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it's record breaking heat wave. the searing it so gentle so wiki leaks is accused of trying to divert attention from the fact found when valving it's found by publishing its latest revelations. last that we tracked down the youngsters going on the rails of the student journalist as the dangerous hobby of train surfing sweeps russia. a very warm welcome. from moscow with me it's a tropical virus that's rapidly spreading in the south of russia has already claimed six lives while millions could be at risk of infection one nearly two hundred people have caught the west nile virus which is carried by mosquitoes. that
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reports in the volgograd region which has been the worst affected. no one is safe just one ordinary mosquito is enough to put the life in danger hundreds involved in drug region have been hospitalized with the worst. initial symptoms include high temperature headaches and nausea followed by seizures unconsciousness and. the situation is grave has been an unusually quiet summer which allows mosquitoes to build up a high level of the virus there is nothing we can do to totally weisbrod the sometimes your kid has survived infection but his central nervous system has been damaged he has problems remembering his age and address. when i felt myself slipping away i don't remember how the ambulance brought me here. but at least he's alive several have died already he's the front. we had realized what the
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symptoms were and that we needed to get her to hospital she might have said right my mother was a strong and healthy one. the worst virus is transmitted by mosquitoes in fact both birds and humans although traditionally a mediterranean disease has been aggressively spreading through europe and america the first break in volgograd was recorded only eleven years ago this year has already seen the highest number of cases. i've just heard about it on the news i'm terrified. i don't know anybody who's died from it i reckon i'm not in danger authorities are warning people against complacency and avoid to use mosquito repellent and cover as much exposed skin as possible to avoid bites the continuing hot weather has allowed the infection to breed yet more aggressively among mosquitoes doctors say the worst season has not peak and of all claim many more victims before leveling off in october. volgograd. with
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a common ground. from spies suspect a celebrity and the chapman capitalize on her newfound fame with a photo shoot. and love knows no boundaries young people in india are trying to break the tradition of cost. wiki leaks is back in their lines of publishing a classified cia report but with the document failing to live up to its hype and with the site's founder currently under investigation into sex abuse claims it's led to accusations the online whistleblower is pursuing a secret agenda one more emmett half of his health. there's been much less of a media florrie surrounding this than there was the beginning of the month when the afghan war diaries were released and i think there are people school reasons without one because. it was seventy five thousand separate documents that came from inside the u.s. military and such
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a huge volume of information always creates an impression whereas to compare it with this this is just three pages although having said that it is a secret document from inside the cia. that came exclusively from the u.s. military. the other thing is that the afghan war concrete evidence each of these documents was called the evidence of events to take place the death of civilian casualties and to report those casualties whereas this is an internal cia document describes a hypothetical situation. what would happen if the international community perceived the u.s. as an export of terrorism it's written by departments in the cia called the red cell which is specifically charged with coming up with hypothetical scenarios and looking at what might happen so obviously the impact on how we believe the world is much less than the impacts of the afghan war this report takes
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a couple of examples of u.s. citizens taking terror a broad talks about young muslim americans who travel from north to pakistan allegedly were hoping to join the pakistani taliban while they were that case that you may remember from november two thousand and eight when a man called david headley who was a pakistani american was he took part in this is a veil and speeding up the mumbai bombings which killed more than one hundred sixty people there we do have to ask ourselves why has this report being released now particularly as it's so short and describes this hypothetical situation. has been in sweden and last weekend it became. that seems we just women had come forward one of them was accusing him of rape and the other was accusing him of molestation and rape charges being dropped but we recently that if we just lost a piece of will want to question. about the molestation charge which is unless.
