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when the the u.s. administration goes to great lengths to get its hands on the alleged russian arms dealer to boot testing the limits of international norms they push for his urgent extradition. big apple of discord to build a mosque near ground zero in new york a speech opinion some saying the issue is just a way drawing attention from america's economic struggle. to go prince a self-proclaimed royal seeks to affect the russian president from the kremlin saying it's his god given right to rule the country. news and much more twenty four hours a day this is r.t. time to say a russian businessman wanted for dealing in the us will not be extradited
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immediately reports had suggested a special plane and fifty u.s. commandos had arrived in bangkok with it to boot is being held a correspondent has been following the latest developments in the case. there's finally been some clarity in the case it is very unlikely that week that bush will leave thailand day that is according to the country's prime minister who said that according to tile laws because the united states already has filed a new set of charges against me that approved those include money laundering but he will not be extradited until those charges are actually heard it before of course the united states realizing that they've basically set a spoke in their own wheels are now trying to do their best to withdraw those charges in order to be able to proceed with the extradition process but for now the boot remains in solitary confinement in the infamous bank called the hilton the thai prison in the capital bank called the first united states authorities are
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doing everything they can to extradite the man to the u.s. as quickly as possible according to some rumors there's already a charge it is a special chartered plane stationed at the air force base in thailand that was set there just to pick up food and bring him back to the united states so he could stand trial there but so far basically all those attempts to extradite the man as soon as the ruling was made on august twentieth have failed we don't know what will happen tomorrow but for now i think that a bitter maids in thailand of course the united states authorities do want him in the u.s. as quickly as possible there are a number of reasons for that my colleague lauren lyster looked at some of them last week prior to the appeals court ruling for viktor broods extradition there was immense pressure from the u.s. president barack obama's administration coming from the state department the state department met with the thai ambassador in the u.s.
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and said that this extradition was a top priority for the united states in the same manner the u.s. ambassador in thailand met with officials in bangkok and told them the same thing putting the same pressure on them separately six law made. from both sides of the aisles in the united states in the us congress sent a letter to the thai government saying that victor boots release would be a threat to both thailand and the united states by the way of him selling arms to governments or organizations that would target the u.s. or thailand so there was immense pressure applied prior to his extradition what's really behind washington's vilification though is the question and there are several different analyses for this one analysis is that has come out is that boots simply knew too much and could really embarrass the united states with the information that he had you know he was involved in governments and groups and trafficking and moving goods but also arms forty seven's not only for governments
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all over the world but for the u.s. government for allies of the u.s. government who knows what kind of information he has that could embarrass the united states he was arrested again at the thai capital bangkok in march two thousand and eight. mile by the u.s. government using him of international arms trafficking and specifically selling and delivering weapons to known terrorist organizations that george bush in two thousand and four that president prohibited the united states government of from having any kind of contract with the boot and his companies but despite that request despite the order by the president the pentagon actually extended his contract to two thousand and six so for two years the pentagon operated with the book and these companies basically outside of the law he was taken down in the thai capital by a joint sting operation by the u.s. and thai authorities or speak to the board has always maintained his innocence.
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because of journalist daniel a student who says the boot case has been twisted to discoverers american involvement. tieing told us officers a very high level told me that in fact the whole thing was already done before it started in a sense that you know the corridor for instance was going to rule in favor so it looked actually the book was going to win the case and the appeals court was going to rule in boots against picture book so that nobody could say that it was askew decision that nobody could say that the americans paid the thais everybody could say it was one for blood one would for the americans except that the appeals court decision was the final decision because unfortunately in thailand there is no appeal to the supreme court as far as the four has a concert. well there to talk more about this complex case not joined by brian johnson thomas former arms trafficking expert the un security council there in birmingham u.k. thank you for joining us here on r.t. now the extradition ruling came out after the u.s.
