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these are the images crowed world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for asians through today. a thai appeals court rules to extradite alleged arms dealer viktor boot to the united states following intense pressure from washington russia's foreign ministry has condemned the decision calling it political and saying it's limited to doing everything it can to bring him home to russia. russian engineers prepared a start of iran's first nuclear power plant on saturday the reactor will be loaded with fuel under the strict control of the un's nuclear watchdog. the electricity is
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back on in st petersburg after a citywide power cut yeah outage caused rush hour traffic chaos and meters had to be evacuated from the metro. up next the alone a show takes a look at whether the u.s. has unleashed a war on terror with special forces involved stay with us for that here at r t. welcome to the ilona show where we get the real headlines with no to the mercy we're coming live out of washington d.c. and today we're going to take an in-depth look at a new way that america wants to fight its wars a documentary released today on the cover up of the pat tillman story highlights the domestic unpopularity of the wars in both iraq and afghanistan so with approval numbers so low for large scale wars has the u.s. found a different way to fight terrorism abroad
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a secret way well ask investigative journalist tim shark next in a recent group of reports have been looking at twenty somethings in this recession the people who thirty years ago would have been settled in a home or an apartment in a job and married by their mid twenty's except these days most of them are living with their parents with a diploma hanging on the wall and maybe just maybe some kind of part time employment so we'll ask the atlantic's derek thompson why the days twenty somethings are taking so long to grow up and what would you do for a million dollars when you streak in front of president obama one billionaire is making that offer in order to promote his new website so we'll speak to him and find out exactly what one has to do to make that cold hard cash then we'll look at a disturbing new information regarding the gulf oil spill recent government reports of said that the oil is almost gone but it turns out that's been your true so why are they spreading false information before finding all the facts will speak to
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kate sheppard from mother jones and it's friday so we're giving the slutsky twins a mash up on everything that's making the headlines this week north korea has just joined facebook and the mystery surrounding beer goggles has been solved so we'll get their take on all of those stories but now let's move on to today's top story. the tillman story it's a documentary looking into the death of the football star and soldier pat tillman and it opens today he's perhaps the only recognizable name in the u.s. war in iraq a name that the bush administration trying to use to sell a hero story to garner more support for their unpopular war the now we all know that tillman was killed by friendly fire and the military and the civilian leadership all trying to cover it up so support for the seemingly endless war in afghanistan continues to do until we can assume that the release of this documentary isn't exactly going to help so now we have to look at how america will fight its wars in the future it looks like in order to do that's they're turning to
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the past to the cold war days of focusing heavily on covert operations something that will call a shadow war out of the public's eye never really confirmed by the government or the military and yet in the name of defeating al qaeda turns out the u.s. has currently increased both military and intelligence operations and roughly a dozen countries from north africa to pakistan to former soviet republics but is a secret war really a better war i guess it depends on who's asking well here in the studio to discuss it with me is tim tim sharp investigative journalist and labor activist tim thanks for being back on the show thank you. you know it seems to me how convenient that at a time like this when support for the war in afghanistan is definitely dwindling when we have everyone broadcasting the last combat brigade has left iraq and that means the war is over that this administration gets to wage this secret war behind the scenes that they never have to confirm never tell anybody about i mean what
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happened to transparency good question and we know some of the combat troops have left iraq but what's going to be left or advisory troops from the united states probably for a long time and we have troops in korea after but sixty five years and there's also going to be. thousands of private sector contractors there left and the same thing is happening in afghanistan so to say the united states as you know actually pulled out of iraq is that the total and we got that yes ridiculous but that's not a public knows about at least what about these secret wars well we know only very little about it you know what's been reported say in the new york times last weekend they've been carrying out they've been doing a series of reports about these sort of this kind of covert war you describe you know going from somalia to yemen to kenya with french forces in algeria and it is very secretive and it's being done you know. covertly it's being done with
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contractors also and it's unclear what exactly these contractors are doing and to me it's also unclear whether the even the stories are a cover for something else you know the defense department. telling the new york times something to shift the focus that is the way my own what they're really doing i don't know who knows where the truth really lies in that sense but you know what's interesting too is that politically speaking there is no democratic president that wants to be seen as a war president so what i wonder is when they wage this shadow war the secret war is it more of a political move so the barack obama i mean bush actually started this but obama has expanded it and a major way so is it more of a military strategy or is this a political strategy was probably both i mean it's very clear that a lot of taliban and al qaeda forces are in pakistan so there are. rules against u.s. military operating in pakistan and pakistan doesn't want the u.s.
