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beach. back you're watching from moscow these are the top stories iran starts loading fuel into its first atomic power plant the russian built reactors operations to be strictly controlled by the nuclear watchdog the joint facility in the southern city of share is expected to be fully. will seek
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to bring businessmen back home after. the russian is to be extradited to the u.s. on suspicion of illegal arms dealing russia's foreign minister. and manatee yorkers feel they are losing. as the conics of. the road for it is scrapping the production of the traditional cab model by next year due to sluggish sales and a push towards fuel efficiency. how the oil spill in the gulf of mexico has cost america billions of dollars but the true cost to the environment. looks at whether the desire for the fossil fuel is worth such a high price. the explosion of one. of mexico's the entire world according to various estimates six to fifteen million
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liters of oil tuesday into the water each day for three and a half months in the soviet union underground nuclear explosions were used to deal with leaking whelps they stem the flow of oil within a short period of time. nuclear explosion is safe and very effective economically a different method has been used in the gulf of mexico. special caps on the leaking pipe the task now is to skim the oil slick which now covers nearly two thirds of the gulf surface some one million square kilometers one tenth of the oil spilled has formed this slick even if engineers eventually succeed in skimming oil from the surface approximately five hundred million liters of oil will remain on the ocean floor and in various depths it's not the first time such a catastrophe has occurred what prices humankind ready to pay for the world's most widely used fossil fuel is it possible to prevent these disasters in the future
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aftermath of such oil spills be dealt with quickly and effectively. the world's reserves of oil are running out to keep it flowing. drilling rigs are being open with each passing year. each new oil field. under water requires more sophisticated production methods. the more difficult the process the higher the risks the gulf of mexico oil spill is a strike. number of technological. as it turns out all existing methods of stemming the flow of oil do not work in a crisis situation the set of measures available today is simply not
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a quick. commision ecologist he was a member of an official international delegation invited to mexico in early june two thousand and ten. the russian specialist told the mexican government and united states senators about their proposals on how to block the leaking wellhead. specialists spoke of a concrete solution. in the past they used nuclear explosions still to spread of fires on oil fields. they presented the set of techniques which could be applied to the leaking well at. an underground explosion was used on august tenth one thousand nine hundred seventy two to deal with an accident on a major gas field near the village of. eastern ukraine many of the villagers employed at the oil derricks lived only four hundred metres from where it was extracted when they were drilling
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a new will to add to the thirty four already in use gas suddenly gushed out under enormous pressure that. was relaxing after a day's work. it was a run of the mill drilling procedure. nearly reached the guests when all of a sudden there was a very low noise. has come from. so i was totally confused. has hardly ever left the village where he was born. the accident at the well occurred during a test drilling. close to his heart three of his good work mates had died there. a huge plume of gas and condensed steam gushed out of the well. all the pipes that were pushed into this it. fell in the hill
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a long distance away. they were twisted like oil. only. an emergency team was immediately dispatched to the scene but was unable to cope with the incredibly high pressure of gas inside the well which approached five hundred atmospheres. says that's it i think yassin steam came from the. they rose up to the sky and then rained down on the drones and vegetable gold. everything in the soil. and this stuff was went flying to you and it was. as if somebody has spilled diesel fuel the precipitation poisoned everything around they set light to the gas escaping from the well and the most harmful substances were burnt in the flames and then just the crew still has vivid memories of the roaring gas torch scientists estimated it was one hundred meters tall. or a flame was right there. it could be seen from far. there was this much light at night
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is during the day and the noise was so lounge we couldn't tell it was terrible very young they couldn't sleep at night the noise made them tremble. it was then decided to use an underground nuclear explosion the method had been tested that would positive. back in one nine hundred sixty six the situation there was compounded by the fact that the malfunctioning well was not the only source of gushing gas. there was this sudden pressure. straight. dangerous amounts of funds and so fire began to basically. already be populated area. the operation was caught on film scientists put
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together a four minute tape later they took a. pride in showing it to the rest of the world the plan looks simple enough another well is drilled next to the one weekend where a nuclear charges placed. one project materials ready. to sink in deep shock at an angle to the gas well. nuclear explosion was to be set off in plastic geological material. asking permeable straight. a bit of a silly if is the scientist specializing in physics and mathematics he's devoted himself to studying and making nuclear charges for peaceful purposes these bombs contain special isotopes which have a short half life. i guess products are very dangerous but they also are short
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lived this means that their radio activity goes down quickly means that we've never contaminated anything in. the nuclear physicist knows how difficult it is to pinpoint exactly where the end of a new well will be when dealing with depths of more than a kilometer. a nuclear explosion of those for an air of thirty to forty meters between the wells the distance is enough for an explosion to pinch the well but the. depth was around fifteen hundred meters as we needed to approach the troubled well at that depth as close as rico sibley could. so that's what we did. thanks. to underground explosion triggered a small scale earthquake as a result the shelves began to move squeezing the shaft shut. come in explosives are not powerful enough to achieve this.
