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british style it's not it's. just fun. to. find out what's really happening to the global economy. the global financial headlines tune in to the reports. going to live from moscow look at the top stories fueling is now under way at iran's first atomic power plant the russian built reactor is going to be strictly monitored by un's nuclear watchdog the facility in the southern city of the share is expected to start producing more tricity before the end of the year. moscow says it will push for viktor book to return home after
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a time of course the suspected russian arms dealer is to be extradited to the us russia's foreign minister sees the judge's decision as political and a result of pressure. new york will soon be one i can down as its. taxis are heading for the junkyard ford is ditching the traditional model victoria crown by next year deeming it no longer profitable. next martin andrew says in the city of a glitch where he unlocks the secret of her wild murder that changed the course of russian history.
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our destination for that is that little gem of a place quite old that sits in the shop corner of the volga river it's quite an easy cultural district it was even out of the terribles favorite location so where always that is as we could see was for the goldbergs. is most likely to be visited this part of the boat trip the approach into the towns where the most memorable sights of the cruise along with. as the town lies in the shot bend in the river here it's name is said to have come from google in russian meaning cooler. is located two hundred fifty kilometers from the russian capital regarding ground transport you can get there by train and bus taking various routes but the best way is by cop it takes around four hours as central colorful reflects off the river it's a fairy tale picture perfect location ideal to snap happy tourists. move the
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centuries old houses and streets are amazingly preserved here but at the same time is not just an ancient town it's a very modern place too we have done a lot to develop infrastructure for tourists there are several new hotels many restaurants and cafes and most importantly interactive museums to go students a population of just around forty thousand it's a small but well known town in fact it's one of the oldest in russia a local tradition but since origen nine hundred but it was founded by prince describe it for the first documents they said. as eleven forty seven either way it is very very old. the biggest changes were to come centuries later the soviet era brought a new stage in the development of. l.a. the foundations for many existing industries cheese production machinery and energy stallion's famous hydroelectric power station is located here a landmark you don't miss when near the river. ask
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a question about luggage and most will mention the tragic event that took place here over four hundred years ago after ivan the terrible death in fifty four the second son dmitri was sent here. however several years later on the fifteenth of may fifteenth ninety one the dentistry of rurik was cut short as a ten year old boy was found dead. this left to the time of troubles in the bloody period of civil wars imposed is a foreign intervention russia's history was changed forever. suspicion immediately fell on that saatchi to devise a what is causing off the bell rang to break the news of the death caused public outrage and chaos its tongue was ripped out an exiled to siberia fortunately though it was returned to get in eight hundred ninety two and here you can see them reunited as for the cause of death after an investigation it was determined that
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the young boy died falling on an ice. today the tumultuous period is a distant yet prominent memory people enjoy a relaxed simple life here and now even since the fall of the soviet union unlike moscow who gets to seem to have changed much. structures. but that doesn't mean there aren't some new and exciting if not strange places to visit. museum of myths and superstitions already looks out spooky to me. with its many orthodox cathedrals and churches which is known for its history surrounding religion and alongside that very supernatural fairy tales and folklores have existed in russian villages. i wouldn't want to be inside here late
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at night. for those myths and legends that are represented in our museum and very well kept in full in many villages across russia many people still live very close to nature in rituals and superstitions part of their everyday lives but. this museum opened ten years ago it has a large display of items and models of characters that have lived in lakes forests and houses both good and evil this one here is of domovoi house elf people believe that each wooden house had such a protector said to have come from the soul of the tree is used in the construction to see it represents a black magic in russia many young girls believing such forces and tradition fortune telling was very popular to some people it still is today the evil spirits have been cool so the girl can see the future husband i think she looks extremely
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shocked maybe she saw me. and if you have a ride by cruise line to get you must take a trip on a boat while you're here it's the best way to see the volga river and the towns sites from denise to run boats there's plenty of choice. cool unless you're an actual organized boat to a high end by the hour as for me the local police have invited me to tag along for a ride. just to make sure there are no. river pirates pools. if you prefer to stay dry this plenty of other activities you can enjoy while side saying and you can experience life as it was a century ago. opened in two thousand and four there are two halls here at the
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museum of nineteenth century life one represents a local shop another is a living room of a middle class family from the past. highlights which traditions the museum is interactive with various costume and dance performances and dining experiences being organized at the venue. there's also an unusual exhibition in town a museum of prison arts the features various objects have made by comics such as ice who's created from wood plastic newspapers bread and even paintings drawn on bed sheets one of the museum's rooms represents a cell with wax figures of prisoners in stride robes different to say the least. as for where to stay there's a choice of accommodation and the several hotels located right in the cultural and historical heart of the town one of the newest hotels is the full stall wolski
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riviera with its eighty rooms with views both of the city's architectural monuments and the volga river ok today in the mansion recreates in the style of the nineteenth century the hotel provides all modern facilities prices for double rooms vary from around one hundred to five hundred dollars a night. time for both now my trip is getting really exciting. this welcoming open the to. of years ago. in the. village not far from eighteenth. the trading house in moscow in eight hundred sixty and ever since his label has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. there are hundreds of bottles from factories from all over russia and from russia
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production you'll be surprised how diverse such a simple thing as of. now. my favorite part of the tasting. was. and yes of course thomas just wants to have before. moving on from the book a museum take on this is from we're in deep russian countryside. it's a refreshing change for museums a good teacher and here at this location they have a popular tool cool one day as a russian peasant some of the. curious part of something somewhat different day.
