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these are these are our top stories a deadly exotic disease hits russia's south you're only two hundred people have been infected and millions are at risk of catching the west mild virus the mosquito borne disease is spreading across the region in the wake of the summer's record breaking heat wave. pursuing its own agenda we do you weeks is accused of trying to divert attention from a sex scandal involving its founder by publishing its latest revelations the secret cia report about the perception of the u.s. of an export or of terrorism failed to live up to the hype of previous publications . plus the face of the recent so-called fine scandal i know chapman finds herself in the spotlight again this time she's being sued by a glossy magazine for reportedly breaking your contract by posting photo shoot pictures on her facebook page. the european union is a disaster and the u.k. should quit so says
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a european parliament member who spoke to archie's more and that in months. today i'm talking to gerald batten who's a member of the european parliament for london he's with the u.k. independence party which is a euro skeptic party and he's recently announced his intention to stand for leadership of ukip job at and thanks very much for talking to r.t. you're welcome just but you won't write one small point in your introduction you describe this as a euro skeptic party that's not true skepticism implies some doubt we have absolutely no doubt one hundred percent that membership in the european union is bad for britain so we're not skeptical about that and no disbelief in the fact that the european union actually exists now we believe it exists i mean we're skeptical about life after death but as far as the european union exists and it's bad and there is no doubt in any you members mind that that's the case and tell me about the platform on which you're standing for leadership my platform is that i want you
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get to go forward as a radical alternative to the kind of cross party consensus that we've got in this country from labor conservatives and very much now with a coalition government that they're quite happy to see this country become nothing more than a colony of the european union and one of the key tenets of your opposition to the european union well first of all it's it's an economic and democratic disaster first of all there is no reason for the european union i mean the white soul was sold to people forty years ago and has been ever since is that we must have it to try and jobs we don't need it for trade jobs even the even the european union is back now and i don't know what we need is trade with europe and the rest of the world friendship and cooperation we don't need to be members of this vast bureaucratic organization in order to achieve that the other thing is the loss of democracy which although membership leave costs billions of pounds every year which is why state money what's actually worse than that is our loss of democracy the
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germans calculated in two thousand and six that about eighty three percent of new laws now come from the european union. not from the. parliament and in this report i question whether germany would be really cool functional democracy and more because of this fact it's equally true for the u.k. a similar tone of qatar the country eighty four percent of our laws now come from the institutions of the which is not democratic so how can we be a democracy and that's as you know i've been involved in things like the integration of the legal systems and european arrest warrants we're losing our most basic protections under the law or against unjust imprisonment and arrest all kinds of things are happening now which are totally insupportable in my view and the european union has this mission to become a super state to rival united states and i think it's a very wrong road for us to go down and britain should leave as soon as possible and we are living in a globalised world there is it possible for the u.k. to just step out of the but what does that mean what are the global laws will mean
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in the early nineteenth century we actually exported more goods around the world than we do to die there was international trade then that's nothing new that's always been going on it's much easier to get on an airplane now and go anywhere you like very quickly which is one of the reasons we have such a problem with uncontrolled immigration that kind of globalisation it's a reality that doesn't mean to side that you have to sacrifice your independence and so government governance in the modern world in fact quite the opposite i think the problem with the modern world is that people are losing their control over their elected representatives and their governments and we're becoming less democratic i think necessarily a bad thing you have said in the past that the e.u. is in a legal state can you explain what you meant by that yes because under the lisbon treaty it basically became the constitution of the european union now another change the name it was called the constitution but it's ninety nine point nine percent the same as the old constitution we have a constitution in this country written down in different places like for example
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the sixty nine hundred nine bill of rights which says that the solving is the is the form of all. and the sovereign cannot acknowledge a higher power now whether you're a monarchist or republican it doesn't matter that's our constitution what we did with the with the with the lisbon treaty is we acknowledged the officially a higher authority the union for example now has a legal personality has only come by treaties on its own so that in fact means that britain we are living under any legally constituted government and as far as the rest of europe is concerned it's illegal in my view because they didn't ask the people of europe where they wanted it or not because when they had referenda on the old constitution lost them in france and holland the only country that voted for the ones that you know so much of the e.u. budget they didn't want to risk leaving some of you were living in a completely illegally constituted state in britain the constant the constitution of europe on the lisbon treaty is illegal and this is a very dangerous road to go to. talk to me about their legal integration taking
