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solitary confinement in bangkok was to u.s. authorities fight for his extradition. the man suspected of organizing the two deadly blast a metro with links to international terrorist organizations for no more than just a few minutes. plus the volunteers escalates in iraq with eva forcing people to live a string of bombings just a day off to the u.s. to lisbon loans to visit combat troops. in. a very warm welcome see this is all to live from moscow with me alice have but it's time e.g. is that claiming a russian businessman wanted for home swung in the u.s. may have been involved in the nine eleven terror attacks it's reported that american secret services have proved victim to huntsville mean the terrorists
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behind the attacks will. today a tie television channel showed a small. story that was actually more similar to a short propaganda style documentary that basically documented the life and alleged dealings of the russian businessmen and also quoted some unnamed american authorities who are allegedly in possession of evidence that proves victim who was involved or somehow is somehow involved in the nine eleven terrorist attacks in the united states of course this is something that has just surfaced there has been no mention of it whatsoever leaving many analysts to wonder why exactly is the united states had this evidence before hand they didn't make it public because surely that would have strengthened their case against victor boot and maybe have even made the criminal court which earlier refused boots extra. mission to swing the case their
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way and actually believe the evidence that they have so the fact that this evidence has just appeared when the united states are clearly facing difficulties with the extradition process this elsley of this is leading many to wonder what kind of evidence this is what and who what kind of sources. is the thai television channel actually relying on and why this information is surfacing just now of course week that it will is waiting for a decision from the thai authorities about his extradition date the united states wanting to extradite him as quickly as possible following the decision on august twentieth allegedly and especially chartered plane traveled all the way to thailand and it is currently stationed at a u.s. air force base in the country waiting specifically to transfer mr boat back to the united states however thai authorities do say that because the united states filed new charges against the russian businessman those charges now have to be processed criminally in order for the man to be extradited the united states of course
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realizing that they've basically tripping up their own case are now trying to withdraw those charges but what this will lead to and how this story will develop nobody knows so far o'brien kill muslims home most of trafficking experts that the u.n. security council needs because extradition is a must when i say. i'm not quite sure why the americans have fought this case so today actually maybe just about the money they spent on this thing operation but certainly they're very very keen to get back to the states and the consequences that will follow i think ritu point you want to is that the reason why they dropped the money laundering charges may be that they can concentrate on the sting operation where victory is alleged to have agreed to supply weapons to the park if that happens then the court in america may also be directed not to look at anything other than the sting operation so they will not be able to bring into court and to
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open the court the very charged when picture was of some service to the pentagon or whoever else the think that picture will go to america he will go on for a man and he will be found guilty of the narrow charges of of agreeing to supply the park i don't think that's necessarily further but that's what's going to happen while there's still plenty more for you in the next hour on are seeing clearing the man hoping to move out the way out into the kremlin. with the recent checkered history russia has left a lot of people with claims to property some ludicrous others serious. self-proclaimed royals seeking to vic the russian president from the kremlin claiming it's his family. now the head of russia's federal security service says newly discovered documents the man believed to be behind the mosque a metro blast with international terrorist organizations the evidence was found.
