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what the law is beneath the u.s. administration goes to great lengths to get its hands on the alleged russian arms to the victims groups testing the limits of international move to push for these extradition. discords plans to build a mosque at ground zero in new york her speech of union some saying that issues just a way of drawing attention of his economic struggle. for the good prince and so proclaimed seeks to have it russian president from the kremlin saying it's use don't even want to rule the country. you know there you're watching our two you know we're broadcasting live from moscow welcome to the program. a russian businessman wanted for dealing in the u.s.
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will not be extradited immediately reports had suggested a special plane and fifty u.s. commandos had arrived in bangkok where victor boot was being held all correspondents covering the desire of a has been following the latest developments in the case there's finally been some clarity in the case it is very unlikely that it will be thailand day that is according to the country's prime minister who said that according to tie last because the united states already have filed a new set of charges against me that those include money laundering but he will not be extradited until those charges are actually heard for of course the united states realizing that they've basically set a spoke in their own mind now trying to do their best to withdraw those charges in order to be able to proceed with the extradition process but for now the boot remains in solitary confinement at the end. it was
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a bag called hilton the type prison in the capital bank called the first united states authorities are doing everything they can to extradite the man to the u.s. as quickly as possible according to some rumors there's already a charge it is a special charter plane stationed at the air force base in thailand that was said there just to pick up and bring him back to the united states so he could stand trial there but so far basically all those attempts to extradite the man as soon as the ruling was made on august twentieth have failed we don't know what will happen tomorrow but for now think that a bit remains and talent of course the united states authorities do want him in the u.s. as quickly as possible there are a number of reasons for that my colleague lauren lyster looked at some of them last week prior to the appeals court ruling for viktor brutes extradition there was immense pressure from u.s. president barack obama's administration coming from the state department the state
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department met with the thai ambassador in the u.s. and said that this extradition was a top priority for the united states in the same manner the u.s. ambassador in thailand met with officials in bangkok and told them the same thing putting the same pressure on them separately six lawmakers from both sides of the aisles in the united states in the u.s. congress sent a letter to the thai government saying that victor boots release would be a threat to both thailand and the united states by the way of him selling arms to governments or organizations that would target the u.s. or thailand so there was immense pressure applied prior to his extradition what's really behind washington's vilification though is the question and there are several different analyses for this one analysis is that has come out is that boots simply knew too much and could really embarrass the united states with the information that he had you know he was involved in government and groups and trafficking. and moving goods but also arms forty seven's not only for governments
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all over the world but for the u.s. government for allies of the u.s. government also for afghanistan and iraq one analyst has come out saying that booth transported not only arms for the us into iraq but he also transported arms for the taliban and that having him having worked both for the u.s. government the u.s. military as well as afghanistan prior to nine eleven who knows what kind of information he has that could embarrass the united states he was arrested and at the thai capital bangkok in march two thousand and eight. mile by the u.s. government using him of international arms trafficking and specifically selling and delivering weapons to known terrorist organizations he was taken down in the thai capital by a joint sting operation by the u.s. and thai authorities or so that the board has always maintained his innocence his family and his lawyers many analysts actually believe that one of the main reasons
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that the man is being persecuted by the united states authorities is because of his long term contracts with the pentagon itself of course of george bush in two thousand and four that president or have voted with the united states government to from having any kind of contract with that and his companies but despite that request despite the order by the president the pentagon actually extended his contract to two thousand and six so for two years the pentagon operated with it the bill and his companies basically outside of the law many analysts now believe that because of the information that he possesses something that he could reveal could be damaging and or potentially embarrassing to the united states what investigative journalist student says the boot case has been twisted to the scholars american. time teligent officers a very high level told me that in fact the whole thing was already done before it