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military operating there so they're sending in these covert teams perhaps perhaps contractors gathering information gathering intelligence which they pass on to teams that do these strikes and we know that there are lots of predator strikes going on and pakistan. there killing leaders of taliban taliban groups as. as well as civilians have been in pakistan is even something that i feel like is more discussed and you bring in yemen you bring in somalia you bring in operations in kenya and i'm sure any american would be hard pressed to even know that's going on but this is something that you know he's not the only one to use this statement but john brennan said that now we're going to rely on the scalpel rather than the hammer this is going to be america's new way of fighting a war but in a sense is that kind of un-american are we use or just you know marching in and making sure that everybody knows that we're there while the past of course the kind
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of bombing we did was just you know massive aerial bombardment of japan of korea north korea vietnam laos all kinds of countries and now they call it precision bombing where you know they're guided by lasers and that much more intelligence and there's all this electronic devices in the bombs to guide them but we still you know there's still a lot of other people killed that we don't intend to kill that's always been the problem and i found his use of the word scalpel very interesting because it gives a kind of a false sense of security to americans thinking we're only killing you know these three or four people and not you know we're missing everybody else and that's not what happens and unfortunately when you start killing people in a burton way in you kill civilians and you kill families and you kill people and children it creates animosity toward the united states it comes back comes back the term blowback comes to mind it does create a lot of animosity and you can find this in pakistan in afghanistan as well where
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civilian casualties have really turned the civilian population against america not only fuels more anti-american resentment it only helps recruits but you know what i find interesting too is that when you have these secretive operations for example the population in yemen. if they were to know that the u.s. government is waging secrets of war there and you know if they are if they're bombing yemen and yet not telling the american public about it isn't that me that's not to make it even worse luck that you know change your perception even more than now you hate this government because you know this government also lies to its people but also creates problems with their government i mean that story in the new york times said that the deputy governor a deputy governor and yemen was killed in one of those strikes so you know that's a that's a pretty bad mistake to make and that's going to cause difficulties with the government itself of yemen so you know it's seems like a very contradictory policy to me. i with you on that i think it seems very
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contradictory what i also found interesting in this entire piece is they were talking about the cia and the pentagon and how we see some shifting roles where now it's the pentagon that's going out there and spying and now we have the cia that's waging these paramilitary operations because there are drone strikes going on but you know what i find interesting too is that they're using some of these people that used to had these organizations during the cold war and had some of these operations and so why do we go why do we go back to that now i mean is this the cold war that we're still finding well i think in some ways you know the terrorists replaced communism as the sort of all all all out enemy of the united states but you know they're using people from that have been high positions doing some covert wars in and also you know not cover wars just the wars in bosnia but those cover wars at least you could say that certain lessons were learned there and then the because of that rules were created and now they're just subverting all the rules
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while i go back to say the cold war or say our bombing of laos that was you know that from the president on down nixon on down they lied to the american people they said this bombing wasn't going on the they lied lied lied they lied for years and tried to cover this up and from i came out yes we've been doing mass bombardment of the laws for years we can't carry out a secret war and i agree that it's a problem for the american people i mean we need to know. what's going on i have my way to the ropes or involved need to know what's going on and it turns out that you know right now support for the war is dwindling and i think that in the future there will only be more anger as a fundamentalist secrecies of the greater being you're there well we have to take a quick break but coming up another big internet player is working with your length film it's the google or so we'll tell you about what that movie is all about and what is up with some things are the last generation those who have a college degree but are living off of their parents with a part time job to hold themselves over for
