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please. this street still keeps it cheap but now it's time to feel. the soviet and. all systems that. begins fueling up its nuclear always station with boxes help and on the streets and monitoring of the un atomic. authorities in dhaka ston say special forces troops have killed a suspected the mind of moment is deadly metro bombings. to the big apple that's the end all that they are in your because ford announces its famous sit down style cabs are on the way out. and all these claims sell
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teen set sail from russia's white sea caves to school the poor people's fault but the also and see how they keeping history and a lot. of i won't welcome to you this is live from moscow with me unless have it around the first nuclear power plant is now powering all the solvency of bush air under the strict control of the un's atomic watch dog helped to construct the reactor and has pledged to safeguard all the signs and more most of the usage of spent fuel without some international concerns a very round nuclear ambitions exam a boy has moved from the plant more than thirty years in the making with a price tag of over two billion dollars by all the calls. the bush era nuclear
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power plant is an expensive undertaking and one for which iran has spared no expense the chaplet have always been more than just an education are ready to sell it for all it's a symbol of the country social progress and proof of what's good for interactions but for a lot of critics the embodiment of the slavic republic's ideological backwardness and a vivid example of the building which are in a diplomatic bargaining chip for years the station have to finally come closer to fulfilling its practical purpose but the first batch of nuclear fuel just loaded into the reactor the station is expected to start producing military city by the end of this year but iran's top nuclear officials says it's already time for celebration we are grateful to the people from russia to the government of pressure to our great friends in russia that were. instrumental in making the us witnessing today. had not been the assistance of the russians certainly would
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not have been witnessing such a great thing with temperatures well over forty degrees centigrade the planet is a vivid example of why iran needs to produce smaller chasity even with air conditioning running at full tilt the heat is still too much to bear for years russia's top nuclear fishel sergei carey younker has been working up a sweat to defend moscow's cooperation with the rand it when you go it's a unique venture because it's very difficult to build new equipment into the equipment that was there from the start the bushehr power plants is an international project over ten countries supplied the equipment european countries as well as asia pacific countries while some countries remain concerned about iran's use of russian nuclear fuel people of pushchair also have reasons to be fearful valeri and that alina have been working in the station for three years leave the sas initially she was a perhaps of a barber. their children to run for medical reasons but knows she and her husband
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have other concerns with your you know and we just saw reports online when israel is planning to bomb it's scary when they do local training here there is shooting and airplanes are flying you never know if it's real or not maybe they're preparing for something to many here is a real threat to bomb the station evolved painful memories of the 1980's when saddam hussein's old tillery berridge the c.-t. causing substantial damage to the station itself yet iranian officials are confident history won't repeat itself we are not too soon because we know this is a against international. attempting to meet new installations and these are on the defensive these. are to me. it's psychological. we do not take it seriously although we are aware we are vigilant
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but this does not mean what they are saying it's a serious russia's role in supplying fuel and technology to iran may unsettle some but it could also prevent further confrontation between the two neighbors adding yet another dimension to the race enrichment for peaceful purposes. r.t. will share iran. or thought is that the a professor in the political communication university to ransom the eighth inning of share is an achievement for countries around the world taking a stand against the dominance of the us. we have a number of countries united states where example that have a political problem that iran's government and they use the nuclear issue as an excuse to pressure iran internationally has nothing to do with nuclear weapons just because iran's advances may not be broken by a number of countries doesn't mean that the international community would have a problem but that a lot of people all around the world are celebrating this along with the iranians
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because this is not going to have meant just for iran it's an achievement for countries that the stand up to international pressures can achieve what they need to achieve if they have. plans for coming your way later this hour including there is famous the big gala that are about to come history find out what's happening to the iconic gallery and what a new york is just. now on or our journey by boat to one island that's all sensible during the summer months on this island we're visiting a village. more people with more meaning. for the lives of more people definitely. asked. now officials say is the spectator organizer of the march is deadly bombings has been killed by russian security forces four other alleged militants were also shot stabbed in
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a special operation in the southern republic of dagestan thomas brings us the details. officials are telling us that mother mother how we build up all of you has been killed in an operation in the southern republic of that this time along with four others now this is important because he is wanted on the federal and international most wanted list for more than two years he's also thought to have ties to marry a man sharif about who is one of the two suicide bombers blew themselves up on march twenty ninth at the libyan to station choose that would be on station and then another suspected bomber blew themselves up here at the park or to a metro station now in this operation we're told that firefighters had a building surrounded there was a fire inside that building they realized that this was about off and they were shot and killed were also told that no policemen were shot and killed or there were no civilian casualties in this operation as well let me give you
