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margetts why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on. you know you're watching r t the headlines for you now the u.s. is reportedly closer setting up a defense shield in europe against a possible attack from iran pentagon officials say a deal may soon be reached when the turkey will bulgaria host a key element of the defense system. germany is planning to bring in turkish police to help combat crime amongst its largest ethnic minority which is seen as willing to integrate into society the critics say it's just another example of discrimination. and this from america's small screen is
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conquering the hearts of millions with other famous figures trying to ride her way to popularity take a look at what snooki and t.b.s. reality show jersey shore has risen so fast it's never too late. washington has an expansionary policy in which latin america is simply a backyard for u.s. military bases that's the view of nicaragua and the daniel ortega who says it's time for that's an american countries to unite against what they call the policy of aggression he speaks exclusively to r.t. . they have a. commandante thank you for joining us today we got in the coup de time hunting race do you think it is an isolated incident a good situations possibly where. i believe that
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our nations cannot remain calm the endure school was a blow for all latin american countries which just a few weeks prior to that had a meeting with president obama in china died in two boggo with a letter proclaimed the beginning of new relations with latin america that cool meant the fight against intentions expressed in china that answer boggo not just against the latin american people but against policy proclaimed by the president obama as well if the u.s. forces of reaction are capable of organizing doing such a openly and front of their president we cannot even talk about what would happen in the future these forces are trying to establish their power in spite of suggestions and obligations taken by president obama in relations to latin american and caribbean countries. you mentioned changes in the u.s. policy regarding latin america how would you define those changes and how would you assess the u.s. role in the politics of latin american countries. i believe the situation in latin
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america makes the u.s. dialogue different from what it was before the bush era but u.s. policy hasn't been modified i'd say that we need a new dialogue based on objective reality of latin america continued out into boggo president obama said he wanted our relations to be based on mutual respect and so on but how can anyone explain u.s. involvement in the coup on him duras just a few months later and how can we explain the fact that the us was fighting to recognize the hinder in government the only thing we see is that the us hasn't she . changed in its essence the world is changing the us is and this isn't a problem just for latin america but rather for the entire world this country has military and economic power and at the same time it's not changing its expansionary and imperialist policy and bitterly do you mean that changes happened only and was
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not indeed. that's right they carry on the same policy as always they've been acting just like in the past their policy is of unwelcome intervention of coups and threats its so-called policy of carrots and sticks and today latin america has more power and dignity to oppose and resist this policy we have more strength and more dignity whereas this policy remains unchanged they stick to their style and they don't feel embarrassed to talk about it openly in their speeches they publicly express their opinions and assessments but whether a particular government is democratic or not on what grounds are they speaking. you talked about basing your relations with the us and mutual respect is there any progress in this matter has anything changed in this regard. what has changed so far is the method at present them have any means for organizing
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a cooling nicaragua for instance if they had they would have tried doing it but they don't have the tools for it they cannot rely on the army or the police they don't have the military vehicle to provoke a coup otherwise i'm convinced they would have tried doing it but they cannot start a war against iran as well as war against bolivia or ecuador or nicaragua they do have the means within the us but the situation in latin america wouldn't let it happen even though the u.s. is always keeping it in their plans doesn't mean the risk is always that the threat is always there with a body of thought of what could have been. don to find a way out of the situation for them is a lawyer and it's necessary to strengthen the unity and mutual integration of latin american countries the more we are united and integrated the more it will be respected it's logical i think the main thing you was polish you did was to divide us to rule us if we are really integrated and united the partners will not be nucor
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agua nor in israel or cuba nor bolivia or ecuador the partner will be latin america and the caribbean countries such a partner will be more authoritative and we have the opportunity to look for ways to reach an agreement with respecting each other and feeling equal. what can different latin american countries do to continue fighting for the implementation of their policies what can they do to regional lines while there are fundamental points of dispute between when is that land colombia. look at you know i think that there is a principle which we all share taking into consideration the processes in different countries and their own peculiarities which we all have to respect to are always be issues which we view it differently but there will be issues which we view in a similar way especially in relations between the people of latin america
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governments and their international community all of us condemn any kind of military aggression on the part of the united states but all condemn plots against latin american governments and takeovers which for example were organized in venezuela and one duras we also poured lifting the embargo on cuba a country where for dell has turned into a doubtless leader who protects their years which are shared by all latin americans in other words there's a number of issues which we all view when a similar way all of us supported the new format of relations with the united states whenever i speak to presidents of latin american countries no matter how conservative they are in private they condemn the united states attitudes towards them they are against the fact that the u.s. government attributes points to them in their own classification what government can support the idea of the u.s. acting like a great judge which gives you the points for democracy human rights and fighting against drug trafficking and your own country who in turn will judge the u.s.
