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russian nesting an eighty six year old resident set himself along and died is suspected of causing the blaze while the president said it was ordered a similar investigation and to help the victims. those are the headlines up next a high tech show technology update which today looks at how budding film you know wants to host of the future the truck of flying. hello and welcome to technology update this month we're here at the world class racetrack hockenheim ring in germany where students from russia and around the globe have come to put their self made to the test less than two weeks before formula student germany kicked off at hockenheim brain and played host to the country's biggest race formula one's german grand prix tens of thousands of fans
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packed the grandstands parking lots in campgrounds to watch the world's best racers chase the checkered flag despite a controversy over the communication between two for a team mates spaniard fernando alonso claimed a champion champagne shower. before its modern day make over hockenheim is made up of german racing since the first track was built in one thousand and thirty two formula one races in the larger kilometer passes all the stands with their fans clear the campground place temporary home to the formula student teams the students race on a smaller specially designed course on the infield when steve gets going they'll tells him to help their cars in the same kids as the burners from big time circus formula student organizers said to stay inside on tuesday to campgrounds just starting to fill up but instead of the tailgaters and vacationers cramming in for formula one trucks full of tools and stashes of space in from all over europe and. in due course each team's prized possessions they're still pushing your race cars
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from the ground up to be dipped this new university could offer it disappears competition the teams in the moscow state technical university mommy managed to make it to town before many of the german schools and is quickly working to reconstruct and fine tune their automobile after its long trek across the continent everything's been carefully calculated in advance and at worst wasted if you can't come to get. on the track. of the engineers it changed about their design to improve over last year the main target has been shedding precious pounds from the cars. to achieve this they build the frame out of lighter steel twenty thousand fifty kilograms over two thousand and nine in the engine they keep the same honda c.b.r. six hundred four motorbike four cylinder switched to a lighter single cylinder engine failed their cost efficiency evaluation. rebuilt their intake and exhaust systems from scratch and incorporated an additional control unit to optimize fuel combustion giving them
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a boost from forty to seventy five horsepower the braking system uses the same pads and cylinders which switch to discs from honda to home made to be more economical they managed to cut eight kilograms by changing to a new wheel and shifted the radiators to corrective cooling problem they encountered in two thousand and nine. this year's car came out twenty five kilograms lighter roughly three fourths as expensive and nearly twice as powerful. back at the campground in hockenheim this scene is eating up. the young engineers from some seventy five institutions in eighteen countries on for continents are every bit as busy mingling and scoping out the competition as they are setting up their equipment and running last minute trips to see if their cars are ready for initial inspection. or somebody. come from. and how do you like the chances of. tough
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competition from the. u.k. so this. stuff comes. to. be right and that's what's new about the car this year. it's not the speed it says it's all right good luck. good result a. defining champion for a super busy ten year sausages there is your car well i'm still waiting for the car of me made some pacing today this is why we have to put in cotton frog and. so wait what do you like your chances for another win this year you know i'm not bad because we make a good job for the coffee it's nice well i don't you made a lot of concern and the fuel consumption is weak. and suspension makes the race better read so close i. came in off
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a long way why did you choose to compete for me a student in germany well as we've seen from a student from a ball we've really seen the german teams and their team seems pretty much over the cars awful awful and so i asked why we want to bring our car to germany to compete and see our car compares with their cars houses they can hold up what do you think it's going to do i think it's going to do pretty well we have different style than some of the german cars so it's a different approach we've taken a single song on there i can't imagine that we've converted to a five fuel injected and i also turbo charge makes eighty two horsepower and a little over fifty four pounds of torque so. awesome and good luck make the same thing. as you guys made here from moscow how do you feel going into the test tomorrow. grades and waiting some more test and now we do in some final preparation is all car on the lake cheek and sponsors seekers of course who are diets and snowy
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german so it's just hopefully they'll get their fill and get a few hours of sleep but it's not like you guys just started work on this is a long time in the make a of course is three years' experience in the formulas in germany full speed you know one hour each yeah and these current one able to is the best yet. from russia. is a result of. something technology. back in october of two thousand and nine. meetings for engineers interested in the . idea. of collective experience to build. within a few weeks. each. head engineer had a concept for their two thousand and ten model only to beginning almost five months
