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this is all she's weekly review welcome to the program and we started russia south twelve medicines and five policemen have died after gunmen attacked a village in the russian republic of chechnya special forces have intensified counter towel peroration has recently that with over forty militants killed during the past month. it all started overnight when a group of armed men entered the church leaders home village and set several houses on the fire and i was on accompanied by a team of commandos personally went to this village and the special operation began says that twelve militants were killed as a result of this operation but he also said that five people from the side of the authorities were killed as well seventeen others were injured according to some initial reports five locals have been killed during the fighting as well but the
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chechen leader has denied this information saying that there were no deaths among the local population in this village the operation is still continuing the authorities are reportedly looking for the militants who may have fled during the course of the operation and this whole village is still blocked when it comes to counter terror operations in the past month was quite productive just yesterday ten militants were killed as a result of two special operations in the southern republic of bodies in a ball carrier and in the republic of dagestan the head of the federal security service has said that the authorities were able to find and kill thirty militants throughout the entire month and according to president hamid to be just the stories are not playing to back down on these counter terror operations. the militants killed during these recent operations brought it upon themselves by their own
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criminal acts back when the moscow michal bombings took place i said to be found and eliminated this is the only way to treat the president mentioned the two deadly blasts these two attacks on moscow's metro at the end of march just last week killed the man suspected of organizing these attacks. and they've also located his archives which contain information on terrorist activities in iraq. and also proof according to the f.s.b. the prove his links with international terrorist organizations and the f.b.i. has also said that the have information that the last phone four made on vulnerable mobile phone was international as well although they didn't see which country it was with the just to remind you on march twenty ninth two female suicide bombers attacked two stations of the moscow metro at the very peak of the morning rush hour killing forty people and injuring over one hundred others now in the f.s.b.
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claims to have all the means and information on everybody connected to these attacks and obviously they are now working to search for these people and to find these people. this kind of their reporting from moscow america is remembering more than eighteen hundred people who died five years ago when hurricane katrina katrina ripped through the gulf coast president barack obama addressed and event in new orleans celebrating this in his revival after the tragedy and he said that although katrina was a natural disaster it was also a manmade catastrophe caused by poor government response the storm left a ship sent of new orleans and the water and despite our construction efforts homelessness is still a major problem. in our reports. new orleans louisiana the city of music. on every corner a different tune. a lot of people don't really
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know that born great and i want to leave new orleans but then a day. in the french quarter on bourbon street tourists mingle with the musicians this pond scum bag pretty much but i don't know bad night was annoying now. and if you travel down to the lower ninth ward you'll hear another kind of shout. the sound of rebuilding. five years after hurricane katrina full streets in the lower ninth ward most devastated by katrina stand silent home still abandoned but others like this one are coming back here good you know you miss want to go to another house you know you miss one of those you know and despite all the empty homes new orleans streets are filled with those who don't have one i started being homeless and was three
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years. inside this mission to the moon. yet another kind of new orleans song is being sung. by some of the nine hundred thousand people in the city who are homeless we heard about the good train and all the other stuff that was long and when i would guarantee jobs you know there'd be work the way available but there wasn't loretta smith is one of the many who came to new orleans after katrina looking for work but instead ended up on the streets is once you get to that point you have no idea how you come out of. people like her added to the city's overwhelming number of residents who ended up homeless in the aftermath of the storm carol self lost everything in katrina she left the city temporarily came back a few months later and has been homeless ever since modern want to do is come home you know or you know my son my mom that's the word thing you do not down and down
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the family not there and it's what i know it's home you know it sounds stupid but it is you know. carol story is not unique new orleans now has one of the highest percentages of homeless people in america after katrina the city of new orleans got federal money to get people off the streets and put them into housing for three months the problem was that without a job the people couldn't afford to keep the places and men. they ended up back on the streets again. here and many believe that the city that they love and refused to leave is not doing much to help them get back on their feet there forget that minor little pieces in the middle from how most of the house you better find a job somewhere. but even in the middle of despair they find some time to join together in worship and in song it. gets harder and harder every day you can assume your dream slipping away. staying true to their
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city of music while continuing to brave the storm. preassure either. r. t. . new orleans louisiana. this is coming up later in the program from above another consequence of the country's summer heat wave must tito's in southern russia are spreading a deadly disease. public around me looking at some of the best cars the world still looking at what you could join if you have the money. tom barton has been checking out what's hot in motoring as far as laid in moscow just a few minutes. this week up because there has marks two years since full independence from georgia recognized by russia and a handful of other countries the tiny republic however is quickly becoming a host tourist destination that is what else can now report.