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of course it gives way to emotions speak about the economy about the protectionist policy of the u.s. and european countries nobody agrees with that the thing is that we have not learned so far to organize or latin american area to consolidate our able latin american people which will enable us to. negotiate with europe and the us and with developed countries and reasonable terms. of that but let me make it clear you find a stand you correctly you said that all presidents without exception chad this viewpoint. will get their mail yes at least in my experience of talking to them in private i heard all of them criticizing the american policy that i'm not agree with that of course at the moment i cannot say for older latin american presidents but i am sure that they cannot agree with a policy which contradicts the interest of their people countries and economic
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interests. but let me be your decision in the correct here is recognition of the independence of the caucasian republics of a ponzi and south a said he was also disputable many people died did that there was any sense in a twenty kharab here someone could have an exotic step what lay behind your decision of. our principles our national identity our year for struggle of independence of other nations the respect of a how small they may be and the respect which every nation even the smallest ones deserve here in latin america we continue waging a struggle for their independence of puerto rico whose people are fighting because the united states is occupying its territory in the twenty first century to continue fighting to force the british empire or what's left over to be more precise to leave them out of enos ireland it's a tiny territory but there's a reason for us to stop fighting for it and give it up no this territory belongs to
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the argentine people and should therefore go back to them the same is true of the guantanamo territory and cuba it's a small territory perhaps a small as the territories of uprising and south of here but naturally a belongs to cuba and independent cuban state in this case. we're talking about then dependence of two small nations who have their own national identity and history and who have risen to fight for their independence many times therefore within has a t. to recognize the independence of those two and a nation's do you think that your decision to recognize the independence of a posse in the south of setia was right every day i'm becoming more convinced that the decision we made was right of course there was great in what it was about the russia can stay neutral when the events occurred in those two republics because it came under direct attack from the georgian troops in this connection many
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interpreted nicaragua's position as an expression of solidarity with russia what can you say about that. every. language yes it is necessary to take into account when you could agua and russia had developed their relations long before the events in south and applies here historically we stare a very warm relations with the former soviet union and those relations developed intensively between one thousand nine hundred seventy nine and one nine hundred ninety i would describe those relations as extremely fair an example of what relations between developed and developing countries should look like in those days where plight principles which is so much talked about today the principles of honest trade exchanges and mutually complementary relations this is the principle that was applied so in the cases of chrysler and south they say chair which is the only country that could protect those peoples who were attacked and the found the
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popular will soon discover and techs who are embarking on the same path of relations with russia where we storing historical relations with russian people under new conditions get i think the us so what prospects do you see at this new state of relations because indeed there was a period of cooling in nicaragua as relations with russia. that what that and what isn't you know we're already see the results i would say that we see the benefits which the nicaraguan people have gained from corporation with russia we think about digging a canal we in the corroborate cannot imagine doing it without russia this canal should be built with assistance from russia and no doubt to lead the world community about russia's participation as a priority when as well as fully agreed to participate in the construction of the canal there will run through nicaraguan territory the canals construction was always been on that agenda and the conditions of this construction have always been
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nicaragua's the main sin why. because it always been sinful in the eyes of the united states to nicaragua wants to control every movement via the central american region i feel that relations with russia are progressing in all directions our visit to moscow was very important all the treaties that were signed or also important just as the format of developing corporation between russia and the crowd was going up but i thank you very much for being with us today. thank you very much . four months of preparation. allowed
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her to keep the lead on the eastern front pew lead citadel of funds to pick. the long term how to create such laws. are still the. people military are. the most heavily reinforced. the bottle of coolers. and lasted forty nine days one of the bloodiest battles and the turning point a few. wealthy british.
