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the splined in touch with tell me touch your world the future a good good how would international house to change every green lol he told. me with. now the main stories we're covering today turkish police could soon be patrolling the streets of germany to help combat crime along the country's largest ethnic minority the critics say the plan is just another example of discrimination . in our exclusive interview nicaraguan preston's daniel ortega says the u.s. has no right to pass judgment over the whole world that's american media is calling on the nation to stand up to washington. and the star from the small screen has become a big hit among millions of americans we take a look at how a reality t.v.
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show the pope's lookee the top of the. nicaraguan president speaks to r.t. about how washington's policies are affecting the america that's up next. they have. commandant de thank you for joining us today regarding the coup to time hunt do you or did you see it as an isolated incident or could such situations possibly reoccur a youthful. i believe that our nations cannot remain calm the endure school was a blow for all latin american countries which just a few weeks prior to that had a meeting with president obama in china died in two boggo with a letter proclaimed the beginning of new relations with latin america that cool meant the fight against intentions expressed in china that answer boggo not just
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against the latin american people but against policy proclaimed by the president obama as well if the u.s. forces of reaction are capable of organizing doing such a openly and front of their president we cannot even talk about what would happen in the future these forces are trying to establish their power in spite of suggestions and obligations taken by president obama in relations to latin american and caribbean countries. you mentioned changes in the u.s. policy regarding latin america how would you define those changes and how would you assess the u.s. role in the politics of latin american countries. i believe the situation in latin america makes the u.s. dialogue different when what it was before the bush era but u.s. policy hasn't been modified i'd say that we need a new dialogue based on objective reality of latin america continued out into boggo president obama said he wanted our relations to be based on mutual respect and so
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on but how can anyone explain u.s. involvement in the coup on him douras just a few months later and how can we explain the fact that the us was fighting to recognize the under him government the only thing we see is that the us hasn't. changed in its essence the world is changing the us is and this isn't a problem just for latin america but rather for the entire world this country has military and economic power and at the same time it's not changing its expansionary and imperialist policy. but with a demon that's i thought changes happened only and was not indeed. that's right they carry on the same policy is always they've been acting just like in the past their policy is of unwelcome intervention of coups and threats it's so-called policy of carrots and sticks and today latin america has more power and dignity to oppose and resist this policy we have more strength and more dignity
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whereas this policy remains unchanged they stick to their style and they don't feel embarrassed to talk about it openly in their speeches they publicly express their opinions and assessments but whether a particular government is democratic or not on what grounds are they speaking. you talked about basing your relations with the us and mutual respect is there any progress in this matter has anything changed in this regard. what has changed so far is the method at present then have any means for organizing cooling nicaragua for instance if they had they would have tried doing it but they don't have the tools for it they cannot rely on the army or the police don't have the military vehicle to provoke a coup otherwise i'm convinced they would have tried doing it that they cannot start a war against iran as well as war against by libya or ecuador or nicaragua they do
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have the means within the us but the situation in latin america wouldn't let it happen even though the us is always keeping it in their plans doesn't mean the risk is always that the threat is always there what could have been done to find a way out of the situation for them is a long and it's necessary to strengthen the unity and mutual integration of latin american countries the more we are united and integrated the more we will be respected it's logical i think the main thing you was polish you did was to divide us to rule us if we are really integrated and united the partners will not be nicaragua nor in israel or nor cuba nor bolivia or ecuador the partner will be latin america and the caribbean countries such a partner will be more authoritative and we have the opportunity to look for ways to reach an agreement respecting each other and feeling equal.