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a little bit of background on the moscow metro bombings are the top of his thought to be one of the masterminds and the organizers of the moscow metro bombings on march twenty ninth happened during rush hour on the breadline on the libya and part the three metro station right here killing forty people and injuring more than one hundred people so this has been someone that authorities have been trying to get to for some time and at this point time that they say they have successfully killed the mother mob boss as well as four others in this operation. and also in russia is that northern caucuses one policeman was killed and five it wounded during a special operation in the chechen republic security officials say police a cornet and then this into the house and the capitol grounds they were following a gunfight the suspect escaped the building then detonated an explosive device and then himself up in the process. moscow says it will continue efforts to bring russian businessmen to beat back home he's accused of being a legal arms trade on
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a friday a thai court rules he be extradited to the u.s. the decision condemned by russia as political want to lower its high crude how to nish be rejected washington's extradition the boot is now expected to be sent to the u.s. within three months he was arrested a bank called more than two years ago and to be at the since the us is terrorism and conspiracy to supply arms to colombian rebels challenges he denies that military analysts if any crucial please has a lot of information about shady u.s. dealings and that's why he is regarded as a subset threat by washington victor boot is a walking intelligence treasure trove he has a phenomenal phenomenal photographic memory and there are several results of why u.s. intelligence community or so keen on getting him to the united states first to try to recruit him made several approaches to recruit here refused him all villages
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sticks of legal and illegal arms supplies all around the world and because blood knows too much he is more dangerous than we kill leagues for the u s smuggling role not only in africa and latin american but all over the world. that was all that you're going to crucial when you kind of cool stuff find out more on the story and everything else that we're covering at whole website. here's what else is online for you at the moment. to prove that the owner of the. descendants of the country's founding didn't do the rules exist suing the state to get back from the sea full fall because build on that. and find out why some german un-american stewards the russian ferry hereis refused to leave the by offering money for the called a ship details at all to you don't call.
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new york city's iconic get its hands these are on the road to extinction with the economic recession pushing forward to introduce new fuel efficient cars all of the production of the sedan style vehicle will soon be stopped by office lauren instance have been finding out many on the streets of the big apple feel the news being a jew in the city's crown. in the city that never sleeps this close to the never stop for a very long. line for cabs is taking this pounding in the city twenty two hours twenty four hours a day but for cabbies it's even tougher. i would to make your money so if you don't hustle for cash during peak hours. and for
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drivers like this one time banker yeah you stalk and want to store your morgan stanley deal with life on main street means working even harder and faster as a cabbie these days because of the recession yeah it's tough to make money and pounding the pavement in new york city's sea of yellow. there is one cause that is keeping this cabbie and many others afloat on the car. with new york to. get on with. it has kept them running for a while now. since ninety six ninety seven for practical reasons it runs and runs and runs but to much of the world this car is more than just a dependable cab this is the. liberty symbol or not it will be scrapped altogether run into the bone yard of cabs two thousand and eleven is the last model year that the ford going to make it across victoria taxicab actually
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make the crown victoria at all bill ford tough hasn't proven tough enough for these economic times sluggish sales and a push towards fuel efficiency in new york means they'll be out of production on the last of them will be off duty for good and if you hear it's. come twenty fifty deaths classic new york taxi cab will officially be a thing of the past. history will be filled with more cabs that look like this this one's a hybrid. and may get better gas mileage and save cabbies money but it's not exactly that iconic new york taxi ride times where a place. you go. see a lot of people or a few of those take this one but if you ask anyone in the big apple things in new york move real bad things change that change however isn't always for the better. or would anybody want to sit. in for that cab woven into this city's asphalt fabric
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that's what you need you don't need a car that's built for a soccer mom to take her three kids to practice here and built into the livelihoods of cabbies are forced to buy those cars you know the brought these these all these programs they're forcing us to buy that car who are strong. this month ahead problem we'd like you know coming up with my rant will new york be losing more. than this american steel from the street this looks like the new york taxi cab fares are going to be a problem a long run i don't know you know maybe for the i love new york people they can have a better car sales i think for me if. it is yellow cab start to look the same from manhattan to russia to egypt does new york it's a little piece of it so yes. yes of course it's going to be bad for new york. lauren lyster it's the end of an era you know r t o ministers call new york.