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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy. the u.s. is reportedly close to setting up a defense shield in europe against a possible attack from iran pentagon officials say a deal may soon be reached with. a key element of the defense system. to help combat crime among its ethnic minority which is seen as failing to integrate into society. but critics say it's just another example of discrimination . and star from america's small screen is conquering the hearts of millions with other famous for guess trying to ride the wave of popularity take a look at snooki from m.t.b.f.
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reality show jersey shore. celebrity letter. or knees in just under fifty minutes time next it's the sports news with kate. in there. alone welcome to the sports news here from out in moscow and here are the top stories. on the rise champion's rubin go second in the past and i was scared i'm survey also i went in the russian premier league. while sunday thrill is filling grab my last gasp drawer gets man stand i did on the cos it smashed six cars aston villa in the english premier league. record breaking out kenya's david rudisha sets the first new walk in the men's eight hundred metres thirteen years but let's start with football and the latest from the russian premier league where champions are being have moved up to second in the table after two nil i went over
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ten months out and christian above at the home side ahead from the penalty spot after thirty three minutes past the us the satins and right back i was sent off to swearing at leslie eight months into the second half and because i am a sight eventually capitalized on that one man advantage the next in that said it was the style for me to know twenty minutes to go and it finished and to take a stand must get to second spot in the table while i lived in a moscow one three nil at a time to capital riders authority for giving karate school a go in the trough to wait until late in the first because i couldn't get central with this idea here and midway through the second the german made the most of a defensive mistake aka passion of playing into counties hands. nothing but yet this is just how to dimitri tacet sent off in the dying minutes and it got us just masochists lapsed analysis but in stoppage time so you three know the final score
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at the end which was going to take it's got ninety five o'clock and goal difference . was in the early results of being moved off the bottom of the table as they managed to alabama. good for from europe and it's one part one when you go for a drink i struck a dollar ten minutes one time because i don't prefer to win so far this season and c.b.s. overtakes previous events up at the bottom on goal difference between has less than three days since mr x. didn't see a spin going mill in europe who. won in the late game on sunday islandia three mil at home to angie in the southern russian doll bridge meanwhile spots at moscow stay six but close the gap on the leading pack with a forty one of the top concern today is a relatively new to the trick in just six minutes that was his first goal in three months later into national guard but not that it's a modern. sound with another three minutes gone alex died in a corner or not i had
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a marvellous and celebrated his thirteenth of the season and second to none. so i can unlike you didn't pay him back for tomsk midway through the second half when a national id card came nine heels free kick with tom's a flicker of hope boxing and leon mobs alex struck from just outside the box three minutes to go to make the one to the hosts. telling us a dramatic conclusion in hungary time spot i don't think that such a pressure calls the send off for bringing down the lanka just himself stepped up to convert the penalty this time second but the spots i take to the street point streaming six to the table tom's stay. and this is how the table is shaping up off of the weekend's games in its didn't play at a store top four points clear of regaining under two games in hand a third but also have two more games to play surprise packages spotlight now just kind of fourth and fifth respectively at
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a spot that most guys want the bottom to be and create a cigarette often and deep in relegation trouble. moving over to england and another goal packed day in the premier league or. going to grab the eighty ninth minute equaliser for the two to him to manchester united of the new calls and thrashed aston villa six now it's in james's thought that ron paul scholes you can play and i think after eleven minutes before simon davies levelled off the fifty seven but there was a dramatic last seven minutes only goal united back in front and with three minutes to go the visit it's also had a penalty and david stopped in on his spot kick then with a minute left turn from going into the right to grab equaliser two to wall early on and you can also follow the example of austin and chelsea hammering six goals past money to aston villa for their first win of the season andy carroll was the magpies hero completing his hat trick in stoppage time kevin nolan also added to the offer
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to joey barton and twelve minutes in all john karun had missed a penalty for the visitors when it was still no. well as we said earlier and chelsea recorded big winners on saturday the boost stay top of the league after their sixth trashing of wigan nicolas anelka and salomon kalou each scoring twice the emirates theo walcott's netted his first top flight hat trick is also will also thrashed ten man blackpool by six goals and there were also wins for birmingham tottenham west brom also claimed a one on draw letter to the wall the last of this weekend's big trespassing manch to city liverpool in a crunch battle at eastlands on monday night city's new signing james milner is in line for his first appearance at the reds had a massacre on or will return with joe cole begins a three match ban calling his red card against. meanwhile france defendant william gallas has completed his move to talk them on a one year deal the thirty three year old who is a free agent after leaving north london rivals also two months ago gas will provide
