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the number of u.s. troops in iraq becomes the lowest since the start of the war those people already were to claim they've been left on the someone by the very country they fought for . the just some. that i don't think will at the pain itself will never ever leave me when it's right time think it's ok sally be among your forties failure to stop the coming time it's a female circumcision will say. according to the agreements between kiev and moscow the russian black sea fleet ships will stay in ukraine's crimea until twenty forty two but some in the black sea resort area are now willing to sink that we can see how all the russian warships could save thing you meet on the water well the black sea.
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a very warm welcome to you this is from moscow i know that the top u.s. general in iraq says there were no fewer than fifty thousand troops in the country the lowest number since the start of the ball but once they surround the conflict zone and back in the u.s. many are finding themselves in the midst of a deadly new. report. by the government but still more trees are you know that's me i don't think. they show enough respect to the local us brian little is a u.s. navy veteran who has been suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome since his discharge he was unable to find work after leaving the military and hasn't been able to get the proper treatment for his condition little has been through it.
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times his pleas for help have been ignored it's a common theme at stand down an annual nonprofit event that helps homeless vets get off the streets volunteers are helping these veterans become better adjusted to civilian life something the military isn't doing enough of a lot of people really don't know exactly what to expect or where to go to get the help that they need brisson served in afghanistan and has been homeless for two years the largest growing population of homeless women in san diego is veterans returning from current combat according to catholic charities which operate shelters around the city while on the street britain has been taking care of her nine year old son chris he's been able to maintain straight a's even while they bounced around from shelter to shelter or slept on a sidewalk. i know i was right. many veterans want help but prison admits it's easy to get discouraged when the government doesn't want to help it only takes one or two people to say i don't know or know we
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can't help you for them to walk away and think that there's no hope for them. you know they get hooked on drugs or alcohol. and they just they're not aware to take advantage of the programs that are made available to them the last couple years i think the number of persian gulf veterans has increased greatly outnumbering the vietnam veterans dr john not just in is very familiar with san diego's homeless population he started stand down twenty three years ago because he saw a huge number of homeless veterans that no one was talking about the problem will likely get worse for current service members who are dealing with extended and frequent deployments. still in this crowd patriotism is very much alive you know what actually i really would go back despite her troubles pamela brisson says she would still go back and buy for the country that has led
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her down a sentiment echoed by many of these veterans who still have an undying loyalty to the military and country when america was grew as a whole who started it you know it was a bunch of politically correct people living you know wherever you know high society you know it was bunch of people still want to pay tax anymore. and that's going to happen again in san diego ramon galindo r t. the us the federal government violates the constitutional sorts regular basis that states have to work for themselves to uphold the rule of law also says their sheriff richard mack he's spoken to in the full interview is coming your way in our next hour but here's a quick preview. when i was a rookie cop i made a huge mistake i actually read the constitution and specifically the bill of rights and i saw. one hand what the constitution says i saw on the other hand what the
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government is actually doing the only solution that we have left is state sovereignty local control the sheriff of this country getting together with county commissioners county attorneys and stand in fighting and he wrecked in the barriers against the encroachments of the national government the federal government. on the alleged russian arms dealer dubbed by the west the merchant of death may be extradited to the u.s. within hours to be lawyer says a special plane has arrived to bangkok where he's currently being held it comes all to washington and thailand to discuss fresh challenges that brought against him when his extradition to america for alleged to arms dealing was approved last week but before the decision was announced the u.s. will new challenges the money laundering and forward against him to no one now requires him to stay and play live until the fresh proceedings of reva who was
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arrested have been called to a halt years ago in a sting operation by u.s. troops will says he's been in prison ever since daniel estulin author an investigative journalist says the whole process has been orchestrated to the skies american involvement. i spend quite a bit of time in research and started to build story and interesting bits of wood extensively over sixty five for hundreds of hours and in prison called i also had access to. intelligence and time teligent officers a very high level told me that in fact the whole thing was already done before it started in the sense that you know the thai court of florence instance was going to rule in favor who would look back to the book was going to win the case and the appeals court was going to rule in booths against big trouble so that nobody could say that it was askew decision or that nobody could say that the americans paid the thais everybody could say it was one for blood what it would for the americans except that the the appeals court decision was the final decision because unfortunately in thailand there was no appeals to the supreme court as far as the