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brief this hour and the founder all the wiki leaks website genius has been accused of rape in sweden forces say they've izzy to warrant his arrest the website of the challenges are without basis and that they previously but we want to expect does he tricks songs was in sweden last week when he announced the whistleblower website is that to publish a final batch of secret documents on the bourne afghanistan. australia is counting the ballots in its general election seen as the latest in the country for more than forty years we've always seventy percent of votes process pm and judy a labor party is thought to be slightly ahead of the opposition coalition there were fears of a hung parliament as the parties are almost running neck and neck the balance of templates campaign the vote will decide the make up of a hundred fifty seat hall the seventy six seats sent.
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thousands of taking to the streets. trust me a protesting against the rest of about twenty people throwing stones in the early demonstrations he almost had a mediterranean tear down to disperse the crowd to challenge it and to india slogans. sixty demonstrators have darling's in. the past. now it's part of russia caught off from the traditional tourist trail i'll close up teams on hand to take you to discover the areas of the country without even having to. wear the suit we've been in the castell region of north west russia for generations the people's livelihood and heritage has been intertwined with the. community the
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fisherman and competence have thrown life in the not to the with the wrong. thing we have found out the way of life that claimed this. we are now in. the first russian fleet the creators of the russian fleet are the more people the people who have very close relations with the sea and they are the first russian settlers on the white sea coast now they were primarily fishermen hunters and sea traders in fact they created very strong trading links with northern norway to the point that a pigeon language was created between the two of them now the more so have also played an important role in russian history because it's blanks to them that russia was able to keep its northern borders unchanged now today the people who call themselves uphold very strong and unique traditions so we dug a little deeper and we had a first time taste of the traditions and the way of life of the take a look. they were one of the first conquerors of the northern waters fisherman with
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. not so many fresh it's off season now salmond is a northern fish and comes to a rebus for spawning shipbuilders sea captains the boomers have a bond with the sea unbroken for centuries. my grandfather used to build one mast and two mast boats he was one of the best ship builders out there everyone in my family is connected to the sea they were either sailors or captains. bourque of is a native of but to keep got island one that he calls the homeland of captains so we travelled to particular a four hour boat journey to an island only accessible during the summer months today it's inhabited by about four hundred to morse descendents of the very first settlers here we discovered that the so-called traditional poem or way of life is certainly not just something out of a history book. construct of wooden boats using old techniques a lot of novel this is a car bus
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a coastal kind of boat it's very stable on the scene it rises and falls smoothly with the waves. making their own fish nets. raiding the ropes used for making those fish nets or catching their own fish but i've been fishing for a long time now this year i call to big fish this big and living in do you need me to move houses the houses in this village are very well preserved dating back a few hundred years now this house in particular is three hundred years old and the unique feature of these old houses is this fireplace here they cook and they bake but it also has another use on top of it is a bed which they use during winter so they can have a warm bed during the harsh conditions for the poor more's adapting to whatever mother nature throws at them has become second nature this bridge for example is down every winter and rebuilt every spring. yet this
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recipients is also what has kept their cultural life throughout the centuries yet and susie asked equally sharing a heritage they are proud to call their own. for even singing my who life my mother still sings old returns and songs and revive them this dress belongs to my grandmother when i put on this dress i feel very good and have this desire to sing old songs the a desire she hopes to pass along to her young grandson. as time went by the meaning of what it is to be has changed and today there's a debate surrounding what it really means to be more of that today i'm joined by. and she will tell us a bit more about the debate that's going on so what will be different the suspect. is some people think that they're real some people think more is a kind of identification of the area the scientist. culture so we have different
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aspects of debates what defines each identity is a big. more than culture traditionally. people living on the coast of the sea and of the name comes from a small district and then there are people even on the coast where associated with the marine corps ok thank you very much. some groups say there are more some people who are not even from this region identify themselves with morris but what's important for those who do call themselves that is that they continue living the lifestyle and the traditions of the people that are from this town many many years ago. we told her french. flying off the shelves in russia and around ten minutes from now on next weekend business update was solid.