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of the. course come here for various activities amounts to classes on how to cook life eyes in the study and how to the cost of various farm animals all my journals would be proud. just so provided with these farmhouses jackets a little hot for the weather and some of the helps to keep your clothes from getting dirty. time to feed a fairy friend and that we have a happy rabbit. have developed a special program for our guests called and museum offer great one course the cello this race about farm courses how they can help people and share what facilities and access to grant the farm animals and care about camp. was created by the horse is well known throughout the entire region i'm not
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surprised. on whether it's a painting finding out the truth beauty of rural russia wanting to set in a trip to riches goldwing destinations will amaze you. on the streets might respond in a place that changed the face of russia just of four hundred years ago the town's visual appeal as well as its transit costs have made who gets one of the most beloved towns in the country well i think i found my proof their place in life a russian farm boy well that would have about four or good i'll see you get the same time next week from another place in golden ring. and sell them for me and the rest the same.
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extracting black gold dangerous. pushes the limits to catastrophe. is the price too high. is it possible to prevent such disasters. and can the off to must be dealt with quickly and effectively. oil spills and thrills on. the toes of a team that's been to the kaluga me when the car industry is rapidly developing. if not all of our g. goes to the area where the first russian fleet was born. where the indigenous
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people in the first arctic seas navigated and where russia's glorious history is still visible. well come on mostly. russia close up. please. please. please. do keep the. police lead children develop some sleep. please and a great sense of loss. are still the. manager peter let's turn to. the most heavily reinforced area.
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of coolers. and lasted forty nine days one of the bloodiest battles in the turning point. if you. please. first atomic power the russian. watchdog. expected. before the. moscow says it will push. home after. the suspect. is to be extradited to the us russia's foreign minister sees the judge's decision as political. pressure. down as.
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are heading for the junkyard for the traditional. next year deeming it profitable. here on our back at the top of the hour with more for you and the mean to. now we'll take a look what's happening in the world of sports and are joined now you know pretty angry and we're hearing that some of latics could soon see the return of a famous name hello there marina i could keep you guessing up but i won't cheating isn't by of us says she's got a hunger back for the pole vault after a year out but there is some bad news to serina williams the tennis star will miss the u.s. open all of the details in my. hello there welcome to the sport and these are the headlines. mischance spot that now which expelled to go second in the russian premier league after
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a drop. pass on the nigerian midfielder peter odom completes his move from lokomotiv moscow to english side west brom. and i'll be back pole vault queen isn't bivalves to compete again next season after a year act from the sport. we started the football they were spot on our cheek are reflecting on a missed opportunity they could have gone second in the russian premier league but conceded a late penalty draw one one of their own one constant a lot of openness but. after six minutes to give them a lead which they looked to have held on to victory but for minutes to go now to cut a player sent off the ball in the penalty area i. had them all this flawless from the spot to salvage a one one draw for roscoff and stay fit now to the main for. the most part
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at moscow will face f.c. tom later today the red and whites currently sit in sixth place seventeen points adrift of lead is a need however sparta is still hoping for the top three finish which would guarantee champions league football next season argentinian center back nicholas berg is expected to make his debut for the club while another newcomer aiden mcgeady will have to wait for his first premier league game at least one more week play isn't yet for a competitive game. and the only other game on saturday second from bottom courteous of yet of take on terry gross the side can go seven with a win. but in the end. premiership chelsea manager cullen chill out he says his side will be wary of wigan when the two teams clash later today the blaze being wigan eight neil to clinch the league title last season and defeated west brom six nil in the season opener while we're going lost four nil to new boys but. i think
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for this we have to pay attention because they started the bad. season in their last term against black poor until i think that they want to be. stronger they want to be to have power tomorrow to. to do a different match also meanwhile are looking for their first win of the season the gunners entertain new boys blackballing coach aston vanga is also up for hence if ahead of the gang. who have just won the way for you so i believe at the moment we have to treat them b.c. most respect because going from the first in the league. we just want to away from home. we're not many teams when. we have to show but we are mature enough to deal with this kind of of teams where you of course at the start favorite but you only favorite if you deserve it. gangly
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promoted black police one of the seven games taking place in the english premier league on saturday. tottenham last young boys in europe on cheese day. six rushing at chelsea last week face sunderland and it could mean the baggies new signing from russia conveying the arrival of moscow wanted to get a deal the twenty nine year old midfielder price from nigeria but also holds a russian passport is the second law for a player to leave for england after last year's move to everton. yet there are no other russians playing in england the moment to talk in his run in public. and chelsea's. he wasn't getting anyway is munched united center back. who has signed a new four year contract with the club but this will keep the twenty eight year old added old trafford until the summer of two thousand and fourteen and manager sir