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a while but is this trend the recessions fault or a long lasting sociological shift. for the. we've got. the biggest issues get one voice ceased to face with the news makers. by now i think the most people have heard about the upcoming facebook movie we first told you about it when the production house who made the film was just having a little bit of trouble creating a real gripping trailer. if you like about a part of basic on the part of facebook where you stand to show you what's right she said anything that you need your actions could probably be destroyed everything
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i do or to be with you might be a joke you want to go back to the way. so just as the movie is about to hit the box office it turns out that another internet giant is in talks for their own movie deal the google or it could be hitting theaters in the near future and wait until you hear this plotline according to the l a times the google movie would be about the two young founders sergei brin and larry page and it would show how the search engine was formed starting when these two college kids were in school at stanford and how they based their business on that oh so full law that motto do no evil now the production company grounds all productions hopes that viewers will be drawn into the plot when the two young founders find themselves questioning their morals while the money keeps coming in and i think we all know how that has ended up these days and you know i swear that sounds almost identical to the plot of the social network so i think that this news makes it official google is definitely jealous of
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facebook i can just see it now eric schmidt is a waving his fist in the air like a baby demanding that google has a movie just like facebook does come on this is just getting pathetic what's the point of making the exact same movie and on top of that everyone including zuckerberg is admitting that the social network has been spiced up to make it more exciting for people to watch so i can't imagine how much work they're going to have to do to make the google movie in the least bit interesting so i say enough is enough give it up schmidt why don't you dedicate more time to actually living by your company's motto and doing less evil jealousy written. now what is it about twenty something that's the title of a piece from the new york times that has the blogosphere apparently someone's notice of these days it's take people in their twenty's a little longer to grow up not settling down into permanent homes early they're living with their parents they're having casual sex instead of marrying straight
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out of college and they're even going back to school to avoid that growing up black hole that is a full time job but is this really scary well a new psychology on life change the way the world works or is this august paranoia coming from those older generations that just want their kids to grow up move out and pay for their own lives well joining me to discuss it is derek thompson from the atlantic thanks for being here. to begin with let's get personal here ok are you in this what is what do they call the emerging generation or do you know an emerging adult is that scientists are calling it or you know a full fledged adult will go that's very difficult question i guess and in the true spirit of millennial uncertainty i should probably say i don't know yet but yet stephanie interesting argument but the way that i sort of thought about it was a sort of three layers to what she's saying the first layer is science that's what you can't change that's the idea that we're still sort of psychologically in flux in a way that previous generations of psychologist and think this second layer i think
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is cultural it's education you know like you said because we're going to school longer that puts off getting married that puts off becoming financially independent that sort of delays adulthood there and then the third layer i don't think it really has anything to do with with the nature of our generation or the nature of twenty somethings it's the economy you know when there's not a lot of jobs that are out there then you're going to have a lot more twenty something's going back into the ok we will get to the economy but first i want to talk about our society you know we're so quick to to classify to categorize everything and then when you think about it you know what is an adult really you see that. certain laws the fact that you can go fight in the military when you're eighteen and you can't drink until you're twenty one you can in some states get your driver's license when you're sixteen you can't rent a car without paying like forty dollars a day extra until you're twenty five so it's pretty clear to me that no one has really decided you know what an adult is yet so we do we have to classify it that
