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live from moscow where it's ninety am i'm marina joshua welcome to the program at least nine people have been killed and one badly injured in a fire at a home for the elderly in the fair region which is in central russia the emergencies ministry says there's evidence suggesting one of the residents committed suicide by setting himself alight and then the flames spread through the building for more we can now cross to our t's sean thomas. first question to you is that why do you think led the authorities to this version of how the fire started. a nightmare situation early this morning flames erupting in and elderly home and it's a very region which is about three hundred kilometers away from moscow now authorities say that within three minutes of the sighting those flames firefighters were on scene and were able to evacuate around four hundred eighty people living in that elderly home however nine people killed and one person severely wounded and taken to the hospital at this point in time now right now we know that the fire is
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out in early investigation showed that it could have possibly been an electrical wiring or faulty electrical wiring that has it been now changed because of evidence of a gas canister in a room where all of the nine people who were killed were staying at the time in fact authorities are saying that they believe that one person tried to commit suicide in that room also a killing the other people in that room as well it is also a believed and reported by federal channels and other russian channels that the person who tried to commit suicide was a war veteran and was depressed about not being able to get an apartment or that the government wasn't moving quickly enough to get him an apartment and so he was taking desperate measures of course this being a reported by other russian channels and right now we have had the opportunity to get a statement from the emergency ministry this is what they have to say about the investigation . five o five am the local fire department with their friends of a blaze. fire engines arrived at the site within three minutes my head being put
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out by five thirty seven plus abilities as to what caused the fire and not being considered equipment if they meet the fire was started by one of the best in a war faction he may have set himself on fire into the chilean economist it was found. it would you like. me welsh on this isn't the first time that the health of the elderly has been fired have been as we know several tragic fires involving retirement homes marsh over the last few years so how have these stories been trying to address this problem. while certainly of course aside from today's tragedy back in january of two thousand and nine in the kwame region there was an incident at an elderly home where around a little bit more than twenty people were killed in that incident it was blamed a slow response from the staff at the elderly home as well as faulty just not living up to standards of fire standards also another incident if you look back
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three years ago in the rostov on don region more than sixty people killed in an incident down there these incidents combined have led to president dmitri me get up at a time for west an inquiry asking the for mass inspections around the country and elderly homes asking them for people to who run elderly homes through their diligence if you will but it comes to fire safety and those inspections have led to many through to the findings of many. basic problems within these homes now today's incident is not believed to be attributed to faulty wiring or problems as earlier suspected but in fact it is believed to be an attempted suicide however it is also expected that this incident today will generate a new interest in making sure that elderly homes around the country are at least up to code ok sean thanks for bringing us the latest on the fire at the nursing home in central russia that took a nine a lives. now russia's putting the pressure on terror in the north caucasus
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where the security services saying over forty militants with links to al qaeda have been killed in august but two police officers have reportedly been shot dead by militants in the russian republic of dagestan just hours ago on sunday twelve militants were killed during a special operation in the chechen republic well our correspondents from refinished and joins us now for more on this area so what can you tell us about these latest events well merino we worry sivan contradict your report on exactly what's happened on sunday in the republic of chechnya in the north caucasus with what we know for sure is that a group of militants from fifteen to thirty people attacked they have home village all of their president of our arms on for their of the missions and to the village in the morning and burned down several houses there and shortly after that the ministry of internal affairs special battalions in church now together with local police started a special operation against the militants and it runs on credit of the president of
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chechnya a person that came to the scene together with his commandos to had this operation as a result twelve militants were killed we've been receiving information the seven said seven of them exploded themselves as they didn't want to be identified and only those who were shooting video managed to escape this operation cost the lives of at least five policemen while seventeen others were injured initially there were reports that five local residents were killed as well but later on rims on cars that have denied this information saying there were no deaths and months of three of the killed militants were identified and it's also been reported that not all of them were from church now but apparently some of them were from the middle east. well maria the region of caucuses a very multifaceted region so tell us how the situation looking in the other russian republics of the caucasus. well this region still remains very valid taal
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region of russia but as far as the russian f.s.b. now says all ghost has been quite a productive and effective month from the point of view of counting terrorism and russian especially in this region in the north caucasus region which is seen as a kind of cradle of terry some in russia the percent of the smoove mint in that country over forty militants were killed in the republic of kyrgyzstan and here to cover it in both car and among the many leaders of images was quite important one of them is a lever gulf of the man responsible supposed to be responsible for two deadly blasts in metro the sum of one two suicide bombers exploded themselves killing forty and injuring more than a hundred people and interests in archives were also discovered with this man proving his links with al qaida and other international target as ations analysts
