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it's not on. the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report. in the review of the week hair and stemming the drug flow when the spread of terrorism preston agenda meets three central asian leaders in the russian city of sochi to work towards peace and stability. iran starts moving fuel into its first nuclear. atomic watch the launch of a ration russian reactor. the thai government says it will judge whether the suspected russian arms trafficking victims should be hunted over to the us to bangkok appeals court rules to extradite.
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stakes its hopes on the young stars of the future takes a closer look at the countries that world cup twenty eighteen twenty twenty two. see parents be taking to russia's white sea coast to explore hug and local traditions of sailing and should be kept afloat. one pm in the russian capital your watching ati's week news review fighting terrorism and drug trafficking in central asia was the focus of a summit this week in russia's resort city of sochi president medvedev and the leaders of afghanistan pakistan and tajikistan discussed how to stabilize the troubled region. reports. the leverage yes.
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which was the world yes and they weren't just talking weather terrorism poverty and one other burning topic took a front seat as russia hosted its three central asian neighbors in sochi. we focused on the drug threat because there's a common problem we should face up to it together not individually afghanistan nor russia can solve the problem in their own problem and it was no coincidence president medvedev singled out these two countries again as stan is the world's largest opium producer russia the world's largest consumer what costs one country thirty thousand human lives a year is a profitable business for the other organ makes fifty two percent of the of going to g.d.p. now and in the harry market i think of going to. record as not a far lighter percent of the whole market so we whole economy is based on a drug if there is even a term that afghanistan is
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a drug based economy afghan heroin kills more russians in six months than the whole ten year long soviet military complain kill soldiers that's why russia is keen to take the lead in fighting the threat every third person who dies of opium abuse is in russia and the politics fuels and other worldwide evil terrorism and this is what also really touches russia's iran. russia may not be directly involved in the war in afghanistan but it is sensitive to the instability the conflict is causing in the region and many believe the two main security threats drug trafficking and islamic radicalism will not be defeated while needle's afghan war rages on their current region is very important you know as americans and european allies have failed in solving the problem i think russia now can contribute very much and the russian president has the. kind of
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a prudent approach it seems he tries to solve the problem in complex he tried to talk directly to the leaders of all those contras involved so russia seeks political solutions. very reassured his neighbors alongside the police school will will come financial support russia's already written on the last portion of afghanistan's debt the final chunk of twelve billion dollars and more help will come in the form of helicopters and other military hardware securing poorest borders seems from the outside and mission impossible but by bringing the poor neighbors of this troubled region together russia is keen to show it is a new mood to give up the fight exiting the crash of r r t from sochi. it was a big day for iran right switched or its first nuclear energy plant in the southern city of bushehr the russian built reactor is now operating under the strict control over un atomic watchdog international concerns over tehran's nuclear aspirations.
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was a long awaited grand opening. more than thirty years in the making with a price tag of over two billion dollars by all accounts the pushchair nuclear power plant is an expensive undertaking and the one for which iran has spared no expense the chaplet have always been more than just that an education they're ready to sell it for money it's a symbol of the country's social progress and proof of what's good for interaction but for a lot of critics in the bottom and top economic republics an ideological backwardness and a vivid example of the feel things which are a diplomatic bargaining chip for years the station has finally come closer to fulfilling its practical purpose but the first batch of nuclear fuel just loaded into the reactor the station is expected to start producing electricity by the end of this year but iran's top nuclear officials says it's already a time for celebration we are grateful to the people from russia to the government
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of pressure to our great friends in russia were. instrumental in making ghosts witnessing today. had not been the assistance of the russians certainly would not have been witnessing such a great period with temperatures well over forty degrees centigrade the plant is a vivid example of why iran needs to produce small victories city even with air conditioning running at full tilt the heat is still too much to bear for years russia's top nuclear fishel sergei kerry younker has been working up a sweat to defend moscow's cooperation with iran it when you go it's a unique venture because it's very difficult to build new equipment into the equipment that was there from the start the bushehr power plants is an international project over ten countries supplied the equipment european countries as well as asia pacific countries while some countries remain concerned about iran's use of russian nuclear few people of pushchair also have reasons to be