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on their need is just nineteen but his already an experienced chef when it comes to preparing local meals. you know traditional abkhazian food is pickles mills and smoked meat eater paul beef and cheese is a must. working in a small beetroot sort and so home is a summer job for this future customs officer who. chooses occupation. because i want to serve my motherland i want to work here so at this border everything would have to go through me you know and i want our customs officers to work well and ensure that everything is fine and we have guests coming to visit. the resort just started accepting tourists most of them are from russia this week together with locals they celebrated independence day with a festive dinner and stunning fireworks. but just two years ago
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because it was under an international blow gate and on the list of targets for georgian army and focused of two thousand and eight saakashvili ordered an attack on. its capital to involve was nearly destroyed by shelling according to military intelligence georgian special forces who are also preparing to launch an offensive against. russia whose peacekeepers were ensuring security in the region sent its troops to protect both focuses republics until the conflict was subdued mosco recognized the process and south of safety as independence a move that was soon followed by have been his will nicaragua and the small republic of no we're now up to the turmoil of recent years because it is beginning to build new international relations. a young a pause in diplomat spent months in latin america meeting with local politicians and signing cooperation treaties it was the platform for his diplomatic career now
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maksim has been appointed a foreign minister and on the home front these years were also marked by good news he's now raising three sons to twins i gained more new friends in all countries in the world in particular in latin america the region. which are very much like to be there because most people same language i don't i don't mean it's an. mean people much easier in countries that conduct really independent polls just like the minister himself the core of the opposition diplomatic think tank are people in their twenty's they are setting new goals for the republic's foreign policy hoping that over time the list of international allies will grow despite the fact that only a few countries have recognized the cause as insult the city as independence the locals are optimistic they say it may take more than just
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a few years to gain further recognition but with protection provided by most and with new development opportunities for people in. this waiting period doesn't seem to be a problem then as the r.t. . russia plans to launch all its spacecraft for a new from a new cosmodrome in the country's far east overplays the current arrangements of using the bay said by canoe in kazakhstan the fast mile and flights are expected to takeoff from the new eight hundred million dollars signed by twenty eighteen and space analyst says it's a strategic move in more ways than one. i believe one of the reasons why russia decided to build its launch in the far east is. to contribute to the economic social and technological development of the far eastern region of russia and besides if you look at all the future launch but you will see that it is relatively close to equate the well as close as it could be and the closer the
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launch but they quit the easier it is to launch payloads into space the less fuel spacecraft will consume to deliver the play along to the orbit if we look at the role that quantum b. will see the increasing q. by the confidence of a satellite communication of different kind of space services and even space tourism is going to be the well being so i believe that in the future of course the demand in space services will only grow. thailand says it's up to moscow and washington to resolve their differences over the case of vick to boot he's facing extradition from bangkok to the you are so in arms dealing charges the thai prime minister said his country where the russian was arrested over two years ago is merely a third party in the case booed resolutely denies american accusations has sold weapons to colombian father left rebels and saying the charges have been fabricated
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by washington and reading a statement from her husband while said he has no chance of a fair trial in the u.s. now at least because of hostile american media coverage where his nickname the merchant of death more scarce as the case is political and has been seeking his return to russia says one cults court of appeal over a week ago ordered his extradition to leave us the trial and investigative journalist daniel a student says the case has turned into a political. i spend quite a bit of time in thailand researching the story and entering bits of wood extensively over sixty times for hundreds of hours in prison in quality i also had access to intelligence and trying to organise officers a very high level told me that in fact the whole thing was already done before it started in the sense that you know the thai court of for instance was going to rule in favor who would look actually the book was going to win the case and the appeals court was going to rule in boards against victor wood so that nobody could say that
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it was askew decision that nobody could say that the americans paid the thais everybody would say it was one for blood one would for the americans except that the appeals court decision was the final decision because unfortunately there was no appeals to the supreme court as far as the four was of sort of a war against borders basically a war against russia if you can destroy the board and you can prove that he's a virtual earth and obviously he has to get his arms from somewhere and that someone has to be rational so you destroy russia's credibility in the international community i think is chance of winning the case in those states of zero point zero zero experience states have spent fifteen years trying allegedly to. to catch an alleged gun runner but that it was a coup they spent two and a half years trying to win the extradition case and a victory would actually set to the united states to think that he can win in the united states against america on their home turf when everything is against them so that in the end if you walks and goals hold america will become a laughing stock of the entire world not to mention that whatever little credibility they have as a nation will definitely be ruined. investigative journalist danielle is still in
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there so our website has a lot more stories for you to check out whenever you want to and here's a taste right now at ask dot com. a chemical illusion people in gaza swap the harsh reality of israel's blockade with a so-called happy they all travel sorceries are trying to stamp out. and moscow's ablaze with spectacular stunts this week as dare devils risk alive and limb for the crowds entertainment at an international festival for more. than a normally hot summer inversion abroad the forest fires which destroyed so much of the countryside but it seems it's also brought a dangerous tropical disease the mosquito borne west nile virus has already claimed six lives in russia's south hundreds are hospitalized. reports.
