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russia lifts the final state of emergency after the rains help douse the wildfires that have ravaged much of the country the flames driven by a record heat wave claimed fifty four lives and hundreds of millions of dollars that. the turkish community in germany may soon be policed by officers from their homeland with more than two million ethnic turks in the country the domestic police force says it needs a new approach to tackling violence within the country's largest minority. the world is changing the us isn't this isn't a problem just for latin america but rather for the entire world this country has military in the comic power and at the same time it's not changing its expansionary and imperialist paul was speaking exclusively to our t.v. nicaragua's president daniel ortega calls on
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a lot in america tonight against the us. time now for the alone a show this time alone and finds out what's behind the up or sore uproar surrounding the building of a mosque two blocks away from new york's ground zero stay with us for that. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice ceased to face with the news makers. welcome to the ilona show where we get the real headlines with none of the mercy we're going to live out of washington d.c. and today we'll take a look at all the protesters who came out in new york yesterday on both sides of the debate surrounding the planned islamic center and mosque near the site of ground zero now some are calling this a distraction from the real issues that america is facing but are they under
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estimating the hate and the fear that are paralyzing the nation will speak to salons glenn greenwald then we'll look into how the u.s. treats its veterans vice president biden spoke to veterans about the recent withdrawal in iraq but failed to mention any of the health and mental problems or homelessness that face that face when they return home are we forgetting about the ones that we should be caring for the most i'll speak with iraq veteran out of coke ash and have these groups have gone wild juggalos are devoted fans to the group insane clown posse but some think of these fans take their love for the music a bit too far we'll speak to one of them to get their take on the juggalo mentality and just two weeks ago we told you about conservative muslims now we're going introduce you to conservative jewish americans posing as the jewish american population typically is known for siding with liberals so we're going to look into why this community could now be turning on obama and then we're going to investigate the lottery system that charter schools use for children not everyone
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can get in these high demand schools but parents will do just about anything to ensure that their children do get the best education possible full introduce you to a documentary that follows a parent through this trying process and speak with him about the frustrations that come with the lottery at the end of our show analysis move on to our top story. just about everyone has an opinion on whether or not a mosque should be built just two blocks away from ground zero but for those living in new york they say they have bigger problems in the big apple are to correspond a marina portnoy of brings us the story. if there had to be a dirty word this summer that word would arguably be mosque. the government must we have all of the island we have over the united states or else what it's really going to be is a monument to the nineteen hijackers if close to this right i would absolutely be a monument to them and i would stand for the nineteen extremists either typically
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iceberg there is a great industry beach behind the destruction of western civilization here in the us the whole country is bickering over the development of an islamic cultural center two blocks from ground zero. dueling demonstrations in lower manhattan pitted opponents against supporters. with midterm elections approaching in november some say it's no coincidence this new york city issue has become politicized around the nation and they are in tough economic times when we're in tough economic times people turn to desperate measures to gain power a lot of politicians have demonized the muslim community and we're here to say no. we've seen it before certainly. probably see it again unfortunately right fighting words are growing while less and less is being said about the country's crippling economic situation here inside new york city's largest department of labor office
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as some ways. americans are fighting to keep food on the table because there are bigger things like this unemployment here in new york everywhere. for people to people living on the street homelessness in new york city is at great depression levels nearly ten. cent of the country is out of a job and last month nearly one hundred thousand homes were foreclosed on this. is a house of worship something struggling americans are concerned with me personally know millions of people at work no but it is an issue that drives attention to the media among the employed five thousand are refusing to work construction workers have signed a pledge refusing to build the islamic cultural center if it is to rise if anything can trump america's capitalism clearly its anger. artsy new york.