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was killed in a special operation in dagestan last week. basically these secret documents don't only contain information on what i mean by gum of contents in the proposition but also international context where the international terrorist organisations the are forty six claim also that the now knowing that the last phone told me they owned by gum also cell phone was international as well though they do not disclose the name of the country it was made with all of this is according to the head of the russian federal security service and basically this announcement and the findings of these documents link him going. to international terrorist organisations that the documents were discovered last week as a result of a special operation republican to be started ducted by authorities in which by the other himself posted by governor himself is
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a major figure the suspect going to organizing the deadly blast in moscow metro march twenty ninth one two female suicide bombers attacked two metro stations i believe keep up the morning rush hour killing forty people and injuring one hundred hours how they respond dallas is also suspect there are going to be another blast in the dystonic this week after a man targeting follow up on the station also called organizing around food to give tax authorities in which several policemen were killed and basically these documents also told information on the precise plans and targets of terrorist attacks which got the full force in body so this is definitely going to help the investigation the federal security service says that it now has the names of all the people connected to the blast in moscow metro at the end of march tens of you mastication is that going to continue. more than forty people have been killed in
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the sting of bombings that have rocked iraq in baghdad alone over twenty bombs exploded in at least twelve separate. incidents all the attacks come just a day after the u.s. and now after had withdrawn the last of its combat troops however fifty thousand remain to advise iraqi forces although it's the lowest number sounds instance song of the war in two thousand and three but today's bombings are raising questions over the iraqi government's ability to deal with an ongoing insurgency so paul mcpartlan the employee c.c.h. and says the bombings may actually be directly government's way of getting u.s. troops to stay. but there are a variety of reasons why it should happen and various theories but one of the i think one of the more credible one is that the government is actually involve itself in it in order to prevent the americans from going out or at least the troops they leave they must be gauged in military and use of force not just
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training as it was claimed by the americans although people are talking about forming a government whether it's allow it whether it's maliki or what have you that is really not the situation iraq has been dismantled there is no government there is no authority in iraq the prime minister cannot leave the green zone there is no military or police in iraq because they are all militias who have been recruited to wear the same uniform but that allegiance is not a national one but their allegiance either to their faction or to their group or to their tribe. well america may be quick to complain about all the countries human rights records but today but it's a. could do some work with us according to a new u.n. report which says the u.s. still has some way to go to improve the situation while in new york to talk about this is jennifer term of the american civil liberties union maybe that is the
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joining us this evening so is this the first report of this kind ever to come out of the united states and if so was it did that. have been many things before all this. well this is the first report the united states has ever made to the human rights council as part of this universal product review process under the bush administration the bush administration refused to even joining him rights council and after obama took office in two thousand and nine u.s. would join now the universal periodic review process is the historic process in every country in the united nations is to undergo review and this review will end in two thousand and eleven u.s. comes up for review in november all the reports mentioned ending slavery in giving women the right to vote is some of the u.s. is accomplishments but this is quite a fallback if you seriousness of this day and age should these even be tempted as accomplishments. well it seems that the obama administration would use this report
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to say that the united states has a historic commitment to human rights that's why it mentions our history of ending slavery for instance but the report also talks about the united states of commitment to human rights and to engagement with the u.n. process and in that sense this report is extremely important and a very important signal but the bigger question i think is whether the obama administration will turn this commitment to human rights into tangible policies that will improve the human rights situation in our country will love in the report the u.s. doesn't miss some shortcomings but it left out a few as well so what are the major missions in your view. well the report does importantly commit to closing guantanamo and to fixing the broken immigration system but the report fails to talk about a lot of issues first of all it glosses over the continuation of the military commissions at guantanamo it offers over there by ministrations continuation of bush administration national security policies like indefinitely detaining
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terrorism suspects suspects and the report also just does not talk about it all issues like inhumane prison conditions death and abuse in immigration detention and other issues. from the american civil liberties union many thanks as. well staying in the u.s. now in newark mayor michael bloomberg says plans to build a mosque just two blocks from the nine eleven site show you their commitment to american values with what he told guests in on the ramadan dinner attended by muslim community leaders some new york. divided over the project with some play may be driven by politicians hoping it's again an upcoming election. if there had to be a dirty word this summer that word would arguably be mosque or. mosque we have an island we have the united states. really going to be is a monument to the nineteen hijackers if close to this right it would absolutely be