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no one is safe just one ordinary mosquito is enough to put a life in danger hundreds involved region have been hospitalized with the worst. initial symptoms include high temperature headaches and nausea followed by seizures unconsciousness and. the situation is grave it has been an unusually cold summer which allows mosquitoes to build up a high level of the virus there is nothing we can do to totally wipe out this interaction. has survived infection but his central nervous system has been damaged he has problems remembering his age and address. i was cured when i felt myself slipping away i don't remember how the ambulance brought me here. but at least he's alive several have died already if only we had realised what the seam times were and that we needed to get her to hospital she might have survived my mother. it was
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a strong and healthy one. the worst virus is transmitted by mosquitoes in fact both birds and humans although traditionally a mediterranean disease has been aggressively spreading through europe and america the first break in volgograd was recorded only eleven years ago this year already seen the highest number of cases. i've just heard about it on the news i'm terrified. i don't know anybody who's died from it i reckon i'm not in danger authorities are warning people against complacency and avoid to use mosquito repellent and cover as much exposed skin as possible to avoid bites doctors say the worst season has lost big and bold claim many more victims before leveling off in october. dozens of iraqis have been killed in a way we're tired but it does this week this surge in violence comes just after the u.s.
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completed its withdrawal of combat troops from the country however around fifty thousand american soldiers will remain in iraq to provide training and support for local security forces critics say the recent violence raises questions over whether the government in baghdad can deal with the ongoing insurgency in the country despite president obama's pledge that iraq's we are ready to chart its own course and our towel to our north association says that exclude it will be part of a plot to prevent the u.s. from leaving. but there are a variety of reasons why it should happen and various theories but one of the i think one of the more credible one is that the government is actually involve itself in it in order to prevent americans from pulling out or at least the troops they believe they must be in military and use of force not just training as it was claimed by the american people are talking about forming a government whether it's
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a law you whether it's mikey and what have you that is really not the situation in iraq has been dismantled there is no government there is no authority in iraq the prime minister cannot leave the green zone there is no military or police in iraq because they are all militias who have been recruited to wear the same uniform but that allegiance is not a national one but their allegiance either to their faction or to their group or to their tribe. and to with u.s. combat troops now out of iraq some are wondering if the real battle in the country is only just beginning resident reporter on the streets of new york your whole finance types been asking whether american forces were in iraq for the right reasons in the first place. the war in iraq is it over or has it only just begun this week let's talk about that. war's just begun it's iran then iraq the sunni and the shiites the whole
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region is going to be it's blown up it's going to get worse so do the troops need to stay back. that's a very thorny issue because the troops there has to be some presence their best case is if we could you know stabilize the country and then pull out but if we i don't know if that's possible so at this point we should probably just pull out you know i think we don't we can and it's it's up to them at this point i think there's going to be problems are going to be more bombings once maybe but at one point they've got to take over for themselves so why was it ever i best missed a thing or was we should never been there so they went in the hands of the oil and . now the civilians are suffering from and they have to make sure. that that's it's going to be ok again for the civilians that they can trust each other again and trust america now that they've done this so so we went in for the
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wrong reasons but we should stay there for the right reason exactly what happened if all of a sudden we did pull everybody out do you think i think they're so we have problems but then responsible we're not responsible for them. you don't think we're responsible for causing any of the trouble number no i don't we just went in there and i don't know why we went there and you know but i don't think it's our problem telling them what to do if that's not the goal i don't believe but trying to get the people on their feet it will with a stable government and security for the people i think is an important role yeah yeah it doesn't seem like they can do it on their own i don't know issue have a lot of date to use to. decide when and how to get it back that's a good point because many people have strong opinions but they don't have all the information about it yeah ok i guess that is very.