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what can different latin american countries do to continue fighting for the implementation of their policies what can they do to reach in the lines while there are fundamental points of dispute like between venezuela and colombia. you know i think that there is a principle which we all share taking into consideration the processes in different countries and their own peculiarities which we all have to respect to always be issues which we. differently but there will be issues which we view in a similar way especially in relations between the people of latin america governments and their international community all of us condemn any kind of military aggression on the part of the united states when all condemned plots against latin american governments and takeovers which for example were organized in venezuela and wonderous we also poured lifting the embargo on cuba a country where for dell has turned into
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a doubtless leader who protects their years which are shared by all latin americans in other words there's a number of issues which we all view when a similar way all of us supported the new format of relations with the united states whenever i speak to presidents of latin american countries no matter how conservative they are in private they condemn the united states attitudes towards them they are against the fact that the u.s. government attributes points to them in their own classification what government can support the idea of the u.s. acting like a great judge which gives you the points for democracy human rights and fighting against drug trafficking in your own country who in turn will judge the u.s. of course it gives way to emotions speak about the economy about the protectionist policy of the u.s. and european countries nobody agrees with that the thing is that we have not learned so far to organize or latin american area to consolidate our able latin
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american people which will enable us to negotiate with europe and the us and with developed countries and reasonable terms. let me make it clear if i understand you correctly you said that all presidents without exception she had this viewpoint. and i think that he'll yes at least in my experience of talking to them in private i heard all of them criticizing the american policy that i'm not agree with that of course at the moment i cannot see. for older latin american presidents but i'm sure that they cannot agree with a policy which contradicts the interest of their people countries and economic interests. and your decision in nicaragua as recognition of the independence of the caucasian republics of a ponzi and south a said here was also disputed all many people died did that there was any sense in a twenty grab here someone could have an exotic step what lay behind your decision . our principles our national identity our year for
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struggle of independence of other nations the respect of all how small they may be and the respect which every nation even the smallest ones deserve here in latin america we continue waging a struggle for the independence of puerto rico whose people are fighting because the united states is occupying its territory in the twenty first century to continue fighting to force the british empire or what's left to it to be more precise to leave demo venous islands it's a tiny territory but is it the reason for us to stop fighting for it and give it up no this territory belongs to the argentine people and should therefore go back to them the same asu of the guantanamo territory and cuba it's a small territory perhaps a small as the territories of uprising and south of here but naturally a belongs to cuba and independent cuban state in this case we're talking about then
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dependents of two small nations who have their own national identity and history and who have risen to fight for their independence many times therefore within has a two to recognise the independence of those two an asian do you think that your decision to recognize the independence of a posse in south setia was right every day i'm becoming more convinced that the decision we made was right of course i was right in what it is about russia can stay neutral when. the events occurred in those two republics because it came under direct attack from the georgian troops in this connection many interpreted nicaragua's position as an expression of solidarity with russia what can you say about that with everything. going with yes it is necessary to take into account. and russia had developed their relations long before the events in south and applies here historically we stare very warm relations with the former soviet union
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and those relations developed intensively between one thousand nine hundred seventy nine and one nine hundred ninety i would describe those relations as extremely fair an example of what relations between developed and developing countries should look like in those days we apply principles which is so much talked about today the principles of honest shade exchanges and mutually complementary relations this is the principle that was applied so in the cases of chrysler and south i say chair which is the only country that could protect those peoples who were attacked and the found the popular will soon discard techs who are embarking on the same path of relations with russia where we storing historical relations with russian people under new conditions get i think the us said what prospects do you see at this new stage of relations because indeed there was a period of cooling in nicaragua as relations with russia. that what that there was
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and you know we are ready see the results i would say that we see the benefits which the nicaraguan people have gained from corporation with russia we think about digging a canal we in the corroborate cannot imagine doing it without russia this canal should be built with assistance from russia and no doubt to lead the world community but russia's participation as a priority when as well as fully agreed to participate in the. construction of the canal there will run through nicaraguan territory the canals construction was always been on that agenda and the conditions of disco struction have always been nicaragua as a main sin why because it always been sinful in the eyes of the united states to nicaragua wants to control every movement by the central american region i feel that relations with russia are progressing in all directions our visit to moscow was
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a very important all the cheetahs that were signed or also important just as the format of developing corporation between russia and the crowd was. thank you very much for being with us today thank you very much. for months of preparation. the pay. the last effort to keep the eastern front. a lead to develop something to. make.