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are saying that this recent activity by terrorist groups in this region the north caucasus is a kind of various forms to all of those successes by federal forces as if the militants want to demonstrate that they're still alive they are still in force and their soldiers are not fully controlled in this situation but as we can see most of the federation special operations by federal forces lead to the missions death arena already it all sounds eerily like a tough battle ground there but can we say at this point can really say that russia is winning the war on terror what the what are the official saying there. well the war on terror in russia is continuing and unfortunately it's too early to say that terri some is defeated completely in this country but as far as president dmitri medvedev has stress the government is not going to back down and on to terri some operation and russia will continue to fight terrorism and to. will the last minutes and is he mad just last week. we had
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a vicious aphis be on the board and we should be rid of the phrase the work of federal forces saying that every single officer taken part in and to terrorist operations here in russia has to be awarded his wards and to mitch image of head of . the militants killed during these recent operations brought it upon themselves by their own criminal acts back when the moscow metro bombings took place. be found and eliminated is the only way to treat. unfortunately russia's most wanted terrorist of still remains at large but as far as more and more militants from his surroundings are currently been captured and killed we can say that his dad is also getting more and more real and we can very soon see his and
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marina. thanks very much for bringing us the details. you're watching our team live from moscow to other stories now i still have for you this hour what emerged who isn't goes for a spin. find out why the russian prime minister assad of the roads in russia's far east all the details coming up later program. and a string of violent attacks and hispanic immigrants in new york has prompted fears of a new wave of racial hatred the victims say they have been targeted by african-americans who want to clear mexican immigrants from the er neighborhoods arches lauren was to reports on how frustrations are boiling over in the big apple. the united states has always been a country of immigrants but they're not always welcome we've seen mexicans targeted in the western state of arizona which passed a tough law targeting undocumented immigrants there's many many people that come to
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this country and they go through the proper channels to do the proper thing and and the people that don't do that they're broken the law despite a backlash. now we're seeing more signs this sentiment is making ripples across the country far from the mexican border in one area of new york city. there has been a string of a dozen attacks on hispanic residents in recent months they like were helio. infidel you can literally find them simply walking through the neighborhood and the suspects unfortunately most of the attacks most recently had been by blacks against mexicans according to these victims they were targeted by teens while minding their own business it was registered in the back of my head. and then they hit my our entry point for no other reason than being mexican they were appears to be
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a divide between the minorities sharing this poor area of new york despite this when you go through these statistics you want education is trying to bring at the bottom the blacks and hispanics make the bottom shelf real for we have more in common than we don't have in common but here the rift appears to be growing with the influx of hispanic immigrants city blocks that used to be vacant are now flourishing appearing to leave some behind me she lot of mickey working you know let's work here this is the main thoroughfare of this neighborhood it's where many of the mexican shops and markets like this one have popped up it's also where many of the anti mexican attacks have occurred now the police presence across the street as a result is new but residents say the issues are not. or was this. a he sees through forty. two years. when i was in high school i was really getting picked on because it was mexicans some argue now blacks are unfairly targeted by
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all the attention the blacks feel slighted they feel mexican share in the blame to deny here legally and they commit crimes here as an argument being made from this talk to a new york town to the streets in arizona so in a country of immigrants does this point to a pecking order that has always been it's not really new here in the latest a rogue always has a pretty difficult to go through is the tension among races simply evolving to a new era play due why do you think that there was a period now is that wise you can be more secure and has america always been a melting pot where someone's getting burned we leave. lauren lyster party new york and police are questioning fifteen people arrested after scores of bare chested skinheads went on the rampage at a concert in russia's euros region i witnesses say up to one hundred people thought
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to be far right extremists attacked the crowd with clubs of the tornado festival in the trap and screeching media reports suggest a fourteen year old girl was killed but the words have not yet confirmed this eleven people have been taken to hospital i witnesses claim the man even beat up the police and gunshots were heard it's unclear what prompted the fight and an investigation is under way some three thousand people were at the festival juror in the town. security forces and sedan are searching for two russian pilots that have been kidnapped in the country they were abducted by armed man in the volatile darfur region of the two russians were employed by a sudanese airline the incident is the latest in a wave of kidnappings targeting foreigners. well you watching out you live from moscow and we're available for you twenty four seven and you can always turn to our old website for more news and videos that's r t dot com and here's a taste of what's online right now. moscow is witnessing spectacular stunts this
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week as daredevils risked their lives for the crowds entertainment at the international stunt festival. and also in the russian capital join our team as we had to the moscow car show to see the latest models the auto industry has to offer it can also get the details at r.t. dot com. a senior government prosecutor in afghanistan says he's been forced to retire for aggressively promoting corruption investigations some of the people under suspicion were top officials and one of president hamid karzai aides our military analyst says the afghan leader is doing everything in his power to block u.s. efforts to beat corruption and drug production in this standoff between.