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cover for injury prone bradley king and jonathan woodgate in the central defense. and the weekend full of hot tricks was not just confined to russia and england lionel messi. also netted three for boss alona as they beat so be a foreigner else with the spanish super cup boston needed to overturn a three one first leg deficit coming into this game and showed their threat early on in the previous twelve minutes to open the b.s. i think it is crossed into these i next and then it was messy first the argentina stopping latched onto a secret past saturday because i had my way going. then danny alvarez provided the assist and messi did the rest making three male misled the public. and in the second off the cattle onside continued to dominate in a secret icing on the cake then any injury was. the one ellis how it finished on the night and feisty and i guess also then celebrated by mind
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a super cop made in six dosh to this season. i can't imagine playing tennis this place in the season off the beach in rome or in the italian super cup i felt any test and then got off to a bad start in this bank in one hundred twenty minutes and johnny said no my sons want insight into their work as european champions and struggle when as one equalise up on strike of all time what am i q my security finding summer and seven the home side in front sneaking the ball in a new place. in the play you want to be off the woods and added another piece of silverware to thank you for having us not putting up the best of days weeks and certainly since. i. in the meantime a thirteen year old running world record has been broken beilin as kenyan sensation david rudisha set the new best time in the men's eight hundred meters the twenty one year old clocked one minute forty want point zero nine seconds at the olympic
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stadium where he came up short in the world championships just last year whilst the fos prizing won a skunk's the chronicle's time not failing to convert to the second of the previous best aren't. denmark's remembering this in fifty seven i can run to ninety seven dishes twice african champion the distance would be the one to catch these were true contracts in south korea. and redemption is reckoned overshadowed caster semenya return to the venue has biggest success so far the south african opposed to the season's best time in the women's eight hundred meters on the same track so i climbed the wall to my thing last year trying to find gender test and in the eleven months playoffs and then you have inspired me it's to compete as a woman it's how i doing since coming back to the sport was my. basketball now in the men's world championships start in less than a week russia haven't had the best preparation losing sixty seven sixty five in a friendly to new zealand but tournament favorites the usa fed better than they
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came to see the americans couldn't find their game you're close to call it was just that they were unable to produce solid defensive play off their respects and all kinds i should do any active finish the first half you know by a point however in the third quarter the favorite started to take advantage of their physical pleasure six or guy their opponents in front of their i'm getting stronger that's true for steals that usa will never looked back it was very good and it's really a game during the johnnie school it was seventy seven to sixty watch gore twenty four teams will compete in the world championships churches are held in technical to understand it was intercepted at the two hour. for much of this period there's another road out gordon and funny to rugby union where new zealand won the trying to asians tournament after a stunning comeback against south africa in so wet i tried in twenty two seventeen with two minutes left richie mccaw went over for the all blacks in the trial as invention to give them a much deliberation from the television match wrestler a new zealand missed the conversion which given to me then i still don't know to
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try these out back to back until i twenty two victory. this catches a competition i turned up the court south africa was full of just so i and that's it was bush news for this bill isn't by then or. question is that so much as i am an american which of course right on its contents would be a much bigger is not all the better obesity in the western world is truly a demi proportion they've been repeated calls for greater awareness. disarming saddam hussein. past majority of iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance that the
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torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever. flag flies again over our embassy in kabul. cherished who once occupied afghanistan . now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. it made men. it is appropriate to that in a court and as much as we came in with the kid even. if a slap stomach slap if you can should do nothing so that it shocks them especially if it gets slapped but you don't actually break any bones could do interrogation techniques that we use in day to phone tom. but the senior leadership of our government. we have nothing to hide. we believe in transparency.
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