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it's been suggested that this is a smear campaign following the afghan war diaries the lawyers for these two swedish women say that's absolute nonsense as do the two swedish within themselves but we do have to ask ourselves whether this report is being released now in order to deflect attention from. legal problems. one of best get to in this way monson beneath the truth about the cia that is how to get to him . i think one thing this shows is that the cia and the government in general is over classifying a lot of its documents there's really no way that those documents should be secret because it's a bunch of talking points that could have easily come from any washington d.c. think tank if we were going to see something really earthshaking leaked from the cia how about some something that has to do with the cia involvement with what's known as state sponsored terrorism for example the united states during the vietnam
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war targeted people in vietnam for assassination it was operation phoenix and we also had the shock and all in iraq where civilians were indiscriminately killed we've seen the same thing in afghanistan and where do we see these revelations there's nothing here that should. anyone in the cia and i think this really is just another case where wiki leaks selected this document looking for a big publicity run but i don't think they have this got the same reaction any have received in the past. now despite bronc a bomb with promise to close the guantanamo bay prison of the beginning of the year if the two hundred detainees remain the kinds of mistreatment and dubious interrogation techniques well see it takes a look inside the prison and a special report coming up in about two hours time. just.
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hussein. passed majority of iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance that the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever. is again over embassy in kabul. cherish to watch occupied afghanistan. now occupy sales at guantanamo bay they. believe. it is appropriate to that a cordon is but just we came in with the to be the. face slap stomach slap if you can should diminish so that it shocks them especially if you're going to sleep but you don't actually break anything limbs could deter a geisha techniques that we. are approved but the senior leadership of our government. we have nothing to. do we believe the transfer.
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well the russian president ordered an inquiry into the investigation of the death of a high profile lawyer whilst in custody last year thirty seven. died in jail in the water once waiting trial for tax crimes his supporters blame prison officials who very claim to know late in the medical attention he needed when he fell ill the international lawyers association last month pleaded with me to be dead of to punish those responsible. now as trains rast so does the adrenaline for a growing number of youngsters in russia that taking part in the highly dangerous activity of train fare f'ing riding on the outside of carriage is taking greece means the young people who are willing to risk their lives. some would find these acts stupid even crazy but for those who take part in what's become internationally
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known as train surfing is about the adrenalin rush the great involves riding on top or at the side of fast moving trains clinging on with their hands or the aid of a belt the danger involved this is for many a major attraction but authorities are worried that those taking part are fully aware of the risks running along these cables above me of three thousand volts of electricity if you touch one you most likely be killed and that's just one of the dangers riders also risks feeling from the train and being crushed but that hasn't deterred these guys they took up the hobby at an early age claiming it gave them an unbridled escape from reality. but we mostly just ride the trains not pulling any crazy stunts this is just a hobby the guitar adrenaline up. and as if that wasn't there enough maybe even taking to riding the metro just to get their daily kicks to these young men is also
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become a form of expression and they don't see why this extreme sport is being seen differently to other why the practice pastimes just of the people skydive or climb mountains we ride trains on the outside mean certainly there's a risk but we plan all our steps if we know trains very well where different things you can hold on to are we have certain safety guidelines. they and other adrenaline junkies like them have set up a list of these to avoid injury and even the likes of andrew mit the activity has had tragic consequences for some additional. have not. many tragic accidents in all groups things like that do happen just recently a teenage boy tried to climb into the driver's car from the roof and fell down he got severely injured. regardless of the dangers this crater swept across moscow with the web swirling with uploaded videos meaning people like andre is likely to
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keep turning to the tracks for the next buzz regardless of the price they might pay jake agrees. and just to remind you we've got many more stories on our website of course that auntie dot com everything to various guy sing columns and even face blog he's the local was on monday at the moment is the focal point you can do some kind of maybe out of the song and then pigs they discontinue in training will find out what he was punished for. and singing in the rain but spirits will bomb him down the first russian you see concert rocks in moscow for tens of thousands of fans but think the legendary irish pounds.