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anger fear those can all be dangerous things now while some would like to say that the debate over the ground zero mosque is just a distraction or just political fodder for the upcoming elections this video from yesterday i think says otherwise. we don't have the back of the book it was thank god thank you thank you thanks. now here a man who was not muslim just having a look like one i guess because he was black was accosted by the crowd and scenes like this make you think that this can't just be about a piece of land two blocks away from ground zero but again about anger and fear but spreading throughout the country while here to discuss it with me live is joining
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us r.t. correspondent reena important from our studio in new york now marina you know one of the things that you brought up in your story there is the fact that new yorkers have bigger problems to worry about right now they have the economy to worry about they have unemployment to worry about but if this islamic center does go on to be build what that create a lot of jobs. very good point and it certainly would i was trying to find out actually today how many jobs would be created by those kind of numbers actual numbers are not yet available but when you imagine that it's a proposed islamic cultural center which includes a mosque it's supposed to be anywhere between thirteen and fifteen stories high to build such such a building like that and then to fully staff it of course would generate business and generate jobs for those that are part of building it and those that are part of running it and i'm not trying to downplaying the sensitivity of the issue but as
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you mentioned there are a lot of pressing concerns here in new york city outside of this you know national narrative that seems to be revolving around the mosque now marina i'm just curious as to the people there who you saw yesterday out on the streets who were protesting did you when you spoke to them were these new yorkers or are these people that perhaps were bussed in came from other parts of the country because that really shows us whether this is just a local debate about the sensitivity of ground zero and that spot exactly or whether you know certainly i believe that this is becoming a greater issue across the country of islamophobia. alona you know i was going to agree with you that the fact that this is this is become a national issue i did ask every person i interviewed whether they were from new york or not from new york a lot of people are from new york not new york city though maybe possibly long island and there were those in attendance that have traveled from other states such as south carolina or nearby states such as new jersey but there were
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a lot of new york city residents there i don't want to downplay that and you know what struck me out what i found actually little odd is. mail delivery truck was going by and he started honking the driver of this truck in support of all those that were opposing the mosque and i just thought you know a federal employee maybe you would sort of just on the job keep it keep his opinion to him self but what has become very clear is the level of intolerance that people are willing to show and not willing to mask the probably the problems they have with the proposed islamic cultural center but in a nut shell there were people in attendance that were not only from new york city but from from across the country now you know i think that of all of intolerance that you just mentioned was very clear with the clip that we just showed of the man who was was not muslim you know just happen to be i think i believe he's
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a construction worker working on ground zero that just became mobbed by this crowd me shouting to them i'm not muslim you don't even know what my viewpoint is i know that they all gathered around him and started screaming you can't build this mosque but you know i want to ask you this i think it's an interesting point is there's a lot of people don't want this mosque built there because they say it's too sensitive of a place and they want to do that they say that this would hurt the honor of the nine eleven first responders and the nine eleven victims when it comes to the nine eleven first responders though are these people also in supports. giving them the paying for their health care or are they opposed to that. well you know i don't know how each individual feels but i can tell you this you don't see americans rallying in the streets to to to push through the legislation that would then give health benefits to all those first responders that rushed down to ground zero when when the twin towers and subsequent third building came crashing down these these
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americans that you know believe that they're just defending the sensitivity of all those that went down there in nine eleven all those that lost their lives we haven't seen rallies like this to help all of those people that have cancer right now that are dying from cancer and don't have enough coverage to pay for their treatments or pay for their their medication and yet when something like this comes to light you're seeing rallies happen and demonstrations happen in new york city and across the country by the way there's and let's also talk about the politics of this there's two candidates running for new york state governor that right now have made this the central theme of their campaign. was one candidate who's running on the anti mosque tickets another one said he would use eminent domain to never let this mosque be built i mean everything has been thrown in the pot of this so-called mosque that is down just an idea a proposal and not to mention
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a few floors of an entire islamic cultural center yeah definitely seems like this is a debate that is much larger than just this mosque in this islamic center two blocks away from ground zero point nine joining us from new york thanks so to come on tonight's show my president biden delivered a speech today to veterans of foreign wars. that's returning for award from war daley was the question whether america has forgotten its veterans. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join us for technology update on our jeep.
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today vice president biden touted the military success from the veterans of foreign wars convention in the annapolis but with thousands of troops returning home from a war zone there could be many ugly and unexpected consequences that the vice president isn't talking about multiple deployments and insufficient treatment of our wounded warriors have led has led some vets from iraq and afghanistan to end up on the street art reports. by the government but still more treason you know and that's me i don't think they they they show enough respect to the local governments brian little is a u.s. navy veteran who has been suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome since his
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discharge he was unable to find work after leaving the military and hasn't been able to get the proper treatment for his condition little has been suicidal at times his pleas for help have been ignored it's a common theme at stand down an annual nonprofit event that helps homeless vets get off the streets volunteers are helping these veterans become better adjusted to civilian life something the military isn't doing enough of a lot of people really don't know exactly what to expect or where to go to get the help that they need pamela brisson served in afghanistan and has been homeless for two years the largest growing population of homeless women in san diego is veterans returning from current combat according to catholic charities which operate shelters around the city while on the street britain has been taking care of her nine year old son chris he's been able to maintain straight a's even while they bounced around from shelter to shelter or slept on a sidewalk. i don't know i was like. many veterans