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before they for the first time could only be reached through months of projections calculations presentations to sponsors and painstaking assembly in addition to their academic work they also had to study up on the rules of the game for germany early in two thousand and ten of well over one hundred applicants confirmed they'd be among the teams taken. on their way to building a successful. team. people very good. because you have all the. money. so. do it in the back. so you need
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this. skills and if you get all this stuff. day morning the teams are learning how they stack up against. tests of their engineering. came in the form of a quiz to determine what. crucial because he. can't rack up points in the other tests until you've passed screwed nearing fortunately the team from mummy had done their homework and woke up to a pleasant surprise on the week's first leaderboard. test result indeed we didn't expect it so all the best rushing team today. previously this group meeting all day was sort of flattery but it was a sort of contest and so actual contests and the first teams who pass the test. they have a chance to be first it's continuing armed with a bit more confidence from that initial result mummy joins the rush to transfer
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their car from the camp to the pit stops their home and workshop for the remainder of the week's action in the same facilities where the formula one squad serviced their racers days earlier they need to set up a rapid response station to keep their car running at its best and adapt to any issues that might pop up in the course of testing two corners are close to the formula student pits increasing the sense of both competition and collaboration. the student teams have already started bringing their cars into the pits here one of the russian squads from us girls my d. is still having trouble getting the hockenheim last we heard from them they were stuck in a customs crossing somewhere in the middle of their trek across europe muddy is short for moscow automobile and road institute one of the soviet union and now russia's top technical universities with a history of nearly eighty years and five years of experience in formula students like their colleagues from across town in miami they too have been hard at work all academic year on their two thousand and ten car nicknamed indigo from their first
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design adaptation since september two thousand and nine they were several months to the drawing boards before the frames started coming together in december then it was measurements assembly in reassembly on repeat until everything checked out their car may be unique for its use of a yamaha p.c. fifty snowmobile engine perhaps an innovation from the depths of an unusually cold winter even by russians stay. some help along the way from a venerated mighty old hand long time soviet and russian racer. in his nearly half century long racing career and for decades in monday's laboratory of high speed automobiles he spend most of his time behind the wheel or under the hood of many cars famously adapting several in this series of so-called this is a racers. and i think the first car i had was the eighteenth model that i drive the nineteenth and then my mechanic and i made three new cars they went fully our own
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design modifications of the twenty first model group affordable the. main things we changed with the. aerodynamic components that. new frame and hence road stability and the aerodynamic components helped decrease the win drag. time on a race to the improved i was in. and then driving experience was completely different it was fabulous. smooth i would have thought i was on rails. you must have engineering experience to do that and as for the understructure and wheels we've got very talented smart people and that ensures good results with bryce creative students like the ones involved in formula student that's really a great pleasure. to pieces started coming together for my deed this spring they use the same steel twenty is money for their frame also commenced with the lightest
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most cost efficient materials. engine required some homemade adaptations to their intake and oil systems but it stood to their tests come summer time they decided that simpler was better and certainly more economical on the whole they wanted a car that would be easy to drive by novices in connoisseurs alike as well as being relatively simple to service. students germany isn't the only guested hockenheim ring during the week. and the stadium is also filling up with fans for another event over it to try and track. the students are busy putting their cars to go home and test racers and race fans from all over germany and beyond to test their own attention to the famous try. and fix summer talking public race days give the enthusiastic the chance to flex their muscle cars the rubber on their motorbike into today drag racing extravaganza it's about showing off your handiwork both in the law and on the track the clientele is a bit less clean cut to the engineering students who wander over to take
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a peek but they're no less obsessed with getting every ounce of performance out of their vehicles and while the tires screeching smoke billowing high jinks are mostly for show and the drag track is a far cry from formula style lapsed some of the same mechanical savvy is on display . at the very least in the formula student teams could build a race car out of steel bars motorbike ancients and spare parts quick studies in team green with and rebuilding slick mustangs. let's get back over to the scrutineer and to see how the teams are fairing to approval in this stage is the race teams holy grail since it's the lone gateway to purchase a patient in all the events and tests where points are one but that approval has not come easy and only four teams from the entire field have gotten the green light on their first this scrutineers are scouring every last detail to ensure safety and