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it a great. and are still. the most heavily reinforced. blasted forty nine. m. the turning point. things to this is not a problem but more of. it and we should just everybody you should it's a pretty tree because they have no idea about the hardships to face. they wanted this is. all going to need to. bring in the army the life of the use the mother is the most precious thing in the world. uses of self-sacrifice
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and heroism but those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from would need to. be true nineteen forty five don't r.t. dot com. turkish police could soon be patrolling the streets of germany to help combat crime amongst the country's largest ethnic minority the critics say the plan is just another example of discrimination. in our exclusive interview nicaraguan president daniel ortega says the u.s. has no right to pass judgment over the whole world that's an american leaders one of them even to stand up to washington. and stomp on the small screen has become a big hit among millions of americans take a look at reality t.v. show propelled snooki the talk of the celebrity that. you know joins the
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latest in sports sorts of firsts in the sporting world over the weekend you know yeah hundred meters record that's being smashed there is a new big name in golf and he's from india and of course russia's premier league champions have got winning ways as well yeah that's right would be. making some water run later on in the season though but it is still isn't it the men to catch more coming up. great to have you with us for this edition of sports today i'm you know normally let's take a look at some of the stories making our stories today. in touch russian premier league champions are being go second courtesy of a two no win over such. continental quest there was no weekend auction for c.s.k. moscow as the army men are gearing up for another europa league qualifier we preview the team that stand between them on the group stages. and swiss timing
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roger federer clinches his first crime since january sending a warning sign to the rest of the world elite ahead of next week's u.s. open grandslam. let's get going with football where with leaders in not playing this week in the premier league champions rubin have the chance to make some inroads at the top of the table on that side did just that seeing off the threat of such a turn on sunday the home side got the role of the green on the how far mark alexy even off a judge to bundled over nigeria and obafemi martins christian no boy he did the rest from the penalty spot one things got worse for such an eight minutes into the second half and rick perry yeah ok getting his marching orders for attempting to trip up the referee. silly silly this isn't it took for being a quarter of an hour to cup the allies are letting me get
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a hiding hole missed first goal for the rubys to know the final score being over takes us to moscow into second spot in the table. also on the day to moscow claim their first win for at the expense of city rivals locked in the t.v. former german international kevin karami showing these fitting in just nicely with a goal in h.r. for the whites his second against the marco. giving people. hope and seventy minutes. on the couple bragging rights for the week ahead for the day. home number three despite the comfortable feel as yet to move into the top of the table. reason to smile for beer after last a siberian i fit climbing all. over another. car. ten minutes three times in severe their first victory since may. sit in last place
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. still boyd by their midweek. in their europa league first thank you. while in the late game on sunday. both teams remaining a little too close for comfort. so this is how the. thirty still. they have a couple of games and. also with third while surprised. are very much in the running for european qualification while at the less pleasant. hopes of a fourth premier league title in five years. alex ferguson's side held. on sunday evening after chelsea. united were desperate to keep up their
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winning. equaliser on ninety minutes they would only return with a point before the. example of chelsea and by netting six reply to. a big loss leader among them meanwhile what moneybags months taking on liverpool both sides could only draw in their opening fixtures not the kind of start either team would have wanted james milner will make his first appearance for city while there be new to cole for the reds at eastlands the former chelsea man begins a three match ban following his red card against arsenal. cisco have arrived in cyprus where they will get the second leg of the europa league qualifying tie against local i fed on earth are we in shoes they are mom in cyprus for a month cos erev caught up with the first team their aim to defy the odds. one of
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the old the separate clubs. lovingly dubbed the great lady by her fans is celebrating one hundred seventy very serene next year but the mood is far from festive head of their second the europa league playoff match against says moscow last week the army men breezed through in the russian capital scoring for announcer goals we feel but. team but. we have. a heart in here that we know is difficult for everybody and we have our fans on north of these are no strangers to european football and actually created quite a stir when they became the first cypriot teen to qualify for the group stage of the european champions league two years ago the great lady managed to take away points from josie marine years inter milan varies a bremen on a couple of occasions and great champions. and despite the fact that a north of his failed to qualify for the next champions league ground their