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contend with provoking and it is a national incident between russia and the us to tell on the chapman is back in the now the face of the recent spy scandal is being seen by call thing magazine it claims she broke a contract by posting pictures of a recent photo shoot on her facebook page. the name on the chapman that sticks out more than any other she seems are synonymous with this big spy scandal and one of the reasons unavoidably everyone knows it's her looks and she has realized this she came back to russia greeted as a hero after the exchange of spies in vienna back in back in july and she has capitalized on that almost celebrity status since it's in the hotel behind me the hotel by that she recently conducted a photo shoot she seemed to be enjoying it very much in videos posted on the internet using her glamour this was for the russian edition of heat magazine but
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she since got into a bit of trouble it seems putting photos up on her facebook page of that photo shoot before he did heat wanting now to take her to court the whole spice scandal and this whole thing has also opened up a wider really fascination with spice stories in britain america has a story that one of the screenwriters on or on a james bond script was investigated for many years by my side for possible links to the old cold war k.g.b. another example is that it's been found that a russian spy was recruited by the nazis in world war two and then proceeded to go to norway and steal british plans for an invasion of norway handed them to the nazis which relate enabled them to defeat the british invasion which then led to the collapse of the british government and the election eventual of none other than winston churchill so huge ramifications really and it seems that with many spy stories the details are as fantastical as any fiction you could make up but it
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seems that many people want to get their teeth into these stories and i think the public have found it all very amusing the person who isn't joining at the most though is miss anna chapman herself she's found her firm fertile status is bringing her a lot of attention and she seems to be enjoying now very much. international stories now for you this hour and the un is reviewing security policies to aid workers them uncle style after threats from the taliban u.s. officials have warned that militants planned to attack foreigners helping provide flood relief some aid agencies have hinted the downsizing relief operations might be necessary and that could be a big blow to the seventeen million pakistanis affected by the flooding here are in need of assistance. three chilean miners trapped seven hundred meters underground to perceive the germ that food and water supplies along with messages
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from their loved ones officials say could be christmas before a hole is drilled to get the men out anxious the family members have set up a makeshift camp at the site the mine is the prince duncan with a copper and gold by following a cave it at the start of the mob. in the selden philippines gunman dressed as police have killed four people on a bus they fly down two of the dead were police marshals for the pass was traveling through a city where the rebels operate when it was don't after opening fire the attackers set the vehicle on fire and lead comes just days after an explanation of a relative of hong kong tourists hostage killing eight. but despite calls discrimination being illegal in india many face harassment and hostility on a daily basis because of their social status those are choosing to tie the knot with a member of a different cause can find themselves rejected by both their community and family but as all of these counseling reports more and more young people are trying to
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break with tradition. and should have upset their families well into a different god it would expected to be one of their own but if. an intercom is considered a sin here our society wants to continue. traditions that people have been following for centuries her family has a much higher cost than mine this hurt their ego but the bridegroom is lower in status. the couple have enlisted the help of outsiders the ngo the unite humanity movement often deals with india cost marriages there have been more than one thousand two hundred such unions in the last decade in the be hard state. we want to discussed but a society based mindset and caste based discrimination. society can only be brought about by inter-caste marriages and into religious marriage us the birth and she
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looked ten years ago to tie the knot chickens father filed a case of kidnapping against her husband and still refuses to talk to the couple. my family allowed me to visit them only after seven years but not with my husband and even now if i do visit my father doesn't speak to me she is still angry with me . the police in bihar crazing me dealing with aidid families and young couples in love a kidnapping case has been filed against twenty two year old. formatting teenager a new comedy impulse and we are seeing many cases such as these with both a boy and girl wanting to get married if a girl is above eighteen years of age the law recognizes her decision to marry the person of her choice but if she is younger than eighteen then she has to behave according to her parents' wishes like getting a divide is growing between urban and rural india in the cities divisions are now
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less important while in rural india many refused to let go of their traditions going to anybody marrying outside is cast as boycotted by us no one in the village gives the couple any water or food or even tax that if we find a marriage really offensive then we kick them out of the village. caste. it's just a creation of one's mindset there is no real hierarchy between people and situation the ration who considers caste and even if we do the next generation will definitely not even think of it discrimination on the basis of past is illegal in india but in large parts of the country true means the overriding factor in choosing a life partner the sooner this changes the sooner we'll divisions over cost lose their relevance here god and seeing r.t. india. after a short break steffy joins us with the latest. way. hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get