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test the engineers knowledge compliance with formula student regulations is the main goal but it's equally important to be able to think on the spot and respond to criticism of their students you're going to be pretty prepared basically for their future life and work and that hurts your so i have to do like you get one fireman from the customer and you have to learn according to that. and that's basically what they learn about it so they have the rules they have to. to it and the whole so i have to like think about the rules because saw not everything is written like the white but some things are logical and so you have to go this way and that i think is a good preparation for future work you might screw nearing certainly has many to scratching their heads for quick solutions trying to fix problems on the fly in the pitch must go as my d. is among those with a long list of issues closest to what's the status of your team at this point. we've gone through the technical examinations twice they discovered several major violations the first time but we managed to get rid of them over the course of the
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night oh shit that was yesterday they had a problem with the cockpit templates we have to use for and showing that the cockpit opening and the cockpit itself is big enough for every driver there were some problems with the side walls of the cockpit so they fix that and all the templates are fine and. the major problem is resolved. we have identified some remaining minor flaws as a result of the test they're not hard to fix but it's difficult in our case as we don't have the required spare parts we simply won't have enough time to fix them as today is the last day of the technical examination and tomorrow is already race day . monday's russian rival just passed through nearing in moved on to other events. the team from ami seems to have run into some technical issues going into the break test let's see what their problems are. new starters who would
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turn the switch the whole system that we went to the brink tasks but there was a problem with the engine it was due to the. case was broken we borrowed a spam from another team and we're installing it right now so the question so i hope we can get it running was actually the spirit all the fullness student. open to. help it's never. really serious to win but in the pits the very very helpful. we took from the offer of the needed money still has to scramble to get their car up and running to take their allotted turn in the break fortunately they've isolated the problem and with the. right alongside the track. so the starter situation is sold but now the brakes aren't locking all four wheels it once and the judge
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just can't let this kind of performance. we do see issue more complex than the last decides to pull back to the pit stops to find the right pieces to solve the puzzle . and you. are looking for the problem part fortunately some of the student judges are in the pits with useful suggestions. and so what's happening is that. he's on one side and nothing yet so when you bring the one which is no mood to smoking because there's no friction there's no room. suits first suspension from. these types of issues did mommy worked long and hard back home to foresee before packing the car off to germany they put it through hours of dynamic testing laboratory in race track facilities in and around the russian capital they tested the engine for overall power acceleration in fuel efficiency they tested the suspension to make
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sure weight was distributing properly and the car was handling it to do it and of course they checked their brakes to make sure they responded to reasonable pressure and didn't exceed acceptable temperatures fortunately they also learned how to check for an quickly counteract problems with all of their car systems a skill that would come in handy in hockenheim after so many tries determined to see the checkered. blag before waving the white one in with even the judge's ruling on the enthusiastic russian students they finally did. it is are you feeling just. if we spend the whole day in the static testing room. the noise tests the noise test and the brake test of course. because some time in nine attempts to finally get there is breaks lots in policy when it's. all very happy because we're now ready for dynamic tests and the insurance rate. and we can
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praising the insurance rates gave us the most points but says the main thing on guys will have to do is make it to the finish line but the other person or engineers can take a breather. have done their job the car is running and it's running wells in the us now up to one tribe is to show what they can do but on the race track. usually a big time race track like hockenheim rain falls silent at night but in this pit the cars are still coming and going while the other teams sweep that's because formula student germany has had it in the electric car competition to the electrics get first shot at the formula student insurance track for the occasion venues noise regulations generally been late races but these cars are so quiet nobody's complaining sixteen teams rose to the challenge of producing a car in this inaugural event including many universities also involved in the combustion competition team mind moving to celebrate claiming the most points on
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saturday's race but will have to wait till sunday's aboard ceremony to see if it's enough for the electric overall crowd. to build electric call is a new togs for the students because elect. and now we are very happy that we got so many teams. to do this call so this sells ability elsa's jewels. to adept. sunday marks the culmination of formula student germany the combustion car insurance race despite the late finish from last night's electrics the fans are already filling in for the early morning star. also joined by press and big name sponsors who've come to see these top young engineers . german powerhouses like howdy and v.w. mercedes and b.m.w. . catchers for the event they say that while it's self-made cars on display here the formula student is ideal training for staffing their own design teams of the