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foreign as i can sort of the war against borders basically a war against russia if you can destroy the board and you can prove that he's a virtual death and obviously he has to get his arms from somewhere and that someone has to be rational so you destroy russia's credibility in the international community i think his chance of winning the case the united states is zero point zero united states states have spent fifteen years trying a legend they tried to catch an alleged gun runner but it was it true they spent two and half years trying to win the extradition case and it looked a bit actually said to the united states to think that he can win in the united states against america on their home turf when everything is against them so that in the end if you walks and goes home america will all become a laughing stock of the entire world not to mention that whatever little credibility they have as a nation will definitely be ruined. well we've got plenty more ahead for you this hour so stay with a fine down just more from the band and one of the world's biggest rock stars have
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in common. religious disbelief for russian realities and is using divine guidance to be drug addiction are accused of posing a bigger threat than drugs themselves. in the u.k. medical officials say the number of women being subjected to genocide mutilation is on the rise although the practice is a needle in the country now one's ever been convicted of the crime and thousands are considered to be at risk each year and you may find some of the images and more and its report disturbing. school holidays for some golden afternoons in the park but for others a horrific ordeal aged fifteen u.k. born jay kumar is mother took her home to sierra leone for an initiation ceremony jay had big ideas of evenings around the fire cooking and gossiping with female relatives she had no idea that during the celebration of her womanhood her gender
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tavia would be cut i was laid down the floor lots of lots of like celebration chairs etc and then my mouth was covered so thinks i'm awful and then my legs were spread and then i just felt just some pain that i don't think all of the pain itself will never ever leave me because i've had to but it's like i mean i can understand how people feel when they lose an arm or a leg but they have found some kind of pain all the time and that's the kind of pain which i personally have to live with on a day to day basis i heard that some people just really quick but i felt like it was been saw women's rights organization forward estimate six and a half thousand girls in the u.k. are at risk of female genital mutilation every year the most common age but girls to have the procedure is between six. eight the summer holidays are a prime time because there's an opportunity for a long visit back to the family's country of origin and although it's illegal in the u.k.
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there's evidence that it is being done in this country female genital mutilation is performed for cultural reasons and justified as a religious requirement all rights of passage to womanhood much like male circumcision it's supposed to ensure cleanliness and better marriage prospects however it often has serious and long lasting physical complications and sometimes its hospital in london is one of the senses that deals with. some girls die they bleed to death or develop techniques infections when dirty instruments are used midwife come. the last thing affects which include cysts on the vagina and sterility the removed everything. for the past. law. and so on and expects the will remain to have. g.m. is thought to be so prevalent in the u.k.
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local authorities have set up tossed forces to identify when children are risk but this is a practice that's gone on for centuries in some african and arabic countries and it's entrenched in families. communities and this has been some protests. and. some female sort of procedure done to them but you will consider. it procedure is done to their own daughters and this is a. matter of education as well. legal despite being an illegal act there's never been a single conviction against someone who's arranged or performed female genital. ation in the u.k. victim j. kumara says that's got a lot to do with the terminology used for me personally i hate even the term mutilation because i don't i'm not mutilated i've been caught. and i think the
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whole mutilation term is very very negative and i think it just causes a lot of survivors to go underground because no one wants walk down the street with the term over the head with legislation proving ineffective it's a culture that the british authorities have so far failed to eradicate leaving thousands of its citizens at risk every year and it. just to remind you we've got a lot more on our website of course on time dot com do log on to check all galleries political cartoons all so good follow us on twitter look now at some of the stories that might catch my own lying the miracle of life first of all couples flock to siberia to see the wisdom of god s. he's the patron of all the read how many women become pregnant. and the hung so your brain working for the cat hating pension story where you see into a then what all the four year old tabby is now saying since the woman reskilling to
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receiving death threats. president we're down to his love of rock music so it's no surprise he found time to meet the frontman of the irish band you see to talk about music. you know i come here to cross great divide between me. and you. know very well as evelyn to. give me that i had a bit of a head of a concert in moscow on wednesday it will be first ever performance in russia their three hundred sixty degree show was the world's most expensive today and is
