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i want them in their neighborhoods anymore. well the united nations has asked the government to provide dozens of helicopters to get lifesaving supplies to pakistan some eight hundred thousand people remain trapped after the country's worst ever floods with more than seventeen million affected to get an inside look at the situation and find out what needs to be done we spoke to the un's deputy envoy to pakistan and that interview coming up next. some see it is the catastrophic of the century and has devoted all its resources its calling upon the international community to help pakistan in this massive catastrophic disaster. as a un special envoy in. pakistan how do you assess the you
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rule at this time i believe the united nations has been a very important partner to pakistan for the pakistani people for decades you have been working in this country and some of the worst crisis. which affected the people of pakistan the influx of afghan refugees thirty years ago all the different natural disasters this country is experiencing unfortunately on this very frequent basis so we are with pakistan have to do with pakistan will be with bikers and. united nations of course in its rule of coordinating not only itself. but also the international community the various aid organizations which are coming in to help. here through certain be streamlined help the
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government of pakistan assistance which is now gradually unfortunately coming to this country the united nations. secretary general mr banking more than has already up on the international community to help pakistan some media reports say is that this call was not smith properly and how do you respond to that i believe it took all of us. a little while to understand that this was one of the biggest if not the biggest natural disaster. we have seen in living memory took us a while to understand when we did realize that it was not only the flash floods which hit the north in the very beginning but as the secretary general after his visit during his visit said a slow rolling moving tsunami affecting the entire country. i
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think we are waking up the international community. is waking up has woken up and is now contributing it is to all of us pakistan of course the first the pakistani people the well known pakistani hospitality which has also worked so well when all the people came from swat in two thousand and nine to host the brothers and the sisters. that now is coming to you have seen considerable contributions coming in to pakistan to the united nations but also to the many aid organizations who are now rushing to to help this country. however. we are still in the beginning. there are still hundreds of thousands of people displaced every newly displaced. every day every week more and more people. impacted in the same time we having people returning all of it these people also
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need assistance they are now rebuilding their houses they have to rebuild their livelihoods start again maybe cleaning and clearing out their fields they need to be helped so the needs will be and we should not only in fact from a use this get stuck with the initial amounts which have been mentioned the appeal of the united. the appeals done by other organizations by the government itself it is just the beginning we're still assessing and we cannot even do the full assessment because it's still happening how much will be really needed so we have seen almost a billion dollars now coming to pakistan in kind donations but also in cash let me put this question is maybe it's a political side a bit but this is what i have touched where where when i visited the. in
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this in the in the south everybody's complaining of the. nor the decrease of the shortage of the aids that reach into these areas they are complaining they are very angry against the government let me ask you what type of cord the nation is between the you and the government of pakistan in order to put a mic and it's sort of mechanism to distribute this assistance and make sure that this system reaches reach to these fifty's well. first of all i think i'm not saying the people are right of course the people are frustrated they lost everything and they see only a portion of the needs is actually covered. again i believe in. the shower. as we have been operational there now for four years and even though our warehouses were all affected. the world food program lost
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thousands of tons of food other organizations lost a lot of other items we were able to response in fact liberia has been better covered than others now it is clear that only a fraction of the people has been covered satisfactory. problems of access just unbelievable unbelievable if you believe that i mean if you imagine that it's hundred thousand people it's not a million i simply cut off. anywhere in the world that would be an unsurmountable challenge for any government for any action this is one of the massive as we have agreed destructions that ever we faced in the in the world or it's in the you know century. of the flanders come from the northwest into the sea and then there is a. warning by the united nations that the disease is. a chronic
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disease would spread in the areas was affected what is the how the you were in will deal corteen contain these diseases in these with the fifty's well again the united nations has been present and working with the health authorities in the country again for decades on the over the occasion of polio etc so there is a capacity on the ground and again intertwined with. the government health structures. sort of deserving and the need there may be and may have been even before but still there's a capacity to respond. there has been a very. a high level consultation involving and chaired by the prime minister himself to address this issue because it is of concern again because of the rather poor state of health of many of the people let's not forget that before the floods
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because. the food insecurity was enormous in this country a lot of people did not have enough food on their plates every day poverty is a big issue here so you have very weak people. and these are in many most cases the ones of most affected are the poorest of the poor they are the ones who have been cultivating in the riverbed or working in the river beds for some of the owners so there are people in a very very poor nutritional status these are people who already where you will find a lot of these diseases present it is not new. so if you see reports on. these are not really killing you but you would have scabies escape or something what has been there all the time. but of course the combination of displaced exposure to the weather shelter. no clean water.