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a human voice face to face with the news makers. in mosco old cheese available in hotels coursed them want to know over those not only toto keep a promise it is congress' hotel east west never told. no but. rather soon to say yes lobby on sky insulter historical hotels of its culture in the city so it's in the sky because most. elegant up until the stroke or less to
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tropicana hurtado. alone welcome to the business but its end profits at russia's five retail group plummeted eighty one percent year on year in the second quarter to twenty five million dollars that's worse than analysts for cos the country's biggest grocer by sales took a seventy two million dollar hit on foreign exchange due to significant ruble depreciation but the headline figure only tells part of the story x. five was one of the first three tennis to cut prices during the downturn to win cost conscious shock because it says it's now reaping some of the benefits of the recovery and margins are improving. but actually the situation is pretty good because if you look at that figure and this is that figure that you should be focusing on than even actually grew year on year by. thirteen percent and this is an outstanding performance for a company that is operating in
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a very challenging environment and if you look at the like for like sales dynamics like for like sales grew by five percent but what's even more important is that if you look at the gross margin evolution gross margin actually improved quarter on quarter by eighty basis points this means that almost the worse behind. in other called good news russia's largest mobile operator m.t.s. has reported a thirty nine percent decline in net profit for the second quarter to three hundred fifty million dollars that was slightly better than full cost the company has improved its revenue growth forecast for this year to around ten percent as economic recovery pushes up demand. and russian seventh largest coal producing fuel company has announced a ninety eight percent ford in the profit for the first half of the year the company blames low demand for steel coal but it's positive about the future expecting production to grow fifty percent in the second half the co-producer
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became a listed company in that. let's have a look at how the russian markets performed on thursday they finished higher fines outperformed on the my sex v.t. b. was up two point nine percent to close and gained an impressive three and a half percent energy names also lent support gas from finished two percent higher . russia's biggest carmaker after viruses back in the black the company's profit of less than a million dollars for the first seven months is small but it shows a considerable turnaround for a company that required a federal bailout just twelve months ago the improvement has been widely attributed to the government's cash for clunkers program which is helped lift sales by around fifty percent. speaking at the moscow international motor show after vice president victor so the company is aiming to stay profitable for the rest of the year his ambitions could be helped by a broader rebound in the russian car markets. which is being targeted by manufacturers from only for the welt. visit to the machine to find out more of
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a several well permit is here at the most going to national mode to show after business pushing a new competitor to the globally dominant g.p.s. sat nav system is called blown has been in development in russia for decades and. will now put it in his calls from next year but the key focus is luxury mosco ready has more luxury cars than anywhere else and jaguar hopes a new almost jag will trickle vocals fine say i remember two years ago the head of b.m.w. here showing me a brand new bullet proof beam on this follows in that tradition there's also world slike the new landrover the most powerful ever porsche nine one one. the show was counseled last year as the months but i says today the same balls but there was two years ago i don't feel sales in russia call sales have jumped almost fifty percent last month on july two thousand and nine the company with one of the most ambitious
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strategies these guys is trying to revamp its entire range russia's number two called make a says the sales back on the rise between all of them to be here told to go sales sales would be around seventy five dollars i think we can finish roughly twenty five percent higher in sales for this year versus last year and if that keeps with more important thing for all us production we're going to be up fifty percent european call john poser citron has just started production in russia with the citron c four but the head of pars show total tape but that's just the beginning we don't as such i'm on the phone they have just one guy and then we start to see eight and then we will go to. the pool. seven and then we have other ideas considering the market we believe that the market is going to change because of us. but the next the next yes and i wouldn't
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object to we believe that up you know dr paul you know it's a target that we should be reaching before two thousand and sixteen. separate the first day of twelve to an end here at the most going to the national mall to show the world call joints really hoping this show will relaunch the fortunes of the car industry which of course have been down in the doldrums for the last two years. and not so the business news now but you can always find most stories on a website that's slash and.
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their clogs childhood was all rich shadowed by this tragedy. these two feel the fear they faced. and remember every second of this nightmare. it will remain in their memories and hearts forever. and it seems so. innocent. a little angel on our cheeks.
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more news today violence is once again flared up the face these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to cope for a shelter all day. lead. live.
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live live. live. live this. live live live as. this is also.


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