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it's hopeless now here in moscow this is a toy a media claims the man dubbed the merchant death may be linked to the nine eleven terror attacks it causes new rules against the alleged russian arms dealer to our investigators. the online whistleblower wiki leaks promises to release a secret cia document on wednesday the announcement comes just a month to lifting the lid on scandalous u.s. military files were. also. russian rock music funds are an eager anticipation of getting ready to use the irish rock is due to some eighty thousand people are expected to attend the show the world's most expensive staging today. ok since the birth of the idea in ancient greece democracy has undergone many changes a definition but it's still essential for politics and peace without supporting the
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historian and theorist. democracy originally meant that it's the people who hold the power and excise who you say that in times of state democracy that's a thumping false could you elaborate on well it's not what we have today because very obviously i don't rule the united kingdom and you don't rule the united kingdom and. so you could argue about how many people do it but certainly you know very many people who are in the very definitely most isn't in the nothings the systems weren't a very large proportion of the population but they did take major public decisions and there went to very many people who were chosen to exercise special power. move to the military leaders elected and that was seen as
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a rather undemocratic practice because the spirit necessary because in a war you want to be quite sure that you were led by the people who are most likely to lead you to victory do you think that democracy as it exists today has changed for better or who us first what democracy is is a greek word for naming that particular set of brake arrangements a long time ago and there's arrangements essentially disappeared thousand years ago roughly a little bit less. and they didn't really they hadn't ever really reappeared except on a very small scale and they don't have much to do with the way in which any modern state is gulf states much bigger. and they are there dalton through complicated public iraq or says. the governing body relatively small numbers of innocents professional politicians. and that's that is
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a very different structure and it's ridiculous to describe that as rude by the people. in today's western democracy has become the only acceptable for government how. well it's essentially happened because the. two principal competitors to us and western history. and aristocracy collapsed in the course of the nineteenth and twentieth century and what we now call democracy is what was left instead which involves all the citizens almost all citizens. at least a notional form in the way the power is actually held which involves some very very sporadically and pretty feebly i think one could say do you think democracy can be used to cover up to say our. school system well i think it always is i mean that is
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in a way the main point i want to make i mean this is the walker see is both the name of a form of government not very clearly defined form of government and a political pretension or party political claim which is that a form of government is actually authorized by the people or to the very very great majority of states in the world. governments which claim to be authorised by the people but if you ask how the people actually do their authorizing the answer is they have a very very small bit poff really they intervene in some countries barely at all and in any countries only every few years and they're very briefly and in a way which gives the mix stream in full control over the outcome then you can see us have a profound effect on democracy could you describe that roughly speaking since the end of the second world war the united states has definitely been the opinion that
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the rest of the world should be governed in much the same way as it was government has been much the most part. state in the world over that period of time and it's insisted with a very vehement scenario in coercive inus on the merits of its way of its approach to governing to other peoples and obviously. for a long period of time between shortly after the end of the second world war and the collapse of the soviet union it was essentially in a global power struggle with a completely different way of organizing and both of which i mean call themselves democracy and base of which had some grounds for calling themselves democracy and neither of which on the i'm offering have no very strong grounds for calling themselves democracy because that isn't what democracy meant. to us fish in a democracy it's good with station. in the islamic wells most unhealthy bless
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america is sponsoring insurgency posco twenty first century democracy the united states has no particular insight into most of the rest of the world and it's. a long time a very considerable set up with some power over any other potential competitor and it has. a very considerable overconfidence about its capacity to judge what's good and bad for other countries and all the state under the. george w. bush presidency it interferes a lot in other parts of the world on the basis of that judgment in a very indiscreet way and yet that is how democracy seen isn't it nowadays in this sort of evangelical way george w. bush himself said that democracy was the best weapon in fighting terrorism what did you think when he said well i thought he was a fool. i thought he was a fool and the people behind him were knaves if you see what i mean i mean that
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claim was made in defense of very a. forward military and political policy in the united states of the united states in various parts of the world and that policy has not proved at all why and it was inherently objectionable in some respects. no decent motives behind the tool but there were a lot of not very decent motives behind it and it was a very stupid policy. regimes in basic iraq and afghanistan. the process of democratization the process of democratization you could say is progress towards a very good outcome which hasn't actually come out anywhere in the world so if you have an ambitious can of democratization what those two experiences taken together of tortoise is that it's absolutely hopeless to try to move fast in
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the direction of that and by bombing countries pieces and invading them. without bothering to inform yourself about what was. the views and beliefs and practices of most of their inhabitants. under saddam hussein very hold. no afghanistan which isn't really under any one ever. promising candidates for rapid democratization and it isn't possible to democratize anywhere by bombing it in invading it do you think that democracy is in essence compatible with. me. yes i do i think it's quite likely that in the longer run. any islamic country which is really successful economically. will. flourish culturally real and insisted on something much more like what we call democracy as its