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future. concerned about the extra attention the race teams know this event could well be for all the marbles and they're focused on making sure their cars stand to the test. yet any of them have come a long way to cheer on their sides when the car is tim around the track they're getting a. ceremony. before their start times the teams are lining up detention of the big day is because the humid hockenheim air momi is out of the box early after several of the cars in front of them in the running order simply couldn't start when their flag went up conditions are tough judges have decided not to allow the teams to change to rain tires despite scattered and occasionally strong showers still mommy is pushing the limits of their traction determined to be the first russian team to complete this of a. race runs twenty eight laps around the course for a total distance of twenty two kilometers between the points for finishing fastest
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and for highest fuel efficiency there are over four hundred riding on the endurance competition nearly half of the winning total is mummy remembers from two thousand and nine where they came up to live short of the finish there are no points for partial completion. well the results i respect i would say were happy with the results because we've made it to the finish line which means. teams did not their cars broke down along the way our task was to make a durable car and take it to the finish line mommy is excellent it's very close. we have here from the let's go. to a call to. call so i think a very good development. is the day goes on faster and faster teams are taking the track but the weather is not necessarily playing along dumping more obstacles on to the already tricky raceway caution flag school
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a periodic lead but many are simply struggling to find traction the spin off the course or cone straight from sloppy turning cost the driver in their team a time penalty some course are experiencing more severe damage than the occasional coon though and it looks like fewer than half of all cars will follow me to the finish line. the real burners secured the later start times thanks to their superior performance in the previous tests in dynamic events and the top seventeen teams all finished the course in under twenty minutes for an average of less than sixty seconds a lap dutch team delft the university of michigan in the middle east to reno took the top three spots ending their hard working week on a high note i think one is very important to take home this experience. we have been many and we go. to the people coming up with the last laps completed in the tanks checked for fuel
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efficiency the formula student cars have done all they could while the teams hustled their vehicles and equipment to trailers and clear out the pits is handshakes among teammates and new friends and rumors about who get the most nods from the judges with everybody cleared out and a bit freshen up we climb atop the pits to hear who's taking home the trophy. you can see the words here among these where the we will come off the. just with the glasses raise up their speedsters having spoken for themselves now it's time to celebrate it was very good so very nice things to you you are a great spirit great. to say hello. we became a little tiny does it seem that we now know what mistakes we've made and we're ready to move on and correct those mistakes it will get through every stage of the competition and improve our schools next year she will be stronger and will book and attracting sponsors and others to go even further to the guys at least the rule engine is really engine is the way celebrating a victory it might be
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a small thing to us but it's still a big training but not by be at the green team from uni stuttgart grab the electric over all crown but their classmates couldn't pull off a combustion repeat teams from move by intuition took prizes for cost analysis running snail from ember germany scored the most innovative power train in the rain eons from is behind were named best new comers all aspects of design presentation and performance are up for consideration in the end the team that ran fast descent most fuel efficient racked up the most points from the technical university of delft in the netherlands. as a company winning a crisis. doesn't get any better. finally everybody gets a chance to kick back and enjoy their successes winners or losers but when they make it back to their hometowns around the world it won't be long before their meeting sign next year's car that's all from formula student join us for more next
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month on technology update. and try to.
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wealthy british soil. has moved on to the platinum. card. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look global financial headlines to conjure reports on our.
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policies top stories this sell at a major and to turn a plant down in russia's north caucuses an intensifying the security forces saying they've killed all the force and militants in the past month including many with links to al qaida tennyson five security officers died at the weekend i'll turn a top on the moon village of the president of russia had written it comes on at the drive. a new munch into the new york's ethnic divide is on the in the front say being at times by african americans seeking to drive them out tensions have risen up and down and up to months on this planet presidents. nine altoona. two have been severely injured in a pond at a subtle russian. painter six that old blessed him to set myself a life and died a suspected of causing the blaze president said it was all the deathstar investigation to.


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