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expected to a try more than eighty thousand people. in ukraine wants to sink russia's black sea fleet but all in the name of conservation i request spend may for decommissioning ships to be scuttled to create artificial wastes in the crimea alexia she has these health. professional diver alexei has been exploring the depths of the black sea in ukraine's crimea for more than three decades he says the underwater world here is absolutely unique from a scientific point of view but he is concerned about the danger that every year is getting worse pete season brings launch pollution too young to play on the water fails to clean itself every year we see fewer fish caught in this part of the black sea i believe you all to please ecosystem is in grave danger. she has considered many different solutions to the problem but his friend a deputy in the city council came up with a simple yet hopefully highly effective idea so
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a lot of good. we will ask the russian black sea fleet stationed here to give us their all ships we will sink them and create an artificial reef which will greatly improve the base ecosystem this is nothing new many countries do the same. as the idea came to him after what was seen as a major policy shift in kenya the presidents of russia and ukraine signed an agreement to prolong the stay of the russian black sea fleet in the crimea until twenty forty. well the previous administration and key of these ships of the russian black sea fleet were unwanted guests in ukraine's crimea and were to leave the area by the year twenty seventeen but after the hype of agreement was signed local authorities here are saying they're trying to do everything they can so that these ships remain here for years to come straight after the route if you get a shot of the back to the russian leader dmitry medvedev said the fleet needed serious modernization and now the crimea is ready to help more school with that the
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head of civil stoppers administration says the russian naval presence here brings massive investment for the city's infrastructure and calls for a fitting of the ships may create jobs for the locals do you suppose that it is that we have an excellent shipyard and a crane mir which has been abandoned for almost two decades if moscow decides to repair its fleet here we're ready to offer our facilities and specialists this would be much cheaper for the russians and we revive our factory which was one of the best in the country just several decades ago april spark of agreement sparked mass opposition protests in kiev they described it as a sellout of the country in crimea the mood is very much the opposite the russian black sea fleet command is yet to respond to the divers and officials proposals for an artificial reef but there will be glad to see few here can imagine life without these ships anchored on the surface in several stoppers docks. reporting from ukraine's crimea. more news to you now in
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a brief this hour and we have reported that thirty eight people have reportedly been rescued after an airliner crash landed in northwest china ninety one the passengers and five crew members were said to be on board the head man and lines flight the plane overshot the runway during a night landing and into flames twenty people have been taken to hospital we'll of course. keep you updated on this story. pakistani officials are trying to coordinate relief efforts as flood waters affecting millions continue to rise many are fleeing their homes the government is to new warnings making matters worse the millions that escape before the floods swept in are at risk of waterborne diseases . that will take at least three years and tens of billions of dollars to recover from the damage. at least thirty two people have been killed in an attack on
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a hotel in the somali capital mogadishu police say gunmen stormed the building opened fire and then blew themselves up six members of the country's parliament reported to be among the dead a militant group with links to al qaida has claimed responsibility for will be its house. russia's own two drugs agency is planning to increase the number of state controlled rehab centers it says currently most drug addicts get help from non-governmental facilities and while some centers do help battle addiction others only down their patients in deeper trouble. reports. how do you through the my spirit of drug and alcohol addiction took me nearly a decade these twenty nine year old was on a collision course with find and with that diagnosed with hepatitis b. and c. we can now sense god saved and changed his life. when they came near
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a large share for the first time in eight years i realized their grass was green birds were singing and everything was beautiful i used to take drugs and pills and alcohol at the same time i was literally verged to understanding what was going on around. here is a rehab center run by a cornerstone church days include group sure's me to teach responsibility and bible and prayer sessions. prayer is a fellowship. we are more likely to become like those we communicate with if someone talks to fishermen he's likely to become one too when someone talks to god and that's what a prayer is he becomes a believer and his life changes not on the schedule here is time with a trained professional the belief is that the spirit is what needs mending and that this only comes through god drug use is on the rise in russia the official numbers indicate that there are six hundred thousand addicts but the federal agency charged
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with combat in this problem puts it at millions more but there is also an increase in the number of religious rehab centers like this one that are offering nontraditional treatments but some are referring to them as little more than recruiting centers for religious sex the pentecostal community in russia is small but run several of the nation's growing number of religious rehabs critics insist those who seek treatment through these are simply trading one crutch for another. we're losing people now not because of drugs but because of destructive cults chemical addiction to drugs or alcohol is substituted by group psychological addiction instead this kind of addiction is stronger and much more serious some experts claim recovering addicts become able to function outside of the church and sequester themselves later elected to spread the message to others in new centers as for me he doesn't believe he's part of a cult or. the contrary i realized i had been brainwashed all my previous life
