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lies beneath the u.s. administration goes to great lengths to get its hands on the blood strawson arms dealer viktor bloom testing the limits of international law known as they pushed for this purge and extradition. the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks announced fresh revelations concerning the cia just a month after infuriating the pentagon by publishing its secret document to see. her go friends a self-proclaimed royals to a victim russian president from the kremlin saying it's his god given right to rule the country. and big apple on discord plans to build a more near ground zero in new york the split opinion from saying the issue is just a way of drawing attention from america's economic struggle.
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live from our headquarters in central moscow you're watching argue with me nice and now it's two pm here in the russian capital five pm in bangkok where thai authorities say a russian businessman wanted for arms dealing in the u.s. will not be extradited immediately reports have suggested a special plane and fifty u.s. commandos have arrived in bangkok where victor boot is being held our correspondent considering the daughter of a has been following the latest developments in the case there's finally been some clarity in the case it is very unlikely that it will be thailand day that is according to the country's prime minister who said that according to tylenols because the united states already have filed a new set of charges against him that aboard those include money laundering he will not be extradited until those charges are actually heard for of course the united states realizing that they've basically said a spokesman there of the will right now. trying to do their best to withdraw those
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charges in order to be able to proceed with the extradition process but for now the boot remains in solitary confinement in the infamous bank called hilton the thai prison in the capital bank called the first united states authorities are doing everything they can to extradite the man to the u.s. as quickly as possible according to some rumors there's already a charge it is a special chartered plane stationed at the air force base in thailand that was said there just to pick up food and bring him back to the united states so he could stand trial there but so far basically all those attempts to extradite the man as soon as the ruling was made on august twentieth have failed we don't know what will happen tomorrow but for now think that a bullet remains a towel and of course the united states authorities do want him in the u.s. as quickly as possible there are a number of reasons for that my colleague lauren lyster looked at some of them last
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week prior to the appeals court ruling for viktor brute's extradition there was immense pressure from u.s. president barack obama's administration coming from the state department the state department met with the thai ambassador in the u.s. and said that this extradition was a top priority for the united states in the same manner the u.s. ambassador in thailand met with officials in bangkok and told them the same thing putting the same pressure on them separately six lawmakers from both sides of the aisles in the united states in the u.s. congress sent a letter to the thai government saying that victor boots release would be a threat to both thailand and the united states there was immense pressure applied prior to his extradition what's really behind washington's vilification though is the question and there are several different analyses for this one analysis that has come out is that bruce simply knew too much and could really embarrass the united states with the information that. he had he was arrested in the thai capital
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bangkok in march two thousand and eight. mile by the us government using him of international arms trafficking and specifically selling and delivering weapons to build terrorist organizations and george bush in two thousand and four that a president. of the united states government from having any kind of contract with big that it would and his companies but despite that request despite that order by the president the pentagon actually extended his contract to two thousand and six so for two years the pentagon operated with it and these companies basically outside of the law he was taken down and that's why capital by joint sting operation by the u.s. and thai authorities or speak to the board has always maintained his innocence well investigative journalist daniel is still and says the brute case has been twisted to disguise american involvement time travel agents officers with very high level
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told me that in fact the whole thing was already done before it started and sense that you know the court of course instance was going to rule in favor who would look back to the book was going to win the case and the appeals court was going to rule in boots against the board so that nobody could say that it was a skewed decision that nobody could say that the americans paid the toys everybody could say it was one for blood one would for the americans or said that the appeals court decision was the final decision because unfortunately in thailand there was more people to the supreme court as far as the four has a concern. and brian johnson thomas former arms trafficking expert for the u.n. security council thinks that eventually whether it's fair or not mr boot will be extradited to the u.s. . i'm not quite clear why the americans have fought this case so tenaciously maybe just imagine what it is spent on a single operation but certainly they are very very keen to get back to the states and the consequences that will follow i think ritu point one is that the reason why