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started in the sense that you know the court of instance was going to rule in favor so it looked actually the book was going to win the case and the appeals court was going to rule in boots against big trouble so that nobody could say that it was askew decision that nobody could say that the americans paid the ties everybody could say it was one for blood one would for the americans except that the appeals court decision was the final decision because unfortunately in thailand there was no appeals to the supreme court as far as the fourth as a concert i think is chance of winning the case the united states is zero point zero united states states have spent fifteen years trying to allegedly try to catch an alleged garden runner but that it was it true they spent two and half years trying to win the extradition case and a victory would actually said to the united states to think that he can win in the united states against america on their home turf when everything is against them so that in the end if you walks and goes home america will all become a laughing stock of the entire world not to mention whatever little credibility
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they have as a nation will definitely be ruined well meanwhile military analysts if any who show off says people involved in the illegal arms deals enjoy u.s. support. for the state department right now there is nothing more important in its foreign affairs then to bring to justice the mood of the faraway thailand it is driven by obsessive desire to silence and to sentence the boot supposedly as that russian equivalent of the senator charlie wilson who unleashed the i saw of it proxy war in afghanistan thirty years ago now it is a high possibility that before the week her case will be closed or resolved the truth will come out the us state department is actively interfering with the us lloyd foresman operations in afghanistan thus providing the political cover
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for the real culprits who are involved in arms and drug trafficking in afghanistan under the watchful big is all of this central intelligence agency led just imagine that sooner rather than later we kill leaks we'll reveal them new data regarding that nefarious connection between the cia and drug dealers and eventually the name of the afghan president step brother while they've got his eye real pol pot the velvet incriminating evidence for leaving their corruption and drug relating enterprise as the top drug being and as available cia asset in afghanistan well guess what happened next i can assure you nothing. plans to build a mosque two blocks from the nine eleven sites have been defended by mayor michael
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bloomberg americans on a bitterly divided over the project and some claim the issue is driven by politicians and the gay scene upcoming elections. there had to be a dirty word this summer. that word would arguably the mosque. have a number of mosques we have an island we have the united states. really going to be is a monument to the nineteen hijackers if close to this right it would have for me it would be a monument to the forty and nineteen extremists the iceberg there is a great industry beach behind the destruction of western civilization here in the u.s. the whole country is bickering over the development of an islamic cultural center two blocks from ground zero zero eight years already dueling demonstrations in lower manhattan opponents against supporters. with midterm elections approaching in november some say it's no coincidence this new york city
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issue has become politicized around the nation and they are in tough economic times when we're in tough economic times people turn to desperate measures to gain power a lot of politicians have demonized the muslim community and we're here to say no to. we've seen it before. probably see it again unfortunately right fighting words are growing while less and less is being said about the country's crippling economic situation here inside new york city's largest department of labor office happened. there are fighting to keep food on the table it's. like. here in new york everywhere. for people. to listen it's new york city is at great depression levels ten percent of the country is out of a job and last month nearly one hundred thousand homes were foreclosed on.
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it's a house of worship something struggling americans are concerned with me personally no millions of people are working but it is an issue that drugs and. the media among the employed five thousand are refusing to work construction workers have signed a pledge refusing to build the islamic cultural center if it is to rise if anything can trump america's capitalism clearly its anger marina port i am party new york. you're watching r.t. live from a central moscow later this hour. eight world premieres in moscow in about two million very excited people find out what it's all about later in the program. now it's the moment that many russian u two fans have been waiting for as a world renowned band prepares to perform its first ever concert in the country on wednesday night's event which is part of the band's well. most expensive live
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history about eighty thousand to fans are expected to show up at moscow's sneakin stadium and the head of the game you two front. teeth. in the southern city of sochi for the rock star and president is a well known spoke not only about music but also poverty and aids. internationally for his long running charity right across. and while the president is out of town a self-proclaimed while he's getting out of the kremlin buildings as he brings a legal case against the russian government claiming they're rightfully his the so-called grand principle russia claims it's his god given right to rule the country but critics say he's deluded and discrediting genuine royalty. the russian president of the kremlin this man. if he gets his way.