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place in the e.u. particularly about the european arrest warrants european arrest warrant is the first part of the process whereby we are integrating our legal systems with those of the european union and of course what you got to remember is that the anglo-saxon common law model adopted by the united states and canada and us and countries around the world is completely different from the continental napoleonic system now under our system you have to be charged with a specific offense but police have to gather the evidence before you're arrested goes to a trial we have corpus all these things that we take for granted on the continent you can be arrested as a suspect you can spend a year or eighteen months in prison while i investigate the case before i even bring it to court against you now under the european arrest warrant we got rid of all the safeguards now if you are required for extradition under european arrest warrant the court deciding on that has really little power to refuse it they're not allowed to look at the profile of evidence they have to take all legal systems
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around the as equally valid and non-corrupt. just the rest of it so if you stand in that cost used of something which might be totally absurd there is nothing that a british court can do to stop people being extradited they have very very limited powers now what's also in the pipeline is things lightly european investigation order so we've got that coming along with the trials in of sent here which means that anybody can be tried in a in a european country not even particularly aware that this trial is going on they are supposed to let you know but that's why they can't contact you could suddenly find the british police turn up on your doorstep arrested you. deport extradite you to a man about gary any country in the european union and you will go straight into the prison system and the legal system here will not be able to protect you and of course all this is going to be presided over by a european public prosecutor europol the. the
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nice and european police force which very insert interestingly in its charter has complete immunity for anything or its officers are completely munity for anything that they do or anything that i sorry in the course of their duties now even the n.k.v.d. in stalin's terra didn't have that protection against against recourse if they did something wrong technically anyway but this is what we're lining up for ourselves and we are destroying our own legal system at the same time the u.k. in certain courses is accused of funding the flames of nationalism i'm thinking particularly of your invitation to dutch politician gutfeld it's to come to london which caused quite a lot of trouble in the streets during his visit what do you say today explains where nation is we believe in the nation we believe in the democratic sovereign state is the best way to govern affairs in a country in a country that wants to be a country you know united kingdom is is not three different countries in a northern ireland actually want to be part of a union and while people want it works and other countries have
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a different basis of what constitutes a nation as for good will that he didn't cause any trouble at all will this is a democratic politician democratically elected who is not an extremist if you actually bothered to look he's actually defending liberal democracy against extremist people because in the trouble outside the house of commons i went outside after because i had lunch with mr will there's another paper on that with the extreme left who were verbal e attacking the english defense league who had nothing to do with were designed to on the other side of the street so as usual it was the extreme left who was stirring up the trouble and trying to cause violence and confrontation and you know some unscrupulous commentators and then accuse the world of of extreme which is totally untrue mr was on a number of occasions i wouldn't have anything to do with him if i thought he was an extremist but i think he's actually a heroic person but at the risk of his own life he lives under twenty four hour police protection i went. for the for dinner with him in and we had four armed
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police officers sitting that's the next table and why is that it's because he's trying to defend the democratic liberal values of western society against islamic fundamentalist extremists who want to overthrow that and introduce sharia law and islamic fundamentalism in western countries you know you kipps party spokesman on immigration what's your view on a cap on emigration it's nikkei immigration into our country has been out of control for a very long time now purely on the numbers by says we are one of the most about the most densely populated country in europe i think slightly behind holland and you can take more drugs it's a special case we are one of the most densely populated countries in the world if you actually look on a league table and yet our population is set to grow from sixty two million currently up to seventy million within the next twenty odd years and they're off they're up to eighty eighty five million exponentially it is absolutely absurd to have effectively unlimited uncontrolled immigration into this country what we have