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they got the money laundering charges may be that they can concentrate purely on the sting operation victor is alleged to have agreed to supply weapons to the fark if that happens then the court in america may also be directed not to look at anything other than a sting operation so they will not be able to bring into court and to open court the many times when victor was of some service to the pentagon or whoever else i think the victor will go to america he will go on for a man and he will be found guilty on the narrow charges of of agreeing to supply the power. i don't think the. loss was good. there was no blowing website that angered the pentagon by publishing ninety thousand secret u.s. files is now set to reveal a cia paper we made the announcement as its fourth founder julian assange is under investigation in sweden on suspicion of molestation charges more reports well we
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know very little at the moment about what kind of information is going to be released later on today we do know that wiki leaks released a message on twitter saying that today would be the day that they released a new set of information make a new leak we're not sure what time that's going to happen we're still waiting for it at the moment and we're also not clear about whether it's related to the afghan war diaries that were released as a huge volume of documents eighty thousand documents that wiki leaks released about the afghan war that detail. the reporting of civilian casualties the evidence of war crimes having been committed and misrepresenting misreporting basically of what was actually happening during that war a picture of a bloody conflict that's not going to come to an end anytime soon what we do know however is that those original documents eighty thousand of them they were came
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exclusively from the u.s. military there was no secret information there no you know top secret classified documentation and importantly no information from the cia but this information according to it really does come from the cia so it's not clear whether this is the fifteen thousand documents that julian assange and his team decide when they may be originally now ready to put them out or whether this congress this is a new leak from an entirely new source which is more related to the cia this is a big day for julian i saw as the representative of wiki leaks he is not only releasing this information but it's also going to be revealed today whether he will face. charges of molestation this is really an extraordinary story came to light over the weekend arrest warrant had been issued in sweden to swedish women and women came forward one of them said that he had rate and another one said that he had molested her now molestation is a lesser charge than rape the prosecutor is going to decide on wednesday whether or
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not he will stand charges for molestation the rape charge has already been thrown out the prosecutor in sweden said that there was no evidence to suggest that there was a rape we have to draw a parallel between these two events happening on the same day releasing of new information and deciding whether whether he will stand charges of molestation it's possible that this was done to deflect attention from this sexual charge that he may have to face now a self-proclaimed royal is bringing a legal case against the russian government saying the kremlin buildings are rightfully his the so-called grand prince of all russia claims it's his god given right to rule the country but critics say he's deluded and discrediting genuine royalty. the russian president of the kremlin. if he gets his way. need the grand prince of all russia but it could get it.
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right there we are a store procedure should play a decisive role in the fate of the country property is a sacred right and we are the owners of the kremlin if the government just lodges that's why we filed a lawsuit for it to be returned to us. who would have claims to be a long lost the send and of an extinct in a city that hasn't ruled russia for four hundred years he says his ancestors and other nobles paid for the construction of the criminal with their own money so the family should return there. he has no legal grounds at all for his claims he's just trying to make a name for himself the law clearly says that the property belongs to the state his critics say the grand prince was a communist party functionary a bank executive and a failed palm entry candidate before quite unexpectedly stumbling upon his role roots which is this what you put in his is not a case for genealogist but for psychiatrists he seems to more discredit the
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aristocracy than anything. despite being labeled alternatively mentally ill or a make a little maniac the grand prince remains upbeat about look i feel i'm not a clown with my heritage i've been given the power that ordinary people have not to look off to places and these people are hearings. the problem is unlikely to change owners any thought soon but what the story does prove is that with its recent checkered history russia has left a lot of people with claims to property some ludicrous serious. new york mayor michael bloomberg says plans to build a mosque two blocks from the nine eleven site shows a commitment to american values that's what he told gas at an annual ramadan dinner attended by muslim community leaders new yorkers are bitterly divided over the project with some claiming the issue is driven by politicians hoping to gain votes
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in upcoming elections. if there had to be a dirty word this summer that word would arguably the mosque. have enough mice we have all of the long island we have more all over the united states but it's somewhere else so what are you really going to be is a monument to the nineteen hijackers if close to this right it would not fully be a monument to them and i would say i'm forty and nineteen extremis i do typically iceberg there is a whole industry beach behind the destruction of western civilization here in the u.s. the whole country is bickering over the development of an islamic cultural center two blocks from ground zero yet dueling demonstrations in lower manhattan. one in stock and supporters. there with midterm elections approaching in november some say it's no coincidence this new york city issue has become politicized around