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made the prince. should play a decisive role in the fate of the country property is a sacred right. the kremlin if the government just lodges that's why we filed a lawsuit for it to be returned to us. who would have claims to be a long lost descendant of an extinct dynasty that hasn't for four hundred years he says his ancestors and other nobles paid for the construction of the criminal with their own money so the family should returned. he has no legal grounds at all for his claims he's just trying to make a name for himself the law clearly says that the property belongs to the state his critics say the grand prince was a communist party functionary a bank executive and a failed policy entry candidate before quite unexpectedly stumbling upon his role roots which is this what you would do this is not
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a case for genealogist but for psychiatry is he seems to more discredit the aristocracy than anything despite being labelled alternatively mentally ill or a megalomaniac the grand prince remains upbeat of. i'm not a clown with my heritage i've been given the power of the ordinary people have not to look off to places and these people further hearings are shed filled for october . i am now the problem is unlikely to change owners any thought and so on but what the story does prove is that with a three thousand checkered history russia has left a lot of people with claims to property some ludicrous others serious. moscow china is beginning to move investment away from the us. japan's yen and the euro investigative journalist webster tarpley explains why the chinese economy has started to look beyond the american market. the us hedge fund
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universe right soros einhorn paulson these people as we know had a plan to shift the depression into europe they were trying to destroy the euro with a speculative attack on greece spain portugal and so forth and this was done in an orchestrated fashion but the interesting thing is the role of china i think you can make the case now that china made a three pronged decision that they would not let the euro go down this was for technical reasons the chinese were essentially need balancing this basket that they use to keep their currency stable and notice it has not gone up compared to that to the dollar so they were buying euro's for commercial reasons and also they made a political decision that they wouldn't let the u.s. destroy the euro and specifically the chinese have been buying up greece at very good prices right very low prices and the the anglo americans are beside themselves because their attack on the euro is not working because the chinese are supporting
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the euro by supporting greece i don't see did the chinese dumping the dollar because that would massively devalue what they do have however they have intervened to sort of cross up the u.s. british strategy these are b. europe so they're showing certain signs of economic independence only game in the world right now is beggar my neighbor and dumped the depression on somebody else so they tried to do it with china the chinese have kept the renminbi stable they tried to do with europe that won't work sooner or later something is going to blow. take a look now at some other stories around the world this hour. rescuers have found the black box of a plane that overshot the runway in northeast china killing forty two people fifty four others were injured the plane was trying to land at night in fog and burst into flames the survivors have been taken to hospitals with three in a critical condition. approximately eight hundred thousand people remain isolated in the areas hit by floods and the stone would have to go in reports the
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lack of helicopters is preventing the essential ain't going to. be some reports of flood victims fighting over the limited food supplies and clean water well meanwhile the pakistan government has warned the disaster that affected around seventeen million people could lead to epidemic or similar diseases. the remaining parts of the drilling machine to take up a modern sheen with thirty three miners remain trapped as expected the equipment capable of carving through summit rock will help reach the workers stuck for nearly three weeks the men believed to be seven hundred meters underground over seating food water and oxygen inside cities from loved ones on the surface officials say the operation could take three months. a rare fire tornado to be seen in the syrian state of santa ana wildfires and strong winds
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combined to produce columns of flames several meters high which eventually dispersed authorities in brazil are struggling to contain the fire and have banned farmers from burning waste from the sugar cane. may be a long established symbol of russia this doesn't stop six hundred of the animals being killed every year well during a working visit to russia's far east predators to discuss the problem of poaching in the region who witness the brown bag for himself in a wildlife preserve the private. to watch the fishing in this lake. to get close to the replies it's the bad fruit of people. new high tech and ready to ride the international kicks off with hundreds of calls from the broad on display. is there to check out what's new on four wheels a. shiny new cars in the center behind you or you want to pick one up for yourself
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. well if i could i would just take them all and later decide what to do with them but seriously inside that huge mall that you can see behind me there are several hundreds of very shiny. theories including eight world premier's from car manufacturers such as poor jaguar and mercedes for now they're covered with fabric and crowds of people around them for their releases traditionally of course a lot of champagne a little dressed girl surrounding the cars so there's a lot of very excited man who looked like children in disneyland. when she concept cars are almost expected to be presented during the salonen two million people attended over the period of about two weeks to last until the fifth of september so . you still have a chance to witness one of those premier stan vista international flown has the same status as the one held in paris london which we for example some amazing the.