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administration reportedly someone the thai ambassador in washington well the u.s. ambassador met with toy authorities so all of high powered effort over this case and to ing and fro ing what does all this reveal that. i think they've placed a very high priority on the arrest of victims because they've seen in the american media out of the merchant of death when i would agree. that he's not quite the pivotal character that can seem to pretend to you so how far are the thai authorities ready to go in your opinion why the about face in court rulings and cleared of all charges last year the extradition now what's what's actually going on i think the problem is that if you actually look at american law. as it stands the victim is probably guilty as the case i was parallels of the case last year where another one called monster. was sent down for a long period for trafficking again monsoreau was somebody who was an arms dealer
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had helped the american government in the past and i still count upon north's. i'm not quite clear why the americans have fought this case so today actually maybe just occurred to me to spend on a sting operation but certainly there are very very keen to get back to the states . the consequences that will follow here very keen indeed boots has in the past supplied arms to iraq on behalf of the us now washington is desperate to get its hands on and as you say not what kind of revelations could the u.s. government be fearing. i think there are two points here one is that the reason why they've dropped the money laundering charges may be that they can concentrate purely on the sting operation is alleged to have agreed to supply weapons to the fox which is what happened also in the monsoon or classic case if that happens then the court in america may also be directed but not to look at anything other than
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a sting operation so they will not be able to bring into court and to open calls the many times when victor was of some service to the pentagon or whoever else now if he is brought up in court if it is extradited to the u.s. what do you think are his chances of receiving a fair unbiased hearing in the country. i think this goes back to the point i've just made there are disturbing parallels of the case of montserrat. who is currently doing a long sentence in america he was also arrested and charged with a sting operation in which he was also going to supply the fark in colombia where he tried in his defense in court to bring into evidence the number of times he would have helped the american authorities. the judge wouldn't allow that to happen so that must be the worry the same thing may happen in pictures case now something else has emerged from their boots wife says shortly after the extradition ruling that her husband was visited in jail by thai police and asked to sign
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a request for voluntary extradition does this mean the u.s. is still not sure what will get him. no i think largely actualization but maybe save several weeks paperwork as far as i can see they may have thought that if the result is inevitable why not just get it over with and it would certainly i think the charge government must be embarrassed by the whole of. they would like closure to see was possible so that's probably an attempt to the way you say closer than what do you think is actually likely to happen in this case. a think that picture will go to america he will go on trial in manhattan and he will be found guilty of the narrow charges of sort of agreeing to supply the power . i don't think that's necessarily but that's what's going to happen i think there are two things to say one is that victor certainly has been guilty of
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a lack of judgment in who he supplied in some cases but the people for whom he's done that are walking away scot free and that's what does concern me about this case if i could just give you one very quick example some years ago a colleague and i were in eastern congo looking at weapons taken away from from the rebel groups leave but issues that some of those guns came from the rumanian state armstrong rumania they were sold to the ugandan government who then chose to give them to the rebels no good job was to fly the guns the more no less and it seems a little bit strange that picture should be the one of the talk where arguably the rebels on the damage they did people should also with the remaining engine ugandans ok we have to leave it there for now brian johnson thomas thank you for joy. now new york mayor michael bloomberg to build a mosque two blocks from the nine eleven site shows a commitment to american values. muslim community this
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new york bitterly divided over the. issue was driven by politicians going coming elections. if there had to be a dirty word this summer that word would arguably be mosque. we have an island we have over the united states who are really going to be is a monument to the nineteen hijackers if. it was not for me it would be a monument to them and i would stand for the nineteen extremists the iceberg there is a great industry beach behind the destruction of western civilization here in the u.s. the whole country is bickering over the development of an islamic cultural center two blocks from ground zero. dueling demonstrations in lower manhattan he did opponents against supporters. with midterm elections approaching in
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november some say it's no coincidence this new york city issue has become politicized around the nation and they are in tough economic times when we're in tough economic times people turn to desperate measures to gain power a lot of politicians have demonized the muslim community and we're here to say no. we've seen it before certainly. probably see it again unfortunately the right words are growing while less and less is being said about the country's crippling economic situation here inside new york city's largest department of labor office happens. americans are fighting to keep food on the table it's. i think it's unemployment here in new york and everywhere. for people people living on the street in new york city is great depression levels nearly ten percent of the country is out of