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fearful valeri in their lead. i have been working at this station for three years believe the sas initially she was apprehensive about bringing their children to iran for medical reasons but knows she and her husband have other concerns with your no and we just saw reports online quinn israel is planning to bomb it's scary when they do local training there is shooting in airplanes are flying you never know if it's true or not maybe they're preparing for something for many here is a real threat to bomb the station evolved painful memories of the 1980's when saddam hussein's old tillery berridge the city causing substantial damage to the station itself yet iranian officials are confident history won't repeat itself we're going to use it because we know this is a big international. attempting to meet new installations. these are these these. are to me. it's
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psychological. we do not take it seriously although we are aware we are vigilant but this does not mean what they are seeing it says suz russia's role in supplying fuel and technology to iran may unsettle some but it could also prevent further confrontation between the two neighbors adding yet another dimension to phrase enrichment for peaceful purposes. r t will share iran. the tide government says it will have the final say on whether this suspected russian arms baron to boot is to be extradited to the us this comes after bangkok appeals court that was to be handed over to washington to face charges of terrorism links to the clinic a decision has been a strong them by russia as a political hutu was arrested in the time two years ago this operation has been in
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custody since qatar in a terrible. the case of how the woods lord of war there are over five hundred fifty million firearms in the world wide circulation that's one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. the only question is. how do we are in the other eleven and his allegedly real life prototype russian businessman because that would nicknamed the merchant of death denied all accusations of arms selling and laughed off parallels well i don't know very sort of from nicolas cage who rang the to play this sort of love for this and i feel pity for. his statement never changed even when he came from behind bars in the infamous bangkok hilton but that did not stop the thai appeals court from ordering his extradition to the united states despite the fact that the country's criminal court earlier refused to do just that the ruling has outraged not only his family but his native country as
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well so it. was started at a time i appeal court has made this political decision but according to the information we have this ruling was made in a very strong outside pressure and this is upsetting as to the interests of this russian citizen we've been assisting him for all these months we've been in touch with his lawyers and his family and will continue to do our best to get him returned to his homeland and now the question everyone is asking is what does victor boot know to make the americans want him this badly victor board is a walking intelligence treasure trove has a phenomenal phenomenal photographic memory and there are several reasons why u.s. intelligence community or so keen on getting him to the united states first they tried to recruit him to be cia made several approaches to recruit he refused all villages sticks of legal and illegal arms supplies all around the world and because
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what knows too much he is more dangerous than we kill him. for the u s smuggling role in weapons not only in africa and latin america but all over the world but not many people are willing to give booth the type of credit given to him by the u.s. he's possibly a merchant of some death but he certainly isn't the man the u.s. made you would call the merchant of death i mean around quite a large airline operation and many in africa and i would think that ninety five percent of his flights were ordinary commercial goods i know through television you see from washing powder all sorts of things so we're only talking about five percent of the cargoes possibly being. even is not itself illegal in a long and drawn out extradition hearing it took over two years the united states changed added and modify their charges against mr boot to include violating international trade laws as well as arms trafficking his family believes at some
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point it became a process for the process instead of a process for justice but the visit decision to take court of appeal has demonstrated that the work of the criminal court has no value the role evidence gathering the question of eye witnesses told this works to make the law record too low to dr sacks tradition to the u.s. it has been strong the way the court of appeal is controlled by the thai government directly and so huge pressure from the u.s. boots trial may be over but his tribulations are far from it he faces years in prison and have to find all possible scenarios the only one bankable is a hollywood one the sequel to hollywood florida boy is already rumored to be in the making but the move may have to wait a lot longer than ordinary moviegoers to see they really. get readers are the arctic moscow. rejecting the country.