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want help but prison admits it's easy to get discouraged when the government doesn't want to help it only takes one or two people to say i don't know or no we can't help you for them to walk away and think that there's no hope for then. you know drugs alcohol. and they just they're not aware to take advantage of the programs that are made available to them the last couple years i think the number of persian gulf veterans has increased greatly outnumbering the vietnam veterans dr john that just in is very familiar with san diego's homeless population he started stand down twenty three years ago because he saw a huge number of homeless veterans that no one was talking about the problem will likely get worse for current service members who are dealing with extended and frequent defines. still in this crowd patriotism is very
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much alive. you know what actually i really would go back despite her troubles pamela brisson says she would still go back and buy for the country that has led her down a sentiment echoed by many of these veterans who still have an undying loyalty to the military and country when america was clear as a whole who started it you know it was a bunch of politically correct people living in you know wherever you know high society you know this bunch of people that want to pay tax anymore. and that's going to happen again in san diego the lindo r t. so why is it that during this annual meeting of veterans of foreign wars the vice president only spoke of successes and ignored some more sobering realities of what really happens to many veterans when they return home is that just part of the politics and the messaging of it all or does this show a gross a lack of respect for these men and women who risked their lives abroad when
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joining me from new mexico is adam koch cache iraq veteran and radio host adam thanks so much for joining me i want to begin with you know this information the the we just that was just shown and byron mon story the fact that the veterans who are returning from iraq and afghanistan they're homeless less rates are higher than those who had returned from vietnam why do you think that is. that actually came as a genuine shock to me i knew that things were bad and getting worse and matching a lot of the trends that we saw in vietnam but to see that homelessness is actually worse now than it was when the troops or for troops coming back from vietnam i think is an indication of the greater economic challenges that we all face that had better and especially hard especially when it comes to employment and p.t.s.d. awareness raising concern about what troops go through in terms of the psychological impact of war on their mental health when they come home is very
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important but it's a double edged sword and when it raises the prospect that hey you know we've got to take care of these veterans because they're all that's now well you're not going to want to hire them at that point and so that's some of the challenges that we face and when unemployment is high and there's that pressure in the qana me that hits veterans especially hard because you know especially young inexperienced veterans it's one thing you know for someone who got drafted for vietnam when they were older and i think that is part of the issue here is that the vietnam veteran population was significantly older because of the draft because it wasn't exclusively a you might as a career would be career military guys who come straight out of high school to the military who know their market will job skills or experience what it's your only experience on your resume is your veteran status if a lot of employers hear p.t.s.d. or potential issues with that or if yours are assume might get called back up you're a lot less likely to get hired i think that's one of the major roles that veterans
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are facing and i definitely my i guess when i have an employer making a liability you know i don't ask you something because in america everyone always says support our troops you know it's unpatriotic if you if you don't and yet at the same time do you feel like that perhaps is only rhetoric that it doesn't really follow through to when these troops actually come home from those wars. well i think the sentiment is there among the broader american population but they treat it like any other issue you know we were we've become a national a nation of fat lazy or responsible slobs who we even when we care about something we expect the government to take care of it for us and i think that's where it comes down and even the you know the presidential task force on fiscal responsibility when they look at cutting the budget because veterans are really sponsor their campaigns as much as the military industrial complex does they don't consider cutting the cost of our foreign policy they look at cutting the cost of taking care of veterans and that's really sad that's the reality want to merican
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care about some of them but not enough to do something about it not enough to get engaged and that's that's where we are today the sentiment is there and the people that work in the v.a. are good karina hard working people who make sacrifices to work in the v.a. you take pay cuts to work in the v.a. but they are part of an underfunded. controlling oppressive bureaucracy that just like any other government bureaucracy treats veterans like treats people like they own them rather than serve now i have to tell me this because today vice president joe biden spoke at the annual convention of the veterans of foreign wars do you think that i mean he's a politician he should know that or do you think that it's right for him to stand there and talk about the success that they want to cause a success in iraq and yet ignore not even bring up you know the some of the hard the hardships that are ins are facing. well i think it was touched on but that wasn't the point of the speech i remember it was traditional for the president the
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united states to give this speech to daniel v.f.w. convention this year they got vice president joe biden i think one of the reasons obama didn't go this year is because last year he made the promise i will only send you into harm's way when it is absolutely necessary and what i do it will be based on good intelligence and guided by a sound strategy one promise that as president he may not even as a campaign promise that he hasn't been able to keep biting was there to spread propaganda and the idea was so incredibly contradiction concepts one that the troops have done an incredible job and accomplished the mission and that's why we haven't given up and why we're sending more security contractors and more state department officials and more d.o.d. contractors into iraq now according to the department of defense there are over a quarter of a million department of defense contractors operating in the central command a.o.r. we're sending more troops we're just not colleen at that and having said that we
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ended the war last week with the last brigade of combat troops having left of course was more stage propaganda is absolutely ridiculous to say that it's over when we are keeping at least fifty thousand troops there until two thousand and eleven although i'm going to bet that they're not all going to be out by then and we're replacing them with a greater number of contractors and just sunday despite all this positive cheerleading another soldier died in basra yeah well you know it's definitely not the first time either that we've heard the war in iraq declared as over so you know it definitely is a sobering reality that they keep saying those things but there are still thousands and thousands of americans there adam thanks so much for joining us i don't believe i it's thanks all right still to come on tonight's show has obama lost the jewish about a new poll suggests the jewish americans aren't happy with the president so what is causing.