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a job and last month nearly one hundred thousand homes were foreclosed on. the house of worship something struggling americans are concerned with me personally know millions of people at work know. it is an issue that drives attention to the media among the employed five thousand are refusing to work construction workers have signed a pledge refusing to build the islamic cultural center if it is to rise if anything can trump america's capitalism clearly its anger marina party new york. you're watching our table costing live from central moscow later this hour. that came to their. international. five minutes time. a self-proclaimed royal is bringing a legal case against the russian government saying kremlin buildings are rightfully his so-called grand the prince of russia claims it's his god given right to rule
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the country but critics say he's deluded discrediting genuine. one day soon the russian president will move out of the kremlin and this man will move in if he gets his way. meet the grand prince of russia but it. should play a decisive role in the fate of the country property is a sacred right of the owners of the kremlin the government just lodges that's why we filed a lawsuit for it to be returned to us. who would have claims to be a long lost descendant of an extinct in a state that has a four hundred year. as he says his ancestors and the other nobles paid for the construction of the criminal with the oh none e. so the family should returned. he has no legal grounds at all for his claims he's just trying to make
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a name for himself the law clearly says that the property belongs to the state his critics say the grand princess was a communist party functionary a bank executive and a failed column and she can get it before quite unexpectedly stumbling upon his role roots which is what you put in his is not a case for genealogist but for psychiatrists he seems to more discredit the aristocracy than anything despite being labelled alternatively mentally ill or a megalomaniac the grand prince remains upbeat about i'm not a clown with my heritage i've been given the power of the ordinary people have not to look off to places and these people further hearings. i am now the problem is unlikely to change owners any thought and so on but what the story does prove is that with a threesome checkered history russia has left a lot of people with claims to property some ludicrous others serious.
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moscow. new high tech ready to ride the moscow international motor show has kicked off with hundreds of calls from russia and the broad on display. is there to check out what's new in four wheels. we're still about to witness eight world premier years at the salon car manufacturers such as poor show jaguar mercedes and others who present their new vehicles altogether there is six hundred shiny speedsters also a lot of champagne an extraordinary dressed girls as the tradition as such carcillo goes a lot of men looking very very excited as their children have been taken to disneyland to n.z. concept cars are also expected to be presented during this event to meal people who would stand it as the venue continues until the fifth of september as the source alone has an international stage just as the ones held in london paris or detroit
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for its motion car manufacturers are expected to present about fifty new vehicles for very affordable prices they will be suggesting cars with the installed. system so this is one of the most expected events for russians here and did many we came here trying to keep their head school and not be distracted by all the shiny or the shiny and glitter of this event as they came here to make some deals and so we are expecting deals to be made because car sales in russia have significantly increased after the country's economy overcame the global financial crisis and the business ability and we will tell you about the biggest deals made here. for you to consider to be one of the most expensive gigs to be staged kickoff in the russian capital on wednesday this will be the first time the parent has performed. the stadium is expecting about eighty thousand friends to attend. sure you tube or give
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you a five piece mattress. those sets which depicts the members of the band has become a big hit among fans the artist responsible even claims to have received an order from the musicians themselves. now let's have the some of the stories making headlines around the world. rescuers have found the black box of a plane that overshot the runway in northeast china killing forty two people fifty four others were injured the plane was trying to land that night unfold and burst into flames the survivors had been taken to hospitals with three people in critical condition. three people have been killed in a shootout in the lebanese capital beirut has been lost supporters and sunni groups have machine guns and rocket propelled grenades at each other just blocks away from a busy tourist area of the violence in the arguments outside the mosque last of four hours a joint statement issued later said the dispute was not insecure. have
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taken to the streets of cholera to protest at what's going to shortages the heights of some of the cuts have affected people in all parts of the country during the month of ramadan whose lives lost temperatures reach over thirty eight degrees celsius the government has in the past often been criticised ready to provide basic services to starving. in the us three people have been killed after a truck smashed into a house in south west centuries emergency officials say the victims man woman and child in a. completely destroyed the home running parents of the gravel was carrying police say brake failure may be the cause of the accident. a rare to twenty may day has been seen of the syrian state of some while far as the strong winds combined to produce swelling claims of several meetings which eventually