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government system. they will be able to do so rapidly and there's a lot of stuff in the way i don't think it's true for example that you're wrong couldn't be what we call a democracy it was the resilience majority of them who are moving in that direction and be assisted to do say by being molested from the outside you hold that introducing democracy into the democratic side she sells really has the next facts playing out where it depends on how you do the introducing a bit i mean you could say in a way that in the very long run britain introduce democracy into india. but it did so jolly slowly. and the absolutely crucial point is that at the point that it introduced democracy it withdrew briskly. the
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indians. got on with this in their way. the results of his speech the biggest democracy in the world are not understanding of. all that it has pretty alarming characteristics in many ways it's been a triumphant success and you can see clearly pessimistic about the ability of democracy to bring peace to the middle east well i do think that the middle east is not the sort of place where democracy is going to assist peace foxed. i mean it is a very important fact that the. the mayster peace of this group amongst the palestinians won the elections in gaza and they won the elections in gaza because more of the population of gaza agreed with their decision that was going on what it meant than with that of their opponents and i think that. i mean israel anyway. within the jewish population i mean there has been
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a democracy since it became a state but it hasn't become much more specific as a result of being a democracy and it's. it started off in a very bad place and. it's small so to me i can get back from that position but it is clear to me that democracy is irrelevant . thank you for much.
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longer. this is tree still keeps its secrets but now it's time to move feel. the soviet songs and. every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world its knowledge update on our jeep. more news today violence is what's. again flared up. these are the images cobol has
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been seeing from the streets of canada. operations. i've. lived
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. in league. live. time media claims the money and today may be linked to the nine eleven terror at
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times it comes is that new challenges which again is the lead structure of the to poot own best gates's. film line whistleblower wiki leaks promises to release the secret cia document told wednesday bin elfman comes just a month and this being the littlest countless u.s. minute she falls were guarding. also. a wrong community funds or an eager anticipation of last days getting ready to hit the irish rock as you see saw mazie thousand people expected to attend the show the world's most expensive staging to dates. back to the top of the hour with more world news right now there was also a date with the talia. you know watching the sport news on our channel begin with our main stories ready to spire that's their motto russian for the fans who will be seen around the globe as
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their race to host well top twenty eight picks up case. the future is still uncertain for and yet collect chill casting and a challenge checks a second contract offer from dangerous devils. and rush out of the world basketball championships as underdogs martinez was in a survival previous internment that tips off on saturday. so by the end of the a while now they host for both the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two world cup finals as it stands russia and england are considered to be in the driving seat for the new york championships or a half of that now has the latest. bidding for the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two world cups and winning the big this is what. has been going you know in december the second when people executive committee will go to see the hosting countries russians will know if this dream will continue and whether this computer
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model tour into reality. they live in beads originally submitted to twenty eight thousand world cup is the most contested in people's history i have a book that's an expert in russia assure their country is a strong favorite yeah i badly want to our country to host the world cup it would be a great pleasure for me to be part of event like this even just a fan it will give russia a significant boost in terms of football infrastructure and economic development of your solution i think we have a pretty good chance to weigh in as we always weigh in when our governments highest officials get involved. and in fact. we'll win this contest just like we did with the sochi two thousand and fourteen olympics. i hope people will let us host the two thousand and eighteen world cup backed by gazprom and dick advocaat will help the russian national team perform very well after inspection team visit to russia
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last week we met with the head of russia's beat committee. who remains cautiously optimistic over the issues. and it's not only us who thinks so because we obviously would like to think this way but it's foreign media which is unanimous in the opinion that russia's strong among the leaders every bit every country that is now running for three thousand eight hundred or two thousand and twenty two he's capable of organizing a good world cup that's for sure and i think people will their choices based whole range of criteria not only on possible. organization hosting. possibilities there are other factors that are also valid you know actually government support is one of them very very important one it's now agins to
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interpose defeat inspection and it is this homeland of food bill which experts consider as russia's main rival so people make based it's tough dilemma of choosing between a skillful inexperienced player eagle and with an up to date including really infrastructure in the young hopeful with blended all for russia we still need some turn to gain power in this respect the north to russia's official beat with a twenty eighteen world cup which is weighted to inspire speaks for itself it reflects the importance of legacy the importance of of the impact of the world cup not only in our country but also to neighboring countries and the world community in general we are inspired ourself by the organizing and we are ready to transmit the sense variation to the rest of the world by sharing our knowledge by sharing. our football development programs with the rest of the world and that that is reflected in our tagline in three months before we make
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a decision which may mean russia has seven years to get ready for inspiring the world not known for a mission like this robert but the new york team. meanwhile preparations are well on the way for the next finals to be held in broad. twenty-four tan but like its predecessor south africa some of the country's major works are a little behind schedule sitting in the shadow of the christ the redeemer stand cheerios iconic maracana stadium will be the venue for the final on july thirteenth well famous arena which hosted the nine hundred fifty decider was supposed to have been closed all of july for a much needed vacation but it's only now that the eighty two thousand seater is in grade mode alternately the mark on a should feed ninety thousand plus fans building deal lays in all twelve host cities have been front page news in for a sail but the good news is they have almost four years to get up to speed.