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the bottom line is that it's going to take a good amount of time so many troops out of anyplace so we're expecting u.s. troops out of iraq any time you're bound to be disappointed but it's right or wrong . and how brief look at some other international news stories thousands of indonesians are spending the night in refugee council after a volcano on the island of sumatra erupted for the first time in four centuries the red cross says over sixteen thousand people fled their homes as smoke and ash fifteen hundred meters into the air at least one person has died due to breathing difficulties as the every remains covered in a grey dust cloud a state of emergency has been declared in the region the volcanic activity has begun to subside. and renee isn't cheating or working on an alternative plan to rescue search a three miners stuck underground after the collapse of
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a shaft four weeks ago while experts say that as well as drilling a new tunnel which will take four months they may try to widen an existing bore hole used to supply food and medicines and this option if it were to work all the time to reach the men to two months bring them a capsule meanwhile relatives have to find better takes after he told the programs in rome that it has been praying course and played with the miners safe rescue. in pakistan a severe flooding has submerged the city of sergio while in the southern province of sindh almost. a million residents managed to leave but there's been widespread destruction the latest deadly happened while people were trying to save their nearby city of tartar at least seventeen million people have been affected and eight million are in need of a mattress or really since flooding began a month ago and we'll have more on this in about. five minutes time and now into
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the world the u.s. deputy envoy to pakistan and klein straight. now they motor industry has been having a rough ride. but it's been a revving up to display the best on on all for at an exhibition in the russian capital not everyone may be able to afford their wills on the moscow international motor show but it's not stopping the crowds from taking a look and a mound bell was told barton has been checking out live and their fast lane.
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the fast and the luxurious thousands are turning up to run their hounds down some very shiny paint at this year's moscow car show in an area the size of eight football pitches exhibitors from all over the world are showcasing more than six hundred cars foreign carmakers hope it will be the start of big things in russia the majority of our sales currently come from moscow and st petersburg but word spam e-mail retail network to the far corners of russia and you know how large this country is it's estimated that this year's show will attract more than one point six million visitors came to see the latest luxury models luxury seems to be the hallmarks of this year's event with middle low range vehicles on display but some brands here are king to make their mark on any prospective russian buyers who are focusing on the. products and the hours. i want to make more
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advertising and the make more in the more dressing people to motel breath and no fraud unlike helpful after the crisis it seems many russians once again finding the credit to buy cars not many of the ones you'd find here on russian comic are also here in force to show they can keep up with the competition first we are a commercial manufacturer and that's where our strength is secondly we have but i think one of the belts manufacturing plants are present in russia and we're working to find a solution where we can use the people we can use for investment and we can help russia to build locally produced some foreign manufacturers are also seeking to boost production and russian customers by teaming up with domestic producers in this town has joined forces with the russian come after that we could imagine that . we could do more.
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to develop the more than from the sun. but amidst all the concern about economics isn't everyone forgetting about the environment well not everyone was pretty. upset about. everything to make sure that he. did himself. whether it's environmental. the latest in automated fashion or just sheer power you won't be likely to find it here the one thing most of these cars friendly to wallets the public around me are looking at some of the best cars the world has to offer i want to play the rise of the show was lifted mostly because they're out of the reach of the majority of russians but it doesn't just tracking the spectacle of looking at what you could drive if you have the money box and off the cost. the travel conditions in pakistan after a desk. stating floods are the subject of our exclusive interview on the way
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shortly and i'll be back with a recap our top stories in a moment. this
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is all it see coming to life in moscow rick trickle of. security forces efforts in russia's north caucasus killing a dozen alleged militants and intensified on a terror quiet down but five policemen also died in the nation's gun ponselle. five years old america remembers more than two hundred victims of hurricane katrina but there's still widespread homelessness and the city of new one is despite her construction efforts. and a policy it celebrates two years since russia read.


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