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achievement has turned a new leaf in the history of cyprus football we can. reach the can be. the budgets of the team. quite. obviously you cannot. easily compete at the peak of the match against moscow and choose the evening in the north this is having nothing to lose at this point and will probably be satisfied with a consolation when. the first leg of the europa league play off against moscow by four goals. is not a club that will give up the fight so easily especially in front of their own fans who probably still remember some fine champions league battles against the birds of bremen and interim melanne or monaco offer of artsy larnaca cyprus. that brings us to athletics where thirteen year all running world record has been smashed in
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berlin kenyan sensation david rudisha setting a new best time in the men's eight hundred meters their twenty one year old clocking one minute forty one point zero nine seconds at the olympic stadium he came up short in the world championships here last year but this time i looked to have plenty to spare twice african champion with. two hundred ths of a second off the previous best mark which was set by denmark's kenyan born to chatter back in one deception. dishes record overshadowed custom menus returned to the venue of her biggest success thus far south african posting the season's best time in the women's eight hundred meters in the german capital on the same track which saw her claim the world title last year but triumph was followed by gender tests on an eleven month layoff for so many who was finally keen to compete as a woman is her third winston to turning to the sport last. tennis where relax
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schedule helped roger federer lift his first title since january the swiss star retaining the cincinnati masters trauma victory over american mardy fish federer will he had spent just over three hours playing prior to the local favorite made the twenty nine you'll sweat it out for close to dot alone in the decider fed perhaps feeling a little rusty early on with fish seizing momentum to take the open seven six the swiss maestro returned the favor by taking that set by the same school and before closing out the last six four so six seven seven six six games to four wins for the world number two timing with the final major of the season the u.s. open just around the corner. i'm happy. problems whatsoever i'm doing really good so which was not the case you know through the grass court season but that's a relief and i'm happy i was able to stop. american are of course so so so strong.
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their popularity of golf just stepped up a notch in india after our son saul native arjun atwal lifted the wyndham trophy for entering the tournament with nothing to lose but ended up becoming the first indian to win a p.g.a. event thirty seven year old p.g.a. future had been in jeopardy without a ball getting into the tournament as a qualifier just seeking to stay on the tour a superb run of form though saw him take at least a share of the lead in each of the first three rounds producing a fine three hundred sixty seven score in the final round david thomas watching his title hopes dashed on the final hole the fifteen year pro populating nine hundred thousand dollars for the win more than double the amount he earned over the entire previous year. america's junior heavyweights appear to be in good form but not on flop a ball on the hardwood ahead of the twenty ten feet world basketball championship starting next weekend the b. team could be known getting crucial contributions from butting star kevin durant's
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and too close for comfort eighty six to eighty five warm up win over spain the americans well and truly on andre iguodala stealing the past which around frenching on the other end for an eight zero lead. the spaniards kept chipping away at the deficit though ricky rubio with stuffer step into the limb setting up philippe riyadh's for an even two eighty lead with ninety seconds to play duran then made the game a zone blocking a possible game winner by rudy ferdinand so the b. team just about get a passing grade with the turkey finals fast approaching. three. all into the w.r.c. circuit finally were sebastian low base showing no signs of letting up on the competition the frenchman leading from start to finish to win the rally of germany to increase its lead to top the overall standings to a hefty but not uncatchable fifty eight points. with four races to go their thirty
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six year old being no stranger to setting records during his illustrious career is lead to starting prove no exception making the most out of his fifty one second lead to take the circus maximus inner city final stage danny sordo and sebastian oviedo running it's all citron podium but it is a load who wins an unprecedented eight german rally. and wraps up the sport for now i'll see you soon world weather is coming up in just a tick. the issues that so much time and which of course is why i wanted to hear bigger is not all things better obesity in the western world is truly an epidemic proportions they've been repeated calls for greater awareness.
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