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etc etc you bring this all together you have the already existing diseases and it becomes dangerous however the there has been is an ongoing response the deployment of the necessary medical kits to the various existing structures medical teams volunteers being deployed so we hope but again there's no guarantee of course we hope to be able to contain it all together. but there is certainly a major risk and again that's why we have a meeting on the high. bringing all the actors together. to really take work on an action plan take action work on an action plan and move forward my last questions or maybe one of the most interesting points that is building dams. the
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government of pakistan has always been in controversy of certain dams especially dams and dams and several times in the northwest and in the cells in your long term plans did you. assess how you would convince the governments to build such dams that to avoid such a catastrophic in the futures are not up to us to convince the government. in fact up to the government to in fact review together with its partners who are coming forward also with the with the financing of these projects. and some of the private . of course the big bilateral friends who have of how to shape this however. in this context we are looking forward to a comprehensive plan. of. build back better and avoid in fact future disasters to the extent possible of this extent.
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and dams are the management of water in the context of how it flows and where it is retained and now it refilled the water table and so on that is obviously one of the big issues in in fact the century of climate change and global warming where this needs to be addressed i mean some have predicted more and more of these crises. and again also we should recall that statistically seen every year pakistan is affected by floods so it is an issue which needs to be addressed. in the long run again let's take together the opportunity let's see what is the best technical solution to it and it's not up to me to decide which is the good one of the bad one that is up to the to the experts to work together and i
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think again it's an opportunity for this partnership. we have. the friends of democratic pakistan process which in fact has been misunderstood for long as a pledging and events this is not and it is in fact exactly to address. jointly the requirements for change for reform addressing policy view have come up with an energy plan together under the leadership of the asian development bank. looking forward now to the implementation of the energy plan which we have by the way hydro energy is one of the major elements and in the same way let's combine this with looking into how water and the floods will be managed here and not to have the water as an enemy but as a friend thank you very much if you keep.
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stres still keeps it secret but now it's time to reveal that the soviet files keaton's whose child like point on.
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the headlines now want to see security forces in russia's north caucuses have stepped up their crackdown coming up before t.v. license an old it's a modern. village of the leader of the chechen republic has now become the latest target of. a no sitting home fire in central russia has killed nine people and left two wooden critical condition evidence suggests it may have been started by a man who set himself a light to commit suicide. and a series of attacks on hispanic immigrants has raised fresh rachel fears in new york the victims say they've been targeted by african americans who don't want them in their neighborhoods. right now ok joins me with the latest from the world of sports on kate it's a big day for the world's best tennis players hire or yes in just about fifteen
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minutes the u.s. open tennis championship gets under way with the men's defending champion and injured roger federer i will be aiming for his sixth title well the sport that's coming up. welcome to the sports thank you for joining me and here are the top stories. let's battle commence roger federer aims for a title number six in the rough on the don't look to complete a career grand slam as the u.s. open gets underway at flushing meadows. while two shot is coming to the american wins the first of four fed ex playoff tournament's and it's a good day for tiger woods. stuffed by turkey and russia to lose to the host nation in the basketball well championships. and restart
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the tennis where the last grand slam of the season the u.s. open will get underway in just a few minutes russia's new denko who is seated six is playing home favorite michael russell in the first round of the top seeds in action include roger federer a birthday boy andy roddick the american who turned twenty eight on monday says he's feeling better about his preparation blair said i was probably i was very concerned about life rushed by. playing point five times and i am planning on going for a really big form so i'm not as concerned. about a match point and i want to come up with. and in the women's draw rushes you elena dementieva is the twelfth seed and faces all got guts of valerie's venus williams and defending champion kim clijsters also start their campaigns against unseeded opposition is classed as relishing the chance to retain her crown. financially it
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is not any different from friends of last year also once you have a few more probably unanswered questions but i think the sister. and i know what i have to do if i want to not try and do is one of the last years on long. island more pressure from oppression pressures you know the sign on and off. putting you into the spotlight one of the few or so. i tried to imagine and to have. moving on to football now there's one game in the russian premier league on monday west a bit we'll be looking to move off the bottom of the table with a draw or better a twelve place all day and it's hoff time in the game where the sport is goalless headed this notch and she was seven points clear of the relegation zone and eight ahead of the fellow rookies. running while coach new china split he praised his did it team after they won three minute knocking out to moscow their six points clear at the top of the league to go down he scored for the visitors very quickly taking