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general betray us. president has scored again in his in soupy a battle against the american corruption efforts first scored. when he completely blocked and stalled the investigation. from national security council. and the second time just recently when he can sell it they did he has momentum again the american anti-corruption drive in afghanistan and key not only voided the american pressure but in the way he did go to the americans in afghanistan and instead of reversing his decision against the extra handed afghan corrupt officials instead he fired one of the senior prosecutors in afghanistan demonstrating to afghans to americans and to the whole world is bad he
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is in charge not only of drug production but corruption as well right now this standoff is coming to the hands again it's opened up an opportunity to brush off an old idea aired one year ago that is to regain the initiative and the momentum that fighting the corruption in afghanistan general petraeus has to be appointed as a governor general again it will and. so he could introduce the martial law and to disband their presidential institution in again and stand once and for all and to call for the loya jirga to postpone the constitution and to disband the presidential institution altogether. so he could exit qued the palace coup and if when himself as a governor general this is the only way to rest the runaway playground corruption that threatens to implode the whole social fabric of afghanistan corruption and
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drug production in afghanistan actual of the two parts of a binary weapon that threatens to implode the afghan society and totally and completely discredit any notion of democracy in afghanistan. thirty three miners have been trapped on the ground in chile for more than three weeks have had their first telephone contact with their families many of the men have severe skin irritation is from the heart of wet conditions but they say they're doing much better since receiving food engineers are due to begin drilling an escape shaft which is expected to take at least three months to complete you're also considering expanding an existing bore hole which could speed up the rescue. in ecuador abbas ran off a highway and overturned killing at least thirty seven people and seriously injuring a dozen other children are among the dead it's believed the driver holes who died
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in the accident may have fallen asleep police say been at the wheel for at least seven hours before the crash the bus was traveling through it with doors highlands towards the country's capital quito. and flights have submerged another town in southern pakistan walls infrastructure and buildings have been badly damaged and most residents have fled the area the floodwaters are also threatening the nearby city of tata the staging post for relief workers pakistan is struggling to deal with the floods that have affected more than seventy million people and claimed hundreds of lives. a senior rabbi from a party with in israel's coalition government has called for palestinian leader mahmoud abbas to quote unquote vanish from our world the spiritual leader spoke out as direct middle east peace talks are poised to begin in washington this week the united states is going down the remarks as deeply offensive israeli prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu has distanced himself from the comments saying he wants peace with the palestinians. russian prime minister vladimir putin has sampled the driving conditions on the country's roads giving an informal t.v. interview from behind the wheel to talk about the need to improve road safety and develop energy production in the country's far east. we have discussed things with truck drivers they say it's ok the motorway has been built and it appears good along this stretch but it still lacks service points imagine if a tire bursts when the temperature is fifty below zero it would simply endanger life new communication tools this is very serious it means we've simply failed to take from it because of this in our time and it needs to be fixed immediately. now as we move large production is planned to be related to something we are building a new pipeline with our chinese partners that's what several major proposed locations along the way would be about it without doubt it would grow to become generators
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for this region. and after driving three hundred fifty kilometers in a russian lot of coal in a car port in saudi was pleasantly surprised the prime minister is on a work trip in the country so far east and plans to travel to south glamorous through the region. all later we'll talk to you and stephanie envoy to pakistan to find out what's being done to help the country deal with the raging floods that's coming up in around ten minutes time before that though the latest business news with stephanie who joins us now in the studio. going stably so russia has become the world's biggest oil exporter bodies still doesn't have its own international trading platform how is that yes marina is the world's biggest producer of oil many think it's time russia established its own market i'll have a lot more not only to fill you in the listen but first prime minister vladimir putin says the standoff between two main shareholders is damaging for the company however he adds that the government only has
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a limited capacity to resolve the conflict russia's biggest mine is currently the subject of a fight for control between tycoons oleg that of. tom and both of them twenty five percent want to buy the other out but neither wants to sell. meanwhile the real snicko c.e.o. fatima's judge will cost ski is more concerned about the company's future performance he revealed some of the company's plans to business. but you know that we are planning to sell our non core assets first of all including our goal and so-called non sulfite assets for both mines and processing facilities of course and probably the black swan in australia although the final decision will be taken in september and the rest is still under consideration but of course the honeymoon well which is the largest deposit and requires a complex approach will not be offered for sale we'll use it for further development and capitalization of the company yeah they have us as the world's