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i started to look at the mary. history and politics and realize that my whole life i have been lied to we report on u.s. nationals who choose to denounce their citizenship this illusion to the american dream. and inspectors from fee for wrap up their visit checking whether russia is up to the task of hosting the football world cup. on tuesday a car bomb ripped through a cafe in russia's north caucuses thirty people were injured in the terror attack in the city of paton course investigators are searching for the owner of the car which was pratts with explosives. at one of the victims. nico makes his leaving mix in cocktails he's the barman at one of the particles cafes on this trade the locals call broadway as a favor to a colleague he agreed to swap shifts and it just after four in the afternoon last
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tuesday he and astute what the change actually meant this is just like a course away and i was unable frankly i didn't want to go to work that day so i was glad when it rained heavy rain i thought it would be cooler outside unless people in the cafe just said if the weather didn't change in the next hour we could all go home ten minutes later i was picking him from under the rubble of the café. it all happened quickly as if something really big moving at high speed foul from the sky a car stuffed with explosives parked near the cafe blew up leaving many people injured and a huge hole where mika's cafe wants to. go it all but i was on the phone that's what my left ear is ok i started shouting because my ears part i didn't have any thoughts until i got up and saw the car in pieces then i turned back and saw no one where there should be people so as if on auto pilot i went to help them out
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that's it though i had to return to the scene later to shut off the gas to be. when another explosion has just left hospital and returned to the scene he is reluctant to be alone and wants someone close to him while we talk this area still sealed by police has become a meeting point for the survivors see i've got bruises here in there and you're right where you say ok i was sitting with my back to the chair i can get one dreadful moment of my mind there was a guy the last one on the glasses and they gave him a cloth because of his face and then he wanted to look at the cloth and couldn't and panicked with these stories are stored in their memories for good lucky to be alive to friends a retelling after a detail of the day. i saw me kind of three to four minutes after the explosion he was alive but i saw him from behind and i didn't know how badly he was injured i
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went to the hospital and understood that the bruises are worse than what he said i don't know meeka is trying to mend his life and i understand who was behind the explosion but like many others in particular school he can't find any excuse for targeting the innocent and their reign and they all changed the road these were the small things but after the explosion we gave a new meaning to the people of calculus and as mike i meet up with his friends give thanks to god for keeping him alive his biggest twice now is to leave the safety so he can labor for why thanks to what he thinks was divine intervention found that what you're over are. one of the suspected organizers of the deadly moscow metro blasts in march has been killed by russian security forces four other militants were also shot dead in the special operations command is believed to have been of either of one of the witan groups in russia's southern republicans. he was on the
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federal and international wanted list is. had clear. the suicide bomber. blew himself the young connector station a second bomb a detonating. that true station the twin blasts killed forty people injured one hundred. united states leads the world in the number of illegal immigrants it accepts every year for most citizens life in america means better opportunities with a growing number seven hundred last year have renounced their u.s. citizenship. tossed one former patriot why he did it. can o'keefe grew up an american in a nation that he believed was the greatest in the world a bastion of freedom and democracy in order to protect those ideals he joined the marine corps and went to fight for his country in the gulf war and that's when the american dream became a nightmare i was punished for speaking out about something that my superiors were
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doing. my life became extremely difficult upon my return with a different perspective i started to look at american history and politics and realized that my whole life i had been lied to. i believed in those ideals you know i believed when i found out that these ideals were really the way america was presenting itself in the world it became clear to me at some point that i would reduce citizenship and renounce it he did keefe applied to the state department to stop being american claim political asylum in holland and burned his u.s. passport o'keefe knows that not everyone will agree with what he's done some maintain he could have exerted more pressure from inside the system but however they choose to do it middle east commentator alan hart says americans must do something i have a love hate relationship with america on one level americans are the most uninformed misinformed dumbest people on the face of god's earth. the bad
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news deep down they're also the most idealistic so i say and americans didn't mind me saying if they were properly informed about the causes and effects of things in the middle east. they could become engaged to make their democracy work it hasn't always been this way at the end of the second world war the us was leading the world both economically and morally but according to carol turner from the stop the war coalition it's steadily it rooted that goodwill because it's failing to give its ethical lead now attorneys it's increasingly forced back to using its military power to impose its will can o'keefe is committed to changing and since giving up his u.s. citizenship has made it his mission to oppose u.s. military action wherever he can he was on board one of the gaza bound aid ships
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raided by israeli commandos in may and following that he was branded a terrorist by israel can o'keefe now an irish citizen giving up his country wasn't an easy decision and he insists it wasn't one borne out of hatred you know i realized at a certain point it citizenship was a social contract and i didn't agree to the charms of the contract obligations you have rights and you have obligations among your obligations is paying taxes those taxes are being used to commit mass murder i don't agree to that a lot of people misinterpret renounce your citizenship or hate america and that's absolutely not the case at all i have a deep love for the american people i wish that the ideal of america became a reality until that dream becomes a reality o'keefe and others like him will be staying away from the land of the free and the home of the brave you are at it london. after winning the right to