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russians have on display. well we're expecting fifty premieres from russian car manufacturers for affordable prices they will be suggesting vehicles equipped with navigation systems so you will also see those at the salon who are trying to pick their have one thing straight not be distracted by all the shiny and glitter as they came here to make some deals and more sales in russia have significantly increased after the. you got to be recovered from the global financial crisis but think more about those deals you will you hear later in our business go to. europe for two more years hard in the telling of a thank you. course live not to show not for the business update news that gets promoted to build a pipeline to china shot at so what more can you tell us how that's right the car was originally put forward in two thousand two hundred couldn't agree on prices now it's
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a pipeline could be built by two thousand and fifteen details later in the program but first this hour russia's gross domestic product grew two point five percent in july year on year but the economy contract did not point three percent when compared to the previous dishonest of the shooting season and factories before in particular three percent in the agricultural sector in separate news the ministry is raising its inflation full cost for a year this is still below the level. so i'm going to see how the longest performing in here in russia the r.t.s. is open to just slipping into the red in every trade that follows a day of losses yesterday sentiment is being dominated by periods of news about the u.s. economy and domestic factors of less importance. asian stocks lower on wednesday following declines a move straight in the case time came down down more than one point five percent strongly and putting pressure on exports it's. good news in brief for you know
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russia second largest breeder retailer has reported in the eleven point three percent increase in first one hundred million dollars. that capital spending today is to be moving company three billion dollars and that opens thirty five markets in some six hundred fifty. to poland now in the country's biggest producer stock spirits is looking to buy a seventy five percent stake in ukrainian near old that's according to newspaper. the polish companies gave an exclusive right to acquire the shares and will make a final decision in a month's time in memphis estimated to be worth three hundred seventy million dollars there is another possible by all of the stake russians done dots which previously expressed interest in the us it says it's still considering a bit and the russian fishing industry is enjoying a boom see food production is growing twelve percent in the last three years but
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problems with the infrastructure and bureaucracy mean that much of the catch is not making it to russian dinner tables and instead it's going brought the night of the middle of a report. the chorused reagents account for twenty percent of the fish to russia the ocean is weaker salmon still have child and char there may be russian treasures but much of the stuff is destinated before markets. reach natural resources and the lack of domestic infrastructure proces fish makes the proximity to the asia pacific region. just sell their broad even before. there is not on the lack of infrastructure but also the terror. rushing waters. and the regulations of what because. the fishermen it makes the catch. we have very difficult controls.
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strict requirements which means we need to spend a lot of money and sometimes it's even easier and cheaper to supply. the domestic markets. unlike russia farmers in nations fishermen to having and to two thousand and ten with a catch up nearly ten percent on the previous year of like unless you're going to open your mind as we all realize a good catch is just the beginning it's followed by processing transportation and sale most important is for us to grow. that. russian fish. with seventy two point four percent by two thousand and fourteen to at least eighty five percent we've decided to extend the financing program for the industry by. two thousand and. thirty two. but there is one problem the government will never be able to solve and that's the distance involved in getting the from the far east to russia's biggest population
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centers in the european part of the country transportation is expensive been relatively slow and the arctic char cotton a monday morning in the. the city would be lucky to make it to more screen time this time belonged instead it's more likely to end up on then the chopstick in tokyo or be jean zinaida to do a business are cheaper pols who come to the far east. and finally russian energy giant gas may build a gas pipeline in russia china as early as two thousand and fifteen. degree to build a pipeline to china in two thousand and eight the spell to agree on gas prices with beijing some experts doubt will be a priority for china as it's already investing heavily in the two biggest energy supplies in central asia so many are starving because that stuff. that's the latest you can always buy most henri's on our website www dot com slash business.
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question is that so much of the taxpayers' money i mean i says yes and a real mystery and it's not just the world means of return of robin hood should the rich be taxed more for the benefit of everyone else and what kind of.
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wealthy british style holds it's not on its side of the. market financed scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on our t.v. . the phone. more news today violence is once again for.
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these are the.
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