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way i'm exaggerating name someone the government seems just as ambivalent as anybody you become an adult in terms of your ability to vote and fight for the government which it seems like you're a civic adult at eighteen but then you can be a dependent on your parents' health care plan until twenty six so there's sort of his big baby period between eighteen and twenty six when the government isn't entirely sure what to do if you were to classify you and you know i think that that goes back to culture to it that goes back to the fact that you know as more kids are going back to school and when i say culture i mean it doesn't have to do. with us and neatly it has to do with the choices that we make with more kids to decide to go to school and the higher education master's degrees that it makes sense to say you're still a dependent of your parents you're not making money. yes depends on the person. but i will be on that one now let's get to the economic side of this and let's look at some facts one third of people in their twenty's these days move to new residence every single year forty percent move back home at least once and we also tend to go
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through an average of seven jobs during our twenty's so you know do you think of this is a fundamental change in society or because of the fact that we're in a financial crisis right now is that just being exacerbated right i think i think the crisis is i think it's strengthening a trend that's gone on for quite a while you know in the one nine hundred fifty s. one nine hundred forty s. you had people that were company men you entered. a large company in your in your early twenty's and you stayed there for forty years you collected your pension and that was it today's generation is a lot more horizontally mobile and it has become to be expected that you don't go to a company and stay there for forty years in fact seeing that on the resume would probably make someone pause for a second and say why why didn't this person have more ambitious why didn't they want to challenge themselves by going somewhere else so do you think you have new cultural expectations about horizontal mobility that didn't exist before and i think that plays into. the reason you know you wrote about that today also how we're becoming
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a part time relation to how the entire. workforce is completely changing these days but do you think about the negative change or a positive change i mean we just have to get used to being uprooted all the time you know i don't know if it's negative or positive yet i think it's sort of it's the trend is been going on i think for a few decades but it's really accelerated in the last twenty years so we don't actually know what the long term payouts going to be of of a part time nation of people you know taking one job that doesn't pay health care and and some of supplementing that with like another freelancing job i think the government's going to have to do something about this it's going to have to look at these emerging trends in the workforce and fewer people getting staff positions because of the rising cost of health care and moving on to. jobs and i think we're going to have to start counting them and building a social net that works for that generation really you think if the government has to do something about it because well you know perhaps you're right in that sense but i also tend to feel like all of these articles all these reports that everyone
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is wanting to talk about these twenty somethings and how they refuse to grow out of this is always older people they're talking about and they always take this perturb know a stick tone like they're the ones that are really concerned and yet for people like you know you and i this just seems normal i mean this is this is the way that we've grown up and i'm sure i don't know about you but i know a lot of friends that are indeed living with their parents or that are going back to school or that are traveling and living abroad right now so do you think that this is the older generation that's just scared of change or is it because they are the ones that are really bearing the financial burden here yeah you know that's there's a great question in terms of what the government should do and you know what what older people should should do and should worry about i do think that if you if you have a generation that's forced to take part time jobs for part time jobs or on staff positions you have people that aren't getting health care and that's a concern you have people that aren't covered with the same labor laws like wage theft and that's also a concern and if the b.l.s.
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the bureau of labor statistics can accurately count the number of people in the number of jobs in the people who are in their twenty's and thirty's those three difficult i think to build the kind of support system that the government wants to provide for its for its labor class i mean that's why we have social security that's why we have rules and the subsidies to encourage employers to give their employees health care the government is interested in providing for the workforce well it does seem like the the fun employer of the twenty somethings that refuse to . you know definitely changing america in the way that used to be thanks so much for being here thank you are we taking a break but just ahead on the show when internet entrepreneur is making a very enticing offer to find out what will pay someone if they're willing to streak in front of president obama.