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host the two thousand and fourteen winter olympics in sochi russia is bidding for another man. sporting event this time the world cup fever inspectors spent four days in the country assessing its capability to host the tournament two thousand and eighteen two thousand and twenty two among other bidders of the united states and england decision will be announced on december the second music but as i have a better reports just the possibility is giving potential stars of tomorrow a motivation to train harder today. for these boys football is their life they train every single day just twelve years old and if the world cup does come to russia in twenty eighteen the hopes and expectations of the nation resting on their shoulders pressure that would make others of their age crumble but for the boys at spartak moscow is youth academy discipline and desire and more important it's not the fear of failure that drives
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them is the fear of missing the chance to play in a world cup on home turf was so well received or struck me as i really want russia to host the twenty mile cap is my life's purpose if we keep working hard we have a good chance of making the team but the training is no walk in the park before they can even touch the ball they must endure a punishing nonstop fitness routine for the first hour the coaches know the boys have talent but it's their hunger that's the key this man is no stranger to that he knows what it takes to play in a world cup. fit with a defender for the u.s.s.r. in the one nine hundred seventy championships drugs approach it was real but i was gripped by a burning desire to see the world but how could i do that in those days so i told myself that i would be a football player i pledged that never in my life would i smoke a cigarette or drink a gram of wine or beer you know he never had the chance to play in a world cup at home but he knows it's something not to be missed and deserved
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playing in front of your own family. hearing the whole country's support behind you is something you can't beat richard as a footballer you want nothing else i never got the chance but if these boys do little change their lives was the bulls a matter of national pride in russia this is how the country reacted when the team reached the semifinals of the two thousand mc european championship i. hope this support will swing fief is vote in some of the football units and none of the most important thing is affordable is a national sport which is loved in every city and village in this country with. the found support here is unconditional they just want more to cheer about you know winning this feed will help which got me over a sea of them with the bottom of a world cup at home would give the youth gorgeous and impetus so that by two thousand and eight she won it there are several talented young players to defend on
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are fresh and for battle with the emblems of pressure on their chest still not just on who is the only thing these boys a dream. i've been it r.t. moscow. great skill they're now on the coast of the white sea allies the land of the pummel people for centuries communities of sailors fishermen and ship builders have thrived on the natural resources of the landscape and to this day their way of life is as timeless as the sea itself as tessa also had discovered. they were one of the first conquerors of the northern waters. fisherman. not so many fish and so season now younger soundman is a northern fish and comes to a rebus for spawning shipbuilders sea captains the norse have a bond with the sea unbroken for centuries. my grandfather used to build one. boats he was one of the best ship builders out there everyone in my family is
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connected to the sea they were the sailors all captains. work of is a. native of but to keep the island one that he calls the homeland of captains so we travel to particular a four hour boat journey to an island only accessible during the summer months today it's inhabited by about four hundred to morse descendants of the very first settlers here we discovered that the so-called traditional poem or way of life is certainly not just something out of a history book. constructing wooden boats using old techniques a lot of novel there is a car bus a coastal kind of boat it's very stable on the scene it rises and falls smoothly with the waves. making their own fish nets. raiding the ropes used for making those fish nets or catching their own fish but i've been fishing for a long time now this year i call to big fish these big and living in more
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houses the houses in this village are very well preserved dating back a few hundred years now this house in particular is three hundred years old and the unique feature of these old houses is this fire place here they cook and they bake but it also has another use on top of it is a bed which they use during winter so they can have a warm bed during the harsh conditions for the poor more adapting to whatever mother nature throws at them has become second nature this bridge for example is down every winter and rebuilt every spring. yet this recipients is also what has kept their culture alive throughout the centuries. and susie asked equally sharing a heritage they're proud to call their own. for even singing my who life my mother still sings we collect old retells and songs and revive them this dress belongs to my grandmother when i put on this dress i feel very good and have
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this desire to sing old songs a desire she hopes to pass along to her young grandson. artie region. some news in brief you hear nazi australia is facing its first hung parliament in seventy years following saturday's election most of the votes have been counted. liberals will win the seventy six seats needed for majority. independence to form a coalition prime minister will remain a static of. just formed a person that could take over a week she was up against tony abbott the center right coalition. in. rio de janeiro ten armed men being chased by police stormed the luxor hotel taking thirty guests hostage of the three hours the gunman surrendered the captives free unharmed for instance would gather to shoot up the police and fifteen suspected drug gang
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members from the nearby scam one gang member was killed and seven others injured. in china almost one hundred thousand people have been forced to flee the northeastern city of then don't offer rain swollen river overflowed four people were killed by the floodwaters in parts of the city caught off the region is the latest to be hit in the country's worst flood season in decades. but ignore is a find or stories and much more of course on our website that's our team dot com all about that with our main weekend headline still to stay with us.
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the united states of america is waging war within its own army. jono advantage is on no one sign. and human losses aren't quite significant. is it possible to win the war against sexual assault in the u.s. armed forces sex in the army on r g.


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