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every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join us acknowledging update on our jeep. last week we discussed the pew research poll that found that one in five americans believe the iraq obama is a muslim but there was another statistic in that same report that was overshadowed the fact that the number of jewish americans who identify as republican or as independents who lean republican has increased by more than half since the year
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that obama was elected quite a change since obama won seventy eight percent of the jewish vote in two thousand and eight so why are jewish voters turning against a democratic president many say that it's because of his so-called hard stance on israel compared to the special time and care he is devoting to the relationship with the muslim world is that really true we're here to discuss that with me is jeff berkowitz berkowitz me former bush liaison to the jewish community jeff thanks so much for being here thanks for having me now i have to ask you in your opinion you know seventy eight percent of the jewish vote went to iraq obama in two thousand and eight so why now in the past eighteen months has the opinion changed so much it really is very surprising because he actually did far better than john kerry or al gore did and i think one of the reasons is he made a lot of promises to the jewish community but when you look at how he's actually governed and how he's conducted the diplomacy instead of change we can believe in it's been change we didn't expect what do you mean by what kind of promises to he
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where he said he said we will have an undivided jerusalem when he spoke to a pack which is an important point one that many many candidates wouldn't make that promise but he made that promise. and yet he's chosen the settlements surrounding jerusalem the suburbs to be one of the flashpoints that he's chosen is so true flashpoint in the debate but he's made it one he's picked a lot of fights with the israelis they didn't need to he's done it because he thinks he seems to think it is people seem to think that will lead to the arabs coming to the table but that is not actually how the arab world works and that's actually reduce the trust they have in the president as someone who can be a real negotiator why do you. reduce the trust of the jewish population or the arrow or the airport road does that reduce the trust of the arab world because israel u.s. and israel have had such a great relationship for so long if you know american president can come in and and beat up on their friend so much why should they believe that we can have
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a better relationship but i'm confused as to exactly how he has been beating up on his friend you know i mean first of all they just arranged for the new peace talks to become or to be in a month the last time that we're going to tell you who was here he said that the the bonder stronger than ever between these two countries so tell me exactly how he's been beating up you know i mean i'm not quite sure i follow well there's talk in then there's actions if you look at how this administration has conducted itself at the united nations we've seen this administration do things are on precedent to the republican or democratic administrations in terms of standing up for israel they won't do it the bass or susan rice has been absent for a key vote she hasn't stood up as a voice against anti-semitism in the in that the united nations body which is often the unfortunately a place of anti-semitism he has they have picked the fight over drusilla in the settlements that was not a necessary fight to have they tried to set preconditions. with netanyahu and
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frankly when netanyahu is trying to form his government shortly after obama took power his administration is working behind the scenes to make that more difficult for him because they thought he would be a better partner and that is on process i get along with a very special on the topic of settlements you say if this is an unnecessary fight but this is something that you know surprisingly i was looking at recent polls from j. street and they were they were looking at you know what really matters to jewish american voters and on the topic of settlements jewish american voters really were were kind of divided it's not like there is one belief or the other so i'm not quite sure then why this would turn everyone against them. against obama i mean it's because it's not about the settlements it's about what it signifies about how obama plans to treat our our friend israel and actually if you look at how he's treated a lot of our traditional allies whether it's the united kingdom or eastern european allies he has been stepping away from them just as he has israel and that's very
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disturbing to people who care about american security but to me that's also because according also to the j. street survey from this spring it's sad that by margins of three to four to one american jews also support the policies undertaken by the obama administration on the middle east peace process but i think a lot of that depends on how you word the questions in the poll and this well this was a story. so you know i just don't know necessarily if it is about the middle east peace process if it is about israel perhaps it's because of the economy i think that's a part of it i think. most americans tend to be fairly fiscally conservative even though they're socially moderate or even liberal and although we do have a very strong tradition of social liberalism and believing in me sure we're taking care of the poor in the homeless and those that are less fortunate. this is mr a she has taken an odd tact on the economy and it's been one that has resulted in
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spending a huge amount of money in running up a huge debt without getting real results for the american people and jewish americans as well as all americans are very concerned about that and you know i grew up being taught that you need to be responsible with how you spend money in i don't think that you can convince a lot of americans that obama and the democrats in congress have why i don't think a lot of americans probably were taught to be responsible with their money because unfortunately that's the cause or that you know has been fostered here i want to ask you very quickly you know what do you make i understand that some people have concerns but what do you make of the john bolton's the mike pence is the eric cantor's of the world in my mind really go overboard for example mike pence says that the obama administration is the most anti israel. administration he's never seen well i think in his lifetime in ours i think you could make that case you have a very strong bipartisan tradition in the united states of supporting our friend and ally israel now administrations have done better than others but i don't think any administration has.


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