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the nation and they were on top. economic times when we're in tough economic times people turn to desperate measures to gain power a lot of politicians have demonized the muslim community and we're here to say no. we've seen it before. probably see it again unfortunately the right words are growing while less and less is being said about the country's crippling economic situation here inside new york city's largest department of labor office happened to get from. there are fighting to keep food on the table it's. like it's unemployment here in new york everywhere. for people. to listen it's new york city is at great depression levels ten percent of the country is out of a job and last month nearly one hundred thousand homes were foreclosed on and when i'm just looking at the time it's a house of worship something struggling americans are concerned with me personally
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know millions of people at work but it is an issue that drives attention to the media among the employed five thousand are refusing to work construction workers have signed a pledge refusing to build the islamic cultural center if it is to rise if anything can trump america's capitalism clearly its anger. r.t. new york. trying to force countries to accept democracy is a hopeless task that's according to historian and theorist john donne who thinks the process of change. he wants his full interview in about fifteen minutes time. the process of democratization you could say is progress towards a very good outcome which hasn't actually come anywhere in the world so far so if you have an ambitious good step short of democratization what those two experiences
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taken together of taught us is that it's absolutely hopeless to try to move fall in the direction of that and. bombing countries to pieces and invading them without bothering to inform yourself about. the views and beliefs and practices of most of their inhabitants i mean neither is. very hard. nor the new afghanistan which isn't really under any one ever where it's all promising candidates for rapid democratization it isn't possible to democratize anywhere by bombing it in invading it. just want to take a second to remind you that you can find all our stories plus much more at our dot com now it's just gone sixteen minutes past the hour let's take a look at some other stories dominating world news this hour rescuers have found
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the black box of a plane that oversaw the runway in northeast china killing forty two people fifty others fifty four others rather were injured the plane was trying to land at night in fog and burst into flames survivors have been taken to hospitals with three people in critical condition. hundreds of afghan protesters gathered outside a spanish military base in western afghanistan after a shooting incident my four people dead two spanish police and an interpreter were killed when an alpha when a trainee afghan policeman turned on them before he was shot dead the incident appears to be the last latest in a string of recent attacks by. afghan police recruits nato soldiers. three people have been killed in a shoot out in the lebanese capital beirut shiite hezbollah supporters in the sunni group fired machine guns and rocket propelled grenades at each other just blocks
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away from a busy tourist area the violence followed an argument outside a mosque and for over four hours a joint statement issued later to you was not politically motivated. more than thirty people have been killed in a string of attacks across iraq several blast took place in baghdad one of which left fifteen dead another fifteen were killed in a in an attack in the southern city of kut a total of ten attacks took the country ahead of the u.s. pullout of troops scheduled for the mom. a rare fire tornado has been seen in the brazilian state of south wildfires and strong winds combined to produce swirling columns of flame several meters high which eventually dispersed authorities in brazil are struggling to contain the fires that have been farmers from burning waste from the sugar cane harvest. now
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you to a concert considered to be one of the most expensive gigs ever to be staged will kick off in the russian capital later this wednesday this will be the first time the band has performed in russia the show is expected to generate between seven to eight million dollars ms mckee stage is expecting about eighty thousand fans to attend the concert along with traditional view to memorabilia of five dolls that picks the members of the band has become a big hit among frowns now the artist responsible even claims to have received an order from musicians themselves. new high tech and ready to ride the moscow international motor show has kicked off with hundreds of cars from russia and abroad. on display. there to check out what's new on for reals. two million people are expected to visit the lawn as it lasts until a fifth of the so if you do have a chance of your. caps you will witness one of the eight wood releases or one of
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the twenty tons of card releases they place here russian car manufacturers book for them to be sold at business on the very reasonable prices with live again systems installed in them to be honest with you want to predict to me how they work but they're sure pretty easy to use you will also see some serious looking guys here who are trying to keep their hands cool and not get distracted by the shiny and glittery there's here as they came to make some business car sales in russia have significantly increased after the country's economy overcame the global financial crisis but the talk about the big deals my colleague who joined you later in our business bulletin meanwhile i'm going to think this bad boy for test drive. i'm sure those bad boys have quite some price tags let's get more on the business perspective like you said charlotte joins us your course have more on that international motor show taking place in moscow oh yes and day about where we stalls our program this hour the most powerful force