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alex ferguson were delighted with the deal after agreeing to last month meanwhile united got a full on sunday i'm focused on lavish praise on this former player mark hughes who is now managing a west london soft. money for their small squad avoid going over. your music spree and. i do feel thing is you could see the same with clubs similar size of clubs anyway and through a season. with a small school it's almost always creates a medical. system a much is start to. say if you don't mean humbug. phenomenal. the new into milan he says takes charge of his first competitive match for the club tonight they take on roma in the italian city pick up into one city at
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the copper italia and champions league last season with jones in the ring you then left to manage rionda jared and benito as want to continue that success starting with some silverware to save me. she. has run at the cincinnati masters has come to an end he was no advantage of the quarter finals by roger federer the world number two easing past the russian in straight sets after taking the first six for he was pushed a bit more in the second of a janky breaking back on here but federer is still one hundred seventy five. marcus but the artist in the semi's after the stunned rafael i disagree is ranked twenty eighth in the world and they've never beaten the dad in the previous six contests but with artists took the first set six poll and the dow did take the next
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set by the same scoreline that was seen scintillating tennis is baghdatis winning the game with the decider to be fair there are no doubt it was not always on top of these the secret to the final set six four and the match when the dow father pulled into the net his thirty fifth unforced error. i swear to god at the feet of the three seed about djokovic six four seven five the winning score line roddick place fellow american marty fish in the other semi the heat beat andy murray. i i now in canada videos of on the way about has reached the semifinals of the rogers cup in montreal she defeated can cost is in three sets the belgian did take six two but then started to feel like discomfort from a fine jury so one of the way about wanting first games of the second set and then dominated to win the match and what i said in the semifinal. overcame marion bartoli also through to the last voice another russian that's what on the course of
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the twenty five year old has no problems again. and will face caroline wozniacki next second seed so off the she is french open champion francesca schiavone wozniacki started to show up pace early on to win the first six she damn broke her opponent twice in the second set and ok too. and in other tennis news world number one serena williams who you may see us open which starts at the end of the month she's been unable to recover since putting your right foot on a broken glass in a restaurant back in july serena had won wimbledon and the strain open a few rounds. and slam title flushing meadow. while another athlete that has been missed is pole vault queen yelena isinbayeva the limpid champion had taken the season off saying she needed time away from the sport but insists she
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will be back next year a world record holder plans to come out of retirement next winter less than a year after we drawing from all competition the twenty eight year old put in the wake of her disastrous display at the world championships in two thousand and nine isn't by the had set twenty seven world mark sprites of atonement that came unstuck in the german capital during her break she was named as one of only three ambassadors for the olympics currently underway in singapore and says she is finally being able to ferry the path the next season which she hopes and see her shining. many goals through remaining true to achieve of course it's the number falter course their main goal of course in london two thousand and twelve and then of course is their two thousand and eleven the must go to southern certain multiple so i have many things to do in the future. be good to see i'm back now lastly it's under three weeks or just under three weeks to go until the start of
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the new season in the kontinental hockey league and the defending champion zach bass will be looking to win the garden cup for the third year running however they lost their first pre-season game to win the russian capital back watched it. aleksey might also of take center stage. if immediate big chair in a mars games as the captain keeps and shining season out of the season and these year looks like being no exception they go in cup holders still the find their best form but then number ninety five is certainly going to be a strong contender for the most valuable player prize. there aren't a lot of new faces and because i explore what their current draws to has already proved their billeted so we know of that i think our management has made the right decision this summer not to make a lot of changes consistency is our advantage right now. the main concern for bars coaches is probably their defense the side is famous for their solid performance in
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front of their own goal but in the more school game they conceded four times that was partly you could say it scars a brazen attack in game the young and ambitious chrome side showed no sign of shyness the army man eventually gumming back from three one down to win four three but it is our difference being able we've done well for a pre-season game four goals against our boss is a great achievement however there were plenty of mistakes from both sides because the fitness level isn't very hard moment. it was an impressive showing by it's a scar and verizon's play bass will certainly put a few smiles on the faces of their fans especially it was only three weeks to go before the season starts but it was to mark our team so that's how the sport is looking safe this saturday i am back with more sports a little later on though next it's the left.
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every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and want to bring the best in science and if telecine from across russia and around the world join us for technology update on our g.
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