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hungry for the feel we've got. the biggest issues get voice face to face with the news makers. hello welcome to the business program with me charlayne was folly russia would not significantly increase the amount of grain imports this year the government says it has another reserve to cope with this year's poor harvest however economists believe the higher prices being paid for weight will never simply see through the
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high street indeed a question of our reports. we. all know bread and even five grain bread well russians needs more bread that really you need anybody else in the world so any change in prices of this state will good make seriously impact the amount of money in people's vote gets because of it's been record since right even on the government's list of racing projects where price was subject to control if they started going to. the federal and she monopoly service is currently investigating in number of bakeries for imposing price hike as much as twenty percent but given the fact global wheat prices have soared seventy percent in the last two months it's hard to see how consumers can be completely him and not used all the inflationary fears that we have seen are not being passed on completely to the consumer i think inflation may pick up in september. all depends on the
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economics and the market dynamics listees decision to ban grain experts which came into effect of the beginning of this week will only do so much to control prices domestic with consumption in russia is approximately seventy five million tonnes the latest forecast for the harvest fall well short of that. the forecast for this year's food harvest ranges from fifty nine point five to sixty three point five million tonnes but it's also possible that we could even go below that figure. russia does play an important role in providing the world with its carbohydrates it was the third largest exporter of we did two thousand and nine but this year the weather has been so appalling that the foreign land is unlikely to recover immediately when the rains come having implications for the winter harvest and even next year's crop might you know question our business are. let's have
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a look at the markets now here in russia the start of track global trends then closed down for a third day on friday both all of the metals were in retreat damping the investment a period of quality produces. aisle and steel top three point seven percent while gas probably ended down one point one. zero looking back on the week sentiment has been broadly negative on the russian lockets we've also shown some volatility so i'm going work from consultancy invest because they wraps up the last five days trade. this week was kind of usual for august because. it's end of summer and august is a very scary months for russian traders and for russian stock markets and. well it's quite volatile but for the recent three weeks we've been in a very narrow range in terms of this is we don't break that. recent economic statistics from the u.s. is not encouraging because for example on thursday you are saying this is
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a big deal because of the statistics about manufacturing activity in about jobless claims commodities prices right now are not supporting. the current commodity levels are. already in the prices of the russian stocks there was a lot. in terms of fertilizer industry. might emerge soon and the information which came in for the chinese company which might participate in the oil for four. so that information. is quite important for us. crude oil is not a six week low it's been struggling to break out of the seventy to eighty dollars range for moments after briefly hitting eighty two dollars the beginning of all gas prices have slipped back on concerns about faltering economic growth and high industries in the u.s. as alexei caulking for metropol explains the risks appeared to be mainly on the
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downside for the rest of the year. i rather doubt there's going to be a major breakthrough through say. the next three to six months but we'll probably see you all going through eighty to the eighty five range in two thousand and eleven but if we were experiencing it in excess supply. probably see prices lower and i think the big question is is two months to stay in this level and there's some doubt as to chinese chinese demand if you look at the year in year growth apparently in july it went down quite dramatically to about three percent a year so the question is was the high demand in the first how cute someone else they found for instance or a program to help the chinese come to increase the strategic stocks or could
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i'm products and perhaps just know us that's the case that i have in my potential case ok so for the other sixty five. we will be able to use by the end of the year . and that's all for this hour but you can always buy more on our website calls that business. he.
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signed up to fill in the military because i thought that it was my duty but that it was something that i could do to help my country i believe my government and fuck the business necessary for america to vietnam there was a lot of drug abuse the lot of the murder of american officers by american soldiers there were a lot of them seem to be a problem by. before the war i always thought i wanted to win a lot of medals and they do have a lot of desperation but afterwards i realize that they they don't mean.


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