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people around me had a consumer attitude but here i have pure feelings i mean your version and the desire to run a clinic of his own someday stacy didn't r.t. ok business update on the way now would. business russia's post service may be transformed into a joint stock company at the beginning of twenty twelve this would be the first step in turning the service into a public plan the rest must put its value at one to one point six billion dollars but if the company goes public the capitalization is projected to grow to more than eight billion by twenty twenty russian post owns forty two thousand branches across the country and three point one billion dollars last year. russian energy giant gazprom may build a gas pipeline from russia to china as early as twenty fifteen russia first agreed
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to build the pipeline to china in two thousand and two who failed to agree on gas prices with beijing but some experts doubt the new problem will be a priority for china as it's already investing heavily in the two biggest energy supplies in central asia turkmenistan and kazakstan. back to russia now on corporate profits sold sixty three percent in the first half of twenty ten year on year combined pretax profits of big and mid sized enterprises reached ninety billion dollars the biggest growth was reported by property companies miners were not far behind fifty six percent the number of businesses reporting a loss filter just the. sounds of a look at the stock markets here are mosco they fell further in the last hour of trade oil producer rose neff shed some two percent as the price of light sweet slipped near a seventy two dollars a barrel. of the second largest food retailer magnate reported an eleven point three percent increase in first half profit to one hundred thirty one million
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dollars the company adds capital spending for this year may reach one point three billion as it opens thirty hypermarkets and some six hundred fifty convenience stores. poland's biggest fourth could produce a stock spirit is looking to buy a seventy five percent stake in ukrainian distil in the mirror of according to commerce daily the polish company has gained exclusive rights to acquire the shares and will make a final decision in a month the mirror of the system it is to be worth three hundred seventy million dollars there is another possible buy for the russian standard which previously expressed interest in the us it says it's still considering a bid. russia's biggest modern orals nickel is currently the subject of a fierce fight for control tycoons oleg there are a pasch of libya per ton in both and twenty five percent of the group each wants to buy the other out with annoy the walls to sell what's at stake in this battle of the big. and as our correspondent visits the top of the real scoop. the world's richest make the last set of months positive here and. the production facilities
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of. the mountains dominating the town and provides a much of the local employment like many other commodity produce was hit by the financial crisis but this richard suffered few cuts the role. of the punters overcome the crisis quite successfully it was a constant demand for oil production in the global market that's why we didn't decrease volume of production during the hard times not all nor nickels factories was so fortunate last year the company reported to twenty seven percent drop in revenue to ten point two billion dollars still the group retains its leadership on the world market accounting for more than twenty percent of global nickel output more than ten percent of cobalt production at three percent of. my
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. my that. was my that the c.e.o. of neurochemical is keen to modernize and just promising to spend nearly whole five billion dollars next year on cleaning up operations but. he's worried about how the shareholder battle for control of the company will impact capital expenditure it was thinking about the situation is quite difficult as you know there are several ways shareholders and managers view it as something that you should take. without thinking of the company's future or the shareholders who are in for the long term think that such a police she would slow down the company's development. and would have postponed a negative impact in the future i believe we may also face a negative impact of the money spent on dividends i support the idea of actions the
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dividends should be paid but in adequate volumes and not impede the company's development allocations of mismanagement of the company are somewhat hard to substantiate its production costs and profitability are comparable with international competitors but does face a challenging future its resource base is shrinking and the price of extraction rising the chief of the rails wants the company to focus on what he calls investment into the mountain however that's unlikely to happen until the conflict between the owners is resolved. this is our team. that's the latest here in moscow you can always find more stories on our website dot com slash business.
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wealthy british style. is not on the president's side of. the. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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morning news today violence is once again flared up the full these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are all today. you know. one of the one hundred tons. of.
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this story still cheap suit secrets but now it's time to reveal. the soviet files and ati so. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face a.


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