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dispersed authority. is in brazil a struggling to contain the far as a form of burning waste from the sugarcane. while we can cross now to charlotte from all the moscow international motor show from a business perspective hello yes that is where we start our program this hour the most powerful porsche the safest jack you are the most expensive bentley among the cars making their debuts of the international motor show which is open to around eighty companies in twelve countries taking part in the event and is expected to be something of a celebration given the recent the recall sells in the russian market domestic cars and liveries grew nine percent in the first seven months of the year and up forty percent in july or cover your ass rooted to the state funded cash for clunkers program foreign vehicles also growing into iran to the general director of missile explains. we believe that three we really go on our fiscal year which is on the
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march of two one and what falls on the girls each small is a double of four before you will increasing the market share so it's such unforeseen for the next year we will certainly look after only using by fifteen to be true if we. believe that you are known to be in the heart of the market successful because certainly he's you know we've got this idea of what you said you know a shot in the objectives to double the surge in two thousand and so we would look for six falls in the you know on those in the market i mean at least so these some of these so product now as we get the feeling in the market. we want to take advantage of these and we believe that to having the body training or shows but the knowledge talking about the body. i'm going to ask you to be patient. russia's gross domestic product grew two point five percent in july and year on year but the economy can trying to wean three percent when compared to the previous
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month finance minister blamed seasonal factors for the fall in particular slump in the agricultural sector and separately as the ministry is raising its inflation full cost we'll be able says it will still be lower than the level of. time no see how the markets that were forming here in russia stocks are climbing modestly in mid-morning the trade is all rebounds from an eleven week low boosting juicers shares of charles left from two point six percent and lukoil is also helping to push up the market being one point one percent of the remarks that. european stock markets are trading in our brains when following another downbeat session on wall street and as investors on a mixed bag of corporate earnings the footsies called for in the block is now. over in a japanese shares are finished and a low pressured by yen to stay close to fifteen year highs against the us dollar it comes investors look to tokyo for action to protect the economy and the car used to
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currencies appreciation which is hitting experience with the case closed down one point six percent. in other news the russian fishing industry is enjoying a boom see through production isn't growing twelve percent the last three years the problems with the infrastructure and bureaucracy mean that much of the cut is not making it's a russian dinner tables and instead of going abroad the night i'm invited to report . the forest regence account for twenty percent of the fish caught in russia the ocean is weaker salmon still have trout and char there may be russian treasures but much of the stock is destinated before in markets. as a rich natural resources and the lack of domestic infrastructure for a pro to fish makes the proximity to the asia pacific region and opportunity for russia to sell their broad even before returning shorts there is not on their lack of infrastructure but also the tariffs imposed on c. foot caught in russian waters are high and the regulations of what because it all
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strange and so for the fisherman it often makes sense to lend the catch in a foreign port. we have to pass very difficult controls the agencies impose strict requirements which means we need to spend a lot of money and sometimes it's even easier and cheaper for us to supply fish brought them to the domestic market. unlike russia's farmers the nation's fishermen are having a good to thousand and ten with a catch up nearly ten percent on their previous year of like a good mix of the ship and as we all realize a good catch is just the beginning it's followed by processing transport taishan and sale most important is for us to grow the share of domestic goods and that in two thousand and nine the share russian fish consumed in russia was seventy two point four percent by two thousand and fourteen it should grow to at least eighty point five percent we've decided to extend the financing program for the industry
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by one year to two thousand and fourteen that's around thirty two billion rubles but there is one problem the government will never be able to solve and that's the distance involved in getting fish from the far east to russia's biggest population centers in the european part of the country transportation is expensive at a relatively slow an arctic char cotton a monday morning in the. pacific would be like it to make it to more screen time for sunday launch instead it's more likely to end up on then do the chopstick in tokyo or big gene zinaida to do a business are cheaper there are pros who come charging the far east. plus the latest for you this hour but you can always find most henri's on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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more news today. and these are the images cold world has been seeing
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from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. someone from feinstein. screwed stunts on t.v. .
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