not necessarily need its own domestic uranium enrichment program because it has an operating nuclear power plant. where the uranium is being supplied by russia and the spent fuel is being taken away so it's a very compelling model for an international fuel supply which is something that the united states and its partners can point out to iran and other states just briefly and finally will we see a different attitude from iran once this is all up and running because at the moment they're not exactly helping the situation of a bomb not cooperating if they've got something to hide while they're helping all. that is a great question i can hope that perhaps this would shed some clarity on what if their claims are true that the program is soley peaceful then this could be a way in that direction but it's hard to tell at this point really interesting here
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we have to say cole harvey thanks for joining us live here on r.t.e. there in washington expert on nonproliferation thank you very much thank you thank you. for the news no electricity supplies have been completely restored and petersburg after a public health that lasted for almost an hour however two cities in the leningrad region remain without power the blackout plunged around forty percent of russia's second largest city into chaos it knocked out traffic signals causing massive congestion on the roads train stations and metro services were also hit while water supplies are still affected according to reports the emergency ministry says it was all caused by an accident at one of the city's electricity plants mike sherman is the head of a language center in the city and says his employees are still stuck at the office trying to figure out how to get home for example employees right now are on the phone calling their friends and family trying to figure out how to get home a few of them have been sitting here in the are just trying to be because they don't know they can't take the metro. if they can get a bus or something get home but they don't have to. actually everybody kind of
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sitting in the office. of a new cell and russia's military will stay in armenia until the year twenty forty four at least the new deal on the lease of a military base has been signed by prison dimitri medvedev during his visit to the country. is our security cooperation is very important especially protocol number five which prolongs an agreement on the russian military base in armenia disagreement to avoid peace and security in the caucasus region. moscow's also promised to guarantee armenia security and provide advanced military hardware for its armed forces the russian leader also praised the progress in resolving the conflict between armenia and neighboring azerbaijan over the disputed mountain of courteney kind of back i mean in troops gained control of the territory in one thousand nine hundred four after a six year war but the region is still internationally recognized as part of as a by john. controversial plans to build a mosque just two blocks from the site of the nine eleven terror attacks in new
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york is causing anti islamic sentiment in the u.s. post as asking why there have been put up on buses around the city as artesian report now reports it's now a fight between freedom of speech and freedom of faith. here in the u.s. media capital millions of messages. but only one advertisement. city. emotional reaction. to. this ad has been slapped on twenty six buses in the big apple on the left a plane crashing into the north tower on nine eleven on the right the proposed mosque slated to rise two blocks from ground zero the red text there this is the latest offensive delivered by critics opposing the development of an islamic center two blocks from ground zero this woman pam geller reportedly paid eight thousand dollars for the bus ads no i'm not trying to spread islam to spread openness and
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you know what we are hoping to pander and criticism and. freedom in a country founded on religious freedom sixty three percent of americans the development of an islamic cultural center so close to sacred ground. people with. more than one hundred of those victims muslim americans. are an exclusive tour of that nineteenth century building in lower manhattan it turns out it's already been serving as a temporary mosque for the past year as a citizen. and as president. of the. right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country and throughout the country the new york dispute
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has become a central campaign issue perceiving the november elections some would say the national debate surrounding the so-called ground zero mosque has pitted speech against. of religion now it's quite clear that this issue has become a political issue but it's also become an issue of security people who are here just thirty feet from the building a parked police car expansion all day to make sure things are i mean see. enough some of the headlines from around the world for you in brief the u.s. secretary of state says israel and the palestinians have agreed to resume peace talks for the first time in almost two years and to reach an agreement which would lead to two southern states egyptian president and jordan's king would also attend the session with you to play a critical role in the peace efforts and president barack obama will hold one on one meetings with each of the leaders beginning early next month in washington. u.k. government deserves libya not to celebrate the first anniversary of the release of
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the lockerbie bomber he was freed by scottish authorities on compassionate grounds suffering from terminal cancer a hero's welcome he received on his return was condemned by the u.s. and the u.k. the foreign office says similar scenes will be insensitive to the relatives of the two hundred seventy people killed when the pan am flight exploded above lockerbie in one nine hundred eighty eight. b.p.'s rejected claims it's withholding key data needed for a probe into the gulf of mexico oil spill disaster trans ocean the swiss firm which owns the raid has also put information on explosion at the plant from which killed eleven workers and led to the worst oil spill in u.s. history b.p. is already facing more than three hundred lawsuits in the u.s. alone for damage caused by the disaster. opinion polls in australia suggest saturday's federal election could be the closest in almost fifty years the governing labor party faces a close fight to the finish with the liberals prime minister julia gillard has
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received one a psychic crocodile has predicted she's going to win the reptile named dirty harry . chicken treat under the p.m.'s photo ignoring the opposition's poultry. well that to bring it up to date for the moment child as the latest business news that's ahead in just a minute from now stay with us. for the. voice to face with the news maker.