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i'll stay with the bowen says got through to the group stages of the europa league off to al performing on north assists six one overall at one course if watch the move up in the ranks and lot in the cup. says expect to says one of the great sage all the europa league army men defeated the north this is from august sixth one on aggregate and the second action ciphers turned out to be a much tougher affair for the russians as started to great chances right from the get go the super team created at least six opportunities in the first half but the russian defense clearly outclassed the northeast after the first half century heat certainly affected the speed of the game successfully managed to keep the ball in the midfield for the most part of the game but there was no sign of giving up for a north as they say is the team continued to create opportunities for the strikers to medicare off will manage to capitalize on one of those opportunities as he opened the score for the cypriots in the seventy fifth minute however it says managed to equalise through their new cover say do. in international markets but we
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want to just a minute before the end of the match so says go are clearly the stronger team in this i told you i don't think this admits that as well into what i've seen but it was the toughest side we have played against as i said in moscow this is a team that deserves to be in the champions league however i don't know if those who didn't allow it to display their full potential today as we try to control the ball throughout the match and try to always play in the attack. as much as we want to focus on the game with here and play with serious added to i think the score in the first leg affected the quality of our play the players energy increased only after we conceded a goal which. will know their group stage opponents on friday when the draw will be held in switzerland but for now the team is leading cyprus to prepare for their next premier league match against a law called for an artsy larnaca cyprus moving away from football now.
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the latest twist of a new jersey devils reportedly submitted a second contract proposal for a prize which has been a gambler. by the national league should. the devils not to reach an agreement palatable to the n.h.l. the winger can down the playing the season elsewhere and obviously russia would be the number one option in that scenario the cage all season begins in on the eighth of september while n.h.l. training camp stoss on september seventeenth. palace on the pataki won this year as to the france green jersey awarded to the best sprinter is facing a life banned from cycling he and his alone pretty made the rounds a bit of new chair allegedly accused of using doping prior to their successful performance at the main race of the season neither either have tested positive for any banned substance but both have faced suspensions before meaning they would be disqualified for a vote if found guilty this time around but duckie and baluchi deny any wrongdoing
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though. i spoke to the prosecutor and i think it's plain to everything i said all of their questioners have nothing else to say. and gulf news phil mickelson is a step away from becoming the world's top ranking golfer and can do just that at the barclays this week but despite the recent struggles of number one tiger woods make us and sounds he expects nothing but the best from his longtime rival i expect him to play well every week so it's more surprising to me when he has a week that isn't up to his usual expectations but. regardless of what what's gone on recently i just expect him to play well just because he's he is who he is. and finally the man's basketball world championships kick off on saturday with two thousand and seven the euro champions russia considered clear underdogs this time around was a missed of uk has the premium. that. david is clearly happy
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russia's preparations for the ball championships and quite going to plan. was they've lost a number of friendly games and sometimes the team look less and impressive but a lot is sure things will improve here and it's already means we've identified our strengths and i think we're well aware of what are we just saw i don't want to. contribute any more information to the teams out there than they already have but we will try to maximise what we do well and minimize what we're less good at the american has a few headaches ahead of dave and russia still players and take it easy and again just hold on of these drones for personal reasons well not that he managed to get here but it's going to be struggling these injuries and final decision about his ability to play in turkey is still to be me until the last game i was doing well in la and i was dreaming of louis missouri and right now i am and i want them
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individually and real soon next couple days with the likes of the usa and spain favorites russia hasn't said a.v. goals they will take it one game it's time but it will be their first football games on saturday what's the one you're talking about we've already started to learn how they play i think our coaches have seen some of their games and when we get to turkey they'll tell us what we need to do in the first game. in consistency in friendly matches but then solar deforming says at the major events it's been a story of david bought spell at the russian national team and they know they have a reputation for beating the odds and to get into the final in turkey they'll have to do it again but in this our team. and that's it for now log on to our to dot com slash sport for more on today's stories and stay with us for a check on the wild weather.
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of russian merchant of death remains in solitary confinement in bangkok whilst u.s. authorities might.


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