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and. the explosion formed a hollow underground sphere with a radius of twenty to forty meters the newly hardened molten rock created in natural for the radioactive waste this shaft has been successfully blocked and gas is no longer leaking supervisors found no trace of radiation either in the air or on the ground nuclear material ended up buried at a depth of one thousand five hundred meters. the most up to the the. where. three is rapidly developing.
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if not all of our g. goes to the area where the first russian fleet was born. where the indigenous people were the first target sees navigators and where russia's glorious history is still visible. welcomed leon mostly to. russia close up. and signed up to join the military because i thought that it was my duty not that it was something that i could do to help my country. my government but that it is
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necessary for americans you know there was a lot of drug abuse there was a lot of murder of american officers by american soldiers there were a lot of good stories. to go out. before the war i always thought i wanted to win a lot of medals and they have a lot of desperation. but afterwards i realize that they don't mean anything they're not that important. i don't i don't i never kept the. lake by call as one of the largest and deepest freshwater lakes in the world it's a unique species of fish and michael organisms are of huge interest to biologists the next research expedition for two deep submergence research vehicles near one in mir two is already. being planned. the
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submersibles are known for their ability to maintain a stable position it any depth and in heavy currents. with manipulators that can perform high precision operations underwater and are crude by top professionals. film director james cameron used mere vessels to do deep water shooting for his movie titanic he also suggested the american government should use these russian submersibles to stop the oil spill in the gulf of mexico because cameron is convinced that mirrors are the best of their kind in the world. is a run by the russian academy of science. would have needed to officially address the russian government says. james cameron has expressed his wish but the government hasn't continue a research here they would have been happy to help out. russian specialists who
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took part in the deepwater shooting for titanic were very enthusiastic about james cameron suggestion to stop the oil spill. we are no oil man it would have to be done in cooperation with the workers who know how boil flows and how it must be handled there would have to be a mere submersible would be a key advantage in this project. any project is interesting and this one is special because it deals with a disaster that affects the whole world and so we would never refuse from taking up such a task it's. deep submergence research vehicles mere warnin mere two could have fitted to stop or on the oil spilling pipe in the gulf of mexico. now that the oil company has finally succeeded in doing so on its own another problem arises. how would they clean up thousands of tons of oil dispersed in the ocean
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mirrors are unique in that they're compatible with any kind of manipulators. there's a huge amount of. imagine a vacuum cleaner just like the one you have a new york and if you use that on the seabed it will suck in all resting. most all of it but the question is what you do with the residue today there are technologies that can remove the remaining oil whether it's on the surface of water. holds a degree in biology and is the founder of the international environmental and social committee he has consulted most of the domestic and foreign oil and gas companies operating in russia but business circles don't seem to be in a hurry to take his advice. we have to kill him he is capable of cleaning up the. production but they're expensive. and would cause the end
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of the product to soar well we're always trying to make it as low as possible. dispersed in the ocean water has no commercial value cleaning devices used to soak it up from the surface of the gulf of mexico need to be somehow recycled a research lab has come up with an unexpected solution. you know quite a number of microorganisms. two hundred feet on patrol in one hundred. the research is trying to make use of this amazing. just as. the researchers have developed a new population of salt resistant microorganisms that feed. breaking it down into components that are harmless to the environment. the final product of hydrocarbon breakdown are carbon dioxide and water but it is
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a gradual process after several years of laboratory tests scientists have decided to publish their results microorganisms begin to interact with the oil spill spreading on the bay in front of our eyes future pollution control will be exercised naturally without human intervention the only serious drawback of this method is that it's very time consuming but we have already seen the first environmental effect that we were trying to prevent the spread of the oil. it has been localized and the destruction of the spill will take from a few weeks to several months to be. currently microorganisms are a bulky expensive yet very effective method for the final stage of an oil spill cleanup when the leaking well has been stopped up and most of the oil has been collected. the most effective way to this day is the
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collection of oil from the water's surface we need to develop a strategy not to let oil breach the shoreline because if that happens. to work increases drastically. today either say you can is responsible for the technical any ecological safety of the activities and operations of one of russia's largest oil companies. he thinks the most dangerous situation is when drilling of new bore holes coincides with repair work. this very moment hole is open and any human can lead to a terrible terrible. in the gulf of mexico the catastrophe actually happened right in the moment drilling. on our
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platforms we use the so-called equipment used. then help you to totally block the bore. and all of this is actually control. the distance. so that a person doesn't have to be near it. the main task in case of any accident is to cut off the uncontrolled release of oil or gas as soon as possible. this problem was solved in the summer of one thousand nine hundred two on one of the fields near the village of pet of my sky in eastern ukraine an accident occurred four hundred meters away from the settlement by an oil derrick gas under tremendous pressure burst from the ground. yes. which is very harmful for the informant especially if this hydrogen sulfide.