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it. would use streaking naked in front of obama for a million dollars a british billionaire named alki david is trying to get someone to do just that and he'll be paying the reward apparently out he's opening a new web page called battle cam where people will be offered thousands of dollars to broadcast their outrageous stunts live on line so if anybody does take on these streaking task they'll have to write the website's name ross their belly or earlier i caught up with the man himself he's known as a world class prankster and businessman but is also a filmmaker actor and serial internet entrepreneur and i first asked david why on earth he would want to pay somebody a million dollars just a street in front of obama. well for publicity of the website bottle com dot com
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which is a prank live video website and in keeping with the style and. objective of the site a prank such as that would be very very apropos well you know why couldn't it have been some other kind of praying quite as nudity have to be involved here. well why not it's it makes a statement it's philosophically it it's a reach on many different levels and it no doubt will get a lot of attention well if that's also it's go ahead ahead go. no i was going to say that from the point of view of look at look the the web is a global platform and the president of the united states is the most. you know the most covered of all individuals on the planet and so
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you know streaking the president would get probably the most attention. well you know forgive my my skepticism here but i just want to know when to be cheaper for you to streak by yourself and just write the name of the website on your own belly and you know you still get all the public that. i already have the money i'm quite happy to i'm quite happy to posset on and also remember you know strength by numbers there of it's far more likely that somebody will be successful if there are multiple attempts as opposed to one well the last i heard you had one hundred and sixty serious candidates or applicants correct has that number grown at all still hundred sixty. considerably the hundred sixty applicants were at the time when it was offered at one hundred thousand and. you know the the number has increased exponentially yes so would you be willing to let all of the applicants run in
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streak at once or is this just one person that's going to get selected. what if they're willing to divvy it up amongst themselves sure but it's first come first served ok just the one on one time only offer one million flat i got it tell me about this web site to your web site called battle cam are you trying to be the new you tube here but you know you tube the pace. no you know. is the community side to philmont dot com film on dot com is a virtual cable television experience which is. very different to bubble camp bubble kemas the community side to it in keeping with. you know in keeping with other brands such as m.t.v. or any of the youth oriented brands battle kemas been tailored around that battle cam is a live video web site where people broadcast themselves and they get voted on and off by the audience much like the gong show or you know america's got talent but on
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the internet perspective which tends to be a little bit more liberal in that a little bit more under strict. now i have to ask you this you say that you don't like to get too politically involved but you said the barack obama is the wrong president at the wrong time what do you mean by that. look i mean that simply for the purposes of battle cam dot com not for any other reason i have a huge amount of respect for the president i think he's brought dignity ironically he's brought dignity back to the presidency he's brought respect for america back in the eyes of the rest of the world because you know america's had some trying times in recent years now i do have to ask you another question too in all seriousness somebody that ran naked in front of the president of the united states who is constantly surrounded by you know secret service and you name it how much security this person probably will get arrested they might get charged with. public
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exposure or indecency and i might even get a tackle by that secret service so will you pay for all of their legal fees as well or is that just you know something that comes along with it. well look i mean they'll be wealthy individuals so they'll be able to for their own legal fees from the point of view of their. danger to the streaker i mean they will be naked so it's unlikely that they're going to be shot because they would be perceived as a threat and more of a nuisance so you know it's you know the offer is one million dollars for anybody who will streak in front of the president with battle cam written across their chest screaming the name of the website six times battle cam dot com and within eyesight in earshot of the president these are the rules they're available online both on the you tube video as well as on the website itself. and it's up to the individual to figure out that if you know i mean we do suggest that this is done in a state or in
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a country where nudity is permissible or these sentences lights or indeed in a new discover any which is another option so you have to get barack obama to the nudist colony. away from the that's correct only two blocks away now lastly i think that there's also an offer similar to this available for the queen of england yes the price isn't as have to be so how come more for obama than for the queen. well the queen is not as potent an international figure as the president the president is current the queen has been around for a very long time and it's a bit of a yawn i mean we've had people break into the bedroom for goodness sake and it didn't receive as much as attention as say somebody breaking into the president's bedroom i'm not for one minute suggesting that anybody breaks into the president's bedroom and streaks naked at all what i'm suggesting another offer by the way that i have made is is that if the president himself would appear naked before himself
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with battle cam written across his chest screaming the name six times that would also constitute as. you know a reason for the price to be given and then he could either award that to the democratic party or indeed to a charity of his choice very interesting why i guess we will all be waiting patiently for this streaker whether it be a complete stranger or the president himself but i also suggest they don't go into the president's bedroom because michelle obama just might have her way with them and beat them up thank you so much for joining us or she could be a million dollars richer. we had to take a quick break but coming up next you've heard of people being addicted to alcohol or gambling but what about gaming on the wife says that he has the addicted to lineage too so stay tuned to find out who he says is responsible for his addiction in today's tool time segment and conflicting reports out of the golfer making some people wonder if the oil spill is really under control so we'll speak with someone who's crying foul on the government and they're on.


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