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biggest producer of oil but despite having the resources it does not organize the markets nor does it possess a grade of zero considered to be a global benchmark michael investigates how oil is traded and why russia is finding it difficult to stop this its own market. oil is usually priced in barrels the measurement itself originates from the eight hundred sixty s. when the early pennsylvania oil field produces were forced to store oil in barrels usually meant for b. or turpentine. the cost of a barrel which is equal to one hundred fifty nine liters is dependent on a number of factors supply and demand and speculation but it's also determined by the quality of the air with certain blends commanding a premium over others who have different discounts and premium self one grant to another that really depends upon multiples of factors starting with their cost of transportation quality of corn itself to the specific so for
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a finding of this or that crude and also to the demand in the so that region where the scope crude can go most oil traded usually uses two main benchmarks west texas intermediate and brant blend both of which are considered among the sweetest crudes this is despite the fact that there are more than two hundred blends in the world many of these however have high sulfur content making them salad blends and therefore harder to refine. but with the north sea oil fields reaching the end of their life and with it the grandstanded new of lens such as russia's euros blend or the e.s.p.n. pipeline blend are increasingly becoming the standard by which others adjudged russia has become the world's biggest oil exporter and many believe the time has come for the country to establish its own international trading platform rather than leaving it to the u.s. the u.k. and singapore yes there are many if we had our own stock exchange where we could
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trade oil i think that firstly we could trade not only in u.s. dollars but also in rubles especially the c.i.s. countries amount of this and i mean we are talking about the of the route of becoming a major trading currency or even a reserve currency and with this can only be done if the ruble is fixed to serious material resources such as gold or oil and gas. the euro currently trades at a two dollar discount to brant yet many believe this is an unfounded discount one which could be raised through the establishment of a local oil exchange but for now russia is still happy to trade through the existing channels analysts agree that both the market regulators and oil industry players here still need to learn from the oil trading heavyweights in london and new york before attempting to shift the balance of trading power in oil markets genco business. and let's have a look at how the markets are shaping operation and stocks are having
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a boy and it's monday session rising the most in five weeks talk of intervention to halt a stronger and more quantitative easing in the u.s. has given the market of having had a fifteen year high against a down the last week damaging exports as the yen is now slipping. and the r.t.s. has just started trading here in moscow and is gaining so far to my sex life in just a few minutes it finished at three quarters of a percent high on friday telecom was the main place nearly one of the hospice center banks also outperformed the finishing more than one percent in the black the summer is coming to an end but trading volumes a still likely to be thin this week with direction driven by corporate results. from troika dialog explains. the still the market is drifting is so sidelined so there's no very strong arguments for going up or drop ing down to war or on tuesday we'll see the results of local and i think also that's going to
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be the driver for for this stuff this statistics which was announced on friday regarding g.d.p. also. supported the markets and especially there was very strong positive direction in the first half of all one now after the announcement so that's one of these is very supportive for the markets but i think still the most important thing the market is looking right now is the announcement or any hints of further stimulus. or monetary policy and that's all the business is for now but i'll be back with more in about an hour's time and in the meantime you can do his final stories on a website that's flash business.
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there conduced childhood was a rich shadowed by this tragedy. these still feel the fear they faced. and remember every second of this nightmare. it will remain in their memories and hearts forever. and as you saw. going to see the big.
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tom a little angel one are cheap. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for a shelter on the day. she's available in international her tone for. her to lose her job. sure. sure of. her. in the.
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future is join us you're watching our. top stories at least nine people have been killed and two seriously injured after a fire ripped through a nursing home in central russia hundreds were forced to flee. just one of the residents committed suicide by setting himself on fire and the flames spread through the room. in terror efforts to win the war against militants after claiming a series of successful operations in the north caucasus security forces say they've killed over forty militants in august alone. and an ethnic divide in the big apple mexican immigrants targeted in the race.


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