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free kicks off a seventeen minutes and then things got worse for la coach ten minutes into the second coffee after they heard the children dimitri tobin school sent off for a second bellow card. to see just ten minutes to take advantage of the extra man with more control the same alex on the be caught up yet it was the one with a defender stood still expecting the first for offside bust the referee didn't blow his whistle and the goal stood to nil and then another ten minutes later another shot off the last of them outside the area to drive the last map into watkins coffin three know was the final score to go six points clear of champions in the two games and found that up to ten. odd taste almost there are seven points adrift instead place offer to one hundred over a one year i say don't do me on lost again for the first goal which left him dancing for joy. that i added the second. wagner love was the provider in
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this one to ensure the army men were to know the twenty minutes to go. into the match seemed as though it would end this way before in stoppage time and shave it they would be governed also in the penalty area and the rescue did the rest and one consolation goal to want to finish. and a penalty did turn out to be the difference in tones one the one time to deny mastitis these goals first off in siberia when dennis called him found side against . the best that's up to speed the spot kick. one there was the way it ended tons moving to a not knowing noise in the table. some confirmation of the standings and it cost six points clear at the top with two games in hand over rubin case got a seven points adrift but also have two games to play while at the bottom say they are currently propping up the table but could leap frog pretty active pending on the result of that game that's reached the top three marked. face in
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spain jazz a million years leaguer adventure has got off to a disappointing start off his realm of dread side were held to a goals door majorca moreno had led into milan to an unprecedented domestic and european trouble last season during our hope he could have been too near one without a trophy but several good chances were begging christiane i now do you still to listen and more than one occasion they can crack to do it's a mess right sides to deny right now so there is no davey ring true here. however defending champions bosler not have no problems finding the next three minutes first thing they treat us and sometimes death they know messi i think is a can't after just three minutes. on us and you can tell me said the boy one of the tigers in. well it is in the box
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a second. the third goal came from a sign he found across from dani alves pictures powerful from his debut. basketball now in team russia lost to host nation turkey at the world championships late on sunday night david plotz men have a poor second will tell where they counted only seven points of the tax money at seventeen the russians regained their form in the final period winning it nineteen seventeen but it wasn't enough to catch their opponents with a final score sixty five fifty six turkey lead group c. all russia a third and pipe bottom side ivory coast on wednesday. cricket now under police have bailed a thirty five year old man who's at the center of the alleged max fixing scandal involving the pakistan team cricket agent majeed was released without charge after being arrested on saturday in suspicion of conspiring to do for bookmakers
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a british tabloid newspaper alleged it paid him in advance for details of three no balls which were bald by pakistan test against england several pakistan players have also been questioned by police in captain solomon bought mohammad on yet mohammad asif and comrade acknowledge their team manager. said the claims were in private in england when the final test on sunday to take the series three one why don't golf now and not has won the opening event of the fed ex playoffs beating modern lead in a playoff at the barclays in new york while tiger woods did enough to make sure he qualified for next week's don't you bang championship once again in inconsistent form and have to finish in the top one hundred this week to progress and he did it by carving a four hundred sixty seven in his last round meanwhile the lead was hoping to win the boxes out right after starting the day with a three shot lead and he had to accept the eighteenth. that train missed once and
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then twice which meant he went into a playoff with koosh on and off the lead pot the first hole birdied after this effort from the rough settings for the winning pots it was a touch of fortune but when we played your shot now leaves the fed ex standings with three more twenty minutes to play donald are you going to understand the feeling that a wild card picks but you been right because. i joined them on the european team is italian at wada mullen ari after he won the johnnie walker trying to get gleneagles three god is on the last three holes gave him a one shot when there's a breath run for the most right. formula one now in two thousand and eight champion lewis hamilton house returned to the top of this season standings following a super win at the belgian grand prix red bulls mog whether started from paul but was slow out of the blocks and cleared the first corner of the spa track down a six place made full use of the australians clipped to lead the race from then on
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was eventually the first to cross the finish line whether call his wife back to second spot in the accident that race was not enough to keep him on top of the standings he now trails camels and by three points webb is red bull teammates of aston better can side the point remains the third overall head of defending champion jenson button and fernando lamas i suppose punched out ferraris philippe massa came in fourth to stay sixth in the driver's championship. it was a great weekend. very very tough race for me i think same for everyone but. kind of frame for just a race that went smoothly but mostly with the tricky conditions when it started to rain. pollution temperature in the tires and and not really knowing how much you can push in each corner and brake very quite late and locked my wheel and went wide in turn eight iron jeez i was you know they were definitely had his hand over me because i was able to get away with it. imagine g.p.
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dan if the driver has won the indianapolis crown craig the spaniard cost great leader and local favorite ben space after eight laps held on tight victory by three and a half seconds to win c's patro said narrow the gap over a leader for gain a run say to sixty eight points to seven rounds to go rounds i finished third this hard to make time to see things fall. and that's all for now they'll be more sporting just under two hours so please join me then i think. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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in the. photo. you can see. the. riviera. cintra hotel.
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security force series. unfortunately most of the attacks most recently. against mexicans. are. coming.


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