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a monument to the forty and nineteen extremists the iceberg there is a great industry beach behind the destruction of western civilization here in the u.s. the whole country is bickering over the development of an islamic cultural center two blocks from ground zero zero you're ready dueling demonstrations in lower manhattan opponents against supporters. with midterm elections approaching in november some say it's no coincidence this new york city issue has become politicized around the nation and they are in tough economic times when we're in tough economic times people turn to desperate measures to gain power a lot of politicians have demonized the muslim community and we're here to say no. we've seen it before. probably see it again unfortunately right fighting words are growing while less and less is being said about the country's crippling economic
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situation here inside new york city's largest department of labor office. americans are fighting to keep food on the table it's. like this unemployment here in new york everywhere. for people. to homelessness in new york city is at great depression levels nearly ten percent of the country is out of a job and last month nearly one hundred thousand homes were foreclosed on this. is a house of worship something struggling americans are concerned with me personally for millions of people who work. it is an issue that drives attention to the media among the employed five thousand are refusing to work construction workers have signed a pledge refusing to build the islamic cultural center if it is to rise if anything
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can trump america's capitalism clearly its anger. artsy new york. democracy by minute she forces a toss also he says fairest don't dumb he believes the process of change must be peaceful when you can watch the full interview and analysis time but here's a quick. process of democratization you could say is progress towards a very good outcome which hasn't actually come out anywhere in the world so far so if you have an ambitious goal so action of democratization what those two experiences taken together of tortoise is that it's absolutely hopeless to try to move fast in. that kind. of. country to pieces and invading them without bothering to inform yourself is the. beliefs and practices of most of their inhabitants. one hundred percent
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of the. new afghanistan which isn't really under any one ever. promising for rapid democratization it isn't possible to democratize anywhere by bombing it in invading it. although if you get there they're all plenty more stories on our website at www dot com we also if you just different blogs get space travel and here are just some all today's top picks for you just call them grab the impaler russia's prime it takes to the moon so on with a cross on the hunt for gray whales just to collect skin samples to help with the preservation of the species and the country's borrowing. costs speeding guillaume up both promise the detention of coal all this is the moscow international laser show it gets into gear money factor is from around the world the showcasing that
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they just shiny offerings you can see then see you all at all to dot com. right now rocking to the sound of you see the i received a group or in russia for the first time and always eighty pedals in firms have flocked to the venue with some of the tickets of top officials and dollars but also thin said january a huge spider wave all staged not just in rock n roll history was set up for. hundreds of trucks are brought in just to install it the band has been in town since sunday a ball they met with head of head of the show and it turns out of led zeppelin see you having goldman. is going to have been stashed only as a brief you this hour on the bodies of victims of the bus hijacking have arrived
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back and called survivors and relatives and friends together with. boarded the plane and yeah liner to call the philippines a day of mourning the attack took place on monday when an answer police that held a bunch of tourists at gunpoint in the desert his. mexican troops have discovered the remains of seventy two bodies following a shoot out of your ranch to the city of san fernando authorities believe they were the victims of a drug gang over twenty eight thousand have been killed in drug related violence of the country in the polls for years and that's despite a crocodile by president felipe calderon since he came to power in late two thousand and six. in china the blood boxes of a plane that crash landed killing forty two people have been found fifty four others were injured or the plane was trying to land at night. when it overshot the
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runway and burst into flames a group of chinese officials were on board including a deputy minister who's in a critical condition. now a self-proclaimed royal is bringing a legal case against the russian government claiming the kremlin is rightfully his the so-called. on principle russia says it's his god given right to rule over the place but critics think he's bluffing and discredit genuine royalty. one day soon the russian president will move out of the kremlin and this man will move in if he gets his way. need the grand prince of russia but it could get it. right here we are a store procedure should play a decisive role in the fate of the country property is a sacred right and we are the owners of the kremlin if the government just lodges that's why we filed a lawsuit for it to be returned to us. who would have claims to be
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a long lost descendant of an extinct in a state that hasn't for four hundred years he says his ancestors and the other nobles paid for the construction of the criminal with their own money so the family should returned. he has no legal grounds at all for his claims he's just trying to make a name for himself the law clearly says that the property belongs to the state his critics say the grand prince was a communist party functionary a bank executive and a failed policy and she can that before quite unexpectedly stumbling upon his role roots which is what you put in his is not a case for genealogist but for psychiatrists he seems to more discredit the aristocracy than anything despite being labeled alternatively mentally ill or a megalomaniac the grand prince remains upbeat about i'm not a clown with my heritage i've been given the power they're ordinary people have not to look off to places and these people further hearings for october.