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hello welcome to the business program with me shelagh name is folly crude oil is trading at a six week low i was been struggling to break out of the seventy to eighty dollars range for moments after briefly hitting eighty two dollars the beginning of august prices have slipped back on concerns about faltering economic growth and high inventories in the u.s. and as alexei caulking for metropol explains the risks appear to be mainly on the downside to the rest of the year. i rather doubt this country in my chair breaks through say. the next three to six months but we'll probably see you world going through eighty three eighty five range of thousand and eleven if we were experiencing an excess supply. probably see prices lower the big question is is demonstrably
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just like. there's some doubt as to chinese chinese demand if you look at the three year in year growth apparently in july it went down quite dramatic it's about three percent. so the question is was the high demand in the first help you to someone else a friend for instance or a very program to help the chinese come to increase strategic stocks or could i'm products and perhaps just know for us the case that i have in my potential kerry case or four dollars sixty five. would be ultimately. probably interfere. let's have a look at the markets now here in russia the stocks of truckload will translate lays down for a day both oil a methodist bramley tree down in the investment of head of commodity producers like me so cost i mean steel dropped three point seven percent while gas problem was
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down one point one. and looking back on the week sentiment has been broadly negative on the russian markets we have also shown some volatility simon back from consultancy invest cathay wraps up the last five days trade this week was kind of usual week for august because. it's end of summer and august is a very scary months for russian traders and for us the stock markets in the world it's quite volatile but for the recent three weeks we've been in a very narrow. range in terms of indices and we don't break that. recent economic statistics from the u.s. is not encouraging because for example on thursday you are seeing this is where it went down big deal because of the statistics about the main effects you need to see in a. job with claims commodities prices right now are not supporting. the current commodity levels are. already in the prices of the russian stocks there was
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a lot sort of tutti in terms of fertilizer industry. in syria might emerge soon and the information which came in on friday about a chinese company which might participate in the offer for borders corp so that information. is quite important for us. now in other news russia's banks are enjoying a revival after having suffered throughout the financial crisis deposit levels all at an all time high inspiring confidence in the sector both home and abroad where data caution of reports. the russian banking sector has emerged lean and mean and from the crisis best buy bad to low depositors and a weak loan market confidence in the sector slumped as the world's economy went into reverse at the beginning of two thousand and nine russian banks were being asked to pay high rates of interest to borrow money on the international markets to
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offset the perceived risk in the sector just eighteen months later and that has changed what we're seeing now is a recovering well all sort of business activity picking up this is why the corporates are actually showing some demand for new credit this is actually the water cooler reaction on the bank side in the first seven months of this year domestic banks sold more than eight billion dollars of foreign currency debt a four fold increase over the same period in two thousand and nine among the companies that have made the move to the euro bond markets burbank gasper and bank and bank of moscow banks accounted for sixty five percent of total corporate international debt sales from russia this year up from twenty percent last year a significant growth although still not back to pre-crisis levels but the. ones we are seeing my really the first steps towards the euro bond markets after the crisis
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the market has changed but it's not like it was back in the summer of two thousand and eight russian banks have moved from a vicious spiral to. public confidence in the institutions has returned bursting deposits to record levels this in turn has reduced the risk associated with the sector ultimately meaning the banks can secure more financing more cheaply. business r.t. . and that's all for this but you can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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wealthy british style the sun. is not on the books by this time. and. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headline news joining to cause a report on our.
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motion would be so much brighter if you knew about song from feinstein pression some. of these food stamps on t.v. don't come. on. the news today violence is once again flared up the face these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada to for showing up for a shelter all day. signed up to join the military because i thought that it was my duty not that it was something that i could do to help my country i believed my government and i thought that it was necessary for americans now too.


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