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every living thing around this burning to which kills flocks of birds flying to destroy it. you know to grow old nuclear explosion is an environmentally friendly method which is very cost effective. corrections have occurred and everything has been ok. used to specialize in transporting especially heavy cargo pensioner he remembers all too clearly the day he transported a nuclear bomb to an oil well near the village of pet of my sky. i came to work they told me to go to the railway station. container proximately was size of a large safe loaded on. to that for soldiers with machine guns to get in there with a major got inside. at that time he didn't have
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a clue about what kind of cargo he was taking to the rig. he became suspicious a couple days later when all of the villages were evacuated from the neighboring town while he and other drillers set up according to kilometers from the mine. shaft and the flame begins to go down until it became. moments everyone started because the will was killed already but the fire started up again and continued. was born here he's now a professor of physics at a major university. in the summer of one nine hundred seventy two the scientists to be at home on vacation in voluntarily a witness to an accident and the attempts to fix it. approximately one hundred
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meters to the north of here another slanted well was rigged and a charge was put into. or it was located twenty meters from the rake. depth of about three and a half kilometers. later on recheck the calculations of the moscow scientists several times and studied all the peculiarities of the entire operation. explosion was set off ten am. the weather was just as hot as in one thousand seven hundred since that all the strength of the explosion was three point. zero in comparison with the bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki approximately six times more powerful the explosion was to be set off in a heavily populated area in the european part of the country as a result its capacity was reduced to the minimum so the clamping length appeared to be too little and the gas made its way to disservice via cracks in the earth.
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would increase the capacity by more than three times while the distance remained the same they carried out special calculations and clipping length. six times for this particular. and therefore it was necessary to either come close. to the church but of course increasing the strength of the explosion is always easier and safer. because of their concerns about the consequences the ukrainian operation was not successful in total the soviet union carried out five nuclear explosions to overlap five different emergency mines three of them were complete successes. summarizing the experience of past years at the end of may two thousand and ten russian scientists developed a fast and reliable way to eliminate the consequences of the accident in the gulf of mexico using conventional explosives instead of nuclear ones though that's the
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be our first it was proposed to put a bunch of charges inside the flowing well of course the charges diameter would be smaller than the well itself some. several more wells are drilled in parallel and a large number of explosives are stored there. first of the charges laid out in the very loyal wells are detonated thus in certain places a pipe is destroyed and voids are formed simultaneously now and density to take oil will not be hearing the blowing up of the very surface of the pipe and. the breaks formed are immediately filled up with rock from the bottom that's how the well is sealed. oil pressure in the pipe me move one of the created plugs but since there are several of them they'll be able to hold the flow of crude oil.
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this is just one of the possible ways of containing a rapid oil spill but they need to be adapted depending on specific extraction conditions. likewise postville clean amendments must also become more various and more flexible as the world learned in the gulf of mexico tomorrow may be too late. would be soon which brightened if you knew no bounds from phones to impressions.
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from stunts on t.v. don't come. home. and says tang division. knew our minds. for months of preparation. a failure still haunts their mind. the last effort to keep the lead on the eastern front and. lead citadel a bunch of cuckoo pitch and. gravestone so much. but obama had a great sacrifice of law. and the rooms are still healing. from advantage of people and military hardware. the most heavily reinforced area of . the battle of course. it lasted forty nine days
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one of them bloodiest battles and the turning point a move to push the burning bulge on our.
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i signed up to fill in the military because i thought that it was my duty and that it was something that i could do to help my country i believe my government thought that it was necessary for america to vietnam there was a lot of drug abuse there was a lot of murder of american officers by american soldiers there were a lot of. things. to grow out of by. before the war i always thought i wanted to win a lot of medals and to have a lot of desperation. but afterwards i realize that they they don't mean anything they're not that important. i don't i don't i never kept the medal. because every month we give you the future.


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