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i am now the problem is unlikely to change owners any thought and so on but what the story does prove is that with a three thousand checkered history russia has left a lot of people with claims to property some ludicrous others serious. moscow. ok that is the way the news does this hour here all to you all this is business now stephanie. hello and welcome to the business but it's in russia's the biggest banks per bank has reported a ten fold rise in first half earnings to just under two point one billion dollars despite the apparently stellar growth the figures are a bit below on the school costs provisions for bad loans fell by nearly fifty percent compared to the first half of two thousand and nine when the state run
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company was feeling the full force of the financial crisis but according to analysts the courty performance does reveal some weakness that profits in the second quarter it was nearly fifty percent below that achieved in the first three months of the year. the good. point to build the rubble to earnings before the water which was twice the over of the lion for. those who work there and that's why the sharp decline from at first glance but actually the reasons for all the decline were mainly expected by us and by the market and so i think about all the other moments a large chile are priced at the moment so we should not expect any significant pressure on this burbank share price but for her. russia is planning to so federal bones with a ten month expiry date it will be the shortest time the government has issued in seven years the finance ministry is optioning a roughly one
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a billion dollars of the paper it's turning to short to maturities as investors have demanded higher yields to counter the risk of rising inflation the worst drought for fifty years is expected to significantly out to food prices for the rest of the. ukraine is once again raising the thorny issue of the price it pays for russian gas the country's prime minister nikolai azoff told his cabinet the price formula is still too high for ukraine that's despite receiving a one hundred dollars discount per thousand cubic meters of counts as are of said he will urge moscow to revise the contract. that's have a look at how the russian markets performed in moscow on whether to say they finished in the red meat frank swayed on the my sex of the t.v. slumped more than two and a half percent the president also suffered down a one point eight percent close followers the company's announcement first off the names lou called the trend vote finishing half
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a percent higher. now moving from stocks to the season the russian fishing industry is enjoying a boom seafood production has grown twelve percent in the last three years but problems with infrastructure and bureaucracy mean most of the catch isn't hitting a russian dinner tables instead it's going abroad seen identified of reports. the forest reagents account for twenty percent of the fish caught in russia the ocean is weaker salmon still have child and char there may be russian treasures but much of this stuff is destinated before markets. reach natural resources and the lack of domestic infrastructure. makes the proximity to the asia pacific region. just sell their broad even before we turn. there is not on the lack of infrastructure but also the terror. in the waters and the regulations of what
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because. the fisherman it often makes sense to land the catch in a court. we have to pass very difficult. strict requirements which means we need to spend a lot of money and sometimes it's even easier and cheaper for us to supply fish to the domestic market. unlike russia's farmers the nation's fishermen are having and good to thousand and ten with a catch up nearly ten percent on the previous year of like a garden which they're going to ship and as we all realize a good catch is just the beginning it's followed by processing transportation and. most important is for us to grow. fish. seventy two point four percent by two thousand and fourteen it should go to at least eighty five percent we've decided to extend the financing program for the
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industry by. two thousand and fourteen that's around thirty two billion. but there is one problem the government will never be able to solve and that's the distance involved in getting fish from the far east to russia's biggest population centers in the european part of the country transportation is expensive and relatively slow an arctic char caught in a monday morning in the pacific to make it to moscow in time for sunday launch instead it's more likely to end up on then the chopstick in tokyo or beijing zinaida individual business are cheap it appalls he come to the far east. and that's all the latest in the business seems that you can always find those stories on our website that's our t. dot com slash business.
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sure is the same but. i mean to say. this the world needs to turn a robin should the rich be taxed more for the benefit of everyone else and what kind of.
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the be. the big.
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disarming saddam hussein. brings further assurance that the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever. thanks guys again over our embassy in kabul. to watch occupied afghanistan. now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. it is appropriate to the. accordance. with the geneva. face. if you can. especially if it gets slow but you don't actually break it you.
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could. take. nothing to. believe transference. to. be true. the. connection. made.


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