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anyway from within the european union where we can't stop people coming even wanted to and we don't really control it from outside either so yes you have to have very strict controls the time has come to say this we need an end to mass immigration we need controlled immigration on a very limited level and only where it benefits britain its people and its economy a recent report has shown that with a cap on immigration british companies might find themselves sort of workers particularly as some immigrant workers are more highly skilled than that but his counterparts what do you say to that oh yes i mean i know quite a lot of people especially me come to work at the harley qualify the got a great work ethic they're lovely people but if you look at the number of jobs created in the economy ninety eight percent of the jobs created since labor came to power in ninety seven up until last year went to migrant labor now how does it benefit your economy. to create jobs ninety percent of them go to people you know
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who are moderates you increase the overall gross domestic product of a country but you're actually driving down the white sheets of the indigenous workers because people are coming in and working for low wages so you drive the overall. white house down for indigenous people you poor housing prices up so everybody is actually worse off in the long and of course big business loves. immigration because they get cheap labor that's what they want so i don't have anything against people who want to come here and better their lives i fully understand why they want to do that but it doesn't that benefit the british economy or the british people to have this kind of immigration what we would introduce would be. very very limited immigration for permanent settlement and i suggested a figure of no more than fifty thousand a year and even that could be revised downward but people could still still come to work on a job permit basis for one to three years if we can't fill that post with an indigenous work and at the end of that process if the person wanted to become
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a british citizen by would have a right to apply for citizenship on the way on the the you know the annual limit that we would allow in for that purpose thank you very much. there are countless childhood was all russia at all by this tragedy. do you still feel fear or do you think just. remember every second of this nightmare. it will remain in the memories in our hearts forever. the town you saw. a little. one or cheat. this is
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not a problem with warm. let me show you just everybody is sure to support your dream because they have no idea about the hardships to face. one it's this is. all too new to. bring the army to life never use the other is the most precious thing in the world. uses of self-sacrifice on terrorism those who understand fully that you have to live a. real life stories from. nineteen forty five don't call. a deadly exotic disease hits rushnell south nearly two hundred people have been infected and millions are at risk of catching the west nile virus the mosquito
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borne disease is spreading across the region in the wake of the summer's record breaking heat wave. pursuing its own agenda we q leaks is accused of trying to divert attention from a sex scandal involving its founder by publishing its latest revelations a secret cia report about the perception of the he was an exporter of terrorism failed to live up to the hype of previous publications. plus the face of the recent so-called spy scandal chapman finds herself in the spotlight again this time she's being sued by a glossy magazine for reporting live breaking a contract by posting photo shoot pictures on her facebook page. now it's time for a look at the latest in the world of sport with you know new.
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good to have you with us for this edition of sports today i'm you know normally let's take a look at other headlines one in two to go fresh from c.s.k. moscow's europa league qualification earlier in the week fellow russian sides are lucky moscow. take to the pitch on thursday aiming to follow suit. let me bring up winners of every grand slam this season rafael nadal and roger federer prepare for next week's final major of the year the u.s. open. the global game russia's basketball squad to enter the world championships has run. a rico their first challenge on saturday's day one. of its football where we begin there will be just the two russian sides in the champions league next season after the needs were knocked out in qualifying by a. day this in petersburg side beaten two nil away from home no outs a big disappointment. one nil first leg lead into the
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clash the current premier league table toppers finishing the game with nine men on the wrong end of the two want to get scoreline. google wasn't enough for a dynamic to secure their berth either i.x. going through three two overall spurs or in seventh heaven today having nailed on a champions league spot for the first time in history rushing switzerland's young boys for no. can one the bottle of scandinavia against rosenberg but they needed a shootout to manage it. overcame the odds to jump to prague make the lucrative group stages plenty going on in europe second great club competition as well as one team in action later in the europa league the aiming to see off swiss on their dogs home. meaning it's all very much to play for in the russian capital despite enjoying the status of mainstays a division found. early in the. second division.
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in the twenty eighth minute. it's. in the second half taking some pressure of the team ahead of their home game. should also help matters but manager knows that cannot be taken lightly. normally. a pretty decent result in european competitions to become complacent. eighth place in the premier league standings the battle side and europe could also provide the needed spark of their domestic campaign defenses.