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a bulletproof jag or the most expensive but mayor mung the cars making maids a few of the international motor show here in moscow and around eighty companies from twelve countries are taking polish in the event and all correspondent daniel bushell is that the business. there are several world for me is here of the most going to enough snow mode to show off devices pushing a competitive to be dominant chief he has sat nav system is called good lower not this been in development but they case here in russia enough about to finally put it in is love the calls from makes year but the focus really is on the tree cause most go ready as more of them than anywhere else on the jaguars are big ben and you all much will take the local fun day i remember two years ago the head of b.m.w. here showing me around a bullet proof and this really follows in that tradition there's also world puts like a new line drove up on the most powerful level whole show nine eleven the show was
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cancelled last year was demobbed flop but i think that they the same optimistic that there was two years ago and in big bold sales in russia jumped almost fifty percent last month of july two thousand and nine the company with the most aggressive strategy has been this that red notice that the french japanese call make up has the toy dog with russia's biggest selling also a brand ball drop device disappointed problem filmable one here in the country and they also all getting a massive new two percent market share in russia the three of them between the time the head of mr and here in russia told me he has hopes of if they plan to sail to the end of a few we believe that we we will go on the off the schedule which is on the top to one what falls on gals which small as a double for a little before the well increasing the market share so it's such a such unforeseen fall the next year we will suddenly look after all using by fifteen get additional. time now to see how the market will mean here in russia
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stop the nixon off again trade he also yes is sliding into the registers while we towns from an eleven week life they seem like produces such as a child's neck to jump two point six percent and lupul is also. helping to push up the market i mean one point one percent of the money. over in europe so long for struggling for directional drilling down the session a real strain on those investors on a mix of. the footsie is no zero point two percent in the red and the low oil school in the dow more than. moving from the stalks to the sea and the russian fishing industry is enjoying a boom see food production is growing twelve percent in the last three years the problems with the infrastructure and crissy mean that much of the cut is not making it to russian dinner tables and instead going forward tonight i'm afraid of a report. the forest reagents account for twenty percent of the fish caught in
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russia the ocean is weaker salmon still have child and char there may be russian treasures but much of the stock is destinated before markets. reach natural resources and the lack of domestic infrastructure. makes the proximity to the asia pacific region. to sell their broad even before. there is not on their lack of infrastructure but also the terror. rushing waters. and the regulations of what because us true so for the fisherman it often makes sense to lend the catch in if. we have to very difficult. requirements which means we need to spend a lot of money and sometimes it's even easier and cheaper for us to supply. to the domestic market. unlike russia's farmers the nation's fishermen are having and good
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to thousand and ten with a catch up nearly ten percent on their previous year i'd like to get much of their shopping in miami as we all realize a good catch is just the beginning it's followed by processing transportation and. most important is for us to grow. fish consumed in russia seventy two point four percent by two thousand and fourteen it should grow to at least eighty five percent we've decided to extend the financing program for the industry by one year two thousand and fourteen that's around thirty two billion. but there is one problem the government will never be able to solve and that's the distance involved in getting from the far east to russia's biggest population centers in the european part of the country just partition is expensive and relatively slow and the arctic char cotton a monday morning in the pacific to make it to moscow in time launch instead it's
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more likely to end up on then the chopstick in tokyo or beijing zinaida individual business are cheap it appalls he come chatzky the far east. and there's the ladies my colleague stephanie monday will be here next hour to take you through the business for the rest of the day in the meantime you can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business. disarming
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saddam hussein. has no charge of iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance that the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever.
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play flies again over embassy in kabul. generous to launch occupied afghanistan. now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. commitment. that is appropriate today in accordance as much as we can with the geneva convention if a slab stomach slap if you can should do not. interrogation techniques that we. see.
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today. these are the images. from the
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