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and will likely come out firing as they look to get into europe for the first time in nine years. before he has some financial troubles in recent years. the team captain early and often. opponents in attack early. much is at stake for both sides as the club seek to prove themselves all over again and continue to march through europe. the premier league confidence would be low for sabir in europe but it's anything but. in their first leg qualifier last week they siberian side will also be boosted after claiming their first win since may at the weekend one little victory.
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anything but a loss tonight a nine eleven would have them dancing in the streets of novosibirsk but it's a. p.s.v. have now had twelve goals in the opening three or division fixtures and set top domestically a far cry from spears points after eighteen matches. one point from their opening to english premier league games liverpool will be seeking to put their recent woes behind them on the continent decidedly tricky trip to turkey however stands between the reds in the europa league proper the five time european champions hold a slender one against trabzonspor but they will be without i think hugely influential jew or from the tories and steven gerrard. another team aiming to rediscover all glories on the continent are you ventus to cheer inside will believe their rightful place belongs in the champions league. defeat or worse to grass and they won't even make the europa league two one win in the first leg in austria last
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week at the all nicely for progression though identified as group stage draw in monaco. the last grand slam of the tennis season gets its start next week the u.s. open has been a happy hunting ground in recent years for roger federer with the swiss winning on five consecutive occasions from two thousand and four but with no major in the bike since january the pressure is on the twenty nine year old to reestablish himself. i was a coming back to new york is always extra special for me i've been in the last six years open finals and i do feel like we mean i have a great chance to win again i had. probably the best summer all my life and i am right here without physical problems like i did the ninety years so that's going to be a very important thing for me you know i am playing in when i'm down offers tournament of the world men's basketball world championships typesof on saturday with two thoughts now on seven european champions russia considered clear on their dogs this
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time around. went along to the country's latest training session that i david is happy russia's paper regimes with the ball changing shapes on quite go into plan. was it last you know for the games and sometimes the team look less impressive. things will improve you and it's already. we've identified our strengths and i think we're well aware of what are we just saw in a little. contribute any more information to the teams out there than they already have but we will. try to maximize what we do will minimize what we're listening to the americans has a few headaches ahead of dave and russia still place and take it easy again just hold on of these drones for personal reasons well not that he meant he can't but
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it's going to be struggling these injuries and final decision about his ability to play turkey he still beat me until the last game i was well on one i was in the minor leagues around right now i'm working in the real soon next couple days with the likes of the usa and spain favorites russia hasn't said a week goals they will take it one game it's time it will be their purse to pull us inside it they know it's the one you're talking about we've already. to learn how they play i think our coaches have seen some of their games and when we get to turkey they'll tell us what we need to do in the first. inconsistency in friendly matches but then sold deforming says at the major events it's been a story of david bought spell at the russian national team and they know have a reputation for beating the odds and to get into the final in turkey they'll have to do it again but he missed r t. mention
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just a moment ago the united states are considered very much among the top dogs in turkey and will enter the tournament on a winning note the americans cruising past greece eighty seven to fifty nine in their last warm up match before istanbul greece looking nothing like the side which knocked us out of the semifinals of the two thousand and six world finals the n.b.a. is up and comer john b. list stars putting on a show derrick rose with the americans up twenty five seventeen in the second chicago polls guard finishing with thirteen points in just nineteen minutes of action defending silver medalist grease only able to regain momentum with the u.s. sealing the right by a strong twenty eight twelve run in the third quarter. and now there's all the sports i'll see you soon the world weather summing up and just takes.
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every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g. disarming saddam hussein. asked maturity of iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance that the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever.
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flies again over embassy in kabul. generous to once occupied afghanistan. now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. in the manner. it is appropriate to that in its course is but just we came in with the to be the. face slap stomach slap if you can should diminish so that it shocks them especially if it gets slow but you don't actually break any bones could interrogation techniques that we use injured to phone to morrow for what the senior leadership. will be and nothing to. we believe transference. wealthy british style stock.
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